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If you want to be inspired, challenged and entertained, read these four popular posts on writing which were published this month on WritetoDone.

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How to Bond With Your Readers: The Glory and Pain of Writing

This post by John Yeoman got a very strong response from our readers. We got over 50 comments.

Authors do not write to change their reader, but to change themselves. Click to tweet.

10 Outstanding Grammar Tips for Writers: Take the Quiz


How good is your grammar?

Take the quiz to find out. This fun quiz was part of a co-production with Grammarly and Daily Writing Tips.

Use grammar tips to make your writing clear, accurate and more professional. Click to Tweet

What James Patterson Told Me About Writing

Just imagine going to lunch with James Patterson!

One of our WritetoDone readers told me about his experience and I asked him to write about it. We got over 150 tweets and LOTS of comments for this post.

Have a hook at the end of each chapter.  Click to tweet

7 Tools for Creating Superb Bestselling Book Titles


People on social media went wild about this post!

Author Dave Chesson really took the hard work out of creating great titles. This post created quite a heated debate! Check out the comment section and chime in.

Coming up with bestselling book titles is equal parts art and science. Click to Tweet


I hope you enjoy our selection of this month’s popular posts on writing, and find them valuable resources for your journey as an aspiring writer.

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How To Launch A Writing Career: 10 Tips For Success

Many creatives want to launch a writing career, but taking the steps to do so is a frequent roadblock. The good news is, if you want to launch a writing career and are committed to doing so, you’re likely to succeed.  Of course, the definition of success is...

6 Book Introduction Examples: Helpful Secrets To Compelling Intros

The topic of book introduction examples is vital to dive into due to their influence on readers’ mindset. How a reader feels when he or she starts chapter one and page one of your manuscript impacts how they respond to your writing. When you’ve spent weeks, months, or...

5 Tips To Write Faster: Finish Your Book In Record Time

Did you know that if you want to write faster than the average typist (40 words per minute) there are actionable steps you can take to do so? Whether you are working on typing out your debut novel or have been in the game for years, there’s always an opportunity to...

Vision Boards For Writers: 3 Ways To Achieve Your Dreams

Vision boards are more than just a fun activity to engage in at the start of a new year or season. While vision boards are often designed to be aesthetically pleasing and can be a relaxing activity, they actually can be more helpful to your writing dreams than you...



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