How To Get Customers To Read Every Word Of Your Copy

    Do you know how you flip one page of a novel, not expecting to read the book, and before you know it, whooops away you go, and then you’re reading, and reading, and reading…and may I add…reading.

    Copywriting isn’t much different. If you write copy that slip-slides, then your audience will read it to the end.

    So let’s analyse a piece of copy that slip-slides

    Here’s the copy as it went out in the email and after you read it, you’ll see the analysis below.

    Start of Copy

    You are receiving this email, because you subscribed to the Website Triggers Series (where you got the 3 Trigger Audios). If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so by going to the bottom of this email and removing yourself from this list. Of course, you’d miss the free gift worth $50 that I’ll be giving you in the next email, if you do so). So hang in there a while. It’s worth the wait.

    Do weddings make you cry?
    Well, they sure make some people cry.

    Because for one day of wearing that fancy gown, walking down the aisle, and throwing the bouquet, a couple has to go through months and months of planning.

    Of course, that’s not what you’ll see
    When you show up at the reception, you’ll see an almost flawless and well-choreographed party. What you won’t see, is all the background stuff that went to minimise all of that chaos.

    Nobody would believe in the ‘instant-wedding reception’
    But if you listen to Internet ‘gurus’ everywhere, you’ll hear how they made squillions of dollars in one week. And how they can do the same for you.

    Yeah, right.

    For a simple wedding, you’ll need to learn about etiquette, have checklists, have reasonably detailed wedding plans, have honeymoon plans and God knows what else.

    It’s the same with a website. The reason why your website isn’t drawing customers by the hundreds and isn’t able to make as much profits as you think it should, is because you’re missing the background information.

    Information such as:
    -The precise strategy involved in attraction, conversion and consumption. The biggest mistakes are made when you mix up these three factors. Learn how to segregate them and take customers through a sequential selling system. (Yes, system).

    – The way to set up an auto responder system and link all of your messages, so that once it’s set up, your customer automatically gets personalised messages. This is not just another set of auto responders. It’s a sophisticated, yet simple way of getting customers to buy your products/services.

    -The exact system that we use at Psychotactics. What we do in the background. How we create sales without any Google ads, strategic alliances, joint ventures or affiliates. And how you can too (if you choose). That alone should save you a bundle!

    And you’ll get bonuses worth over $5200

    Some of the bonuses are:
    1) How to Create A Viral Campaign worth $500
    2) Website Strategy Template worth $1500
    3) Special Strategic Accounting Session worth $500
    4) Client Data Segregation Tutorial worth $100
    5) Website Strategy Critique by me (Worth $3000)

    Can you really afford to miss this information?

    Find out how the course is really affordable, and has installments, so you don’t have to pay everything upfront.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. There are only 5 seats left. Don’t wait till too long, or you’ll miss out. There’s also a homestudy version, if you’re interested. 🙂

    P.P.S. Remember this event has a ‘Lawn Mower Guarantee’ which means you can take all the materials and run your lawn mower over them, and you’ll still get your money back. So you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, you get your entire tuition fee back. So there’s nothing to lose.

    P.P.S. There’s a homestudy version of this course too, so if you can’t make it, you can still get the homestudy version, by clickingon the link above. The homestudy will bring at least 70%-80% of the intensity of the course into your home–yes the live course is always better, but if you can’t attend, this is the best next choice.

    End of Copy

    So now for the analysis:

    1) Notice how the first paragraph incentives the customer to stay on the list? You can use this tactic from time to time, but not all the time. And of course, you have to deliver the goods you promise.

    2) Notice how the analogy did most of the selling? You didn’t actually realise it was a sales letter till somewhere in between. But hey, you were sliding down a very fast slope. And it was impossible to back up. If your copy uses the power of analogies, it can get customers reading and sliding from the analogy to sales copy, without even realising what’s happening.

    3) Notice how logic was used to explain the concept that was about to reveal itself. The concept was about the ‘instant website and instant riches’ formula. But the analogy was about instant receptions, and how they don’t exist. When you accepted the idea that an instant wedding couldn’t exist (or is hard to pull off), it was easier to accept the idea that website success was hard to pull off without background strategy and knowledge.

    But I didn’t have to convince you. When you bought into the first part of the email, you bought into the second. Cool, huh?

    4) Notice the connectors that enable you to segue?
    Look at these two sentences carefully. There’s a connection that makes the leap at this point. And it’s done seamlessly and simply. “For a simple wedding, you’ll need to learn about etiquette, have checklists, have reasonably detailed wedding plans, have honeymoon plans and God knows what else.

    It’s the same with a website. The reason why your website isn’t drawing customers by the hundreds and isn’t able to make as much profits as you think it should, is because you’re missing the background information.”

    The line before explained the background information required, and then jumped to a ‘website’. But the leap wasn’t jarring at all, because the analogy softened the leap.

    5) Notice how the bonuses added up?

    6) Notice how the objections were killed.

    7) Notice how the urgency was created?

    8) And the guarantee, ensuring that anyone on the fence would decide to give it a go.

    9) And the downsell to the homestudy version?

    To think that we ended up with website strategy…

    And started with weddings…

    Hmmmm…if you want your customers to slip-slide their way into the copy, it’s best to start with an analogy. Then link back to the actual topic.

    Slip-sliding away…that’s what you can do with your copy. And now, you have a template! So go ahead and write some slip-sliding copy right away.

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    • Been looking for help with writing great copy and your post really helps! Thanks for the tips.

    • Disorientalia says:

      Oh, honey, the word “incentives” in all forms of English (yes, even New-Zealenglish) is a plural noun, not a verb. (It’s ironic to have encountered such an egregious error right next to an ad for an “ultimate guide” to better writing, but hey, that’s web life.)

      The verb you want is “incent,” or — thanks to our contemporary penchant for creating redundant (and longer) verb forms — “incentivize”/”incentivise.” But never, ever has it been deemed acceptable to use “incentive” as a verb.


    • Derek says:

      Been looking for help with writing great copy! Thanks for the tips..

      Also your link to Psychotactics is not correctly linked

    • Great breakdown of effective copy. Thanks for sharing.

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