Write Inspired Copy – 5 Tips to Help Copywriters

Are You Ready To Write Inspired Copy?

Copywriters often find themselves writing on some pretty mundane topics.

From ‘Installing the best security doors’ to ‘The top five high-interest savings accounts’, it can sometimes be hard for a copywriter to feel motivated to write on certain topics.

And you need to be motivated to write inspired copy.

If you’re finding it difficult to write on a topic you consider boring, here are some simple tips to ensure you meet your targets.

1. Find an angle which interests you.

Okay, so you might not be particularly thrilled at the prospect of writing about the latest air-conditioning unit. But this article is going to pay your bills, so you really need to write it!

Find something that interests you about what you’re writing. Even if it’s something small, such as this air-conditioning unit can go four degrees lower than the average air-conditioning unit.

If you find something interesting or exciting, you’ll find you can build on it and the words will flow a lot more easily.

2. Take regular breaks.

The importance of regular breaks cannot be emphasized enough.

If you’re struggling with a piece, take a 10-minute time-out. Walk away. Do something else and come back with a fresh mind and fresh eyes.

If you’re still having trouble, take baby steps. I often find that if I’m not motivated, I have to go slow.

Force yourself to write for as little as five minutes and then take a long break, then write for another five minutes and so on. Eventually you’ll finish the piece and when everything’s on the page, you can leave it and come back later to edit it.

Like writers the world over say, just start writing! You can always go back and change it.

3. Research as deeply as you can.

Conducting research is standard procedure for any copywriter, especially if you’re writing on an unfamiliar topic.

If you’re finding it difficult to write even though you’ve done some research, do more research! Once you become familiar with a topic you’ll find it easier to write about.

When you know more, you can see more angles and take more directions with your writing. Having more options will help you write inspired copy.

4. Break up your work with something that interests you.

In an ideal world, we’d all be working at our dream jobs and copywriters would all be writing on their favorite topics.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. However much we grumble, sometimes we have to write about things we’re not that interested in.

Combat this by using your own time to work on something that really interests you, such as writing a blog. If you love travel but end up writing about web design, start a travel blog off the job to keep your creativity alive.

You will not only feel more fulfilled, but this extra writing will motivate you when you’re struggling to write. Simply because writing breeds more writing.

5. Write a story.

As a journalist, I’ve often found it easier to write an article if I act as though I’m telling a friend a story.

For example, if I’d interviewed someone, I would write as though I was telling my friend about the interview, including little asides, such as how nervous I felt or what coffee we both chose. This helped me to inject some personality into the piece.

As a copywriter, I still use this technique when writing articles, although I usually take myself out of the equation.

If you’re writing a product guide for a home appliance, for example, include instances of when someone might need a particular wash on a washing machine, like when the boys return from football. Including such little nuances will also help the reader relate more to what you’re writing about.

Copywriting can be one of the most satisfying jobs to have. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing your name in print. Knowing that people are reading something you’ve written creates a fantastic buzz.

However, it can also be one of the most challenging jobs. With deadlines looming and expectations running high, there’s nothing worse than feeling stuck and lacking the motivation to write.

Hopefully these little tips will help you the next time you start to feel the pressure mounting. We can’t write on our favorite topics all the time, but we can make our writing fun and interesting, both for ourselves and our readers.

Happy writing! And don’t forget to share in the comments the other tips that help you write inspired copy.

About the author:

Sarah Murray is a copywriter for leading white goods retailer.


Image: Writing Inspired Copy courtesy of Bigstockphoto.com

About the author

Sarah Murray