What Secret Message Is Hidden In Your Writing?

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I spent some time in the last few days studying Steve Pavlina‘s articles. As I’m sure you all know, he’s a phenomenally successful blogger. His book Personal Development for Smart People was a bestseller.

Steve Pavlina’s work is interesting from many different points of view. His writing is both punchy and elegant; his articles are thoughtful and well researched. Most of all, he’s a shining example of someone who writes with passion.

My interest was piqued by an indefinable quality that shines through all his articles. It’s a key aspect of writing: the subliminal message hidden within words.

The hidden message is one of the main reasons why some writers are successful, and others are not.

Let’s take Steve Pavlina. The message reflected in each article is something like this: Hey, let’s really crank up our life!

What’s the secret message in your writing?

That’s an important question. Because if you know what your message is, you can change it.

I had a look at my blog at my other blog Goodlife Zen to find what my secret message is. I think it’s something like this: Let’s sit down together and talk about some fascinating aspects of life. I immediately spotted that the follow-on,  …and see how that knowledge can transform you, is missing. Ouch!

Once you understand what your message is, you can change it.

But that change is fundamental, and you need to approach it with care. Think of that change in terms of sailing: it’s not about repainting your boat, or changing tack. Changing your secret message means changing your destination.

What’s the secret message in your writing?
Do you want to change it? If so, how?

It’s fun to decode the hidden message of successful blogs. How do you see Leo’s secret message at Zen Habits?

Please share your ideas and discoveries about secret messages in the comments.

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