How to Write With Confidence: 10 Superb Articles

write with confidence

Do you want to write with confidence?

Of course you do!

Even the most successful writer feels self-doubt at one time or another.

A bad review, a rejection, a hurtful comment—all these have the power to shake your confidence.

Sometimes, we find ourselves on shaky ground even without any ‘help’ from the outside.

When the words don’t come together, it can be a challenge to write anything at all.

And so you stare at the blank page, or trash draft after draft after draft.

But there are ways to write with confidence.

In this post, you’ll find 10 of the most compelling articles on how to write with confidence.

Click on the titles to read the articles listed below.

1. How to Write With Confidence: The Mental Games We Play

This article by Gary Korisko has some great advice on how to build a mindset of confidence (and how we can avoid sabotaging ourselves).

When you tough it out and see your projects through, your confidence will grow. – Gary Korisko

2. How to Boost Your Writing Confidence

James Chartrand’s brilliant article provides four ways to make writing effortless and amplify your writing confidence.

The biggest confidence killer out there: your mental chatter. – James Chartrand

3. Seven Ways to Build Up Your Writing Confidence

Lift your writing confidence with these seven strategies. And one of them has nothing to do with writing!

Keep moving forward, how ever you feel – Ali Luke

4. 20 Inspiring Quotes to Boost Your Confidence as a Writer

If you need a confidence booster, check out the beautiful images with inspiring quotes in this  post.

Your feelings of inadequacy have no bearing on your talent as a writer. 

5. The One Thing You MUST Be Confident About (Your Writing)

This article will give you some great tools to overcome your insecurity.

Guest post contributor Angie Dixon says on The Positive Writer:

Everyone is insecure, except psychopaths and sociopaths. -Angie Dixon 

6. Travel Blogging 101: How to Be A Confident Travel Writer

This article describes how to become a confident travel writer. But the rules apply to all kinds of writing. Blogger Trisha Vellarmino says:

“I wrote. I created. I expressed.”- [Tweet this]

7. Writing With Confidence: Six Foolproof Proofreading Tips

Emma Carey’s article shows you that proofreading is one part of the writing process you simply cannot afford to ignore. Will you accept her fun challenge to find the errors in her article?

“Content needs to be innovative, ‘shareable’, factually accurate and grammatically correct”  Emma Carey”

8. 11 Proofreading Tips To Help You Write With Confidence

Maggie Biroscak shares eleven proofreading tips that will help you write with greater confidence. These tips will make your writing as close to perfect as it can get!

Make yourself read every.single. word. – Maggie Biroscake 

9. How To Recover Your Writing Confidence (Even If You Didn’t Think You Had Any)

Regain your confidence in writing by using these five techniques.

Real confidence comes from feeling a sense of mastery. – Ali Luke

10: How to be a Confident Writer

Jackie Johansen looks at the difference between real and false confidence and has some great tips.

Obtaining real confidence means understanding limiting beliefs about yourself. – Jackie Johansen

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