20 Inspiring Quotes to Boost Your Confidence as a Writer

    confidence as a writer

    Does your writing never feel quite good enough?

    You are not alone.

    All writers feel like that at times.

    And there is a simple reason why.

    Hidden within us is the writer we are born to become. And this inner writer urges us to improve our craft.

    That’s a good thing.

    But the process starts unraveling when the gremlins of fear, doubt and shame start to bombard us with negative messages:

    “You haven’t got what it takes!”

    “You’re hopeless!”

    “You can’t write!”

    “Everyone else writes better!”

    Are these thoughts familiar?

    I bet they are!

    The question is, would you talk so harshly to someone else?

    If a new writer were to show you her or his work, how would you respond?

    Would you respond with kindness and be supportive?

    I really hope so! And that’s exactly how you need to treat yourself.

    Because as a writer, you’ll always have doubts about whether you are good enough. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you’ll still feel inadequate at times.

    Elisabeth George wrote the following in her journal (after publishing twelve bestsellers):

    I’m reading John Le Carré’s The Constant Gardener right now. Frankly, it’s making me feel more inadequate than I’ve felt in a long time.

    As you can see, at times even successful authors doubt their ability to write. If there is only one thing you take away from this post, let it be this:

    Your feelings of inadequacy have no bearing on your talent as a writer. Click to Tweet

    The messages that the inner gremlins of fear, doubt and shame give you are the negative voices of the past. Voices of your parents, care-givers or teachers. They had a huge impact when you were little–and you still believe them, don’t you?

    It’s time to free yourself from these gremlins!

    It’s time for an antidote.

    The antidote of inspiring quotes from writers who have gone through their fear, doubt and shame, and have come out the other side.


    These inspiring quotes will boost your confidence as a writer


    embrace your fear


    Confidence as a writer 2


    Become confident as a writer 3


    writing confidence


    get more confident as a writer 4


    courage to be a writer


    write with confidence 8


    Self-doubt writing 3


    writing confidence 5


    confidence as a writer 16


    courage to write


    writing with confidence 2


    writing confidence 9


    confidence as a writer 10

    boost confidence as a writer 3


    writing confidence 6


    boost confidence


    confidence as a writer 12




    confidence as a writer 14


    I hope you feel inspired by these quotes. I do! All of them were collected by our wonderful DreamTeam.

    We all need to be encouraged and inspired to stay true to our calling. You may want to bookmark this post so that you can get a regular shot of inspiration.

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    About the author:

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    About the author

      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at WritetoDone.com and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind GoodlifeZEN.com, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • So beautiful pictures and so powerful words. After the quote ‘The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek’ I’ve remembered Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. The treasure is always somewhere near us, we only have to overcome our fears.

    • Those are all wonderful! I usually look for success quotes when I am writing for some reason. I don’t know why lol. Or really beautiful quotes from the text of writers. It motivates me to want to write that way.

      • I went to your website and read the blog post that’s up there at the moment.

        I was struck by this passage: “I just loved to write. It consumed me. If I wasn’t writing then I was thinking or reading about writing.”

        That’s very powerful. Of course, passion needs to be fed. And the quotes you search for when you’re writing are what keeps the fires of your passion burning.

        I look forward to following your path as a writer.

    • I love the quote from Aristotle. I strive for excellence in all I do, and so quotes that refer to excellence always capture my attention and resonate with me.

      • Ah yes, that quote really resonated with me too, Lorraine.

        What I think is particularly interesting about the quote is the imperative, ‘must’. She doesn’t say, ‘can’, she says we must reach beyond where we perceive our boundary of possibility to be.

    • Hi Mary,

      I’ve only second guessed myself 14 million times since publishing my first book 5 months ago.

      That’s not too bad, right? 😉

      Love the list you thoughtfully shared for us! In truth, the last one’s worked so well for me. I feel that by doing something that’s made me feel alive – blogging from paradise – and by writing eBooks and blog posts covering that topic, I take myself less seriously each day. As I take myself less seriously, my inner and outer critics bother me less.

      I’m able to laugh with my voices….is that mental illness or what? LOL!

      I recalled about 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine/reader wouldn’t review one of my eBooks on Amazon, because her take was so negative, she didn’t want to share it. How dare she! I mean, I am an important author with 2 tweet endorsements from a NY Times Best Selling Author….who was a bit too serious about himself….and way too stuffy….and who didn’t laugh at both positive and negative feedback.

      In truth, I agreed fully with her feedback….and by laughing at myself, and acting from an inspired, not at all serious space, I can let both positive and negative feedback go…..Sure I’ll post endorsements, and I’ll agree with them somewhat, but I find myself doing the same with much more negative feedback.

      OK…wrapping it up now! Why agree with negative feedback? It could be true, and more importantly, since I feel more alive, and inspired, and DETACHED (keep word, cap word 😉 about my work, my confidence is up there. Like, the negative inner critic and outer critics have no bearing on an author who’s not heavily attached to their work.

      Still working on this, until eternity ;)….but I do feel following your passion helps you take yourself less seriously, which boosts your confidence by helping you all inner and outer feedback with a smile.

      Mary, love the list! Thank you for the always timely posts 🙂


      • Hey Ryan, thanks for your lovely comment.
        Yes, negative feedback can be difficult to stomach. It’s important to remember that people are not criticising *you*, they are talking about something you’ve written.

        Keep on writing, Ryan! I think it’s great the way you’ve created a lifestyle you love AND are earning from it.

    • Marina Boricov says:

      This is amazing! I just love the images. Could you maybe create an ebook with these images and quotes? I could then just open it at random and feel inspired …!

      • Thanks for your suggestion, Marina. I’m not sure about the ebook, but we’re considering a service where readers get an email from us each day with an inspiring quote. We thought we might give our lovely DreamTeammembers a free run for a month to test the idea.

    • Lisa A. says:

      That was absolutely lovely. Thank you so much. The baby picture with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote is a hilariously perfect match to the quote: “You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

      One of my favorite writing sentiments, that I remind my clients of regularly (and right now I can’t remember who said it): There is no such thing as good writing. There is only good rewriting.

      • Aaah – that’s a lovely comment Lisa: “There is no such thing as good writing. There is only good rewriting.” I’ll use it next time I do a quote post.

        Glad you like the baby pic for the Roosevelt quote. I had to laugh when I found it…

        Thanks for stopping by.

    • Linda Gail says:

      Awesome post couldn’t have got it at a better time! Website is my 2nd page on facebook just got it started.

      • It’s quite strange how we often find what we need – just at the right time, isn’t it? I’m glad this post helped you, Linda.

    • Hi Mary,

      My favorite is the one by Seth Godin on “Be bold, make mistakes…” A boost for me to continue to go after what I want. I’m reposting that one today. Refreshing post and vibrant pictures for the Monday morning!

      • Yes, I liked Seth Godin’s quote very much too, Geniece! It’s so easy to get caught up in previous mistakes and not move forward.

        • Yes, Seth Godin always has something interesting to say…

      • One of my favorite, Seth Godin!

    • Great post. I’m editing just now and need a kick every now and again to keep me going. This has done it the trick. I love the Stephen King quote about hard work. Thanks – will tweet!

      • Ha! I’m glad this post acted like a kick in the, well, behind!

        We all need a kick now and then 🙂

        I hope your editing task goes well.

    • Hey Martin, I really love your spirit! Yes, it’s true – sometimes we get bogged down with a difficult writing task.

      But that is good; it means we are going beyond what is easy for us.

      I keep my fingers crossed for your blog post. Do let us know when you publish it…!

    • Martin Purman says:

      What an inspiring post! I especially like the quote with the eagle: “What the world needs is people who come alive”. YES!

      This post has really made my day. I’ve been writing a blog post and it’s such hard work I began to wonder whether it’s worth it …

      But now I’ll go back to writing and know that I doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life – which is writing!

    • >