7 Benefits to Creating Video Content for Blog Engagement and SEO

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How video content has revolutionized the marketing of products and services is for everyone to see. Videos are not a recent invention, but they have today increased in their power to attract and engage more than ever before. According to a recent article by Blogging.org, 63% of businesses have begun to use video content marketing, and up to 57% of all U.S. traffic online comes from smartphones and mobile tablet devices — which is also where and how most video content is being consumed. Whether you’re a big corporation or a small mom and pop business, you should definitely include video content to propel your marketing. 

Using video content in your marketing is a surefire you to boost engagement and SEO of your website. If you run a blog, videos can help you drive more engagement to it and increase lead generation as a result.

Given below are seven benefits to get you started to create video content for increasing blog engagement and improving SEO.

#1. Search Engines Love Video

Search engine algorithms function in a way that ranks videos higher in search results. All major search engines like to serve users with content which has higher engagement. A website which has videos embedded into its content is more likely to show up in search engine results than those that are completely text-based. Videos can quickly increase the time spent on site by a substantial margin.

Apart from publishing videos on your website, you can share them via Youtube as well as promote them through various social media channels. All of this together will take the SEO of your website to the next level.

#2. Video Can Explain Every Topic or Idea

You must have seen explainer videos on the homepage of numerous websites. Businesses use these videos to show people how they can use a specific product or services. Even if the topic is a difficult one, you can use videos to explain it in a simple and effective manner. Animated videos can easily squeeze new life into a boring or complex topic and make it easy for people to understand. If you have a well-structured process in place for video production, you can create quality video content that will quickly attract and engage people.

#3. Video Builds Trust

What video does best is that it humanizes your business. No matter what industry you operate in, you need to understand the fact that people want to see a genuine version of your business. And video is a tool that you can use to communicate with the audience on a deeper level and earn their trust.

People may listen to what you have to say, but they’ll act on your advice only if they trust you. If you plan to build credibility among your target audience, you should not forget to create video content.

Just let your personality come out naturally in your videos.

#4. Video and Mobile are Made for Each Other

Check out some of the mobile video marketing statistics and you’ll know how mobile and video go hand in hand. 

Over 50% of all video content is viewed on mobile. According to Invodo, 92% of mobile video viewers pass on videos to others. Of all the video views that Twitter gets, 90% comes from a mobile device. Over the last few years, the number of smartphone users has gone up considerably and people have a habit of watching videos on the go. By investing in video content, you can tap into this ever-growing audience and maximize results from your marketing.

#5. Video is Super Easy to Consume

Least effort is required to absorb video content. Today, people are pressed for time more than ever, busy fulfilling all kinds of obligations in their lives. Reading and comprehension takes up a lot of time, more so when the content is regarding the use of a product or service. Video content offers businesses and marketers an excellent way to display a product in action. And viewers find it super easy to consume all the content because it doesn’t require them to go through long pieces of text word for word. This adds more effectiveness to video marketing.

#6. Video is Exploding on Social Media

All popular social media platforms have specifically designed their features to push for video content. Facebook has launched many new video-centric features like 360 video and Live video whereas Instagram has Instagram Stories. Twitter has Periscope to help users create live videos. If you are a video creator, social media is definitely your best playground. All you need to keep in mind is to pack your videos with real value, fun elements and emotion.

Videos generate a lot of social shares. The more times your video is shared, the more traffic you can generate for your website.

#7. Videos Can Expand Your Online Visibility

Having a website and a blog to represent your business isn’t enough. You need to use multiple marketing techniques to get the word about your business out there and attract more customers as a result. Whether it’s search engines or social media, you need to increase the visibility of your business as much as you can. Thankfully, video marketing offers you an excellent way to actually show the world who you are and what you do and that too in an interesting way.

Among other popular social networks, you have Youtube, the world’s second most popular social network, as well to share your videos with your audience at large. Use video content to amplify the reach of your business and engage your audience on a deeper level to succeed.

If you plan to drive engagement to your blog and enhance the SEO of your website, you should definitely use videos. Video marketing isn’t just for big companies to benefit from. It’s now affordable and within each reach of small businesses. Equipped with a couple of basic resources, you can easily create professional-looking videos to attract and engage your target audience.

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