Why Using Videos On A Blog Creates Raving Fans

    These days, if you want to make it as a writer, you need to do more than just write well.

    It used to be enough, but …

    Before we all went digital, every writer’s dream was to be discovered by a publishing house. The publisher would then take care of editing, production, publicity, public relations, distribution – in fact, nearly everything, apart from the act of writing.

    Now, aspiring writers are free to publicize their stuff on blogs, in digital magazines, or in eBooks. They can control when and how their material is published, how much it’s sold for, and how it’s publicized.

    With this freedom comes a challenge. We need to take up some of the tasks that used to be the domain of publishers.

    The most important task is to connect with readers.

    How to do it?

    We can learn from how publishers connect writers with readers. Publishers get the writer’s face out there any way they can: they arrange interviews with magazines and  TV programs, create news items, and organize book signings and speaking engagements.

    You need to put YOUR face out there.

    Yes, this can feel scary. But it doesn’t have to be. Learning to create videos can be a lot of fun!

    Watch the video below… (if you’re reading this by email, click here to watch the video)

    If you want to learn how to create videos in a fun and easy way, choose the self-study course Blog Video Mastery.

    • Create great videos (without you appearing in them)
    • Learn how to relax in front of a camera.
    • Get confident at creating a ‘talking head’ video.
    • Learn how to shoot, edit, and upload a headshot video (both Mac and Windows users).
    • Get all the tricks and tips on how to light your video so that you look like a star.
    • Learn how to create a PowerPoint or Keynote slide show
    • Turn your slide shows into stunning screencast videos
    • Learn the secrets of how to trigger  emotion by adding voiceover and music.
    • Know how to publish your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites, and embed them on your blog.
    • Have fun creating videos!

    Blog Video Mastery is a self-study course and you can start at any time Click here to to find out more.


    About the author:

    Mary Jaksch is Editor-in-Chief at Write to Done. Grab her FREE report How to Write Like an A-List Blogger. Mary has helped thousands of students successfully create outstanding and profitable blogs at  A-List Blogging and is the blogger behind Goodlife ZEN.

    About the author

      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at WritetoDone.com and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind GoodlifeZEN.com, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • IIT 2012 says:

      I recently finished reading “No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog” and I have to say I gained more from reading this post. Although the book was good, it didn’t really keep me on track—it was a little more random than I was looking for.

    • IIT 2012 says:

      it gives me a lot of inspiration about words and writing style 🙂 good

    • J. R. Nova says:

      Youtube is an under-utilized resource for writers, but I see more and more of them wading into the waters.

    • Yep, I always want to build a video but now my English pronunciation is not good, I will do all thing to improve it and hoping I can start one as soon as possible.

    • I keep hearing this. I guess I really need to get into videos

      • Yes, it took me a while too to really get how important creating videos is. Just think of YouTube. They now have over 500 million unique monthly visitors 8-0

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