7 Tools for Creating Superb Bestselling Book Titles

    creating bestselling book titles

    Bestselling book titles don’t arise out of thin air.

    Sure, you can jot down ideas or create a book title that simply states what your book is about.

    But there is so much more you can do to take your title to the next level.

    Coming up with an epic book title can be frustrating.

    It’s equal parts art and science, and can really test your limits.

    So how do you find a creative title that not only conveys what your book is about, but also drives sales?

    The old-fashioned method of just coming up with brilliant ideas on our own isn’t reliable.

    Luckily, there are a number of tools to assist you throughout this intensely creative process.

    Essential Components of A Title

    Before I share the tools that will give your creative juices a fillip and increase your conversion rate, it is important to understand the elements of a bestselling title.

    Most successful book titles employ some, if not all, of the following characteristics:

    • The title is intriguing, and lingers in the reader’s mind
    • It speaks to your reader’s needs
    • It makes a big promise the reader is desperately searching for
    • It can fulfill the reader’s ego and make them feel or look a certain way while reading it
    • It uses power words that compel the reader to pick it up

    Applying these core principles will take your book title from bland and boring, to enticing and successful.

    Take a look at these two bestselling books that embody the five ideas above in both their title and subtitle.

    • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo
    • The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life by Timothy Ferriss

    The above books could have easily been titled “How to Clean Up your Room” or “The Best Cook Book.”.

    Pretty boring, right?

    But these authors found colorful and vibrant phrases that make even the most dedicated clutterbugs and fast food fans among us reach for these books.

    But how does one take a title like “Tidying Up Your House” and convert it to “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing?”

    How do I take my bland title and create something that drives potential customers to commit to buying my book?

    I’ll let you into a little secret.

    There is a tool most authors overlook that does exactly that.

    Blog Title Generators

    Blog title generators and analyzer tools were created for the sole purpose of helping writers craft epic blog post titles that convince their target market to click and read their content.

    Sort of what we want our customers to do with our books, right?

    These generators inject power words and creative phrases that have been proven to increase click-through rates.

    Plainly put, they are full of creative ideas that have been tried and tested by some of the best marketers out there.

    Now there are major differences between a post and a book.

    However, these Blog Title Generators are free tools that will not only help you come up with interesting titles, but will also show you some useful conversion tactics.

    Here are 7 tools—5 to help you become more creative and 2 to help check your results—that will help you craft a compelling creative title that will help your book become a bestseller:

    Five Tools to Get Your Creative Title

    1. Title Generator by TweakYourBiz

    Here is how to best-selling book titles

    This tool allows you to input a potential book title and receive a set of over 50 different headlines that are in typical blog post formats.

    This won’t necessarily give you a winning title, but it will give you an extensive list of inspiring options to sort through.

    2. ContentIdeator

    how to write bestselling book titles

    With this tool, when you enter a specific keyword related to your book, you get a list of over 20 well-written headlines that incorporate your keyword.

    This is effective if you’re determined to include a certain keyword in your book title.

    3. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

    bestseller book titles 5

    This idea generator is unique.

    You input the subject of your book, and you’ll receive a headline with the purpose of each word broken down.

    Don’t like the headline you got?

    Simply click refresh and you’ll receive an almost infinite pool of headlines to choose from.

    4. Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot

    creating book titles

    This tool is from the powerhouse marketing team, HubSpot.

    You input three different topics related to your book and you’ll receive five different headlines to work with.

    creating book titles



    5. Link Bait Title Generator

    how to create bestselling titles

    This title generator uses highly-clickable blog post formats and incorporates the subject of your choosing.

    Thus, giving you a list of titles that might not be book worthy, but will definitely get you thinking and moving in a different direction.

    Two Tools to Help Grade Your Potential Bestselling BookTitles

    Once you’ve compiled your list of potentially hundreds of headline ideas, you can move onto the next part of the filtering process.

    Giving them a letter grade.

    1. Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer

    analyzing bestselling titles

    Take your best headlines and run them through this tool.

    For each headline you input you’ll receive an EMV percentage. The higher the percentage, the better the emotional resonance of your headline.

    2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

    writing bestselling titles 6

    If you want to run your headlines through another tool, give this one a go. These results will give you an overall grade, score, and analysis of word types and structure.

    Once again, the grade matters.

    The better your grade, the better your headline, the better the conversion.

    Where to Go From Here

    When it comes to selling books, your title can move mountains.

    Give the tools above a go and start testing. The more headlines you can generate, and the more creative connections you can make, the more epic your book title will be.

    Use the tools above to create an incredible book title, then share your favorite in the comments below!

    About the author

      Dave Chesson

      Dave Chesson teaches authors advanced book marketing tactics at Kindlepreneur.com. He likes sharing in-depth, actionable guides, such as his recent comparison of the best book writing software. His free time is spent in Tennessee with his wife and children.

    • Hey Dave Chesson, I like your effort of writing a very important article for all the content writers. They badly need this kind of help.

      But I have seen that the tools are not 100% accurate. Though I like the “Tweak Your Biz” tool, but rest of the others are not as good as “Tweak Your Biz”.

    • Virginia Reeves says:

      These are such useful tools – thanks much.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the great article! My publisher is in the process of re-naming my book, and I was wondering how important key words are in your title as compared to the items you mention above (creating intrigue, etc.)

      Currently, my title is CRACKED: Why Your Nest Egg is at Risk and How to Protect Your Retirement Dreams with Real Estate.

      Thanks for your guidance!

    • Hai dave,

      you always share about SEO. i want to say thank’s for all that have you share. your artickles give me new knoledge.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thank you for writing me back. I am planning another tools post, bigger than the first one I did.

    • Great article Mary. I knew about a lot of these, but I didn’t know about all of them.

      • There are even more out there Janice. But with these, I figured they were a good representation of the different types. Some are serious, others focus on power words, and some are just for the down right hilarious.

    • pat says:

      Thanks for another shot in the arm on newer aspects related to writing. During years of absence from writing, all these amazing devices have popped up. It’s like diving into scifi.

      • That’s the thing about the internet…it’s always changing. That’s why I like to signup for the RSS feed of my favorite sites like Write2Done so that I get an update every time a new article is available. Helps me keep on the cutting edge 😉

    • Pickfu is another great tool for A/B testing book titles. You can also use it to test covers.

      • Hey Bryan, I know that Steve Scott recommends Pickfu as well, however, I think using Facebook ads is a better method for book title testing. You could create a A/B title test by creating two ads, but with different titles and see which one is clicked on more. The reason why I like doing this better is because unlike Pickfu, I can choose the target market and ensure it isn’t a group of random people telling me their opinion. I wouldn’t want my 86 year old grandmother judging my epic sci fi title…”oh dear, that sounds a little too violent.” 😉

    • Viv Sang says:

      These sites may be useful for a blog, but not much use for generating fiction book titles. It isn’t possible to put one or two words in a box and convey the ideas in a fiction novel sufficient to get a meaningful title. They are mainly blog-type titles such as 10 ways to …

    • Juliar Nur says:

      Thanks for the tips, because of this article i know something new about “blog title generator”, interesting and awesome. I sometimes meet the “dead end” of my article when it times to pick a title. Thanks for the tips and also i will try the blog title generator.

    • Ohita Afeisume says:

      I always knew there were ideas generators out there but I never availed myself of them. Now, I am good to go. Thank you for this eye-opening post.

    • I’m just curious…do you use these tools or know writers that do?

      • yes I do. Not only are they great with blog posts, but they also help me to find some pretty interesting word choices….especially in the power word selection. Having some unique power words like I discussed above, can really be a difference maker.

    • Hello Dave,
      we all understand the importance of creating interesting and eye catchy headlines for both your books and blog posts in fact, this is the only thing that will determine if a visitor will read your book or not.

      If you do not take time crafting your headline then, the book or the blog posts will only be read by you and your relations.

      Thanks for sharing Dave.


      • Theo, you are absolutely right. A book title can seem so simple, and yet can be the hardest part. So much rides on your title. That’s why I love to use tools like the ones listed above so as to help me have more options to choose from.

    • Excellent list! Bookmarked for later use 🙂

    • This is a great list of great tools, Dave, thanks for putting it together. Great idea to use headline tools for crafting a winning book title!

      • Thanks Camilla. I can use all the help I can get when it comes to things like that. Glad to share!

    • Fantastic post Dave. Love the content generator. I typed your name in and got ‘How Dave Chesson’ killed Kenny. Seriously cool ways to help out with writers block. Or to have some fun!

      • Haha…thanks. I’ve enjoyed using these tools for things like book titles, blog posts, and even a good laugh or two.

    • Interesting post Dave! I knew of the existence of generators already, but never knew that there were ones specifically out there for creating headlines, which of course, makes total sense. I just spent waaaaaay too long playing around with some of these and have bookmarked for future use. Good work 🙂

      • Haha…thanks Toby. I think this is the first ever application of Generators to book title creation. Just a little off-the-wall thinking. I’ve got all of them bookmarked on my computer was well. Sort of my mental check before finalizing the name.

    • When I wrote my first eBook in 2012, I overlooked the importance of picking the right title for my book.
      I’ve come a long way since that book (15 eBooks later), and I can’t stress enough how important picking the right title is – to the success of your book.

      I appreciate the wealth of information shared in this article.

      Take heed writers as the success of your book depends on it.

      • So true Franki. I’ve seen great books go the way of the Dodo because the title didn’t present itself in a manner that was conducive to the needs of the target market. Besides, even the best of us need some help, hence the creative juices tools above.

    • Tom says:

      Dave, you are a kindle SEO machine. well done 😀

      • Thanks Tom, glad you liked it. Now you have to reasons to use the Title Generators…you blog and your next book.

    • Brendan says:

      Glad Dave mentioned portent. When I first got a blogging team together to write for my jiu jitsu company, I used that to brainstorm the first 100 posts they could work on. Also like the coschedule tool. Great use of lists! !

      • Thanks Brendan. Yeah there are lots of different tools out there that do this sort of thing, so for this post, I really focused on getting ones that had ‘different’ styles. Some are a little goofier, while others are more power word hungry. Either way, its all about those creative juices!

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