Science Fiction: The 16 Best Books to Read & Study

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Editor’s note: Ever thought of writing science fiction? One of the secrets of writing bestsellers is to write in a genre a lot of people are already reading. It may sound obvious, but few writers actually consider this. Dean Koontz, for instance when he started out wrote in whatever genre paid the most, including Science Fiction. Usually in the top 3 kindle categories for sales, it also sells well in print. Perhaps you should give it a go?

Science fiction takes us to whole new worlds, makes us question our own reality, and gets us excited for the future. 

It even has its own holiday—2 January 2020!

But it’s not something new. Though science fiction is one of the most popular genres today, it’s been around for hundreds of years—especially in books. 

Not only is it exciting to read, but it can teach us a lot. It always includes amazing tech that challenges the people of today to think differently. It even challenges us to create, giving us ideas of what new science could make our lives easier.

Yet, deep down there’s a dark side. Every story inspires us to look at our regular life and see what could happen if we continue down the same path.

Maybe that’s why we all love it so much. 

But with thousands of science fiction books to read, how do you choose the best ones? 

Which ones are worth your time?

Thankfully, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Here are the best books in this genre—from Frankenstein to Ender’s Game. 

Whether you’re looking for monsters or war in space, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

Check out the infographic below.

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Do you write or read science fiction? What’s your all time favourite?

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