What Happened Next? [Creative Writing Exercise]

    creative writing exercise

    It’s time for a creative writing exercise! Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you need to boost your creativity.

    Take a look at the image above.

    What happened next?

    Can you come up with a mini-drama of not more than 350 words?

    Please share your creation in the comments section of this creative exercise.

     Now for the ground rules:

    • Your story must be 350 words or less.
    • WTD provides an encouraging and safe environment for writers to grow and learn from each other. We’d love you to comment on other people’s submissions in a friendly and supportive manner.

    Boost your imagination with this creative writing exercise

    Can you weave a compelling story around this image in 350 words or less?

    I can’t wait to read what you come up with, so please copy your story into the comments section of this post.

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    • Mahjabeen Khatoon says:

      I came into flow of the story that I kept writing and reached beyond 385 words as the ideas were just flowing through. However, I cut by 350 words as was the task demand. Do let me know how do u like it. Thanks.

      Off she marches towards her dream leaving the graduation party, arranged by her parents, at her place. Here, her opinion clashed with her parent’s views related to her career goal which led to a matter of ego and she decided to follow her will because Mary very well knew the outcome. Despite her folk’s warning she packed her stuff in a red brown suitcase and grabbed a bunch of balloons, reminding of her graduation success, and walked away from her home leaving her people in vain. Having no idea where she will head to but just took the main road and continued to tramp with a clear view of her aim. She was confident what she wanted in life. About two miles walk she found a taxi, to it she waived. The taxi came to a halt in which she hopped in to the train station. Those two miles walk cleared her mind about the destination. She knew where she had to go. Mary had already managed to calm by then. Adjusted herself in the taxi and looking out of the window, thinking there is no way anything could stop her. Least bothered her parent’s say, she was focused. The beauty of the nature, by the ride, could not stop her from feeling it’s freshness and enjoying every bit of it. Mary was relaxed and patiently waiting for the train station to arrive. After an hour she reached the station. She got off the taxi, took her things, payed the taxi driver and proceeded towards the ticket counter. It was not a long queue yet she was the fifth in the row. During the wait, a male voice behind her was heard. She turned and her eye caught an attractive, good looking personality which was irresistible. He was on the phone, hardly saw Mary looking at him. Her eyes were stuck as if she had never come across a bloke like him before. Within a while she realized she is in a queue for the tickets and she turned towards the front of the ticket window. Her turn had come by then.

    • This is not how things should’ve gone. Ellie thought to herself as she made her way down the gravel path next to an abandoned road. After the tragic events that took place earlier with her brother had been catastrophic to her and everyone else that had attended. Not but a month ago a party had been planned for her little nephew that was turning three in just a month. Everything had been planned out, the decorations, the guests, even little games the children could play to occupy themselves. Everything seemed to be perfect for the party to begin as the day arrived for the special day to begin. The day began with a smashing success, guests were laughing as they chatted away with one another. Children giggled, as everyone suspected, while they ran around tables and ducked under their parents legs. Then all of a sudden a shadow appeared at the door and a loud bang had come from the door. The sounds around had stopped and people looked at one another silently asking, “Who could that be?” But no one knew as the handle began to wiggle before bursting open revealing a tall and broad man with shaggy hair and a scraggly beard. Not only were the bags under his eyes evident but also the drunken sway that came when he took a step forward. Once he spotted the birthday boy and the mother holding him with a glare directed at the strange man, he began shouting nonsense. Nothing but words that fell on deaf ears to all of us but one. Atty, the mother, was the only one who knew what the man was talking about. The party ended and the party members drifted off to their cars and drove home. I had stayed with my lifelong friend until she had calmed down enough for me to pack up all the decorations I had brought over into my leather briefcase in my right hand and balloons in the other hand. Now I made my five mile trek back home into the city, saddened and worried for my friend.

    • concept was great and we learn many things

    • Mansoor says:

      Daliya, sh was 20 years old when she married to her lovely man who took her a way from her town to start new life . She was very happy ,she had got 2 beutiful kids ,sam and adam. They were twins, they have their mams eyes as their father used to say., the family used to play in the swimming pool each saturday which was nicely sited in the backyard looked like abeach when you look at from the sliding glass door , this door was looked all days ,but not that thursday , when both kids sneaked to the pool , suddenly the noisy living room became very quite , the mam realised that she forgate to close the door, she felt very high pressure in both ears and didnot hear any thing other than her rapid heart beats, her legs are barely loaded her to the backyard , both were floating quite ,heads sunk . Very loud scream that cracked the sky ,and then felt down . Boys were lifted by nearby gardener. Police came ,inestigated and went back ,the father blame mam for neglegtion and threw her out , she hold the balloones of kids birthday which was one day before the trajedy, and walked to nowhere.

    • G.J.H says:

      After Alice finished from the carnival, she left stealthily to nowhere. she knew that it was the last time that she’ll see Alec, but she had to let go. she was going to a land of freedom, a place like no other, she wanted to be free like a flying bird. she wanted to be free from fake smiles, untrue emotions, lies, problems. she wanted to soar in the sky. she took all the happiness that was left for her, at home. she left, and all the happiness went with her, because she’s the star in the middle of nowhere, trying to find her own way through life.

      she met a lot of people on her journey, some good and some bad, some nice and some mad, but all in all she had so much fun. her confidence grew, because now she knew that all her thoughts were true, that there is still some good in this cruel world. she forgot all her worries, and her sad memories. she started to look on the bright side. she discovered that happiness is everywhere, and finding happiness, is a tough journey you take against the world.

    • Timmy joshua says:

      Amina couldn’t sleep through the night as she asipre how the event will go for her sister on this wonderful day. As she could perceive the day breaking, she rapidly prepared for leaving. Not forgetting Balloons that were fixed together by herself and her sister the previous day and the bag containing their mum’s wedding gown. Amina was instructed long-time ago to hand-over the gown to het little sister on her wedding day as a sign of goodluck. Amina got ready and hit the road for the bus station.

    • eman nour says:

      As I was walking by the road , with a pair of bags and balloons , I was reflecting on my decision to end everything in this place and start a new life somewhere else. I needed that. My soul was slowly dying in that place, I had to save myself and I needed to feel the excitement of a new beginning. But, where to go from here ?????
      I was walking by that road silently and serenely to anyone that was looking at me then, but inside me was a different scene. the hysterical me was grapping my throat shouting and accusing me of irresponsibility . ” have you lost your mind ” she said, “where are you going ? have you decide on that? or are you going to walk to the other end of earth undecided and lost? how are you going to live? are you going to beg others for food? have you no self respect?….”she kept going on and on driving me creasy with worry and fear. But, a part of me was smiling, a smile that was slowly showing on my face. A sense of serenity and certainty was sweeping over me and tuning her out. I was free, free from fear, free from worry, and free from old suffocating logic . Maybe I do not know where I am going, maybe I do not know how I will start building my new life, but I have finally found me. I have finally believed in me. I have finally accepted me as I really am.
      As I was walking by that road , I was actually walking away from that hysterical me whom I have left behind in that lonely place that she liked. I was heading toward my future, the future that I have chose then.
      That walk was the end, and the beginning for me. Now I am accepting ,I am fearless, and I am confident of my skills and my ability to conquer any hurdle that would appear in my path. Now I am really me, my own choices and mistakes.

    • Scott says:

      Pop! Pop! Pop! “Darnitall! These were supposed to carry me to the next county. Now I’m going to be late,” Dorothy mumbled to herself as she could see the circus in the distant through the morning Kansas haze. Dorothy always wanted to be a magician performer in the new, Oscar Diggs Circus. How cool would it have been if she could arrive on her first day, floating on a carpet of colorful balloons? Oh well, maybe I can hitch a ride . . . or pull myself out of a hat there, she thought with a giggle.

    • Gravel spit up from the road as the beat-up Cadillac pulled beside Alexa, a few sharp pieces scratching her legs. As the dust settled the window slid down.

      “You all right, young lady?” A voice called from inside.

      Alexa pushed the bunch of balloons behind her and set down the light brown leather suitcase so she could wipe her tears and straighten her dress. She leaned down and looked inside at an old woman.

      “Yes, thank you.” Alexa replied, her voice trembling.

      “Can I help you get somewhere? It’s not fit for a young lady like you to be walking about on a road like this.” The woman said.

      “I’m okay,” Alexa said, her eyes wetting again. “I’m uh, I mean…” She said, faltering, the memory of the last hour still fresh in her mind. Before she could help herself she was sobbing like a toddler again, mascara dripping down her face like black ink.

      The Cadillac’s rusty door pushed open and Alexa dropped herself on the seat, accidentally letting go of the balloons. They lifted to the sky, away from the setting sun and into the blackness.

      She was supposed to get to Nicole’s at 7:30 to set up Ben’s birthday party. Everything was meticulously planned; the party and then an impromptu trip to the coast. At the last minute Alexa had convinced Hank into let her off early, so she rushed to Nicole’s as soon as she had changed into Ben’s favorite teal dress.

      Outside of Nicole’s front door, Alexa raised her hand to knock but stopped when she saw two shadows through the window. There was something in the way they were moving that kept her motionless. A chill ran down her spine. Then it hit her like a train. Ben, the love of her life, was pressed up against her best friend. Nicole’s fingers snaked through her fiancee’s brown hair.

      “Can I take you somewhere honey?” The old woman’s voice cut through Alexa’s sobs.

      “Yes.” Alexa sputtered, swinging her legs into the car. “Yes, please. Anywhere but here.”

    • M T Lacey says:

      The party was definitely over. There was no doubt about that. Louisa’s party shoes were scraping her heels raw as she walked along the bitumen verge. And the stupid balloons were trailing behind her, swept to the side with a great flurry every time another curious carload of travellers slid by. She didn’t know why she’d decided at the last minute to bring them but now for some equally inexplicable reason she couldn’t let them go.

      It had been everything she expected her daughter’s first birthday party would be. Balloons and cake, a sea of tiny people playing, sleeping, some throwing tantrums when it became clear it was someone else’s party. Their parents were all there too of course, mopping up spills, breaking up fights. Her mother had been there. Judith would not have missed her granddaughter’s birthday for the world. She loved the tiny blonde girl and the party also gave her the chance to cast an appraising eye over Louisa’s every action. Well this would give her something to dissect for a long time to come.

      Louisa hitched the strap of her emerald sundress back onto her shoulder with her spare hand. The suitcase in her right hand kept catching the dress fabric, pulling it this way and that and making the straps move down her slender shoulders. The old leather bag was scuffed and cracks showed here and there but it would do for now. She tried to square her shoulders as she hobbled on, tried to inject some grace into her solitary walk down the highway but the suitcase seemed to mock her efforts.

      The headlights of the oncoming car were softened by the light mist that hovered above the ground. The silver sedan slowed as it approached. The window glided down and the driver surveyed first Louisa then the balloons. The door nearest her opened with a click. She limped across the bitumen, forced the balloons through the door space then sank into the seat beside them. He’d arrived.

    • Laszlo Voros says:

      Paula thought that working at a Nuclear Plant was going to be a piece of cake. Hey if Homer Simpson could do it, a Harvard grad like her should have no problems at . And for a while it was good. The work was interesting and it paid the bills. Even when the put her in charge of Core Maintenance, which was a bit challenging she still enjoyed her work. But then she started to feel a little sick. Just a little at first but then it got to be worse. Then after about two months she started to feel really strange. That was when the true sickness came upon her and she developed these balloon like growths on her body. She decided that after a week it was enough of people looking at her like a circus freak, so she decided to leave town.

    • Journey to See Jesus (Act 3)

      Looking into the afternoon sunlight she spotted Jesus.
      With joyful relief, tears filled her eyes. A large crowd surrounded him.
      How would she ever get to Jesus? She wondered. Would her journey to see Jesus come to nothing and leave her daughter unchanged?
      She wiped her cheeks and stepped forward, determined. Down the hill, she hiked toward Jesus.
      From the distance, her eyes locked onto Jesus. He looked ordinary and dressed simply.
      She approached the crowd. Suddenly the crowd seemed momentarily distracted. She saw her chance. An opening opened like the story of the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea. She ran forward. She slowed as she neared him. And then she called out, “Have mercy Master, my daughter is being brutalized by an evil spirit!”
      Jesus turned, his eyes examined her eyes, but he said nothing.
      Someone near her tried to hush her, “Can’t you see, everyone here has a need? Wait your turn.”
      While she was being rebuked by the woman she overheard the talk of those close to Jesus. “She’s a Canaanite, shall we tell her to leave?”
      Someone pushed her away. She fixed her eyes on Jesus.
      Then Jesus spoke to her, “I came to help God’s lost people, not foreigners.”
      She lunged forward and bowed in the dust at Jesus’ feet. She begged again, “Lord help me!”
      “It isn’t right for me to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs,” he said.
      Quickly she replied, “Yes Lord, but even dogs are permitted the crumbs that fall from their Master’s table.”
      Jesus glanced at his disciples, the crowd, and back at her. He smiled and said, “Your faith is great. Your wish has come true.”

      Back home resting in bed she felt her husband’s arm hug her tightly.
      She listened.
      On the other side of the curtain, she heard their daughter quietly hum praise to God.
      Freedom came because she journeyed to see Jesus.

      (Based on Matthew 15: 21-28).

    • She’d thought of it as a going away party, complete with balloons. Then came the bloodbath. It didn’t matter. She ‘d be long gone when the police arrived, clean and pristine in her new dress and heels and her only difficulty would be to convince any hapless driver that her car or bus or taxi had broken down leaving her to find a way to desperately attract help to get out of town on time. If they did, she’d let them live and if they didn’t, well pretty underwear wasn’t the only thing she carried in her suitcase.

    • Anna says:

      Twenty-two-year-old Maggie Johnson had just arrived on the bus from Denver where she attends college only to find that her brother Darren had apparently forgotten she was due in. Although she had phoned him when she arrived, he didn’t answer. They had gotten together over the phone to plan their mother’s surprise birthday party and had been working on it all week. Darren was universally known for not being the most dependable brother so to Maggie, it figured.
      Their mother’s house was only two blocks from the bus depot and it was a beautiful day so she decided to walk. Next door to the bus station there was a new party store so she stopped off and bought a big bunch of balloons. She knew that her mother would be at work at the library until 5:30 and this would be the perfect opportunity to get everything set up properly before Daisy, her mother got there.
      The warm breeze and sunshine felt good. Maggie’s mind raced happily as she went through all the plans for the party as she walked. The short cement path to the front porch looked just as inviting as it had when she was a child playing hop-scotch. It was cozy with tiny flowers beginning to bloom in their decorative pots all along the railing.
      Maggie climbed the steps and set down her suitcase. She wrapped the strings of the balloons she had gotten around the arm of the rocking chair so she could locate her key. The daffodils were so pretty she walked over and breathed in their wonderful aroma.
      As she pushed the key in the lock the door opened with ease catching her off guard. She called to her mother only to receive no response. A chill went down her spine although from her view of the living room everything was as it should be. Calling again for her mother she walked toward the kitchen finding no one. Nothing seemed out of place so she turned toward the hallway heading for the bedrooms. Her brothers room was empty as her was hers.

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