18 Famous Writers & Their Weird & Wonderful Work Habits

    famous writers

    We all love to read classic works by famous writers.

    Apart from being great reading, they also inspire us to aim higher in our own writing.

    Famous writers are often as individual and fascinating as the works they create and this spills over into their work habits.

    Below is an infographic showing some of theses famous authors’ weird and wonderful ways of writing.

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      Laura Tong

      Laura Tong is the Editor here at Write To Done and her writing regularly features on such top blogs as HuffPost, Tiny Buddha and of course Write To Done. She’s a published author (traditional and indie) and has written books as diverse as luxury travel, surreal fiction, autobiographical and personal development.

    • Neha Shah says:

      All Are Great Wiriters.

    • All the writers mentioned above are must be creative.

    • great collection of famous writers.

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    • Vasudev Singh says:

      You should be talented weird habits are just habits.
      Thing that only matters is that they are great writers.

    • Jonathan says:

      To be fair, I think brilliant minds would be great writers no matter what their weird habits were.

    • suvo says:

      It’s interesting that writing copy is nothing like we learned to write in school. It’s about attention span online and that attention span isn’t long

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