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Writer’s Block, sometimes referred to as Creative Block, is a condition in which a writer loses the ability to create new work. He feels stuck and no new idea swims through his mind. He spends hours staring at the monitor screen hoping to find a glimpse of inspiration to begin writing. Even after spending hours doing research or reading amazing write-ups, he encounters troubles, and distraction when it comes to writing.

Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.”Charles Bukowski

Where many writers have blamed writer’s block to be the reason of their many failures, there are some who do not believe that it even exists. Psychologist Susan Reynold claims it to be a myth in her reputed article- 2015 Psychology Today article.

Writer’s block’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘I don’t feel like doing any work today.” – Meagan Spooner

Struggling with the block is ineffective, how you deal with it is what makes the big difference. Before you jump onto the eight amazing strategies listed below, let’s take a peek into the common causes that instigate a writer’s block.

Common Causes Of Writer’s Block

The three most common causes are the real culprit to forge a writer’s block.

  • Timing– Right ideas flow at the right time, you just have to keep looking for it. Moreover, sometimes by writing frequently and consistently, you may experience that your creativity and ideas are blocked. That’s the time when you must give some rest to your creative head.
  • Fear– Fear is one of the major reasons that trigger a creative block. Some people do not trust their abilities and fear to fall flat.
  • Perfectionism– “Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. It is an appropriate advice for those who ruin their content by striving to make it perfect.

The Highly Effective 8 Strategies To Follow:

1.   Keep Distractions at Bay

Distractions are imminent, and it’s quite frustrating to fight them as it ruins your productivity. Doubtlessly, it is the biggest enemy of your creative skills. Just when an extraordinary idea hits your head, you are caught up in that urgent call from your mate that soaks up your most precious time. The best technique to knock out distraction is by prioritizing your task.

2.   Catch Some Breath

When you feel over-consumed with work, you must go on a small walk; move around the house, indulge in healthy chores, or simply change your environment. It helps to control the increased release of cortisol. You must get refreshed to revive your energy.

3.   Get Some Inspiration

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”- Mark Twain

Drop your guards and surrender to the fact that you no longer can write. You must accept that you are exhausted and out of words and ideas. This fact will let you capture better grounds to seek motivation. You can read inspiring books which are written by non fiction ghostwriting companies and can immerse in thought-provoking write-ups of your favorite author. Reading will let you gather new concepts to shape a more interesting plot. It will show you potential options eventually opening more avenues.

4.   Get a Dedicated Place to Write

You need to have a little workstation even if you are a moonlight freelancer. You must have a proper laptop, stable internet connection, quiet surroundings; a window to let the fresh air refresh you and the most comfortable chair. You have to keep things well-organized in order to practice uninterrupted writing. Once you know your schedule and have a dedicated corner, your brain will automatically get prepared to work enthusiastically during that time and will extract most out of your creativity.

5.   Keep Your Tummy Full

“Ritual is important, and food always marks stages in my writing time.”- Barrette

It’s imperative to keep your tummy full before you plan to start. During writing, your brain drains out your energy and exhausts you completely, it would be great if you keep some healthy snacks on your table. Make yourself a bowl of mix vegetable/food salad or anything to munch on. Always remember that a happy tummy keeps the brain active. Many prominent authors like Ariel Levy- author of “The Rules Do Not Apply”, Sherman Alexie, Lesley Nneka Arimah and Durga Chew all share the same presences when working- to eat.

6.   Free-Hand Writing- Your Last Resort

When none of the tricks seems to work, you know what you have to do- Free-Hand Writing. It assists writers in many ways. It lets them pen down whatever is popping up in their mind. They freely, and without having any fear, continue to write. By doing so they produce a number of options, ideas, and bullet points. Pen down all the possible ideas and concepts you can get for your writing project. Once you are done with your short trip to explore new ideas, you can ponder on what you have written. Evaluate your ideas and pick the best one.

7.   Play the Trump- Call your Friend

Even though your best mates are not into the writing profession, they can be your support system. Your friend can save you from any trouble without even knowing about it. You can share your confusion and seek out for his advice to steer back to write. By talking to a friend, you can clear your head, wipe off your stress, and give words to your hidden confusions.

8.   Redeem Your Self Confidence

As mentioned above, fear is one of the factors that can ruin many things and instigate a creative block as well. To tug a war with your anxiousness and insecurities you must redeem your self-confidence. You must believe in your capabilities and be able to break every barrier of failure. You can peek into your accomplishments and recognize how you have been achieving your goals. The throwback to your amazing professional life will let you embark on your content with a new zeal of energy and an unending spark.

Wrap Up

Your content depicts your identity. It is like a reflection of your true personality. Your words show your level of intellect and your creativity highlights your skillset. You need to be more conscious and attentive when composing your content even for a mere project. Note that problems always come with a better solution; you just need to find it.


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