Stephen King: Top 10 Tips for Writing Success

    writing success

    Stephen King is acknowledged as one of the most successful writers of his generation selling over 350 million books. Not only that, he is also one of the most prolific having published almost 60 novels and over 200 short stories under his own name and his pen name of Richard Bachman.

    Today I want to share with reader of WritetoDone this remarkable author’s top 10 tips for writing success…

    Now you’ve watched the video, what is your top tip for writing success?

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      Laura Tong

      Laura Tong is the Editor here at Write To Done and her writing regularly features on such top blogs as HuffPost, Tiny Buddha and of course Write To Done. She’s a published author (traditional and indie) and has written books as diverse as luxury travel, surreal fiction, autobiographical and personal development.

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      Hy Laura Tong hows you? have a good day after reading your Top 10 Tips for Writing Success im so impress and these tips are helpful for me i will keep in my mind for future

    • mnroiinfo says:

      Hey, @Laura Tong

      such an informative post about top-10 tips for writing to get success. also thanks for posting.

    • Thanks for posting!

      I agree it’s way easier to write successfully when you truly care about the subject matter.

      I used to write a lot about sports and it was just so much easier to do then writing other topics.

      That’s one of the challenges of doing SEO or writing for SEO.

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