10 Outstanding Grammar Tips for Writers: Take the Quiz

grammar tips for writers

Grammar mistakes are embarrassing, don’t you agree?

To save you embarrassment,  WritetoDone  collaborated with Grammarly and Daily Writing Tips to compile a list of 30 outstanding grammar tips for writers.

You’ll find 10 of these grammar tips here on WritetoDone. We’ve woven them into a quiz.

The other 20 tips can be found on Grammarly and on Daily Writing Tips.


Use these handy tips to improve your writing so your work will be clearer, accurate, and more professional.

In the quiz below, you’ll find 10 grammar tips for writers.

Can you find the correct answer?

Once you’ve finished the quiz, continue the treasure hunt by clicking on the links below to find the next 20 grammar tips  for writers at Grammarly and Daily Writing Tips.

grammar mistakes 20

1. Apostrophe or not?

Is this a grammar mistake?

2. Each other or One another?

grammar mistakes to avoid 18

3. Effect or Affect?

avoid this grammar mistake

4. Logical Comparisons: Which Version is Correct?

you should avoid these grammar mistakes

5. Can You Match the Verb with the Pronoun?

grammar mistakes 14

6. It’s or Its: Which is Correct Here?

faulty grammar

7. Besides or Beside?

useful grammar tips

8. Many, a Lot, Few or Less?

how to avoid bad grammar today

9. Each or Every?

use good grammar

10. Active or Passive?


Well done for completing the quiz! How did you go?

Now go to Daily Writing Tips and Grammarly to find the next group of 10 tips.

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