How to Fast-Track Your Journey as a Budding Writer

If you’re like most budding writers, you know all too well about the fears and doubts that creep into your mind during the process of writing.

Not only is it frustrating, but even worse – fear and doubt can wreak havoc on your confidence and…

• Keep you from writing something new.• Intimidate you into scrapping a perfectly valid piece of writing.• Stop you from releasing your words out into the world.

Mary Jaksch, Editor-in-Chief

The fact that you experience doubt and fear during the writing process may actually be a sign that you’re on the right track because you’re taking risks and pushing outside your comfort zone. 

On the other hand, it’s difficult to grow if you have so many doubts that it undermines your confidence. Without the confidence to push on, you risk stagnation.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have confidence as a writer.

You would say with pride, “I am a writer.”

You would be happy to share with others what you have written.

You would be able to follow your dreams of becoming writer whose words change lives. 

You know in your own heart that you have something to offer; something special that can make a difference. 

If only your lack of confidence wouldn’t hold you back…

What is the solution?

As you know, there are many wonderful articles on WritetoDone that can help you get the skills you need, as well as build your confidence. 

But sometimes it can feel as if you’re drowning in information and you feel overwhelmed, right? You just don’t know where to start and how to grow as a writer. You wish someone would take you by the hand and lead you to success.

If you want to fast-track your development as a writer, there is a special way forward. It’s not for everyone, though. I work personally with a small number of budding writers to mentor them so that they can spread their wings. This individual mentoring program is called The Budding Writer’s Lab.

Mandy Hansenau

I just wanted to thank you for your mentoring, Mary. Now I can say, ‘I’m a writer!’ Before I worked with you, I was too embarrassed to talk about my writing. But now I feel proud. I loved the way you helped me develop the skills I needed with a lot of patience and encouragement. You’ve given my self-esteem a much-needed boost!

As you can imagine, many aspiring writers want to work with me. As the Editor-in-Chief of, as well as being an author whose work is translated into 7 languages, I know exactly what it takes to become a confident writer. 

Unfortunately, I can only accept 5 budding writers at any given time.

Below are details of the The Budding Writer’s Lab. Remember, this program will lead to you becoming a confident and skillful writer who can say with pride, “I’m a writer!”

The Budding Writer’s Lab

Time commitment

This is a 3-months program to get your confidence up and build skills. 

Mentoring Sessions

During the Budding Writer’s Lab, you’ll have the opportunity to meet up with me, Mary Jaksch, online for 6 one-hour private training sessions. 

I’ll lead you through an easy sequence of writing exercises, give feedback on your writing, and answer any of your questions. I’ll also show you how to establish the habit of writing regularly. These sessions will inspire you and build your confidence.

Unlimited Email Access

During the Budding Writer’s Lab, you’ll have unlimited email access to your mentor. This means you can get answers to your questions straight away. 

Personal Motivational Emails

You can choose to receive a daily, short motivational email to keep you on track. 

Feedback and Practice

You can choose to have a piece of writing up to 2,000 words reviewed by your mentor and will receive detailed feedback and suggestions for practice. Scroll down to read more testimonials. 

Tess Marshall

Mary Jaksch is a brilliant mentor who has a deep and personal commitment to her students. With precision and clarity she encouraged and supported me in making changes that saved me time, energy, and money. I highly recommend Mary’s mentoring program.

Luke Nanasoor

WOW! The Budding Writer’s Lab has had a tremendous impact on my writing. I’m so much more confident now and I’m proud to call myself a writer. Mary is super encouraging and has a wealth of tricks up her sleeve!

Patti Foy

Mary is the best mentor I could ask for; generous with her time, her knowledge, her hard-earned wisdom, and her encouraging support. I owe much of my perseverance and success to her. 


Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for your future and for the future of your loved ones. The fee for the Budding Writer’s Lab is $375 per months for 3 months or a one-time  payment of $990. (You’ll be able to step back from the program and get a refund during the first 7 days.) The Budding Writer’s Lab has only 5 slots available at any one time. If the slots are are already filled, you’ll get an immediate refund and your subscription will be stopped. 

Easy-Pay Option

Discount Option

3 monthly payments of $375 One-time payment of $990 (save $135)

If you are unsure whether this is right for you, you can request a 30-min consultation. Just remember that there are only 5 slots for the Budding Writer’s Lab at any one time, and, if you delay, this opportunity may be gone. The fee for the consultation is $175. If the consultation shows that the Budding Writer’s Lab is not right for you, all further payments will immediately be cancelled. Please click here to request a consultation.

Hurry to grab your place in the Budding Writer’s Lab to transform your writingThere are only 5 places at any one time! To avoid disappointment, click on one of the options above.