Do You Make these Common Grammar Mistakes? Take the Quiz to Find Out

common grammar mistakes

Have you got a good handle on grammar and common word usage?

Take this quiz to see how sharp your grammar skills really are.

(If you’re reading this in an email, you need to click on the headline to access the quiz online.)

Warning: This quiz is just a little more challenging than the usual fare, so be sure you have plenty of time (about 20 minutes). It will show you whether you make common grammar mistakes.


There are twenty questions in this quiz.

Read each group of sentences carefully. Choose the correct sentence or best option.

Once you’ve clicked on your choice, you’ll automatically be taken to the next question.

You can assume punctuation is correct. (Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Rip me a new one in the comments if you think I’ve made a mistake. I’ll be delighted to give you the award for the sharpest eyes in the blogosphere.)

Be sure to read the explanations when you check your score. The explanations appear after you’ve completed all the questions.

Good luck!

quiz grammar 1

1. Was or were? Can you spot the correct sentence?

quiz grammar 4

2. Which option is correct?

quiz grammar 5

3. Spot the winner: which choice is correct?

quiz grammar 16

4. Can you find the right word here?

quiz grammar 9

5. Was, were, or where? Can you find the correct answer?

quiz grammar 10

6. Can you spot the appropriate word?

quiz grammar 11

7. Which sentence is correct?

quiz grammar 17

8. Who stole the boots?

quiz grammar 14

9. Which sentence is correct?

quiz grammar 15

10. Which statement describes the event correctly?

quiz grammar 2

11. Why did she leave work early?

Quiz grammar 3

12. Office-speak: which sentence is correct?

quiz grammar 7

13. Can you spot the correct sentence?

quiz grammar 8

14. And the right answer is ...?

quiz grammar 12

15. Less vs. Fewer: can you spot the right sentence?

this job stinks2

16. Isn’t parallelism something from high school geometry? (Which is the correct sentence)

rowing team2

17. If a capital has a capitol, should it be capitalized?

architecture 2

18. Which sentence is correct?

architecture 4

19. Which is the correct sentence?

email 2

20. Is it e-mail, email, or E-mail?

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