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If you’re a writer with a goal of attracting and converting more clients, it’s important that you craft your message in a way that does exactly that. One way to do this is to use copywriting techniques on your website and marketing message.

An amazing copy can do wonders for your brand and will help you sound genuine and helpful—without resorting to timeworn marketing buzzwords!

1. Avoid Buzzwords at All Cost

Writing can be a tricky process. One minute you’re full of different ideas and the next moment, you can’t seem to write a word to jumpstart things. And that’s where we’re usually tempted to use marketing drivel. They’re easy, effortless, and requires no challenge because you’re just repeating something you’ve read numerous times.

Although they’re uncomplicated to use, they deprive your message of any meaningful significance that will position you as someone who can do the job competently.

Here are some examples of marketing claptrap to avoid:

  • Client-centric
  • Value-added
  • Revolutionary
  • Innovative
  • Disruptive

Using any of the above often results in a redundant message or dilutes what you have to say by making you sound like everybody else. After all, services should really have value and geared towards a client’s needs, among others.

For example, rather than say that you’re offering an innovative service, why not extol the results that your service can help them achieve? Compare the two:

“I offer innovative services writing for tech companies who want to succeed.”

“I offer comprehensive writing services that will help your brand stand out and get you heard no matter how crowded your space is.”

2. Use Specific and Trustworthy Statistics

Online, it’s easy to sound like you’re exaggerating the truth. Anyone can spout off claims like, “I’ve helped hundreds of clients earn millions of sales from their businesses.”

To grab the right attention and make yourself more credible, get specific in your claims. You can stay instead, “I’ve helped more than 220 clients in the past eight years net 2.5 million dollars in business sales.”

This makes you more credible because you’re basing off of specific statistics and not just some random claim.

3. Add a Killer Call-to-Action

No matter how awe-inspiring your brand message is, you’re missing out on converting your newly enamored readers if you don’t compel them to act on your message.

Although most people are wary of being too direct, being subtle with your call-to-action can easily backfire on you since you’re giving your website visitors an excuse not to take the next step you want them to.

CTAs make for a powerful addition to any copy or content because it’s what helps prompt an instant response from your readers. Some examples are “get your free quote,” “learn more” or “send me a message.”

4. Always Include a Compelling Reason

A powerful way to persuade your readers is to give them a reason to follow your recommendations. Want them to sign up to your list? Or want them to inquire about your services? Let them know what they could miss out on if they pass on the chance! And better yet, use the word “because” while you’re at it.

This was proven in a foundational psych study that surveyed students who want to get ahead in a long line on a copy machine. Participants who used the word “because” had a compliance rate of as high as 94% even when the outlined reason doesn’t make any sense.

5. Preempt Buying Concerns

One amazing benefit that copywriting can do for you is that it helps you overcome barriers to purchase so you can convert more customers. But to do this, it’s important to not be afraid to discuss the important things.

Objections aren’t usually settled by themselves. Either you talk it out with your prospects beforehand or wonder why you aren’t converting anyone. For example, if you often get complaints that your services are priced too high, explain the results that you can help them achieve.

You can let them know how you can increase their sales by 25% or double their brand engagement through your services. It’s really all about making sure that you prove the value of your services.

6. Always Make It About Your Clients First

Have you ever visited a company’s website and left feeling like they just bulldozed you with a laundry list of everything that’s about them and none about you? They’ve listed their awards, their clients, their history, but nothing about what they can do for you.

Don’t make the same mistake because you’re essentially turning away new business. Most customers want to know how you can help them solve a problem or achieve a result.

So rather than say…

“I’m an Award-Winning Writer With 12-Years of Experience in the IT Industry”

You can say instead…

“I help IT start-ups create a clear, compelling message that instantly appeals to their target audience.”

Now that’s an improvement!

Leveling Up Your Copy With the Above Tips

If you’ve ever wondered what’s a copywriter, the above are just some of the techniques that we employ. Even if you aren’t one, you can definitely use the same methods to make sure your brand is conveying the right message that will appeal to your dream audience!



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