Blogging Ideas For Beginners: Over 25 Inspirational Prompts To Use Today

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Identifying blogging ideas for beginners is one of the most open-ended, arguably enjoyable, tasks you will have as a new writer. Blogging ideas span all topics, nichés, and fields, so wherever you are in your journey, you can find your own best starting point. 

If you dream of starting a blog but aren’t sure where to start, in this article I list more than twenty-five blogging ideas for beginners, tips for starting, and platform recommendations. Ready to launch your first blog?

25+ Blogging Ideas For Beginners

Let’s dive straight in with something feasible—book reviews!

#1 – Book Reviews

If you write, you likely read, and creating a blog on each book you finish is a great way to create consistent content.

#2 – Movie Reviews

The same can be said for movies or TV shows. Only forty-five minutes or a few hours in length, writing posts on your reviews of movies is a helpful way to launch your blog.

#3 – How-To Guides

We can’t exclude how-to guides with our list of blogging ideas for beginners! Whether you want to teach your audience how to cook or how to write a poem, guides are a simple place to start. 

#4 – Analyzing Characters

When it comes to blogging ideas for beginners, if you’re feeling brave, you can push yourself with a deep dive into the analysis of your favorite protagonists.

#5 – Writing Tips

If you have quite a bit of writing experience, writing on one writing tip per blog will be valuable for other writers.

#6 – Publishing Information

Additionally, once you choose a specific publishing route, sharing what you know about the details of your publishing method will help future authors. 

#7 – Everything Agents

For writers who choose to traditionally publish, knowing where to find agents and if you should pay them (you shouldn’t, they take on average a 15% commission) can save writers from scams.

#8 – Pros And Cons

What do you love about writing? What are the downsides? A realistic view of the writing life could be one of your best blogging ideas for beginners.  

#9 – Poetry

Sometimes it’s fun to use blogs for a different genre of writing than you may typically share. Poetry is a safe option if you’re not quite ready to share your prose.

#10 – Short Stories

Completing character arcs well is a tool we all work to master. When it comes to blogging ideas for beginners, short stories entertain your audience and train you in your craft. 

#11 – Guest Posts

If you don’t have time to maintain a blog on your own but still want to create an online presence, reach out to other writers for guest posts.

#12 – Fan Blog

What’s your all-time favorite novel series? You may want to analyze the plot points and characters via blog posts.

#13 – Insights On Writing

Blog ideas for beginners can be as simple as sharing the last insight you had as you edited your work-in-progress.

#14 – Lessons From Your Life

Do you lead a unique life? Use your blog as an online journal.

#15 – Fiction Based On Real Life

We often see unique situations in real life. The mattress on the side of the road. The abandoned building. Use these situations for short story inspiration. 

#16 – Character Backstories

If you dream of becoming a full-time novelist, consider sharing the backstories of your characters.

#17 – Character Short Stories

Similarly, consider writing short stories for various peripheral characters who don’t have much page time in your novel. 

#18 – How To Launch A Book

Have you successfully launched a book? Share your tips! 

#19 – Blog For Plotters

Do you plot your stories before writing? Share your routine.

#20 – Blog For Pantsers

Do you write your story without prior preparation? Share tips on how to do so well.

#21 – Blog For Hybrids

Do you combine both elements, plotting and pantsing? Write on this hybrid approach. 

#22 – Interviews With Authors

Writers are often curious about how other authors work. Consider conducting written interviews.

#23 – How To Market

Maybe you’re a marketing guru. Teach what you know!

#24 – Where To Find Ideas

Struggle to choose just one idea? Share where you find your inspiration.

#25 – Editing Your Work

Editing can be extremely difficult, and teaching others how to edit well could be a gold mine for them.

#26 – How To Organize 

Speaking of edits, understanding how to organize each draft on your computer is priceless.

#27 – Your Niché 

If you have an occupation outside of writing, consider writing about it. 

Tips For Starting A Blog

Now that you have over twenty-five blogging ideas for beginners, it’s time to start. Consider following list as you set out on launching your first blog:

  • Blog regularly so readers know what to expect 
  • Once you choose your niché, stay on brand
  • Include white space in blogs for readers’ ease
  • Don’t forget to include graphics (and add alt text!)
  • Draw inspiration from bloggers you love
  • Remember slow and steady wins the race 

In addition, remember that you do not need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars up front to launch your first blog. In fact, you can start a blog today for zero cost. Simply find a platform that suits your needs and use their free version.

Once you decide if you like it or not, you can purchase your own domain name (GoDaddy is helpful for this) and invest in creating a personalized website.

3 Platform Recommendations 

Blogging ideas for beginners would not be complete without a few platform options. Whether you want to build a site off a template, build a custom site, or post your blogs without ever building a website, here are three recommendations. 

#1 – WordPress 

WordPress is a platform commonly used by writers and was the first platform I ever used. WordPress offers a no-code builder option, meaning you can drag and drop or start by using a template. 

#2 – Squarespace

Squarespace is another highly used platform. Just as WordPress, Squarespace offers templates to choose from. You can also hire website designers to create a custom site, as I did, and leave the coding up to them! 

#3 – Medium

Medium is a great platform for bloggers who do not have the time (or desire) to create their own website. This platform allows you to create an account, personalize your homepage, follow other writers, and collect likes (called claps) on your published posts. You can also upgrade to a paid version. 

Launch Your Platform, Writing, And Career 

Whichever platform you choose to go with, once you decide, you get to create your first post. You are welcome to use the ideas mentioned above or come up with your own, but here’s a parting word of advice: The trick of launching a successful blog lies in the execution. 

You now have over twenty-five blogging ideas for beginners, but it’s up to you to take that first step. 

Starting can feel intimidating, but don’t let fear hold you back. Instead, take a bold step forward, launch your first blog post, and look ahead to a wonderful career. We can’t promise success, but we can promise that with hard work in the right direction, you’re bound to see tremendous results!


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