In 2020, Write to Done joined the platform of sites, a digital family committed to transforming the self-publishing industry, one author at a time. The original vision of Write to Done has NOT changed: our aim is to provide inspiration and practical tips about becoming a better writer. Being a part of the platform simply means that our readers have access to a wider variety of content, resources, and coaching opportunities in order to achieve their writing goals. 

Managing Editor Jeremy Anderberg came on board in mid-2021 and brings over a decade of experience in writing, editing, podcasting, and more. He’s an incurably obsessive reader and writer (his reviews can be found at of all genres; a few of his favorite books are When Breath Becomes Air, Lonesome Dove, and the Harry Potter series. He especially enjoys writing about non-fiction, conducting interviews with writers about their craft and influences, and is eager to try his hand at fiction/creative writing. Jeremy lives with his wife and three young kids in Denver, Colorado.