The Secret to Creating Magnetic Headlines

    magnetic headlines

    Put a couple of tablespoons of petrol in your car’s tank today. And see what happens to the car.

    I’ll tell you what. It’ll probably take you a few inches further.

    And you’ll say to yourself: “What the heck? What difference will a few inches make?”
    Just as you’d say: “What the heck? What difference will a word or two make to enhance the power of a magnetic  headline?”

    You’ll be amazed, how by simply adding a target + a specific, you’ll make your headline far more attractive in a matter of seconds.

    Why don’t we find out for ourselves, eh?

    And let’s start off by taking a random topic…

    e.g. Let’s take an topic such as: ‘Why article writing is the key’

    But the key to ‘what?’

    Most writers leave out the core detail. They miss out telling you where the article is going in the first instance. And these writers don’t leave out the core detail on purpose.

    They just don’t realise the importance of the core detail. And the core detail should usually contain what we’d loosely call a ‘target.’

    A ‘target’ is simply ‘who or what are we speaking about?’

    Let’s me demonstrate what I mean, by doing a little addition.

    So instead of: Why article writing is the key…

    We say: Why article writing is the key ‘to getting strategic alliances.’
    We say: Why article writing is the key ‘to getting clients.’
    We say: Why article writing is the key ‘to getting paid.’

    Notice what happened when we put in that ‘target’?

    First, it actually gave your article a solid direction. And hey, it did even more. It created curiosity. Your la-la topic, suddenly spruced up, brushed its hair, and put on a tuxedo.

    And if you’re amazed at what adding a ‘target’ could do, let’s now add a ‘specific’ to that headline. I’m going to replace just one word/one phrase at a time. And you watch.

    Watch how the article literally swings from one side to another.

    Example 1:

    Why article writing is the key.
    Why article writing is the key to getting strategic alliances.
    Why article writing is the key to getting ‘active’ strategic

    Example 2:
    Why article writing is the key.
    Why article writing is the key to getting clients.
    Why article writing is the key to getting ‘higher-paying’ clients.

    Example 3:
    Why article writing is the key.
    Why article writing is the key to getting paid.
    Why article writing is the key to getting paid ‘in advance.’

    So you see what we did?

    We took the core topic.
    We added a target.
    We added one specific such as ‘active’ or ‘higher-paying’ or ‘in advance’.
    And we instantly intensified the power of the headline.

    Amazingly that change in the headline did a lot more. It made the article easier for you to write. Without the ‘target’ and the ‘specifics’, the headline was weak, and the resulting article would be a soggy waffle.

    But as we put in the ‘target’ and the ‘specific’ it actually forced you to focus on that specific, thus resulting in a mucho superior article.

    Instead of the article being general and vague, it’s now specific.

    You’re either going to be writing about ‘article writing’ and ‘active strategic alliances.’ Or ‘article writing’ and ‘higher-paying clients.’ Or ‘article writing’ and ‘getting paid in advance.’

    You’re most certainly not going to write about all three (not right today, at least!)

    Because as you can plainly see, they’re three completely different articles, going in three completely different directions. But when you have a vague headline, it’s almost impossible to keep the content of the article focused.

    When you have a specific headline, it’s darned impossible to go off track.

    What’s more is that your audience is more focused too, because the rest of your article is delivering exactly what the headline promised.

    The specificity of the headline is what drew the reader in, and it’s the specificity of the rest of the article that will keep the reader reading.

    And if you don’t believe me, remove those measly words…

    Remove the specifics. Chop off the target.
    Then write your article.

    The headline loses power. The article weaves, then stalls. What’s worse is that the entire article becomes so much harder to write.

    And even if you were to actually complete and publish the article, your reader would not experience a sense of clarity.

    And you get that clarity with just two measly words. The addition of just a measly word or two, and your article is vrroooming down the road.

    And hey, in the right direction too!

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      Sean D'Souza

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    • Beyhadh says:

      On page seo or H2 tag is very helpful in writing.

    • Thanks for the tips on how can I enhance my writing skills and improve writing the headlines for an article. I certainly agree that it is really important to add some keywords to a headline so that it would be easier for readers to be able to find the articles or posts that I am trying to make.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you! Writing headlines has been, without a doubt the most difficult part of the process for me and as a result, most of my writing has gone unfinished. I was over-thinking. You have just put this into perspective.

    • Good advice. A well written headline makes it much easier to catch the interest of the readers you’re after.

    • I love the nuances involved in headlines – Sean brought that out perfectly with his examples. Amazing how much impact one or two words can have. Great post!

    • Thanks for the very helpful headline information. I’ve loved the tips from CopyBlogger on writing powerful headlines, but you’ve given me a specific strategy to reach more specific and targeted reader groups.

    • hoongyee says:

      yes, being specific is what draws your readers in and gives them a clear picture of what to expect.

      hardly a measly goal!

      to squeeze even more power from that headline, i would like to suggest putting some topspin on it with vivid verbs to create more posts from a single idea.

      for example,

      starting with:
      Why article writing is the key.
      Why article writing is the key to getting clients.
      Why article writing is the key to getting ‘higher-paying’ clients.


      how your article can capture higher paying clients
      five ways your article can attract higher paying clients
      seeking higher-paying clients? seven secret article writing tips you should know

      let your article vrooom down many roads!

    • Adam says:

      This was a great article. Your suggestions were simple and really did lead to immediate improvement in my headlines. What more can you ask for?


    • Good stuff, Sean!

      I mean, Helpful stuff, Sean!

      I mean, Helpful tips, Sean!

      I mean, Your blog about adding specificity to headlines will help me choose words that generate interest while also giving shape to the article!

      Thank you!

    • doug_eike says:

      A well-written headline accomplishes several things at once. The words you choose do indeed count! Thanks for the insights!

    • AD Bane says:

      Thanks Sean!

      You’ve made creating headlines simple. And it can be a REALLY daunting task, to say the least! One wrong word and no one wants to read it. I think it’s important to tell the reader as much as you can, but without telling them anything really at all. And you did exactly that, by using keywords that spark interest. Thanks again for the post!

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