How to Win Big, Write Better

    What if you could write as easily as you drive a car?

    Like being on automatic.

    You just get into the car, start the motor, step on the accelerator–and the car starts moving.

    You don’t stop the car every time you decide whether to go into second or third gear (at least, I hope you don’t!).

    But when we write, the process can be labored and slow. I’m sure you know about that!

    It’s like creeping along in a slow car. Everyone seems to be passing you, and you just can’t go faster. In fact, the more you step on the accelerator, the slower you seem to go.

    It’s frustrating!

    What’s the problem?

    You may think the car’s no good.

    In terms of writing, you may think that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, or not talented enough.


    Let’s get back to cars. What’s the most likely cause of your car’s low speed?

    You left the handbrake on… duh!

    Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    It’s the same with writing. If your writing is slow and labored, you need to release the handbrake.

    But what IS the brake?

    It’s not your writing technique or the way your desk faces, or whether you’re using a productivity app.

    It’s something most writers ignore.

    What puts the brakes on our creativity and robs us of creative joy is a lackluster body.


    Lackluster body? 

    Hear me out.

    When our body is unhappy and feels lumpy and dumpy, the brakes clamp down on creativity.

    Do you want to release the brakes?

    I bet you do!

    News flash: I found a way to do it.

    In the last six months, I’ve been doing a lot of research around mindful fitness and I’ve experimented with using exercise to boost creativity and wellbeing. But not just any kind of exercise.

    Definitely not standing in front of a mirror in the gym and mindlessly repeating arm curls. Or writing a blog post while running on a treadmill.

    I’m into mindful fitness.

    Mindful fitness brings body, mind and soul into harmony. Click to Tweet

    When we bring soft attention to the body, exercise functions like meditation in action.

    The results are spectacular! After just a few months, I’m so much more alert and creative and I’ve recovered my zest for life!

    I’m so excited, I even started trail running, even though I previously told everyone, “I just can’t run.”

    And I can definitely feel a boost to my productivity and creativity!

    As Henry Thoreau said:
    The moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow.

    Are you in?

    Write a comment to let us know what you think about taking off the brakes.


    About the author

      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • Thank you for this information .i like your website because it have a lot of articles that they happen in everyday of our life.

    • Mary, I don’t know if you can – if anybody can – help me with some tips to overcome a maddening problem that has kept me from writing a book, which I have been planning to write for years. I’m an excruciatingly slow writer! I can barely write a page, sometimes less than a page, a day. It’s probably genetic. I have done all the research I need, and I have a plot and a working outline. I made several attempts at writing the book, but my nearly retarded mind doesn’t let me make much headway with the writing. An unusual problem, isn’t it? I’d be eternally grateful if you could have any suggestions for me. If not, I thank you for paying attention to my problem.


      • Hi Mustafa, you are not alone. Many people write very slowly. There is something that you can try. If you can record your voice on your phone or laptop, the best way to tackle this is to dictate your text. Don’t worry if you think what you are dictating is ‘good’ or not, just keep on speaking. Then listen to the recording and write down exactly what you said. Wait for a day and then edit your text.

        I think this will help you to write faster

        All best wished for the completion of your book!

    • Tayde Rodríguez Gabarrón says:

      Mary,tienes mucha razón, al hacer ejercicio, entra oxígeno al cerebro y pensamos mejor, ademas haciendo ejercicio muchas pregunta de como resolver problemas de la novela y llega con facilidad las respuestas.Gracias por seguirme tomando en cuenta.Gracias. Tayde

    • Hi, Mary! This is fantastic. I love that you are starting this Mindful Fitness Revolution.

      I try to make time for a brisk walk each day before I start writing. Recently, I wrote a blog post about famous writers who loved taking long walks & how walking can boost creative thinking. Mindful fitness really is an essential part of the writing process.

      Thanks for another excellent post!

    • Laszlo A. Voros says:

      I exercised the other day on my Gravity Edge and I released all of these endorphins and felt so charged that I was supercharged. It was like a caffeine high without the coffee. Also I got a great nights sleep, and I was focused as a laser.

    • Excellent, Mary! And I agree. As a full-time copywriter, I’ve noticed that the “juices” flow much more easily after a good workout. It really does boost the brain. Also – awesome prize. I have a Fitbit (older model) and I love it. Best of luck to all who enter!

    • Ben parker says:

      Most of the time i am on computer searching lots of stuff regarding seo and i do need a break but the thing is i dont get it . anyways nice post , i liked it keep sharing this types post so that we can get to know lots of interesting things .

    • Mark Tong says:

      Hey Mary – you are so right and such a great analogy. When I’m unfit and lethargic I’m about as creative as a…can’t think of the word…must go and do some Mindful Exercise!

    • I love how the way you write shows the energy in what you are saying.

      • Oh, that’s a lovely remark, Scott. It’s true that I feel passionate about this.

    • This is a great way to get someone write a better post. Mindful fitness is really important . Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Hey Mary,
      This is great and a wonderful reminder of the need to take care of ourselves as well as our writing and business.

      As you quote Thoreau – when I’m doing client work and get stuck, I go for a hike and my thoughts get unstuck.

      Thanks again for sharing, I’m happy to pass this along to help advance the revolution!

    • This is really great Mary. I’ve personally found that my energy and productivity are directly linked to my physical fitness. I actually have a post going live on Success Magazine tomorrow discussing this exact topic. Great stuff!

      • Hey Jacob, thanks for your comment. Do please put the link to your upcoming article here in the comments so that we can all go there, read it … and share it.

    • Stan Matty says:

      I sit at my computer all day and am seriously overweight. I like the thought of ‘Mindful Fitness’! Meditation just doesn’t work for me but I can imagine that moving mindfully will help me be more active.

      • I think this will help you, Stan! Mindful movement boosts health and wellbeing… and you lose weight as well.

    • Robert says:

      I set up my computer by putting a piece of wood across a treadmill hand rail. It is either a walking or standing desk if i get tired. I attached a second monitor on top of the treadmill so i could keep my head up.

      I am up to 5 miles and 3 pages this morning.

      Of course it isn’t quite mindful, in fact a bit of the opposite, because most of the time i am only focused on my fingers doing the walking, not on my body. But it achieves some of the same effects, I think.

      it requires good touch typing skills – you can’t be a hunt and peck typist.

      Haven’t yet tried to chew gum at the same time.

      • Hi Robert, sounds interesting! A friend of mine goes to the gym, gets on the treadmill and grinds out a blog post while traipsing along.

        You’re right, it’s not exactly mindful. But you’re managing to exercise. That has to be good.
        So many of us who write sit around an awful lot.

    • Jeda Ogaga says:

      Lackluster body?Break and accelerator?What a wonderful world we live in;one man meat another man poison.My CONFESSION needs no forgiveness.I have done these thing for years.I write well when my soul is sober.If you Jeda want me to write well,kick my ass and you do me a favor.

      • hi Jeda, your comment was definitely interesting (if a little cryptic). I was intrigued by your line ‘When my soul is sober’.

        When is your soul sober? I think I write best when I’m excited, when I’m in the grip of ideas and passions. I’m not sure whether that would count as my soul being ‘sober’…

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “AUTOMATIC” – – that is a word – –
      To best describe it – – you would need to read the article that I wrote on “” – – let me know what you think – – just put “automatic” in the search bar – – – always like all the HELP that you offer to all of us… want to be better writers! Thanks – Mary Ellen

      • I hunted out your story (and left a comment to show I’d visited). It’s a VERY funny story, Mary Ellen!

    • Deborah says:

      Love it ! Your delivery , your content, and your contagious energy! I am sharing now !

    • >