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When you first become a passionate reader, you might not understand the importance of a good reading chair.

It will only take a few weeks or months of reading for your body to figure out that sitting in something comfortable that supports your posture is essential to enjoying the experience.

The last thing you want is to have back or neck pain while you’re trying to get into a storyline, which is why it’s important to pick a chair that supports your body in the way it needs.

Not to mention, picking a good reading chair will help you hit your reading goals for the year because it will give you an extra reason to curl up in it and open up a good book. You might even find inspiration to start writing more in a comfortable chair, too.

We will be going over what makes a good reading chair, what you should look for, and go over some of our favorite options. There will be some at all different price points so you can find the right one for your style and budget.

What Makes Reading Chairs Different

Reading chairs are different than traditional chairs because they’re built for comfort. They’re designed to have people sit in them for prolonged periods of time and be able to read for a long time.

They’re usually designed more with an oversized look or designed to be wider compared to dining or office chairs.

You want one that is incredibly comfortable but not too comfortable where it hurts your posture and your body after prolonged reading periods.

Ideally, you will find one that you can sit in and test out, but if you can’t, we’ve put together a list of various options so you can find one that works for you.

What To Look For In A Reading Chair

When it comes to picking a reading chair, there are a few things to look for.

You’ll want to think about:

  • Your personal style
  • How comfortable the chair is
  • If you want the chair inside or outside
  • If you like to have a drink while you read (so you can find stain-resistant fabrics)
  • How you like to sit when you read
  • If it has body and posture support

All of these factors will help you find the perfect chair for you. You might also want to note your own personal preferences. Maybe you like to lay down or sit up when you read, or maybe you like to sit at a weird angle. Either way, you’ll want to find one that can give you what you want.

Nothing beats the comfort of a great reading chair. You will most likely end up reading more if you have somewhere comfortable to sit while you do so.

Of course, be careful finding one that’s too comfortable because you might never want to get out of it and get back to work. Although that would be a great problem to have in general.

7 Options To Find The Perfect Reading Chair For You

There are thousands and thousands of reading chairs out there to buy, but we have gathered some various options so you can narrow down the search.

While reading chairs can be quite expensive, we will be focusing on a few at all kinds of different price points so you should be able to find some in your budget and with your style.

#1 – Yaheetech Fabric Recliner Chair

Not only does the Yaheetech chair hug your body perfectly, but it also reclines which is hard to find in a chair that won’t break your bank account.

It comes in a wide variety of colors so you can find the right one for your style. It’s a comfortable chair that will be a perfect addition to your room as a reading chair.

#2 – Stone and Beam Oversized Chair

The Stone and Beam chair is like sitting on a cloud, with its oversized cushion. You could sit in this in a variety of ways and still be comfortable at every angle.

If you like oversized chairs, this one is a great one that will hold up through hours and hours of reading. If you have kids, they would love to sit with you in this dreamy, soft chair for hours.

#3 – West Elm Portside Outdoor Lounge Chair

The West Elm Portside chair is perfect for anyone who loves to read outside. If you have a nice backyard and love to read out there, this chair would be the perfect addition.

Not only is it comfortable, but it has a nice design too so it will look great in almost any backyard. It will be the perfect place to knock out your summer reading lists. It’s more expensive than some of the other options above, but if you’re looking for a high-quality, classy chair, this one is a great option.

#4 – Albany Park — Park Armchair

The luxurious Park Armchair from Albany Park is a dream for reading in. It comes in a wide variety of colors from blue velvet to charcoal.

Not only is it comfortable for reading, but it would improve the look almost any room that it’s in with its timeless style. It’s also easy to assemble, which can help a lot when it comes to bringing furniture into your space.

#5 – Better Homes and Gardens Willow Canopy Chair and Ottoman

This Better Home and Garden outdoor reading chair set is one that won’t break the bank as much as the others and also comes with an ottoman for extra layers of comfort.

It’s dreamy for outdoor reading and even has a canopy so you can keep the direct sunlight out of your eyes while you try and read. It’s also made out of wicker so it should last a long time outside, especially with proper care.

It also has stain-resistant fabric, so you can drink your favorite beverage without worrying about any spills.

#6 – Jan Upholstered Armchair from Joss and Main

This Jan chair from Joss and Main is an incredibly comfortable option for people who love to binge books for hours. The frame is made of solid wood so it will hold up through all of your reading time, but is still comfortable enough to not make your back sore.

This chair also comes in a variety of colors such as pearl and navy so you can find the right aesthetic for your home. This is a great option for someone who wants a chic chair with ultimate comfort.

#7 – Pillow Swivel Chair from Parachute Home

The Pillow Swivel Chair is a true luxury purchase. While it’s one of the more expensive options on this list, if you’re looking for your dream reading chair, this might just be the one.

This chair sits on a swivel that lets your turn 360 degrees, which help help when it comes to fitting it in your office or reading room. It’s made in the USA and is designed with a strong frame and heavy gauge sinuous coil suspension to keep it holding up for years to come.

It is also made out of natural fibers, including linen and cotton, to create ultimate comfort.

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