Quiz: Are You a Grammar Ninja?

You’ve heard active verbs pack a wallop to your writing.

Passive verbs, not so much.

But do you know the difference?

Take this grammar quiz to test your knowledge.

Warning: You won’t find any trick questions in this quiz. But it’s tough, and the sample sentences are complicated. Read carefully and give yourself plenty of time.


This quiz has ten questions.

Read the directions for each question carefully.

Choose the sentence that contains either an active or passive main verb (according to the directions for that question). Remember, a complete sentence contains a subject and a verb that goes with it.

And be sure your selected sentence makes logical sense.

When you’ve clicked your choice, your browser automatically presents the next question.

Assume punctuation and other aspects of grammar are correct—don’t get sidetracked. Remember, this quiz focuses only on active and passive verb forms. If you have questions, leave them in the comment section!

And when you check your score, don’t forget to read the explanations. They’ll appear after you’ve completed all the questions.

Good luck!

grammar quiz

1. Which sentence contains an active main verb?

grammar quiz 2

2. A plan takes shape. Which sentence uses a passive main verb?

grammar quiz 400x

3. Security hassles! Which sentence has a passive main verb?


4. And the fun begins. Which sentence contains an active main verb?

grammar quiz 5

5. Time to kick back and enjoy. Which sentence contains a passive main verb?

grammar quiz 6

6. Can they take the heat? A passive verb is used in which sentence?

7. Totally gross! Which sentence contains an active main verb?

grammar quiz 8

8. No freaking out now. Pick the sentence with the active main verb.

Grammar quiz 9

9. Making friends. A passive main verb is featured in which sentence?

grammar quiz 10

10. So much to do, so little time. Which sentence contains an active main verb?


How did you go? Let us know in the comments!

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