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    • I watched the Aspens turn today
      And witnessed nature’s majesty.
      Orange and gold replaced the leaves
      Of green, and leapt from tree to tree.

      The rising sun poked shafts of light
      Down through an emerald canopy.
      I lay beneath those dark scarred trunks
      Of white, and lounged in reverie.

      I watched the colors of Autumn
      Slowly replace where green should be.
      The hues revealed the steady march
      Of time, no more a mystery.

      Deep in that secret mountain glade
      The pigments were a potpourri.
      Above, I heard a rustling sound
      Of leaves, and something stirred in me.

      The leaves were changing, Fall was here,
      I felt the warmth of summer flee.
      Watching the Aspens turn I thought
      Of love, and gave my heart to thee.

      – KW Bunyap

    • Debra Gaz says:

      I write poems and blogs to share, inspire, give a voice to child loss grief.

    • Hello! First comment here!

      I’ve been practicing my writing for the past few months. I’ve been writing short stories that run parallel to each-other in the same universe and will eventually come together. I’ve also been using WriteItNow (I would definitely recommend this to aspiring writers) to flesh out the backbones of my world such as events characters hierarchies etc.

      The only piece I have uploaded is an unrelated but still in the same world story. It was a challenge since it’s the first one where I could easily fall into the “chosen one” cliché. I would appreciate ANY feedback either here or on my website!

      The link is http://www.pixel-blogging.com/2016/09/14/molon-lave/

      Thanks guys!

      P.s I loved some of your stories that you linked!

    • Kathleen Hershberger says:

      I am currently working on the sixth and last book of ‘The Ultimate Treasure’ devotional workbooks. They are five to fifteen minute lessons that cover the gospel, prayer and the foundations of the Christian faith found in Hebrews 6:1-2. You can find the first two on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Treasure-Book-1/dp/188881067X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473869760&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Ultimate+Treasure+by+Kathleen+Hershberger
      They are not selling well as i’ve not had much experience in marketing.

    • I write on my blog called The Legendary Story. It is a motivational/self-help blog that aims to inspire people to pursue their dreams and walk the path that they are destined to take.

    • Mike says:

      Hello Everyone,

      I am writing about statistics or interesting science facts that need to be explained or expanded upon. The form is short or long form blogs with equations and pictures to illustrate my point. I enjoy explaining science ideas to people along with making incomprehensible numbers cast into perspective. Drop on by and take a look. Feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day.


    • Just took a break from writing my new novel 11 Seconds, a cyber hacking mystery, to post a blog. The Sand Sculpture contest here at Rehoboth Beach provided us with some amazing works of art. One of which stood out, in particular, a sculpture of the Twin Towers.

      Here is a link to that post with some pictures http://johncharlesbooks.com/sand-sculpture-remember-9-11

    • Jim says:

      I am writing and developing my website, a self help site for people that are down and out and need to improve their life.The focus I am sharing on the webpage is to encourage my readers to focus on “New Info”, i have written several articles on the website.

    • Steven Powell says:

      A rabbi in ancient Rome is planning a coup to overthrow Rome. His chosen prince has just failed a mock battle with a former gladiator, dashing his hopes for a deliverer. My novel is about Joseph, who winds up changing history by marrying Mary and raising Jesus.

      “The boy—He’s . . .” Saul began. He didn’t know how to describe what he knew to be true.
      “Different. Special.” His hands were contorted and bobbed up and down with the frustration he felt because he was so awful with words.
      “Do you know what I mean?”
      Saul looked into Solemus’ scarred face with his own pained and scarred eyes. They had both had their hearts broken. Their dreams dashed.
      “Yes,” said Solemus. “He’s a gifted boy, but sensitive in ways that most are not.”
      “That’s it,” agreed Saul. “He’s one of Jehovah’s precious ones. Jehovah Shammah (the Lord is There) with that one.”
      “Indeed, the Lord is there,” repeated Saul. “Jehovah Shammah.”
      He put his hand on Solemus’ shoulder in the only way he knew to comfort a male friend. They both looked at the ground.
      “I was such a stupid old fool,” Solemus began to rail, holding back a second flood.
      “I couldn’t see that—or wouldn’t see. I let my own desires get in God’s way. Now, I feel anger towards Him. Not the boy, mind you, but God—Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness).
      “As if I were the righteous one. I am so angry at my foolish flesh!”
      He squatted a bit and hit his leg hard with his fist three times. Then he stood up and looked towards the sky, shaking his fist over his head.
      “Why, my God, why would you do this to me?! I am too old for this nonsense! Have you forsaken me, Lord?”
      He stopped for a moment, and without looking at Saul, he raised his hand in Saul’s direction as if to calm an attack that—by the way—was not coming.
      “I know, I know. Who am I to question the all-knowing Adonai? Oh, I am such a fool!”
      He began to pace back and forth while Saul sat in a chair and watched, half amused, half shocked.
      “This boy. He was so strong. So big. So willing. He came from the right family. He is the seed of David as the profits foretold. Argh.”
      Solemus clenched his fists again and shook them as if to release the last damning emotion he had. Then, he dropped his fists and let out a big sigh.
      As if coming out of a trance, he turned to Saul who couldn’t believe what he was witnessing, but somehow knew he needed to—for both their sakes.
      “Is the boy okay?” Solemus finally asked with a sheepish timidity.
      “He’s fine,” assured Saul.
      “I didn’t hurt him?” Solemus asked.
      “Not even his pride. He might have a bruise, but he’ll survive. It’s not like I’ve never bruised him.”
      “But, not in anger,” Solemus confessed.
      Saul looked down at the tiled brick of the bedchamber floor a bit before he looked at Solemus again.
      “He’s picking out a tapestry for his mom. Do you really think you affected him much?” Saul reassured.
      “You are a kind man, Saul,” Solemus said to him.
      “No, it was the clash of metal on metal that really hurt him,” Saul said, ignoring the compliment. “I don’t think he even remembers the blows you inflicted. By comparison, you were nothing.” Saul was trying to conceal his ideas about Solemus’ inability to inflict any real blow. Solemus knew it, too, but thought it best to just drop the subject.
      “You’re right. The boy has odd sensitivities.” Solemus began to talk himself through what had just happened with his dialogue with Saul. They’d both seen autistic savants before, although, Joseph was pretty high-functioning by comparison. He knew there was no more denying that Joseph was exactly that, a high-functioning autistic savant.

    • This is what i am working on today.

    • Donna says:

      I am writing a romantic novel about a 45 year old woman who finds herself the center of the attentions of her rich employer, and is confused about what to do about it and how to keep her job. Eventually she loses her job and is catapulted into emotional turmoil. There are lots of twists and unexpected turns, before all is sorted…
      The plot takes place in London and Portugal, with names of real places etc. There is a lot about country life and wine making.
      Anyone wishing to know more, please drop Donna a message on ribas(at) live.co.uk

    • Dania Boustany says:

      So where do we send it?

      • Please add it in the comment section (scroll down to find it)

    • I recently published flash fiction http://ironsoap.com/2016/09/the-mourner-of-the-lost-world/ which I’m proud of, and I’m working on my fantasy thriology and steam-punk novel.

    • My book,”Wise Up and Be the Solution: How to create a culture of learning at home and make your childs a success in school”, was acquired by Skyhorse Publishing(NYC) and re-released in November 2015. I was paid an advance. It’s that good.
      I write about Education topics and post an essay every two weeks.on my website. The Palm Beach Post often publishes my articles. Check out,”Is it the Gorilla’s Fault?” I received a long email from a local police chief praising my thoughts about the child who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the zoo.

    • Dinithi Jayarathna says:

      They say not everyone can dream
      I say we all are dreamers
      Why else would we struggle
      To find happiness in the sadness
      To give a meaning to the meaningless
      To find something that lasts in the ephemeral
      It’s because we are dreamers
      that we haven’t given up yet
      That’s why we are still alive
      Still breathing
      We tend to the fire
      That is gonna die down anyway
      We assure ourselves that we are happy
      Well, there’s a little beauty in that

    • Hi Mary!

      Here’s my latest blog post..an adventure in Italy, an how we are all connected..http://carolynhidalgo.com/the-way-we-are-all-connected/

      I am still working on the flow of my writing, taking a lot of information and pulling one thread together…for my one vision to teach how to live judgment-free ( a spiritual connection : ) )

    • I have recently self-published with Xlibris my Children’s novel for 8 – 12 year olds titled
      “The Makutu Stone” It is a time slip adventure for three eleven year olds who, with the help of the magic stone travel back 600 years to New Zealand in that time.
      The book is available online as a paperback and also an Ebook.
      Books can be ordered at; [email protected]
      Regards Colin

    • Venessa says:

      I’m in middle of working through multiple “short” fanfiction pieces but the going is tough right now. Here’s a snippet:

      __ had never washed himself as fast as he had done in that moment. It was painfully awkward as he dropped the soap into the empty bucket and pulled on his clothes. He avoided meeting the prince’s eyes as he returned the bucket to its original position and dumped his dirty clothes back into his cabin.

      The name has been cut out because I need to remain anonymous for the event I’m writing for. But thanks for asking!

    • Jo Carter says:

      I am working on an outline for the third book in my unpublished series (book one is being assessed and book two is having a breather from the first draft). It has been a wonderful experience to be creating new scenes and storylines again. I love seeing how my characters are growing as the series progresses.
      A problem I’m facing is working each plot together. I’m up to the stage where I am writing scene by scene from my broad outline and I’m trying to mush everything together.
      I’m mostly loving it though! 🙂

    • What a fabulous place to share what we’re all up to creatively. Mark & I are just testing titles for our next book and finishing off a guest post on how to be confident if you’re quiet.

    • David says:


      I’m in the process of writing two novels, one contemporary and the other science fiction. I’ve finished a very rough hand written first draft of the latter and am typing it into my computer now. I’m about 80% done with this with only 25,250 words so far. Then I’ll be “fleshing it out” since I’ve done very little description and a lot of “telling” vice “showing” just to carry the story along. Editing will be my next move once I’ve got it in my computer and printed out.


    • Julliet says:

      I did write some short poems back then, when the computer world was just at its tiny baby steps. So most of my poems are still attic. It is until I started reading interesting articles and blogs and decided to transfer them to a blog. I have moved a few and here is a link to one of them:

      I am trying to learn how to be a seasoned writer and your lessons have been an inspiration. Currently my challenge is scarcity of time. I am a 9-5 worker and I can’t seem to get enough time to write as such. I am trying what I can.

      I am glad to be a member here at WTD and I believe some day I will do pretty well in writing. My interest is in health articles in which line I have done one article so far. I am still working at improving my blog.

    • Saleem says:

      Thanks for asking.

      I had this insight this morning about how we are much more culturally programmed than we think. I spent the whole day writing this post in the new style you taught me.

      My main challenge was how to take a rather complicated idea and break it down into something that is easy to read.

      You can skim my efforts here: http://saleemrana.com/hypnotic-trance

    • Being ex-Hollywood, I am too superstitious to talk about projects before they happen! But I can say that after many fits and starts, still trying to finish The Brede Chronicles, Book Two for my publisher! And, I’m still trying out titles for it as well. I have one that’s easy to remember but shouts out the plot so that’s not going to work. Basically, TBC #1 is a low tech sci-fi romance that’s on the dark side. Book two picks up a year later and continues the Brede saga with a major mystery plot line. I don’t know how good it actually is but it’s too late to start over since I’m over a third of the way into it. At some point I’ll ask my publisher if I can give you an excerpt, they’re usually pretty good about that. I had no idea what the plot would turn out to be, but as usual, the story ran away with itself (not to mention my characters!) and left me picking up its dust. Anyone else have that experience? I love it when it happens to me but I have got to get TBC #2 on a deadline asap. That’s what’s up with me…

    • We have finished the Draft Final Version of HOW TO MANAGE NURSING CARE AT HOME, planned for publication by Outskirts Press in 2017. Here’s the first chapter. More available at our website. Fraternally, Doug Cooper (and Diane Beggin)

      Why would your patient rather be at home? The people, places, and things are familiar. It’s comfortable. Why do you want to care for the patient at home? You want to be together. You distrust care given by others, especially at a distance. In some cases, home care is less expensive.

      In a nursing home, there is a community of patients, some whom your patient would like and some less attractive. There are schedules with limited flexibility and personnel with limited time to provide care. The nursing home is generally at a significant distance from the patient’s friends and family, inhibiting visiting and monitoring the care, as will the rules of the facility. Physicians may visit, reducing the need to travel, a plus.

      In a hospice, it is acknowledged that the illness is terminal, and the goal is patient comfort, an advantage. However, some families and some patients may well not want to accept this prognosis, and there is always a concern that being labeled as “terminal” may lead to receiving poorer care.

      Home care can be a blessing. As written about my [DWC’s] wife’s situation seven years after choosing to be home rather than in a hospice (Cooper, 2011):
      “…Tina was very fragile when she first came home. Her needs were many — ventilator-dependent, unable to speak, tube-fed, unable to eat or drink by mouth; physical therapy to keep her joints pliable, causing pain no matter how gently it was done, and medication being given on schedule day and night, interrupting the little sleep she was able to find amidst all the new noises and activity in her room.

      While her body remained fragile, Tina’s spirit grew strong. (Her complaining consisted of a frown on her face.) She withstood the changes in her health condition with the attention she received from the nurses, each one caring for her as a friend as well as a patient.” [Terry Bush, LPN.]

      She’s been home for seven years since then. Through my IBM retirees’ medical benefits, we have had round-the-clock nursing, first through an agency and then from nurses we have obtained on our own. Most of our nurses have been with us for years, as Tina is a cooperative and cheerful patient, always appreciative of the care she receives. Here, “TLC” is “Tina-Loving Care.” There have been some scary times, including several bouts of pneumonia, and many trips to the doctor in our special van. There have also been lovely times. We say “every day is a blessing.” Every day is Valentine’s Day….

      Tina still cares about her friends, her family, her nurses, keeps up with the news, and relishes the documentary and music channels on TV. She chats on the phone, spends an hour or two out of bed in her wheelchair daily, and provides an inspiration to those who know her. She is our heroine.

      Now, 2016, five years after that was written, Tina’s condition is somewhat worse, with significant losses in cognition and ability to communicate, but she still usually indicates she enjoys her life, and we are still happy that she continues to be with us.

    • MULTITASKING weekend…worked on…

      WRITING article for my publishers blog; ✍
      GOLF article for next months magazine column; ⛳
      SHORT STORY for my next volume of Short Stories from the Long Links;
      NOTES to prep for my NaNo project !

      All done using Scriviner while at the park, my desk, a funeral, and other places.


    • I’m working on four novel manuscripts and my website at the moment.

      One of my manuscripts in progress is a Psychological Thriller/Supernatural Horror (TLOFJ) This manuscript is my priority project. The story is set in a small town in the county of Shropshire, England. It is a place where a writer’s thoughts and actions are challenged beyond the stability of reality as we know it. Our writer is hurled into a bizarre yet imperative quest that takes him to a dark place that should not exist. It is a place that is twisted, bent, and stretched out of shape; it is a place that could consume him forever – could consume him and his sanity long before his objectives are achieved.

      Writing is the breath of my life. Best of luck to all you other writers out there.

    • Hi, I’m working on three writing projects. One is the 4th novel in my Inspector West series, another is a non-fiction book on Productivity which I’m writing as a series of blog posts, and the third one is body-mind-spirit book based on the insights of a reluctant mystic – some of which I’ll be sharing with readers of one of my newsletters. Think that should keep me out of trouble for the time being.

    • I am just finishing my final paper for my title of Equine Assisted Therapist.

      As soon as that is handed in, (Tuesday in a week), I will return to writing my 6th book in my ‘Island of Serenity’; fantasy, spiritual, inspirational, romantic novel.

      This episode happens in Arthurian inspired setting.

    • Eric says:

      I am editing my first draft. It’s a long slow process as I have a day job or actually a night shift job. I have very little writing time when not working or sleeping. I struggle with how to word things to get it done. I study all the time. I receive many newsletters from many other established writers. I read as much as I can including fiction written by other writers. I have little quiet time at home to think and write. Too much city noise and the noise of home. Even with the room door closed it’s hard to get it done, and yes I know I’m not the only writer who deals with that.

      There is so much editing that needs to be done. Content that needs re-writing and cut all together. I want so very much to publish. The one thing I never hear any writer admit to is the cost of getting published. You need money to setup the processing of the financial side of the business of being published. Websites or dot com’s are NOT free.

      Having email newsletters are NOT free beyond the first 2,000 subscribers.

      I can’t afford an editor but need one badly. I don’t want my debut novel to be published after only having done my own editing. Because then the world will think I write crap which will hurt sales.

      I hate the idea of using crowd funding just to hire an editor but it may come to that. I’m currently reading a book in print by M. L. Stedman called the Light between Oceans. It’s a great read. Excellently written and I’m picking up on things such as how she switches between backstory and the present. I need to do that with mine.

      For those who say that self publishing is free and easy I got news for you. No it isn’t. You do in fact need money.

      I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic and I don’t agree that in today’s world we writers get the support we need. I don’t have support from my spouse at home nor do I get support anywhere else. Connecting with writers groups is not easy. I don’t have the time, money or gas to be in person in writers groups. I need to connect online.

      So the bottom line is I keep moving ahead one step at a time. I will not give up however. I am hopeful.

      I hope all other writers who follow this website’s author are doing well. I wish you all well with your writing. Maybe one day I will be able to call myself a published writer.


    • Jo Clutton says:

      I’m Jo and I have written to you before about my humongous novel, and received a very positive reply. Thank you for that. The following is a basic outline about the plot.

      My protagonist is Jeannie Morgan. She’s charismatic, devastating, magnetic, dynamic…
      She’s also boyishly beautiful. And the fastest gun in the west. And bisexual. She’s fun and funny when she’s not volcanic with fury or dead scary. She wears men’s clothes with panache and style, including the Colt revolver strapped to her thigh. She fights like a man, drinks with them, smokes.
      Kate Costigan is a journalist who comes to write the truth of her story and falls in love with her.
      J begins life as a cowgirl, falls in love with her friend Victoria, who she makes love to. She also falls in love with Bob, a cowboy on her pa’s ranch, who adores her. She’s not accepted by townsfolk. She becomes an outlaw and leader of her gang. She lands up in jail but is broken out to save her home town from the grip of a gang headed by a psycho out for revenge against her. She is largely accepted. She is made deputy sheriff. She contracts fever and her heart is weakened as a result. She is forced to quit the job by her twin sons and be the rancher she always wanted to be. She is a constant target for would be assassins. Her lover, Bob is killed.
      Through various twists and turns she meets Carl, who becomes her foreman and lover. She becomes town mayor, then quits as her heart becomes a problem. She finally makes peace with all those who have railed against her as they discover who she truly is. At the end she is reinstated as mayor when folk realise that the force of her personality and power brings the town to peace without losing the character of the frontier. The story finishes after her re~inauguration, after everyone congratulates Kate Costigan on finishing her book and hopefully bringing Jeannie’s true story to light, and when she kisses Kate properly. Something Kate has longed for since meeting Jeannie for the first time. She’s a member of Jeannie’s ‘harem’, also happily married. She feels pleasure, pride and honour.

    • Jo Clutton says:

      I have written to you about my humongous novel before, and received a v positive response. Thank you for that! So here’s a short outline of the plot, the editing of which I’m working my way through as we speak.

      My protagonist is Jeannie Morgan. She’s charismatic, devastating, magnetic, dynamic…
      She’s also boyishly beautiful. And the fastest gun in the west. And bisexual. She’s fun and funny when she’s not volcanic with fury or dead scary. She wears men’s clothes with panache and style, including the Colt revolver strapped to her thigh. She fights like a man, drinks with them, smokes.
      Kate Costigan is a journalist who comes to write the truth of her story and falls in love with her.
      J begins life as a cowgirl, falls in love with her friend Victoria, who she makes love to. She also falls in love with Bob, a cowboy on her pa’s ranch, who adores her. She’s not accepted by townsfolk. She becomes an outlaw and leader of her gang. She lands up in jail but is broken out to save her home town from the grip of a gang headed by a psycho out for revenge against her. She is largely accepted. She is made deputy sheriff. She contracts fever and her heart is weakened as a result. She is forced to quit the job by her twin sons and be the rancher she always wanted to be. She is a constant target for would be assassins. Her lover, Bob is killed.
      She meets Carl, who becomes her foreman and lover. She becomes town mayor, then quits as her heart becomes a problem. She finally makes peace with all those who have railed against her as they discover who she truly is. At the end she is reinstated as mayor when folk realise that the force of her personality and power brings the town to peace without losing the character of the frontier. The story finishes after her re~inauguration, after everyone congratulates Kate Costigan on finishing her book and hopefully bringing Jeannie’s true story to light, and when she kisses Kate properly. Something Kate has longed for since meeting Jeannie for the first time. She’s a member of Jeannie’s ‘harem’, also happily married. She feels pleasure, pride and honour.

    • Kashyapi says:

      Hi, thanks for the invitation.

      I’m a Zen teacher, writer and poet. Right now I’m editing down over 4,700 haiku, monoku and renku down into a series of collections, for publishing over the next two years.

      I find it far easier to write than to edit. I’m an experienced book designer and publisher, so it’s not that I can’t, I just find the poems and other writings fall out of me, and the editing doesn’t. But somehow I’m biting chunks off the job each day, and writing fresh material too.

      I write poetry, koans, meditations and contemplations, and occasional commentaries on spiritual texts from nondual traditions.

    • Jo Clutton says:

      I have written to you about my humongous novel before, and received a v positive response. Thank you for that! So here’s a short outline of the plot, the editing of which I’m working my way through as we speak.

      My protagonist is Jeannie Morgan. She’s charismatic, devastating, magnetic, dynamic…
      She’s also boyishly beautiful. And the fastest gun in the west. And bisexual. She’s fun and funny when she’s not volcanic with fury or dead scary. She wears men’s clothes with panache and style, including the Colt revolver strapped to her thigh. She fights like a man, drinks with them, smokes.
      Kate Costigan is a journalist who comes to write the truth of her story and falls in love with her.
      J begins life as a cowgirl, falls in love with her friend Victoria, who she makes love to. She also falls in love with Bob, a cowboy on her pa’s ranch, who adores her. She’s not accepted by townsfolk. She becomes an outlaw and leader of her gang. She lands up in jail but is broken out to save her home town from the grip of a gang headed by a psycho out for revenge against her. She is largely accepted. She is made deputy sheriff. She contracts fever and her heart is weakened as a result. She is forced to quit the job by her twin sons and be the rancher she always wanted to be. She is a constant target for would be assassins. Her lover, Bob is killed.
      She meets Carl, who becomes her foreman and lover. She becomes town mayor, then quits as her heart becomes a problem. She finally makes peace with all those who have railed against her as they discover who she truly is. At the end she is reinstated as mayor when folk realise that the force of her personality and power brings the town to peace without losing the character of the frontier. The story finishes after her re~inauguration, after everyone congratulates Kate Costigan on finishing her book and hopefully bringing Jeannie’s true story to light, and when she kisses Kate properly. Something Kate has longed for since meeting Jeannie for the first time. She’s a member of Jeannie’s ‘harem’, also happily married. She feels pleasure, pride and honour.

    • Mistinguette Grandison says:

      I’m writing a sci-fi semi-dystopic novel.

    • I’m working on a novel set in Derry, Northern Ireland between February 1966 and May 1981, following a 10 year-old boy who just wants to live his life without interference but events won’t let him. Just got back from a research trip to Derry, in fact.

    • Thanks for asking

    • You asked what I was writing…it started out as a short story then it evolved in a novel…so here’s the thing…a fairly young man–mid thirties–is pronounced dead at the hospital (Don’t worry…he comes back to life at the end). In his astral state, he sees a little guy who leads him away from the hospital. The little guy tells our protagonist that he is, in fact, dead. The protagonist thinks that since he is dead he is bound for heaven. He soon discovers that the little guy is a demon and our protagonist is on his way to hell. He can’t believe it because to his way of thinking, he never did anything that terrible. In hell, all the demons appear to be like the 3 Stooges or Laurel and Hardy. Even Satan is a jolly fat guy who enjoys foul smelling cigars. And Satan (old Nick) lives in a castle that looks like it came straight out of Disney World. A welcome party is thrown for the new guy, at an Irish pub, of course, and all of his friends are there to greet him. All this is fine for a short while, but soon our protagonist begins to see the very dark side of hell…He does find an ally…a de-frocked priest…the priest tells him that there is a chance for him to escape the confines of hell, but he and he alone must meet the challenges that await him and he cannot afford to make any mistakes. The priest himself is also seeking to escape hell…and I dare not mention any more…but there is more.

    • Jon says:

      I am concentrating on my blog site foundationalhope.com and staying active working with another group of aspiring authors. I will certainly look more closely at writetodone.com as I eventually get back to a short story I am writing. That’s it for now. Thanks for this helpful site. I hope to be back often, sharing and learning with you all.

    • Thanks for asking!
      Free to KU members.
      Makes a great birthday/holiday gift

    • Thank you for asking. I just finished my second book and it is available here;
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

    • Max Smith says:

      I currently have a hobby of making little background stories for characters in certain online games. My most recent one is a story of Lyon Godfrey. Basically there is a game called overwatch where heroes battle eachother. Each one is entirely unique and has their own abilities and such. What I had done is I made my own and shared it on the online forums. If you want to look at Lyon here is the link! ^-^


    • Working to complete my Haiti 2016 blog series, which chronicles my week in-country during August 2016.

      Besides being a great way for me to process our experiences and ponder next steps, the blog series provides an opportunity to flex wiring muscles I don’t always use in fiction.




    • To know Calcutta, the city of joy, you have to understand its pulse, history, and the people.
      Ask anyone for directions on the street and with his heavy Bengali-accented Hindi-English, he will give you the directions along with a few pieces of free advice.
      The mechanic who declined to open his workshop for his afternoon siesta will happily fix a midnight breakdown, sometimes maybe free of cost.
      At the local tea shops, people meet every day debating politics, discussing the latest movie or a cricket match that was played a decade ago. Seldom people wonder does this city ever move forward?
      Calcutta is not the fastest paced city or the most perfect or intelligent, yet we love Calcutta for its simplicity, the people, the food, and their love for books.
      CALCUTTA IN SHORTS, Stories from Calcutta, is a collection of four short stories that originate or revolve around Calcutta where I was born and grew up.
      It is available for pre-order on Amazon now and will be released on September 17, 2016.

    • I’ve bookmark this post.. Thanks for sharing this……

    • Carolyn says:

      I’ve drafted a new blog post. Been working on applying the principles Mary teaches in her latest Blog Writer’s Bootcamp (fantastic & I’m only in module 2!)..love any comments before I post early this week to my peeps..


      I often find myself in conversations asking “what you just shared with me (about a loved one), DID YOU TELL THEM?”

      There’s a pause, and then invariably…a NO. It didn’t dawn on them to share that.

      THAT totally authentic feeling of hurt or bliss I just got to hear never got expressed with their loved one.

      These genuine expressions go silently under the radar in most relationships. My heart feels heavy knowing WHY this happens. It’s how my relationships used to be.

      We don’t speak what’s in our hearts with the ones who need to hear it most – the best, and the worst of what lies between us. Often we don’t know HOW given the way we’ve been relating together for years.

      What’s a Relationship Really?

      It’s a separate entity that includes a space 2 people co-create. It has expectations, and rules you’ve made up. It has a past that can strongly affect how you play now.

      We want safety, and adventure. We need space to grow, and change is inevitable. Change is the one thing that’s constant, and what keeps most relationships not nourishing our soul.

      People have a tough time changing as it is – let alone with each other.

      It’s the strangest thing. We aim for world peace when we ought to strive for world authenticity. How do you feel? Are you happy? What are you afraid of? What are you wishing for? Who are you stressed at? What’s not working? Where have you settled?

      How much of this gets shared in your relationships?

      Harmony rules over authenticity in most relationships.

      Let’s face it – we don’t enjoy conflict. Most avoid it like the plague. It’s more interesting watching other people’s drama in the media than deal with our own. There’s important things we’ll all busy getting accomplished.

      Career, raising kids, taking care of our homes, and aging relatives. Who has time to ‘dig into all that ‘real deeper stuff’? It might rock the boat. Harmony is easier.

      But the bigger culprit I hear of why these words don’t get expressed with the person they belong to?

      “They wouldn’t get me.”

      If you’ve ever felt like the ones you love don’t really get you, but someone else does – I’d like to suggest something.

      What if it’s the other way around?

      Perhaps it’s you that doesn’t get them because of what you’ve NOT said. Have you given someone the opportunity to show up fully because you’ve shared what’s really in your heart? It’s hard to be curious about who they really are, what sparks their fire, and drives them if you aren’t willing to be that. Their reaction gets concealed.

      I’ve learned this the hard way among a few false friends because we don’t see people as THEY are, we see them as WE are. The moment I was willing to share what I’d held off saying…I got the rude awakening.

      I’ve learned with my children that when they behave in ways that drive me nuts, its ME that doesn’t get them. When I put my reaction on the back burner, and share what I normally wouldn’t say, (“this is what hurts me”, “here’s what I’m really concerned about when it comes to _____”). That’s when they show me who they are. They are innocent, and needing my truth not a lecture.

      These days if I’m surprised, upset or angry by someone’s behaviour it’s because I expected something different based on who I am. It’s me that doesn’t know them. My responsibility if it’s someone I care about is to tell them what’s not ok with me, and why.

      Now it’s real. Their reaction will be either an apology or piss off. It gives you everything you need.

      You can look back at any relationship that had spots where something was ‘off’ that you accommodated, and see that the truth of who someone has always been. I’d been the blind one because I didn’t say what I needed to say.

      How long will you wait to share your true feelings? Will it be until…

      The day your spouse says “I’m not sure if I love you” or the day you are wondering the same thing.

      You finally discover your beloved friend is not the person you thought she was.

      Your child has been hiding something you assumed they’d tell you.

      A sibling or family member has been silently blaming you for years.

      A colleague stabs you in the back.

      The more you start noticing what you’re not saying, the faster you can create real connections that last, and remove the ones that drain you. The better you deepen the connections with those you love.

      Unless you speak what’s in your heart – even if it may sadden, anger, disappoint, or hurt someone, you will not be able to see someone for who they really are.

      You will never get them.

      Where You Want to Play

      A tiny sacred space opens in your relationships in the practice of saying what you used to keep within you. It’s here where you are most powerful to co-create exactly what you desire. Getting here is not the most harmonious road: everyone’s expectations, and ideals show up here you’ll be facing head on.

      You have to be willing not to be liked – even hated. Stop pleasing. No more settling. Be willing to explore, and ask for what you want, and need. What resonates with your soul becomes a must. Saying what’s not working gets a whole lot easier than accommodating.

      It’s baby steps of practice in this new space between you, and someone you care about that you get to co-create together.

      What’s Worth It?

      Gosh the friendships for one. Tears show up with my close friends, along with laughter that makes my stomach hurt. You discover who really has your back no matter what, and who doesn’t. You cherish your friends, and they cherish you.

      My teens fight over who gets to share their ‘real stuff’ first with me after school. I hear “thanks for being such a nice mom”. I get loads of hugs. There’s more joy, and connection. They respect me because I made an effort to get them.

      My husband texts loving notes when he travels. It’s almost bizarre. A pleasant surprise every time. There’s fresh flowers on my desk he given me for no reason. We have a new space to talk about real stuff. We’re growing together facing in the same direction. For years we were like ships passing in the night – leading a busy, happy, surface life. It wasn’t enough. I started saying what most wives don’t.

      Where I get to be fully me is with like-minded people who get where I am on my journey of spirituality. It’s a separate world I’ve created of special friends, mentors, and colleagues, and I believe everyone needs this to grow to their highest. Connections are profound, and instantaneous here.

      A lady I met at a conference recently in California whispered “thank you – I love you” as she hugged me, and left to catch her plane back to England. It felt almost surreal, but our few conversations had reached a depth I just can’t share with everyone.

      I remind myself to slow down, acknowledge, and be thankful for all the love around me. You become spiritually aligned here, and synchroncities show up daily because life flows differently when you are true to yourself with others.

      I do stop, and think ‘how did this happen’?

      That tiny space of saying what you’re not. I practiced in it, and I want you to also.

      Say what you are not saying.

      Don’t settle, accommodate, avoid or be afraid. Allow, and step in. People may criticize, and judge you. Their business, not yours.

      Be curious when someone’s behaviour surprises you. Ask questions with genuine interest, and know that after you speak up – their reaction may tell you to let go.

      Share your truth without criticizing or judging them. No attacking of “what’s wrong with you”, or “you should….”.

      Discern when the space is not available to share even with those closest to you. Some are not ready to hear your truth, but seek those who can. They are out there.

      Stand back, and watch how your relationships evolve by playing in this space.

      And, that tiny space? It’s how we’re all connected.

      It not only grows with you, it’s eternal.

      It’s true love.

    • Abubakar says:

      i am not a good writer but after watching this i am inspired and i also want to improve my writing skills which i know is not so easy but i know i can do it with your help and one day you will feel proud on me i also have my own blog with my written content i just want you to see it it is a great favor from you to me thank you Anne

    • Ben Howard-Clarke says:

      Hi guys I’ve been working on this blog post, my first in a couple of years. I got some inspiration to start writing again. My question is: How do you know when an rticle is finished?

      I’ve pasted below for your kind eyes to review truthfully.

      Are you a family man or woman working full time, and parenting? Here’s a powerful lesson in moving toward your pending-strength and letting your light shine!
      (a.k.a being stuck on full rev count and ignoring your purpose ain’t so much fun!)
      Do you feel numb to doing what you are capable of as a result of the weighted layers of an exhausting work and parenting routine?
      If you’re like many of the parents I know, somewhere in the back of your mind is your idea—just a glimmer—trying hard to shine through the never ending cycle of parenting, working, and recovering.
      Maybe you have tried techniques like list writing, ‘doing the hard stuff first,’ and scheduling blocks of time—and still you feel frustrated by your inability to get around to something that is really important to you, something that you were, at some point, inspired by!
      The good news is this: I have some ideas that I am certain can help you. A couple of years ago I was completely overloaded, and I’ve adopted a couple of simple suggestions that have helped get me to where I am now.
      I am a father is who is absolutely in love with my wife and three young daughters. I’m also working a full-time job as a high school teacher, developing a business part time, and organizing home construction.
      Now, I get time to be with my kids and wife one-on-one nearly every day, even though I commute over two hours a day!
      I’ve discovered some amazing stuff along the way, and I’m going to share them with you. These are things that will help you move through the times when parenting and working and …..just feels too difficult, or too much.
      What I want to share with you now is how to begin reducing your workload and create a team of people around you that are working for you.
      Yes, people that are on YOUR TEAM!
      Don’t get stuck on 8000 revs per minute, working like a mule.
      I was listening to a really engaging speech by David Wood, a fascinating guy.
      He says, “We have an internal thermostat that gets stuck at a certain level.”
      This means we are programmed to act in a certain, default way, even though it may be ineffective and unsustainable. And, it shows up in a number of areas of our lives.
      For example if our internal gauge is stuck at ‘work like a mule to get by,’ even if our circumstances change, (i.e. we get a pay raise, or we have people offering their help), we don’t make progress because we soon stick in our default way again, ‘working like a mule.’
      Now, in the seminal book by Tim Ferris, The Four Hour Work Week, which I both read and listened to the audio of a couple years ago, what stuck in my mind was ‘the power of getting used to people doing stuff for you.’ Let me say that again: ‘the power of getting used to people doing stuff for you.’ This is the stuff that may be either repetitive or outside your specialty. Many people I work with are stuck doing repetitive actions outside their area of expertise.
      When you start to do this, what happens is you get to be in what I call your ‘pending-strength’ – moving toward your fully developed ‘gifted-state.’
      Another way of describing your pending-strength is your next-level, and it is, by no means, an inevitable state. In fact, many go to their grave having never gone there. You have to try something new to get there. By beginning to do this on a regular basis, the cumulative effect moves you nicely toward your unique ‘gifted-state.’
      The one I want to share with you today is called FIVERR. So, if you already know about FIVERR, that’s great, remember to use it! Especially if your thermostat is set to ‘do all tasks myself, no matter how trivial or outside my gift set they are.’
      Here is the three-step process I recommend:
      1. Determine what your gift set is:
      o This can be as simple as asking yourself:
       during which activities do I feel ‘in-the-zone?’
       where is my creative sweet spot (where I am both challenged and in flow)?
      2. Look at your list and determine all the stuff that others could do.
      o Take out your to-do lists from the last couple of months.
       Are there tasks on there that you could be or outsourced or deleted?
      3. Outsource tasks on FIVERR (open an account, start with one, and add as many as possible within your budget).
      My challenge to you is to simply pay $5 and get something on your to-do list done by someone else.
      This is going to help you move in to your pending-greatness. You will be on track toward your full potential as an individual with a unique gift, working in your gifted-state. It’s going to start to free you up, allowing you to be with the ones you love and spending time doing what really matters.
      Please let me know how this goes for you AND send me a message with any questions. I would love to be able to support you achieve your pending-strength!

    • Beverly Westfall says:

      Right now everything I am working on is for school, critical thinking papers and short stories. My current paper that is due is on reader demographics, how to find and target your target audience. My next assignment is developing an author website, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      The short story I am working on is about a Native American youth and realizing there is racism in the world. As I develop this more I am thinking I will eventually expand it to novel. I’m reflecting back on my youth (many years ago) where it seemed we didn’t notice skin color. But, at some point we all do and we have to decide how we are going to let that discovery influence us.

    • amber camm says:

      I’m not entirely sure what Gere it is but its called secrets of a lifetime.
      here’s the first line
      “how did my father screw up my life? they say everyone in their family has a black sheep, do we? or is it just fear?” martin ponders whilst walking aimlessly around the corridors of is vast home”

      11 more chapters on what pad. I will be under 123Ambe.

    • Jade says:

      I would just like to take this chance and inform everyone of a challenge I run every month on my blog! It’s called The Topic Thingy- We have very interesting topics every month and I, myself write four articles on the topic. It would really fun if you would join in this month along with so many other bloggers! Everything is over here – https://being1nsane.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/quickly-grab-the-ttt-spotlight-with-this-challenge/

      Also I was recently working on this piece called See my confidential letters to myself (Something you need to hear too) Its just a little boost ! Do check it out It’s rather something I am proud of xD https://being1nsane.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/see-my-confidential-letter-to-myself-something-you-need-to-hear/

      Thank You!

    • Hi. I just saw this in my mail and decided to give it a try. I posted an article on my site yesterday. I don’t consider it my best though. Comments are welcome and please be hard one me because I want to learn to get better.

      Excerpts below:

      As an entrepreneur if you do not know these ergonomics tips you are setting yourself up for failure.

      Entrepreneurship cannot fully be discussed if it’s not done in conjunction with ergonomics. As an entrepreneur you need to understand ergonomics and its benefits not just to you but also to your staff and customers.

      Ergonomics is the science of understanding human interaction with other elements of a system to optimize human well-being and the system’s performance.

      It is also the understanding of how human factors and environmental factors interact.

      How the human, equipment and environment fits. The process of ensuring the work environment fits the well-being of employees and not forcing employees to work under conditions that affect their health adversely.

      As an entrepreneur ergonomics is necessary to study how the human factor, technology (equipment, furniture, pace of work) and environment (office, work space, market place) suit each other to give the customer the best experience.

      They are all interwoven; how comfortable the position you sit at work is, how long you sit at a stretch, the amount of time spent performing each task, how long you stand at a stretch, the position of your desk and chair, the position of the PC or laptop and the level of your productivity.

      As an entrepreneur your business is people based therefore it is important to empathize with people (staff, contractors and clients). To ensure that your staff and contractors work under the best conditions which in turn allows them to better satisfy the customers.

      There are a lot of write ups online as to how ergonomics benefits the entrepreneur but I am taking it a step further to say it also affects and benefits the customers. Anything that helps to increase efficiency of staff has a ripple effect on the customer and business.

      Full article on http://mokrystal.com.ng/index.php/2016/04/19/10-ergonomics-tips-you-should-know-as-an-entrepreneur/

    • Hi.. I just saw this in my email and decided to drop a link here. First I must say thank you for this opportunity because I don’t think my writing gets much attention. I won’t say this is my best because I believe I haven’t gone in-depth as much as I would love to.

      This is a bit of what I posted on my site yesterday. I hope the tips help someone.

      10 Ergonomics Tips You Should Know As An Entrepreneur

      As an entrepreneur if you do not know these ergonomics tips you are setting yourself up for failure.

      Ergonomics and entrepreneurship work hand in hand. Entrepreneurship cannot fully be discussed if it’s not done in conjunction with ergonomics.

      As an entrepreneur you need to understand ergonomics and its benefits not just to you but also to your staff and customers.

      Ergonomics is the science of understanding human interaction with other elements of a system to optimize human well-being and the system’s performance.

      How the human, equipment and environment fits. The process of ensuring the work environment fits the well-being of employees and not forcing employees to work under conditions that affect their health adversely.

      As an entrepreneur ergonomics is necessary to study how the human factor, technology (equipment, furniture, pace of work) and environment (office, work space, market place) suit each other to give the customer the best experience.

      They are all interwoven; how comfortable the position you sit at work is, how long you sit at a stretch, the amount of time spent performing each task, how long you stand at a stretch, the position of your desk and chair, the position of the PC or laptop and the level of your productivity.

      As an entrepreneur your business is people based therefore it is important to empathize with people (staff, contractors and clients). To ensure that your staff and contractors work under the best conditions which in turn allows them to better satisfy the customers.

      There are a lot of write ups online as to how ergonomics benefits the entrepreneur but I am taking it a step further to say it also affects and benefits the customers. Anything that helps to increase efficiency of staff has a ripple effect on the customer and business. Continue on http://www.mokrystal.com.ng

      Comments are appreciated and please be hard on me. Yes be hard! Thanks

    • Annette Taylor says:

      I’m starting all over again with short stories. My attempts at two novels failed as I only reached 24,000 words. So I’m studying short stories and trying to write them better than before which is hard because of my weakness in all aspects. No matter how hard I try or study or read, my work sells about once every three years or so.

      My current story is about a woman who can’t love her daughter.

    • Sherrill Villaverde says:

      Hello Everyone,

      I have written a story, fiction, that follows a young woman’s life from the time she graduates college to her mid to late 50’s. The reader shares her experiences and decisions that cause her to become involved in a toxic relationship and how this relationship impacts her life. The name of the book is “Sisters of the Heart”. The story takes the reader on an intimate journey of innocence and innocence lost, struggle and survival, courageous transformation and emergence glamelia-like by connecting to and drawing from one’s essence to emerge as the wholly unique person one can become.

      The main character is Lyla Rose. For those who read Lyla’s story it is an opportunity to reshape who they are, their lives and in turn affect others in the way they have evolved creating a ripple effect of epic proportions by saying, “I can do this.”

      The narrator’s voice appears throughout the story but most prominently in the early portions. It is a ‘Jiminy Crickett’ conscience that quietly brings reality into focus. It asks questions and makes observations. Many questions are those Lyla should be asking but is either unwilling or unable for lack of awareness. This narrator provides insights, explanations, and identifies red flags that should be instrumental in Lyla’s decision making. As the story unfolds the narrator’s voice fades and returns only briefly later once Lyla realizes how her life has been shaped. As the narrator’s voice recedes Lyla’s voice becomes stronger and more prominent.

      This is a story for women. This is a story that uses the voice of one woman to speak for the many who have no voice.

      I am in the process of editing, a process I find tedious. I continue to change, correct and improve on what has already been written. I do not consider myself a ‘writer’ but someone who had to tell a story.

      • Jade says:

        That actually sounds veryy interesting do tell me when it’s done I want to read it! Also I failed on completing novels too xD I wrote one and then deleted it all saying its bullshit…well no one said being a writer is easy huh

        • Sherrill Villaverde says:

          Jade, Thank you for your interest in my story. I am posting a short portion of the first chapter. I hope you enjoy. I wanted the reader to have a visual experience, become immersed in the main character’s life (Lyla Rose) and live it with her. I hope I have succeeded.

          THE JOURNEY

          “Hmm,” Lyla sighed softly as she stretched out her arms and legs to emerge from the night’s cocoon of sleep. One by one each little dog greeted her lovingly with soft kisses and tail wags. She spoke to all of her little ‘girls’ as they snuggled next to her eagerly anticipating her gentle touch. Lyla smiled comforted by the loving attention and affection from her cavalier spaniels. She gave a soft chuckle and in barely a whisper said to them.

          “I can always count on you girls to wake me with soft kisses.”

          As she acknowledged each dog with a stroke, a rub behind the ear and a smile she closed her eyes once again, just for a moment, contemplating what lay ahead. The dogs began to move as they approached her face making rustling sounds on the blanket stirring her from her thoughts ready to begin the day.

          “OK, OK, ladies, I know. Everyone is ready to start the day and I know you’re eager to bounce right off this bed. So, without further ado let’s be on our way.”

          Lyla pulled back the covers while each dog took a turn jumping off the bed to the floor. They all headed for the bathroom and patiently waited for Lyla to wash, shower and change into her clothes. Once that was accomplished she quickly made the bed and headed for the kitchen back door surrounded by the din of noisy, jumping, barking dogs. Each one was pushing the other to see who would go through the door first.

          It was early spring 2010. The Texas morning was a bit cool with remnants of dew droplets on the grass that reflected the morning sun like glittering diamonds. The dogs scattered all over the yard to find their favorite spots. They were happy to be outside and free running with their long ears flapping and tails wagging. Lyla took in a deep breath as if to steady herself in preparation for the tasks of the day.

          So much had happened here. So much pain, so much change so much courage on her part. She looked out into the yard at the tall trees swaying and moving to the symphony of the wind. The landscape was alive with movement and looked refreshed after being nurtured by the sun and morning moisture.

          She called to the dogs. “All right ladies, time to come in and have breakfast. Hello, is anyone hungry out there??” She called once again having gotten no response. Not one eyebrow was raised and there was no eye contact or gaze in her direction. “What, nobody’s hungry this morning?”

          She walked down the cascading concrete steps onto the lawn and called once more.

          “Yoo hoo… hey there ladybugs.”

          She shaded her eyes with her hand, squinted, pursed her lips and whistled the ‘Rose’ whistle her father taught her. She finally got everyone’s attention with the exception of the mischievous little Blenheim who was busy hunting for lizards by the front fence. She walked over to Princess Penelope, the busy Blenheim cavalier. Penelope was so intent on her hunt she never heard Lyla approach let alone call. Lyla bent down and gently tapped Princess Penelope on the shoulder to get her attention and spoke.

          “Now you listen here young lady it’s time to go in we have a million things to do today.”

          PP (Princess Penelope) reluctantly turned, looked at Lyla once more with that look of, please, just one more minute then scampered in the direction of the steps and joined the other dogs waiting by the kitchen door.

          “That girl, Lyla said to herself, I shall miss her when I’m gone.”

          Lyla walked slowly taking deliberate steps as she ascended to the porch and walked across the patio to the kitchen door. Her movement was reflective of the monumental challenge she set for herself and the ever present fears she was constantly quieting. Her pack of anxious and hungry companions crowded at the door barking. She opened the door and the dogs flew into the house to their respective crates waiting impatiently for Lyla to appear with their bowls.

          The cacophony of dog voices echoed and bounced off the walls reaching a crescendo of nearly intolerable levels. Magically as quickly as the barking began it subsided when the bowls were quickly filled and distributed. The house grew quiet again except for the crunching and gobbling sounds of the dogs as they ate their food and treats.

          The granddaughter clock in the hallway began to chime the 8 o’clock hour signaling that the packers would arrive soon. Lyla decided on an abbreviated breakfast of coffee, toast and fresh fruit. She made sure to keep only enough food for her and the dogs for one more day. The kettle came to the boil and whistled its readiness as Lyla prepared her French press for fresh coffee. She poured in the water, affixed the press and put on the timer. Six minutes, she needed lots of fresh strong coffee today…

          The desktop near the kitchen phone was covered with small square pieces of paper neatly arranged into rows; some by themselves and some overlapping. These papers were Lyla’s lists of people and items requiring her immediate attention such as the gardener, real estate agent, packers, movers, and others. They all played an integral part in this next phase of her life. The lists were also notes of reminders to herself with each item placed precisely in its place of importance. She took a quick glance at the list for that day with times noted and checked off what she had already accomplished consisting of phone calls made and last minute arrangements done. She made another note. She must not forget to have the car checked for engine oil levels, wiper fluid, gasoline, and tire pressure. She had to make sure there were no loose ends. She did not intend to return to this house…ever.

    • Isabel S.R. Vas says:


      I am a playwright. I’m doing my background reading for my next play, a woman historical character.

      Would be very keen on knowing: what do you consider to be a great play?


      Isabel Vas

    • Hello, WIthin the past couple of years I have self published two books – the first one a biography about my grandmother who died when she was 28 – http://seashorepress.com/amoret-2/ and the second a memoir http://seashorepress.com/houses-a-memoir/. They have been well received by friends, family and co writers in my writing group but I want to market them to a bigger audience. I have created a blog and a facebook page and taken a social media class. Does anyone have suggestions on how to market a book that has been self published.

      Thank you

    • Nana McASANTE says:

      I am rewriting my manuscript for editing. Writing Bestselling Books is about how to create an idea that sells.
      I am done with 3 already:
      Becoming An Author (non-fiction)
      Saving the Midnight Threat (fiction)
      The Takeover (fiction)
      Becoming An Author is available on Amazon for sale…
      My difficulties had to do with finances but I am moving one step at a time.. Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, InDesign, and Photoshop is helping me overcome some of the challenges…

    • Jeanne Sanderson says:

      This is a bit of dialogue I just finished. WARNING: contains cursing. Here’s the link. https://observeyoursignal.com/what-im-writing/

    • Cilla Geldenhuys says:

      I just want to say, I have so enjoyed scrolling through this page of comments, sharing and tips etc. It made me feel a little less lonely, a bit more normal and … inspired.

    • Onto the 2nd draft of a novel set in country NSW, Australia, post 2nd World War. About to upload a bitter-sweet memoir, set in the same place about a dysfunctional family, told with a comical edge.

    • I’m currently writing a short film based on a short story I wrote this year called ‘Clean Out The Garden Or Else’ its a horror story about a teenager who forgets to clean out the garden and creatures attack him and his Nan.

    • Eden Esmarosa says:

      Hello Fellow Writers and Authors, I’m writing a family fiction novel Titled ‘Season with a Dash of Pepper’.(Spice of Life Series) I’m up to 20000 thus far and still have a ways to go. My main characters are a family consisting of a brother and sister of elementary school age traveling due to the Grandfather being in the military and assigned to another base which is closer to more family members that the children get to meet. The story consist of lessons about diversification,adapting,culture,traditions and tolerance for one and another on a journey also known as life which may have a few bumps in the road or requiring road side assistance and perhaps mentoring from others that pass by and may influence or even become a part of their lives or live on within memories from the journey.

    • I’ve been writing on my blog and working on article for publication. The latest entry on my page ripplesintheuniverse.com is about how music soothes the soul. It discusses how music effects the brain and how it can be used as therapy. Othe entries are on yoga and Buddhism.

      I have one article that is about to be published at the beginning of May and a few more that are either being written or going through the editing process.

    • I have published a book in wattpad and the name of the book is ‘The urban girl’. Please give me feedback and forgive me for my sloppy writing. 🙂

    • I have written a book and published it in wattpad. The name of the story is ‘The urban girl’. Please read it and comment guys!! Forgive me if my writing is sloppy. 🙂

    • Matthew says:

      My most recent blog post published this morning. You can read it here https://countrydiscgolf.com/2016/04/18/disc-golf-is-hard/

      I write about my experiences playing disc golf. It’s a great sport, and fun to play with anybody.

    • I finally got my second book in print, “My Father’s Will” published in January, the next four much shorter stories – novellas between 15 000 and 20 000 words – are at the publisher who suggested they get released two months apart, starting with the first one “The Bigger Fish” early in June of this year. Besides these, I write a weekly blog (on Word press, named writestoread), or try to, I write stories about hospice patients for the hospice website and will soon start research on material for two historical novels. And then there is my next full length novel I hope to finish by the end of the year. This is a religious end-time thriller and might turn out to be my “big one”. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Roblynn says:

      I have several projects on the go this year. In February, I finished my main blog 50thingsturning 50.com Although, I have had a lot of requests from people to keep writing something once a month- something inspiring or a story.

      My upcoming book , Wigs of Many Colours- a cancer toolbox, is with 8 different Canadian agents at the moment, so now is a waiting game. My Wigs of Many Colours cookbook, a stand alone or accompaniment to the main book is with a local publisher in “production” and hoping a June 15th completion. I started a screenplay, ” There is Always A War” with the hope of having the first draft completed by October.

      I also was approached about writing a food blog, so looking into that further. Also I write grant applications for non-profits, and community events.

    • Blue says:

      I am currently healing myself from writer’s block by writing a short story a day in the morning. Had been doing this for 2 whole weeks now. Glad that it work since I have trouble in finding time to write. School is hard.

    • Dustin R. Freezen says:

      A sci-fi serial about a father and his attempts to rescue his children, who are trapped in a virtual reality. This is my latest installment.


    • Irina says:

      It is ther first time I’m writing to your website. As for me, I’m from Russia. Some time ago I wrote short stories to the local newspapers and they were published. Some people thought they were good, others said, they were too gloomy.
      I have been always interested in fantasy, especially, dragons and everything connected with them. Perhaps it’s because I’a a very small person and those giant creatures fascinated me. I decided to write a novel about people and dragons. And I started to work hard. Now my writing comes up to its finish. I need to polish the last chapters.

    • Mandy says:

      I have just finished my second novel – Disciples – which will be self published in August/September 2016. At the moment it is with my beta readers. Here is the blurb I have put together so far:

      How will the camp fire session go? Dave is uncertain whether it will have any impact on the men seated around the fire. Perhaps it’s just a pleasant way to spend an evening. But God has other plans …

      Each man sitting around the camp fire that night draws the name of a disciple and a Scripture reference to that disciple. They then tell the story as if they were the disciple themselves – and God moves in, although it takes them a while to realize what is going on. Here is part of the story told by Ryan, one of the campers, who had drawn the disciple Jude from the clay pot. Little is known about Jude so I chose a story where he would have been present. I hope you enjoy this little excerpt.

      The wind died down and we sat, bobbing on the gentle waves on the lake. I looked across at Matthew. Matthew had been a collector of taxes in his previous life and he was definitely no sailor. I knew from experience that he would not enjoy the continual rise and fall of the boat. Sure enough he was very pale and looked unhappy. I noticed that Nathanael too was not looking so good. Ah well, I was sure as the sun disappeared behind the hills the breeze would rise again and we would soon be across the water. They would recover quickly on land.
      I could not have been more wrong. For the time it took for the sun to set and the thick, velvety darkness to fall completely, the air was still. We could hear the occasional voices from the other boats, drifting across the water. A child cried and was comforted by its mother.
      And Jesus slept in the bottom of the boat.
      It was fully dark when the first lightning split the sky to the north. It startled us as there had been no indication of a storm until that moment. Again I heard the child cry in fright this time. Again its mother shushed it and all was quiet. After a few moments the rumble of thunder rolled across the lake, deep and muffled – far away from our small boats.
      Glancing up at the stars I was startled to see that there were only a few shining. Not five minutes earlier the sky had been liberally studded with them. Now only one or two still shone, now hidden, now appearing again and again as high clouds scudded across the sky. Blown by a wind too high to disturb the waters of the lake, the clouds sped over us. We fishermen looked at one another, concern showing on all our faces.
      ‘What?’ said Matthew, ‘What is it?’
      Peter shook his head. There was no need to concern everyone unduly, but he kept looking up at the clouds and away to the north where lightning continued to flash with increasing frequency.
      And here it came. The wind. Sweeping across the lake. In spite of the dark we could see it as well as hear it. It came down in a rushing expulsion of air, roaring like a lion and we could see the water dancing and frothing as it swept over the surface. It was the suddenness of the onslaught that alarmed us. Now the sailors sprang into action. Down came the sails and Peter and Andrew grasped the tiller. The boat’s timbers creaked in protest at the sudden change in her status. Peter shouted orders to James and John who leapt to obey.
      It was too much for Matthew. And Nathanael. Leaning over the side of the boat they responded to the tossing of the waves in the same way land lovers have responded since man first went on the water. Caught in the wind now and then, I heard the thin wail of the child in Daniel’s boat, terrified now and unstoppable by any words of comfort. I could sympathise. This was a real storm and we would be fortunate if every boat survived till it calmed.
      And Jesus slept in the bottom of the boat.
      Judas, Simon and Thomas were praying; promising God all sorts of things if he would just calm the storm and bring them safely to land. Matthew and Nathanael were too far gone to pray. I felt a twinge of pity for them. Probably the only prayer they would be praying would be to die quickly and to get away from the unceasing motion of the boat. I gave brief thanks for my stomach of iron and for the experience I had of storms in the past.
      Still, this was a bad one. Waves rose and broke over the sides of the vessel. Those who could started to bail with whatever came to hand. Peter and Andrew fought the tiller. I wondered if it would not be better to let the boat go where she willed, but they were more experienced sailors that I and so I did not question them. I glanced along the boat as I bent to fill my water skin again to throw out some of the water on board. For a moment I stopped what I was doing, frozen by the unexpected beauty of the sight.
      For there – Jesus slept in the bottom of the boat.
      In the middle of all the action by man and all the fury nature could throw at us; surrounded by shouts and sounds and the wailing of the wind, the crack of the lightning as it struck close to us and then the rolling boom of the thunder as it broke around us in wave after wave of sound.
      Jesus slept in the bottom of the boat.
      Not even the waves, pouring over the sides, penetrated his sleep. He looked so beautiful and so peaceful in the midst of that storm. Nothing disturbed him. Nothing.
      For a moment I envied him. Then Andrew shouted at me to keep bailing and so the moment passed and I was back in the flurry of activity all around me.

      I would love to hear what you think – and whether the blurb at the beginning of this post invites you to want to read the book. Please let me have any comments on how I can improve this.

      Here is a link to my blog Discovering the Rainbows if you would like to check out more of my writing : https://mandyhackland.wordpress.com/

    • I’ve published my blog http://www.i8tonite.com which will be going into it’s second year. I needed some help along the way, so I brought on a co-publisher/ editor to help me post our three times weekly items. It’s a lot. We write about travel, food and people not in front of the stove, who change how we eat and drink. http://www.i8tonite.com.

      It was supposed to be a resume-builder, as a showcase, that a middle-aged man could write blogs and grow it with followers. We are now at 15,000 unique visitors per month. It didn’t really help because now I’m told I still have too much experience.

      Because of the blog, I’ve turned to freelance writing to make a small living, after leaving a 25-year marketing career.

    • I’ve jus started a blog, to get my thoughts and life together, Rock music junkie. would love some support and reviews. Know I am not an trained writer, if that even is a thing. Thank you


    • Jeff Cherubin says:

      Hello, Mary. I’m currently writing an novel called “Lukesburg”. Set during the bleak preantepenultimate year of the early 2000s, unique lives of thirty-somethings followed episodically in their native titular city in the New York metropolitan area. Pretty much, it’s an television series in a novel

    • Hello Everyone,

      I am writing a blog about facts and statistics from the perspective of a chemist. Traditionally, when a scientist reads facts and statistics, (due to our training) we think in terms of dimensional analysis to put the statistic into perspective.

      An example would be the amount of methane gas that was leaked out of the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility in Southern California that has had a negative impact on the residents of the nearby housing development at Porter Ranch. Here is the link to that post:


      If you are a person who reads and thinks deeply about reported facts and figures in the popular news, this site is filled with blogs for you. Enjoy.

      Thank you Mary for letting us share our content on your site. Have a great day.



    • I’ve just written some scripts & I’m in the process of filming some videos for my (brand new!) YouTube channel.

      I’m super excited!!

    • I am working on a thriller spy novel with a bit of sci fi, a prequel to my novel Hitler Out Of Time, a sci fi time travel thriller. And then I’ll be writing the third book in the series.

    • I’m juggling! Writing and illustrating work on the Comic Book Series – Planet Of The Eggs – available in paperback and kindle editions on Amazon-doing the plot work now for the fifth adventure…learn more at http://www.facebook.com/PlanetOfTheEggs

      And I’m working on creating a novel from a screen script – one of horror.

    • Blogging on my new site. Writing some short stories.

    • What a terrific topic for a post, Mary. I thank you for ruffling the feathers of us crazy writers. At the moment I’m doing PR work for my new website sullivanwrites.com. This post link explains what the website is all about: http://www.sullivanwrites.com/birth-new-project-born-hell/. Work on a novel (one of 3) keeps me glued to my computer keyboard like I’m a writer possessed – an accurate description. My hope is that after reading the novel, you may never read another fiction book the same way again. Thanks again for encouraging writers to let the “cat out of the bag” about what keeps them up at night.

    • Sharon "Dunkin says:

      I am PTSD and currently going through an episode. My current writing assignment is to write about what I am thankful for. My choice in in the form of w prayer every evening.

    • My most recent short story is “Start, Adam” about a self-driving car. It is posted ar HarleySachs.blogspot.com. You’ll love it. I have begun a new novel “The Seventh Paradigm” whih is also about technology. After all, I used to be a trade magazine freelancer and raught technical writing to engineers I now have more than 36 “live” titles at Amazon.com but don’t like bookstores because they take much of fthe money and leave the authors a pittance.

    • Nanette Thomas says:

      I am in the process of writing two things.
      1: Book 1 of a 6 book romance series ” Savannahs Knight” of the Knight series.
      2: ” is it Real or is it Memorex” A non fiction novel on actual paranormal experiences.

    • Ryan says:

      I am currently working on a collection of short stories. It’s a more manageable way for me to write while finishing up college and starting a business. Here’s a snippet of one of the stories. It’s still in rough draft form! Thanks for the privilege of being able to share.

      “Every anniversary of that fateful night I take the time to recount the story to myself, hoping every time that I will at last have exhausted my ability to regret, leaving it forever behind. So, as I contemplate my misery on another anniversary of the Destroyer’s entry into the earthly realm, I hope that perhaps this time will be that final time I seethe over that night; that night that sent exalted hosts to singing and my kind to screaming. Thus, with a stupid optimism I remind myself of that fateful night yet again.

      I was on a mission for my master, the Prowler, him I will serve forever. I was told that something suspicious was occurring. That some ancient prophecy uttered from of old was on the verge of being fulfilled. I roamed to and fro, watching for some great threat to at last be revealed on the stage of history. I shuddered at the thought of him. I was told that he was the Destroyer, and would utterly crush the success we had so long enjoyed. That is, if we allowed him to. I was not about to stand by and allow this opposition to step foot onto the planet’s soil so easily.

      And so there I was, trotting the dust of some pathetic village. I was assigned a rather disinteresting and unimpressive location. But the Prowler felt convinced that this would be the place of entry. So I persisted in my trotting and my plodding through the disappointing dust of a second rate neighborhood. What stupidity would bring the great Destroyer to such a refuse heap as this?

      All too suddenly, I was sore vexed when I sensed that he was near. When you’ve roamed the world as long as I have, you can smell such danger. And someone particularly dangerous was near. My strength failed like a rope against the flame. I trembled like a crisp leaf in the mid-Autumn breeze. The heat and power of a million suns seemed to radiate from the presence of this intruder. I knew with a heavy load of trepidation that I was a poor and undone creature in such a foe’s path. The Destroyer held a greater degree of power than I had ever before realized.

      I fled and flew to catch sight of the very presence I feared would engulf me. Like a wraith in the night I made haste to the verge of the greatest threat we had ever feared. I wondered at the sight. No fanfare for a king. No celebrating in the quiet streets, as if the people were dumb with ignorance. How could they not sense the force that set my very nature to terror, trembling, and… trepidation? Somewhere in this place the Destroyer was making His entrance. And the world of man slept like a baby.

      My trotting and my plodding brought my shivering soul at last to a small village, still and silent like a stagnant brook on this night of danger; danger which seemed so invisible to the stupid earthlings. I could the feel the awful force pulsating within me with an ever increasing intensity as I traveled deeper within the village.

      Where would the Destroyer appear? Was he trying to throw us off? Surely, he would not think something like this could slip through the Prowler’s radar unnoticed. Would he? I became excited by the thought of being the one to obliterate this threat once and for all. To think that the honor would be mine to do what my kind have craved and strived to do throughout the age of our anarchy.

      I did not know where to turn now as I continued into the village. So, I followed the pull of the force that my soul knew too well. I hated the thought of going right into it; into the presence of the one who could seize and squeeze me to a withered peel in an instant. Yet onward I trotted; onward I plodded. With trepidation I trotted and plodded.”

    • Ed Malone says:

      Hi Mary,
      I’m well into writing my first novel. So far I taken inspiration about how to write and how to approach the novel by researching some writers I like. I started by looking at interviews on You Tube. Most of the advice has been invaluable, some useful and some a little trite. But being able to select the nuggets and use them has given me a great start. Most importantly I have not let the views of others affect my style of writing. I would like to ask you though, what are the best steps to preparing your novel for publishers and after that, who should I be sending copies to or samples of the work??? I should be ready in 6 months or so. Many thanks.

      Ed Malone.

    • John says:

      Hello everyone,
      I have two guest posts appearing on larger sites than mine and I am putting the finishing touches on the blog that I want those new readers to land on when they come to my site.

      I am promoting my self-publishing class so the blog post is How to Hack Amazon and Find Super Profitable Categories.

      It basically goes over the process I use to evaluate categories in the Kindle store, using the best seller ranking of the top 10.

      Love the work every one is sharing, and the opportunity to share mine! Thanks!

    • Jacki says:

      Right now I am working on a book about female comic book heroes as goddess of our modern mythology. I’m in research mode right now and my biggest struggle is feeling like I have enough information/know enough to star the writing process.

    • I am working on a Historical Western Romance set in the late 1880s around Calgary, Alberta. It’s part of an anthology that will be released June 1, 2016 😉 Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been writing…

      Elizabeth Eaton’s waist length blond hair and blue satin evening gown clung to her slender curves like a second skin. Despite the pouring rain, she waited behind the perfectly manicured hedge that bordered her Step-Mother’s imitation English Garden.
      Suddenly, the door closed and she saw Sir Edward Spencer walk hurriedly down the steps of her family’s ten bedroom brick tudor style home toward his waiting carriage.
      A familiar lump of panic rolled up her throat as she watched him get in.
      “Smithers drive around the streets near the Eaton home. I’ve got to find her.” Sir Edward Spencer, the current sought after bachelor of Ottawa’s upper class society, spoke in low harsh tones to his driver.
      Panic pushed her heart past her rib cage at the sound. The memory of his cruel words and barbaric treatment held her frozen in place.

      This story is short, but it’s been so fun to write for the anthology. I’ll be writing a full novel that’s related to this one as part of a stand alone series set in the west 😉

    • Paul Woods says:

      Hello and good afternoon. I’m currently busy with two projects, the first is a writing blog on why I write and will also be posting short stories of mine there and the other is my debut novel ‘The Whistleblower.’

      Short Summary – The Whistle Blower

      Former Royal Marine Bryan Kirnan now Detective Inspector is one of Northumbria Police’s finest but is also a sexist and believes that women do not belong in the serious crimes division. After receiving a phone call from fellow ex marine Harry Black he takes unpaid leave to visit his old friend in Devon. Kirnan owes his life to Harry after an incident in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the troubles. Harry now works for Naval Intelligence and has discovered serious problems which could put civilian lives in danger and needs Kirnan’s help. When he gets to Harry’s cottage he finds Harry is dead and the investigation is being run by young ballsy female Detective Sergeant Rosie Baker.

    • kumar ajay pratap says:

      I want to write a piece which can motivate a person to attain things amenities etc

    • I am working on a draft for a short story. It is set on an imaginary country sandwiched between Botswana and Zimbabwe. An activist has been forced into exile in Britain and she returns home to resume her active political life in her country. He party wins the country’s first democratic elections and she appoints her former adversaries into her cabinet. However, I am not sure if an imaginary country would work well for a short story.

    • Chris P says:

      Here’s a piece I’ve just written for my current WIP, another of my ‘Lena’s Friends’ crime novels. I’m quite pleased with it… Yes, I know it’s a bit stereotypical for a male dancer to be gay, but the character appears in an earlier novel, in a very minor role as the partner of a gay character.

      In this book, his role is a bit more substantial. I like to elevate minor characters from earlier stories into major ones in subsequent books, so I make sure that even the most minor ones have substance and credibility so that readers feel a familiarity when they crop up again.
      One very minor character from the first book, becomes the main ‘serial villain’ Mr. Big in a couple of the following novels. I won’t be killing him off yet ’cos he’s fun to write.

      To set the scene:

      Eddie is a professional dancer who, between dancing jobs, helps out at the local college. He’s married to Mike, the manager of a transport company, who’s away at a conference. (The ‘Lena’ of my books is an old friend of both of them).

      Blake is one of Eddie’s students, who’s in a relationship with a Pakistani girl, Nazreen, whose parents want her to have an arranged marriage.

      The piece:

      The little yellow Suzuki jeep crunched to a halt on the gravel drive. Eddie climbed out and buttoned down the sidescreen. Looking at the darkened house, he cursed at himself. He’d forgotten to reset the timer that turned on house lights at random to look like the place was occupied.

      Mike always insisted on it. As manager of Birdham Logistics he was security conscious, unlike Eddie. The system had been turned off during an engineer’s visit to carry out repairs to the security set up.

      As Eddie walked the short distance to the door, his phone rang. He took it out as he opened the door and went inside. He didn’t recognise the caller number, but answered it anyway, back kicking the door shut as he did so. Eddie was wondering if it might be an offer of some proper work, as he turned on the lights.

      “Hi?… Eddie Taylor.” He reached up to the box on the wall to set the timer as he should have done when he left that morning.

      “Eddie… It’s Blake… I need help…Please…” The boy sounded desperate,

      “Calm down, Blake… What’s up?… What’s happened?”

      “We’ve had to do a runner… Naz an’ me… It was her brothers… They came round, bust open the door and searched my flat for Naz…”

      “Are you both OK?… They haven’t hurt you, have they?”

      “No… We’re fine… Luckily, Naz had gone round the corner to the garage for some milk… I was in the shower, so I didn’t answer the door… She’d got my keys, like, so she’d have let herself in. That’s how I knew it wasn’t her… Anyway, they just bust in, and rampaged around the house screamin’ out ‘Where are you, you little whore?’…” Eddie sensed, rather than heard Blake turn away from his phone. He could hear him apologising to Nazreen for repeating what her brothers had called her.

      “Blake…” Eddie shouted down the phone, “Speak to me… Then what?”

      “Yeah, sorry, mate… I was talkin’ to Naz.”

      “Yeah… I guessed that… So what happened when she got back?… How come you got away alright?”

      Blake laughed, “I started swearing at them… effin’ and blindin’… Shouting that I’d call the police if they didn’t fuck off… I must have looked a right sight with my tiny towel round my waist an’ a shower cap on my head… anyway, they hadn’t found her, so at the mention of the Old Bill, they turned an’ ran.”

      “An’ Naz came back OK?”

      “Yeah… She only just missed ’em, thank god… Bloody good job there was a queue at the till, eh?”

      Eddie’s sigh of relief was clearly audible to the boy over the phone,

      “Right…” He was working out a plan. “Where are you both now?” He turned around, and opened the door again.

      “At the garage… We figured we’d be safer here with people around. There’s a couple of big guys who work the evening shift… Naz’s brothers aren’t likely to try anything with them around.”

      “That’s the Esso garage, is it?” He started walking back to the Suzuki. “The one by the kids’ playground?” Eddie was pretty sure he knew the place. He’d worked more than a few nights there himself, during slack periods a long while ago before he’d got together with Mike.

      “Yeah…” Blake confirmed, “Opposite the wallpaper shop… Well, it was a wallpaper shop… before it closed down.”

      “OK… I know it… Stay put, till I get there… understand?” He got into the jeep, “Don’t fucking move away… stay in the shop where the garage guys can see you. Explain it to them if you have to, but don’t go anywhere.” He started the car.

      “We already have, Eddie… They were all for shutting up shop an’ goin’ looking for her brothers… I reckon they’d have kicked the shit out of them if they’d caught them.”

      Eddie laughed, “An’ you didn’t let them?… That was pretty restrained of you.” He pressed the lighter on the dash, before taking out a cigarette as Blake answered,

      “What good would it have done, eh?… They’d have got done for it… The police would’ve thought it was Paki bashing so they’d have been even harder on them… No, I couldn’t let that happen… Them two ain’t racists… They like Naz.”

      “OK… I’m leaving right now…” He lit his cigarette, drawing deeply on it, “Look… you can stay here for a bit. We’ve got a spare room you can use. Mike’ll be back tomorrow, but he won’t mind.” Eddie could hear him telling the girl.

      She grabbed Blake’s mobile, “Oh thank you so much, Eddie… You’re a darling… Thank you.” Blake took the phone back,

      “Yeah… Me too… She’s right… You’re a real mate… Thanks, Eddie.”

      “Right… Gotta hang up, ’cos I’m driving now… I’ll be there in about half an hour, OK… See yer soon. Just keep your heads down in case they’re out lookin’ for you… Bye.”

      Eddie accelerated the little car down the lane, his cigarette held between two fingers as he gripped the wheel, but the smoke drifted into his eyes. He stubbed it out in the ashtray. For now, driving was more important than smoking. He needed to get there before the girl’s brothers found them. This time they might have Nazreen’s cousins as back up.

    • Kalyani Baride says:

      So I have started writing letters. Addressed to no one. But I want them to read by my kids. It’s kind of journal that I am maintaining. But I don’t write daily in it. Just generic posts of how and what life I am living and how it will be completely different by the time they come in world (probably after a few years) and how it will be so different when they are interested 20s.
      I just finished a letter cum article about love being a sneaky bitch and how it happened to when I Sa least expecting. Based on that article.. Here is a poem I wrote. Hope you’ll like it.

      When you have love in you,
      You are a different person.
      Love brings out the best in you.
      It brings out the best for you.

      Yes, it takes care of you.
      Love protects you.
      It does not like to stay angry with you.
      Nor does it keep a track of your hurtful actions.

      But it trusts you.
      Love never gives up.
      It is not rude nor selfish.
      It changes you.

      These changes you don’t expect.
      They happen when you aren’t looking out.
      They sneak in and make life beautiful.

      It doesn’t give what you have always wanted.
      It doesn’t go as you plan it.
      It’s not your imaginary prince charm or princess barbie.
      But love turns you in to a charming person.

      It knows what you want!
      Love knows what you are going through.
      It brings to you all the things which you dream of,
      But the deliverer is not whom you dreamt of!

      So embrace the deliverer as he can be what someone else could not be.

      Love knows best.
      Love is a sneaky bitch,
      She is looking out for you.
      Trust her and she will not betray,
      Like the actual bitches of life.

    • Hello,

      I`m working on a poem which in a way is a story. That means it’s a bit long, but I love rhyme so it’s fun to read.

      Can you picture a town
      Which is ruled by a woman
      Wearing a crown
      And a sash of gold
      Refusing to do
      What she is told?

      Look at those eyes- so intense.
      My! O, my!
      What perfect hair,
      You can’t help but stare.
      She helps those in need
      And looks pretty every second of the day.

      “That’s all for show.
      She has a heart of stone, you know”,
      Is what they say.

      These petty people
      Fail to see the bigger picture.
      That woman can never be normal again.
      Her courage and strength
      She is trying so hard to regain
      After what happened
      One fateful night.

      It was pouring
      As she ran across the street.
      Try as she might
      She wasn’t steady on her feet.

      Her heels were way too high
      And her dress ended mid-thigh.
      Her hair, she tied in a bun
      With strands falling at the sides of her face.

      She looked so dainty
      In her white dress of lace.
      Of course she covered herself
      With a thick black coat.

      She refused to take it off
      Though it was soaked,
      Until she reached the party.
      But she never reached, did she?
      That’s because-
      A beefy hand caught her by the shoulders
      And pulled her in a dark alley.

      He pinned her hands to the wall.
      And rubbed his cheek against hers.
      Her face was wet
      With a mixture of rainwater
      And tears.

      As he unbuttoned her coat
      One button at a time,
      She took off her shoes
      And a mental note of all the things she had
      To lose.

      She cried for help
      And they laughed.
      One held her in place
      And one kissed her arms.

      “Let me go, for Christ’s sake”, she wept.
      The one holding her replied,
      “But the fun hasn’t even started yet”.
      The third man continued
      To record the scene.
      His eyes shown above the camera.
      They were emerald green.

      She said, “My body I won’t let you spoil”,
      And kneed him in the groin.
      But when she made a run for it,
      She slipped on some spilled oil.

      Two men caught her
      Before she could fall,
      And yet again,
      Pinned her to the wall.
      They took turns,
      They did what they wanted.

      An hour and a half later
      They left her there
      Bloody, scarred and tainted.

      She was way beyond tainted
      When her friends found her after tracking her cell phone.
      She sat frozen, her dress was torn
      And her body was sore.

      When she went through this
      She was a normal teenage girl
      She was eighteen
      Today she is a woman, a queen.
      She lived through the after math
      Of the that horrible night.

      Since then, when she hears of such cases
      She does not sit tight.
      She runs to help the distressed, scared masses.
      That heart of stone they talk about
      Is her defense
      Against people’s pretense.

      She failed to see past the disguise
      Of her professor, gardener and regular grocery store owner.
      She never doubted them
      Until they were found dead
      Three months later.

      The cops found tapes
      Of the women they raped,
      In the apartment
      Where they stayed.

      How could someone survive
      Such a terrible revelation
      And not take caution?
      For now she rules a town
      But if it were in my power
      I`d let her rule the nation.

    • Beryl says:

      I have written an ebook which I want to format for kindle. I am unable to set up an interactive table of contents. I work on a mac and there doesn’t seem to be any function where I can set up the interactive table of contents. I have looked at buying windows for mac but it is too expensive. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

    • Hi Write To Done community,

      I just wrote a post on my blog which is a result of experiencing first hand a tactic to defeat writer’s block.

      For more than a week, I was blocked. My creativity went gallivanting without informing me.

      However, without any intent, after going for a short walk, and sipping brew in my fave corner in the world, I found my muse.

      The link I’ll share you is the story of my short walk: http://thewritefreelance.com/2016/04/how-to-take-a-10-minute-break-from-writing-and-return-with-a-refreshed-mind/

    • Hello, I have a small collection of poems. I have recently started blogging and my website link is given below. I write from my heart and would like you to have a look at my work. This is my passion and have sacrificed a couple of job offers to follow my dream. I would dedicate my entore life to writing.
      Please check out some poems of mine from the Google Drive…




    • I am writing a book called Survival of the Multipassionate. I feel like everyone I talk to fits under the name and they’re confused about what to do with their lives and brands. I used to be there and now I want to help. Here’s to giving back! 🙂

    • Rohini says:

      I have just finished participating in a poetry festival here in Bahrain, organised by the Bahrain Writers’ Circle and this poem seems to have struck quite a chord with a number of people. Would love feedback! (It’s a loose translation of an Urdu poem):
      Relationship Bazaar

      As I was walking in the marketplace
      My feet stopped at the Relationship Bazaar.
      I looked around and saw it filled
      With kinships for near and far

      Relationships of every kind
      Were offered everywhere
      ‘Relationships for sale’ they cried
      ‘Come buy a few to spare’

      Each seller had a lively trade
      And I walked up to one
      ‘Aha!’ he cried, ‘What will you buy?
      I have everything under the sun!’

      With trembling lips I asked the seller
      ‘How much and what’s for sale?’
      With a flourish he said
      ‘Most everything and some beyond the pale.’

      ‘What would you like? What will you buy?
      I have a wondrous range
      Special ties with a son, or a father
      I have all good, some strange.’

      ‘Choose from a sister or a brother
      Dear shopper what’s your choice?
      Humanity or the love of mother
      Faith? Pray, where is your voice?’

      ‘Come, come,’ he cajoled me,
      ‘Come, come, don’t hesitate!
      Ask for something, anything
      Your silence on me grates.’

      With fear and sorrow in my voice
      And with a great unease
      I sighed and asked him, whispering
      ‘Do you have friendship, please?’

      He stopped mid-sale, he stopped and stared
      As if I’d lost my mind
      Then tearfully he turned and said
      ‘Ah that is hard to find.

      ‘For friendship is the relationship
      On which the world depends
      It’s not for sale, it has no price
      No price that can be named
      For friendship is worth everything
      This earth and then some more
      It is a pure and selfless thing
      And this you can be sure

      The day that friendship’s offered
      For a price and put on sale
      Why then my dear, dear shopper
      The world it will have failed

      This globe will be uprooted
      And lose its orbit quite
      The day that friendship’s offered
      And can be quoted for a price.

      • Mandy says:

        I was moved by this poem – it holds a deep truth. It is sad to think there are people in this world who believe they can buy relationships (whatever that relationship may be) when the gift of Love was given freely to us by our Creator.

    • Ngan Son says:

      I start writing on a personal blog. Writing is so powerful, it helps me share the true the story to the audience and my friend over the world.

    • Nina Obran says:

      Are you tired of being the only person at a party without a date?
      Are you longing for a loving, meaningful relationship, but all you get is another frivolous fling?
      Are you fed up with your relatives asking you when are you planning to get married? “You are not getting any younger, you know!”

      7 Daily Habits for Singles Not to Be Single Anymore inspires you, but also forces you to search your soul and face your fears regarding love – in a playful, light-hearted way. In the end you will be a transformed person, but most importantly, you will be happily in love!

      I have just published this book and I’m still in the post publishing excitement phase, wooohooo! Yes, I’m proud of it, because it turned out exactly how I wanted. Easy to read, funny, informative, and if readers follow my suggestions, transformative as well. Please, have a sneak peek at: http://www.ninaobran.com/sneak-peek-7-daily-habits-singles/

    • Norman Day Gear says:

      I completed a 85k word piece of action/adventure fiction a few months ago, but have not completed revision.
      I struggle with editing.
      My first beta reader wants to change the first page!
      I am trying to understand what to rewrite for clarity and what to keep for style and voice.

    • Christine McFarlane says:

      A Story of Recovery:

      The shout out
      “It’s dinner time”
      Used to be the three words I dreaded the most. I remember sitting on my bed, hunched over my night table furiously coloring in the book I had bought at the hospital gift store on one of my trips off of the 8th floor hospital ward.
      I want to ignore the call out, but knew that if I did, my doctor would be told that I was being difficult. I put my markers away in their plastic wrap, and put them down on my table where my poster lay. I swing my legs over the edge of my bed, and stand up. I feel a wave of dizziness; I stop, grab the table beside me and close my eyes until it passes.
      I walk slowly out of the room, pulling my sweater around me closely, as I feel the cold from the hospital’s a/c system, and shiver. I try not to pay attention to the scurrying of the other patients around me, as they head into the dining room.
      I hear the attendant start to call out the patient’s name and their room numbers.
      “801A, 801B, 801C”
      I don’t have to sit with everyone. My doctor has decided that I need to be kept an eye on. He wants me behind the nurse’s desk, so that they can see whether I am eating or not. I try to tell myself that I don’t like this arrangement, but secretly I do because it means that I don’t have to be near anyone else. I like being alone, separated from everyone else, because then I won’t have to hear the comments from the other patients

      “Christine, why aren’t you eating?” or
      “I’ll take your food, if you’re not going to eat it.”
      I didn’t want people taking my food. It was my food, I always thought to myself, even if it did mean I wasn’t going to touch it.

    • Diane Young says:

      I just emailed a 1,500-word article titled “Got M&Ms?” to an online gardening magazine in British Columbia. No, not that kind of M&Ms. I’m talking about mold and mildews, including a section on Dog Vomit Slime Mold. You still with me? There is such a thing and it looks just like dog barf.
      The piece is about identifying different molds and mildews that plague gardeners, preventing them and getting rid of them.
      I wrapped up by reminding readers that it’s easier to prevent M&Ms than it is to get rid of them and that I hope all their M&Ms are the chocolate kind.
      Next, I’m on to an article titled “When is a Songbird Only a Mouthful?”. It’s about the French eating ortolans(in the bunting family) almost to extinction in one mouthful: heads, bones, guts and all. Night feeders, the birds are caught in nets, kept in the dark, sometimes blinded, to keep them eating figs, oats and millet until they’re three times their normal size. Then they’re drowned in armagnac, plucked, stripped of their feet and roasted for eight minutes.
      Totally illegal since 1999, French gourmets can’t get enough of them, despite the heavy fines
      if caught and the hefty three and four-star Michelin restaurant prices of at least 180 Euros a bird. The taste is described as “magical”, with a hint of hazelnut, and despite sharp bones and beaks, is “like being taken to another dimension” or as one writer put it, “the gastronomical equivalent of a visitation from the Holy Grail”. The diners eat with large, white napkins covering their heads and shoulders.
      The birds have been eaten since Roman times. Their numbers have been in a steady decline during the past 30 years. It’s estimated that up to 1,500 poachers catch about 30,000 ortolans a year in the Aquitaine area of southern France.
      Naturally, environmentalists and conservationists are outraged at the “montrous” handling of
      the birds and the total French disregard of the law. I’m going to pitch it to The New Yorker magazine, failing success there, to THE ECONOMIST, the British weekly news magazine and then the Audubon Magazine if need be. I’m not sure the Audubon Society is concerned with bird issues outside the U.S. But the issue is so outrageous, I’m confident some editor will want it.

    • I’ve almost finished a book of articles on the links between Christian faith and culture. They were originally written when I was with my previous employer. They have given me permission to use them now in my own capacity. The book contains about 40 articles of between 600-1000 words each.

      I’m looking at self-publishing through Draft2Digital. I haven’t used them before but I’ve seen good reviews of them. Most reviews compare them favourably over Smashwords. Has anyone else had experience with Draft2Digital?

    • I had been working on a devotional type book including some of my life events and with intentions of adding some of other peoples also. But 2-3 years ago I also started a mystery/historical that I think has a good possibility of being a long term saga for more than one novel. Instead of running with the predictable Amish group, I found another cultural group of immigrants that settled in different areas of America that I believe will be interesting. Still trying to learn to quit correcting over and over instead of moving on. Making some progress. I just need to believe in myself that i could really make this happen.

    • Joyce says:

      I am trying to blog about the churches in my area. I live in Adelaide, South Australia and it is called the City of churches for a reason. Most of the churches are only open on/at certain times, so I have started writing a church blog, so people can see something of the magnificent churches in and around Adelaide.

      Link: http://churches-cemeteries.blogspot.com.au/

      I have not been able to post much in the last couple of months but I am trying to change that. But like everyone else, finding time is a problem

      I hope you like it

      • Elianne, The Writer's Midwife says:

        Loved looking at your blog, Joyce. Beautiful churches! Keep on keepin’ on.

    • I am writing a new opening to my memoir I’ve been working on for a long time. Here’s a snippet!

      “Amy, you’re gonna get it,” Nikki tells me. I’m hiding between the lilac bushes, Barbie’s head in my hand. It’s our weekend at our father’s old farmhouse.
      “What’d you use?”
      “Daddy John’s pocket knife.” I’m not afraid. My father is harmless, even almost scared sometimes.
      “I’m telling!” And she runs toward the house. I fish for the knife in the pocket of my dirty overalls and slice at Barbie’s pretty blue eyes so they open. I sit and poke little holes where her pupils are and then I saw at her ratty hair. I lick my bottom lip, almost got it. A pleasure fills me.
      “Amy! You get in here!” It’s Grandma Helen—I can see her wiping her fat hands on her apron through the lilac branches. The white house is blinding but filthy. The shutters are falling off. My Uncle Bob saunters up the dirt driveway and tosses a beer can near my hiding spot. He doesn’t see me, I breathe. His hands, I don’t like his hands.
      I wait for him to get to the porch before I emerge. I stuff the knife in my pocket and leave Barbie behind.
      “Amy, what are you doing? Give your daddy his knife back, you don’t belong with that. Come in it’s lunch time.” I race up the stairs and into the kitchen where Grandpa Leo sits in his brown chair that spins and spins when you lay across it. He’s next to the window, above the lilacs, watching the humming bird feeder as usual, sipping his Old Style. I know it’s time to be good so I toss the knife on the table and take my seat. Nikki and Jodie are already eating their Spaghettios from the chipped blue China dishes I always love to look at.

    • Sarahu Nagarazan says:

      I can write a novel, I can write a poem, I can write short story and I can write a Hollywood screen play

    • Christine Cassello says:

      Christine Cassello
      A Book of Fairy Tales for Children and Adults
      Fairy TaleEnglishAges 10 and up03801
      Keywords: Fairy Tales, Poems, Rhymes, Stories

      $1.49 ON SALE Your book is available here: Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Other Shops
      More Information Edit Book

      Christine Cassello
      More fairy tales for children and adults
      Fairy TaleEnglishAges 10 and up06301
      Keywords: Fairy Tale, Poems, Rhymes, Stories

      $1.49 ON SALE Your book is available here: Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Other Shops
      More Information Edit Book

    • I just finished writing a psychotherapy memoir called, “MIXED NUTS or What I’ve Learned Practicing Psychotherapy …in plain English.” As a clinician whose specialty was anxiety disorders (panic attacks, phobias, excessive worry, etc.) and trauma (rape, incest, domestic abuse, combat veterans, etc.), I always tried to work quickly and painlessly and keep the tone light in the office. My goal was to write this book with the same tone. Quite a challenge with such serious and emotional subject matter.

      Here is a description from the back cover:

      “Highly irreverent, but filled with wisdom and infused with deep caring, MIXED NUTS is a memoir of a life working in psychotherapy.”

      “As the client wrapped his hands around my throat I was tempted to squeak, ‘ Does someone need a hug?'” Speaking to the layperson and the practitioner alike, even Rick’s signature humor can’t hide his deep understanding of mental illness, his desire to heal quickly and effectively, and his pragmatic and often creative approach to treatment.

      I expect it to be out by the end of this month.

      • Amanda Hargrave says:

        Goodness… I’m glad I wasn’t one of your poor clients…

    • Elianne, The Writer's Midwife says:

      I’ve finally started on a book I’ve been postponing (okay, resisting 🙂 getting going on for about a year. It’s not an easy topic to broach, and it has many complexities, so I am struggling with how to structure it and with how to best express what I want to say. It’s aimed primarily at spiritual seekers who (as I did) looked to the nontheistic traditions of the East (Buddhism, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, etc.) because they couldn’t find the nourishment and clarity they needed in their Jewish or Christian upbringing. (Sadly, in many cases, there was wounding as well that could very well need healing.) My book is an examination of the choice to follow a nondual path, including the benefits as well as an invitation to look behind some of the doors that were shut, usually many years before. It’s far from being your usual “conversion book,” and I hope it will help people to move into more of a beginner’s-mind framework for considering some “old” possibilities in a new light, without denial or condemnation of any genuine spiritual experiences they’ve had on the journey.

      I started out about 25 years ago as a copyeditor for nonfiction books (spiritual/religious/healing/memoir), and moved on to developmental and content editing in the same genres, finally adding writing coaching and some fiction editing to the mix. So I have been well aware of how much it takes to get a book completed. A LOT. I think that’s part of the reason why I never felt moved to write one of my own before. But this topic called to me (loudly!), so down the rabbit hole I go . . .

      Thanks, Mary, for providing the opportunity to share what we’re all doing. It’s such an encouragement to see how others are taking up the gauntlet and proceeding on, often despite daunting obstacles. All the best to each one of you in your pursuits!

    • Sarahu Nagarazan says:

      I have written a novel since 10 – 15 days especially for getting noble prize. Suppose if keep writing a novel for a month it will bifurcates into 3 to 5 novels within that novel. So I try to complete it in less than 10 – 15 days period. I think this time is much for me. Not only noble prize. I mean which are prizes in this world which I get definitely. Already I have completed for 9 novels and 15 novels noble and international prizes. This was written when I was 22 – 23. But due to some technical problem of translation from Kannada language to English.
      . I can write 7 to 10 pages of novel within 25 minutes only. I can write one small story 5 to 7 pages in 15 to 20 minutes. I can write in my cell phone 3 pages of novel or short story within half an hour in screen touch mobile, by using only my right hand thumb finger. If you give me a single word I can write about love, and I can write 5 pages of poetry within 30 minutes. I can write in my cell phone 2 pages of novel within half an hour in screen touch mobile, by using only my left hand thumb finger. If you give me a single word I can write about love, and I can write 150 pages of poetry within 1 hour in a day. I can write 6 to 8 small stories in one hour only. If you give me a single word I can write about love, and I can write 5 pages poetry within 30 minutes on the same word for half an hour without stop. I have capacity of writing poetry as much as pages you can say. If you give me a single word I can write in my cell phone 2 to 3 pages of poetry within 25 to 30 minutes in screen touch mobile, by using only my right hand thumb finger as well as left hand thumb finger. I can write 2 to 3 pages of short stories within 25 to 30 minutes without full stop, but I used comma and exclamatory mark only. If you give me a theme I can tell orally 4 pages of novel or story within half an hour only. If you give me 5 to 10 characters I can write 5 pages of short story within 30 minutes only Act of facial expression I can write sitting in isolation, it’s my routine. I can write without using headphone. If you give me a single word, I can write fraction of second foundation to climax on the spot.
      Just bring on all famous writers from the world and give same theme for all of us, you can find out whose imagination is better. If they take 1 week for writing 200 to 400 pages. I just finish it within 5 hours in a day only. Then you can judge.
      You just give me 50 themes of novels and give me only 10 days’ time and you may give 100-150 numbers of pages I will write and finish those novels only in 10 days I can write 100-150 pages of 50 novels it is as easy as I drink water.
      I ask you to call up a group of whole world writer’s one side, and ask them to write a novel or Hollywood script on the other side I will write the novel on the same theme. Later you can judge who has scripted better?
      I can write story, screen play, dialogues and scene paper within 4 hours. However you demand I can write in that style in Hollywood. Example: if you give me a subject likes ‘stone’ or ‘stick’ or any other think or you just show anything around us by pointing finger, I can write on the topic story, screen play, dialogues and scene paper within 4 hours in a day only by pen or I tell it orally as your wish. I can write as you say within 4 hours in a day. And I can direct Hollywood movie without script, it’s my confidence. If you provide an opportunity to write a Hollywood story with any theme I can write it in front of you spontaneously without giving time for thinking. Lonely without anybody’s help. I can write that Hollywood script within fraction of second’s right from foundation to climax.
      my main objective is that to direct an a Hollywood movie & I wish to act as a hero, I’m eagerly waiting for an a opportunity from Hollywood film industry, u give any theme of Hollywood film script I can write within 2 hours in front of you spontaneously without taking time to think with nobodies help, I can write Hollywood scripts within fraction of second’s right from foundation to climax, and to create my first scene of the Hollywood movie other writers will take around 20 to 25 years! U can anyone can guess how many years will they take to create a full movie screenplay?

      I can work on writing as like a floor mill work. If you give me a theme to write and after finishing it you can give me another theme I can write spontaneously and continuously without stop.
      If all the people of the world comes together and builds a short story, Hollywood story, Hollywood screen play or Novel with the help of their imagination, then I can make the story alone comparing to the people of whole world, then you can decide who have build the short story, Hollywood story, Hollywood screen play or Novel better. And I can defeat Hollywood script writers only in my small finger. And my imagination power creates a story for every second and a Hollywood story for every minute. (I have a deep imagination power at the time I was studying 5th standard. The proof for this is the only novels I have written when I was in the 8th and 9th standard. But, here, there is no provision to explain the summary of said novels. The scope of my imagination can understand the only those people who have studied my novels, because that novels contains the series of imaginations and subjects that the Hollywood films can also take inspiration from this work. The translator feels tough to translate my imaginations in English language. So after my completion of my first Hollywood movie, I myself translate my work in English language within 2 years. And also I will write English novels.
      (Pertaining to the writing works, I can defeat the writers of rest of the whole world by only my pointing finger. And I can rotate the literature world in my pointing finger. And pertaining to the science works, I can defeat the scientist of rest of the whole world by only my Thumb finger. And pertaining to the other technical means civil engineering, software engineering and other talented works, I can defeat the peoples of rest of the whole world by only my left hand pointing finger. And I am capable of completing in half an hour, the work of 1000 software engineers with the help of my left hand middle finger only. I can work as a software engineer easily, but I am not software engineer. Even I can draw the civil engineering diagrams easily. How many talented works are there? I can do all that work. Especially I am interested in doing operation of Kidney, Heart and Brain etc.)
      If you want to examine my ability, you can observe me sitting in front of me. I can write in even noisy place, I can write keeping headphone and listening songs, I can write sitting in front of stereo sound with woofer sound, and even I can write sitting in isolation, it’s my routine. I can write without using headphone. However you tell I can write. Whatever I write it’s purely in Kannada language only. Writing novels in Kannada language is quite difficult where as in English it is very easy.
      You can give Hundred crore or UN limited themes (no limitation) at a time I can write on every theme one after another without stopping the pen. I can write on the spot it without giving any time for thinking. I can start writing on the given theme frequently without thinking or sketching about the theme.
      Once I put the pen on the paper, I won’t stop writing. I won’t stop a bit for thinking. If you give any single word, I can write on the same without any stop. It’s not my habit of thinking while writing. There are so many ways. As God knows everything by his supernatural power; in the same way inspirations and idea comes into my mind spontaneously while I writes novels. Ex, if you offer me a pen or stone to write a novel, the novel format, foundation and even climax I mean who sketch of the novel comes into my mind within a fraction of seconds. By chance if I start to write novels holding pen with lots of imagination the story of novel will be changed. Suppose holding pen in fingers and writing novel with consuming more time; even I don’t know in what way it leads me to. There are no instances of writing by thinking in my career ever. So now I am Mystic person and clairvoyance boy. Means I can directly speak to almighty.Whichever place you tell I can write the novel in that place and situation only. There is no specific time for me to write the novel. Whatever I have written here, it has been written honestly and truthfully. You must initiate a theme to write novels, then I sit along with you and here I promise you that my challenges will surely come true.

    • Elianne, The Writer's Midwife says:

      I’ve finally started on a book I’ve been postponing (okay, resisting 🙂 getting going on for about a year. It’s not an easy topic to broach, and it has many complexities, so I am struggling with how to structure it and with how to best express what I want to say. It’s aimed primarily at spiritual seekers who (as I did) looked to the nontheistic traditions of the East (Buddhism, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, etc.) because they couldn’t find the nourishment and clarity they needed in their Jewish or Christian upbringing. (Sadly, in many cases, there was wounding as well that could very well need healing.)

      My book is an examination of the choice to follow a nondual path, including the benefits as well as an invitation to look behind some of the doors that were shut, usually many years before. It’s far from being your usual “conversion book,” and I hope it will help people to move into more of a beginner’s-mind framework for considering some “old” possibilities in a new light, without denial or condemnation of the genuine spiritual experiences they’ve had on the journey.

      I started out 25 years ago as a copyeditor for nonfiction books (spiritual/religious/healing/memoir), and moved on to developmental and content editing in the same genres, finally adding writing coaching and some fiction editing to the mix. So I have been well aware of how much it takes to get a book completed. A LOT. I think that’s part of the reason why I never felt moved to write one of my own before. But this topic called to me (loudly!), so down the rabbit hole I go . . .

      Thanks, Mary, for providing the opportunity to share what we’re all doing. Just trying to describe my project here was a help to me. And it’s such an encouragement to see how others are taking up the gauntlet and proceeding on. All the best to each one of you in your pursuits!


    • JOSEPH SYKES says:

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Joey and I’m in the midst of a college-level fiction writing class where I just finished up my first short story. I am very proud of my writing overall, but my work with plots in general continue to stress me out. However, I am excited to share a snippet of my story “Cinco” which earned me an A-!

      Crossing the Sixth Street Viaduct, Payge estimated it was about 40 minutes to Anaheim and another two hours to her parent’s place in the affluent suburbs of San Diego. The golden light from the dimming sunset passed through the support frames of her maroon Jeep before lapping onto her skin. She wore her blond, highlighted hair in a ponytail as modeled a chalky white tank top and dark Ray Bans to combat the California heat did. The leather driver seat propped her petite frame extremely close to the steering wheel, in turn creating a comical effect to anyone passing by. At 45 miles an hour, it was just moments before the anxious soon-to-be grad was cruising up the I-5 onramp just south of Santa Fe Springs.
      The drive’s an easy one. I-5 – “Cinco,” as the collective LA populace likes to call it – is a straight shot through the state’s lower counties; not to mention it’s a gorgeous one at that. Running along the wave-cut coast for nearly 50 miles, the highway tags the beaches of tiny hipster towns like Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Del Mar – hotspots for So-Cal locals to flee the choking LA atmosphere. In the late afternoon, one could marvel at the extraordinary orange, yellow, and magenta colors that grazed every inch of America’s western seaboard. Payge loved it when the rolling and wispy clouds painted a reflection of the white waves below. It was a ride she usually enjoyed, just not this evening.

      • Check out Save The Cat by Blake Snyder for plotting issues. Great read. It’s for screenplays but works for fiction as well. It’s simple and straightforward and can really help when it comes to plotting.

    • I blog at BecomingMyBestMe.com and some of my blog writing is in the book I am writing called Revealing Your Treasures Hidden in Darkness. The theme is to help women coming through such life transitions to regain hope and to believe that there is a meaningful purpose for your life in the next season. It aims to revive your dreams and goals, to define your gifts and strengths, and to create a vision of the plan for your future. My goal is to self publish by fall.

    • Linda H says:

      Currently, I’m reinventing my website to focus on more freelance writing, blogging, and writing marketing content for businesses. I’m trying to blend resume writing as marketing documents to boost professional careers for executives and including professional bios and profiles for improved marketing campaigns. Mostly I’ve been working on adding services to my website, and restructuring how I create marketing content for professionals through resumes, cover letters and other services. I plan to post a blog this coming week related to careers and marketing. Later, I’ll be developing more blogs and possibly working toward articles for publications or freelance blogging for business or corporations that can use improved writing talents. I alsorecently named my blog, “Business Writing that Counts”.

    • Tina Cole says:

      I’ve started a blog series on studying the bestseller of all time-the most loved and most hated book too. My first post is called Sword Study and the next one will probably be titled ‘Sword Skills’.

    • M. L. Coulthard says:

      After more than 40 years of being too busy to really write what I wanted to, yet still penning (literally penning… hand writing!!) many, MANY pages in my journals throughout those 40+ years, and I have FINALLY had a change in my life that allows (and have found a partner that supports my dreams!!) me to sit down and write.

      Several short stories completed just to get warmed up, three full manuscripts done and through critical editing and rewrite, and three more manuscripts nearing completion!! Yea!!!

      One tentative contract from a publisher, some good bites from a couple agents looking over different bits of my work – I want ONE agent in the end. I don’t want to play the minutia of trying to manage all this myself. And after all this and just over a year, I am feeling incredible. An editor that I love due to her critical nature.

      And I am excited!!

      Anywhere from 2,000 to more than 10,000 words a day feels good. And all of this is simply due to having the support structure around me that encourages me to write.

      If I have ONE SUGGESTION to all writers out there, surround yourself with the love of a partner and muse that supports your dreams.

      I was beginning to think the only legacy I could leave my kids was some carpy (I know I spelled that wrong) insurance policies and some old, cryptic journals. Now they can get so much more. They get a happy dad that is living his dreams.

      • Christine Cassello says:

        I agree that having a partner who supports our dreams is crucial. I really did not get back into writing in any serious way until I found someone who encouraged me and told me I could do it even though it is something I wanted to do since childhood and particularly in high school. When I began working jobs that did not utilize any writing skill I only wrote journals and sometimes I would go long periods of time without writing any of them. Then, this friend suggested that I would be good at writing children’s stories and suggested I enroll in Institute of Children’s Literature. Through them, I found out that I do indeed have a writing talent, but not I need to find a way to make it pay off.

      • Chris P says:

        Congratulations on getting an agent. They can be very picky these days. I was the same as you, wanting an agent to deal with everything. I didn’t want to self publish because I wanted the reassurance of someone else… independently… feeling that my work was worth gambling their time and money on.
        Fortunately, a small publisher that I sent a query to about whether my books fitted their criteria, phoned me back (impressed that my e-mail didn’t read like an e-mail, but was well written and correctly spelled and punctuated… See… It does matter.).
        After a chat, he asked for a full MS to be e-mailed. He made one suggestion, which I dealt with, then offered to publish.

    • Steve says:

      I just wrote about my late adoption discovery and a couple of interesting findings about my family history published on Huffingtom Post at:


    • Liz says:

      I’ve written 2 murder mysteries (a series) but haven’t finished editing either. I’m not happy with the first book’s opening. It’s good and necessary, but I feel like I should start closer to the murder itself. Here’s my new opener.
      The first thing he saw was the body. ‘Crime scene’ was his first thought.
      Without entering the classroom, fourteen-year-old Kevin flipped open his cell phone and speed-dialed the police.

    • Hi. Just finishing the edit of the second novel of my trilogy “the women who used to dream”. It’s due to May. In June and July will do the translation of “Clara Sandra Used to Dream” to english. And also a couple more projects for clients.

    • Currently working on a novel called HOLMES IN AMERICA. It’s a modern twist on the Sherlock Holmes franchise. I brought Holmes across the pond to canada and teamed him up with a female cop in Toronto. These two don’t mix well in the beginning as she has to curb his less than politically correct tendancies. They come together in a common goal to sting a dirty cop harassing Sherlock. It has policing, comedy and romance.

    • I’ve wrote two books “The Devil Whisper” a novel based on a true story, and “Broken Wings and Shattered Dreams”, a collection of poetry. Please feel free to like the Facebook pages for both to find out more about the books. I find the most challenging aspect of writing is the editing and re-writing which can be daunting, especially novel lengths. I blog also but haven’t been as active as I want to be due to life’s demands and working. I’ve got to get busy blogging and writing another book or two… I’m currently working on my page as there are some technical issues I need to iron out.

    • Just today, I…

      Started a piece for a blog for Loconeal Publishing, ✍
      Added notes for my column at NortEast Ohio Golf magazine,
      Worked on art for my latest book, Design Your Own Golf Course Sketchpad, ⛳
      Updated my website to include web developement,
      And dreamed of a #1 ranked book!

    • I’ve been doing a lot of rewriting lately and it’s all Darren Rowes’ fault at Problogger! Seriously, I took his cornerstone content course which really helped me to focus on my core message and where I want to take my site (and business) in the future. That led to an article audit so a lot of my earlier posts have been updated and a few of the best have been republished. Right now I’m updating one of my books. The topic fits beautifully with my cornerstone content so I’ll be relaunching it next month as a companion piece to a new online course that will (finally!) complete the “puzzle”.

    • Amberly says:

      I’ve been writing a YA Sci-Fi novel for about a year now. Though I’ve been writing for a while, I haven’t been adding much because I keep rewriting things and getting writers block. But recently I watched a video about an author explaining her writing journey, and she said “If I stopped writing when I had writer’s block or no inspiration, I wouldn’t have gotten anything on the page.” So I’m learning to push through all the doubt and negative thoughts, and finally finish what I started.

    • Where do I begin? All I do is write! I’m currently writing my memoir about a caregiver’s journey guiding a troubled soul to his passing. It’s called “The Promise I Kept.” When I was in my 30s, my father begged me never to put him in a nursing home. He had had a stroke and was severely handicapped. Of course, I promised, never believing I’d be called to care for him. But 20 years later, completely crippled and going blind, I had to make good.

      It’s our journey together with me acting as a caregiver. But as the years unraveled I found it was actually him doing the caring.

    • For the past two weeks I hosted a 10-Day Social Media Challenge to help people put together a social media marketing plan. Here is the link to Day 10 where you can find links to the other 9 days as well. http://ruthlsnyder.com/day-10-wrapping-it-all-up-10daysmchallenge/#.VxLg3dTOerU

    • Claire Daines says:

      Just finished a short story crossover of Sherlock Holmes and ‘A Christmas Carol’, in which Moriarty plays the part of Scrooge. Soon to be published as an ebook with MX Publishing.

    • Hi
      I have no idea what an “aspect” is? What I do know is that my life seems to me to be a continuous stream of little stories, or story snippets?

      I write this stuff, but no one reads it but myself? That’s because I have no idea what I am doing; I just like to recall it and write it for fun.

      I don’t know at all how it reads to someone else?

      I posted a little snippet on this empty website: http://unfoldingjobs.com/

    • Doris Garcia says:

      A rough draft of a little something I’m working on. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

      JOHN 12:25
      He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal.

      “I did it! I can’t believe I did it!” Delilah said aloud, half expecting not to hear the sound of her own voice as the reality of the moment slowly began to register. She started shaking uncontrollably as a wave of nausea caused her stomach to rise and then plummet, like a wave crashing down; as inexplicable as it was, the hair on her arms stiffened as goosepimples rippled across her skin. Deliliah was instantly mesmerized by the sight of her lifeless body, her bent knees bringing to mind a contorted mannequin, was half floating in the overflowing bathtub. A small stream of water was still flowing out of the faucet causing a slight froth to form between her pale feet. She felt unable to move as her stomach continued to churn, she did not dare look away from the scene before her, lest she disappear. Her long dark hair which ordinarily came down to her hips, floated on the surface of the water, a portion of it had gathered around her head giving the appearance that she had been crowned with a black halo; the upper portion of her face was partially covered by the rest of her hair, her dark eyes were half open and barely visible through her hair but they brought to mind a macabre version of peek-a-boo, her nose barely broke the surface of the water. Her skin, ordinarily a deep golden tan, had a sickly pasty white hue to it. The water looked merely tainted with blood, either enough time had passed and enough water had spilled over the sides of the bathtu diluting the bloody water or her heart, having stopped beating, had slowed the blood seeping from her wrists. It was most likely it was a combination of both, she thought. Before she could complete her next thought time stopped, the air in the room became eerily still, her vision started to cloud, it became fuzzy at the edges, a slow rolling fog crept in from the corner of her eyes until it covered her entire field of vision. She watched her rapid movements in reverse through the dense fog, it reminded her of a movie scene you must rewind simply because you cannot believe what you just saw and had to watch it again. Her eyes were not able to capture each individual movement due to the high speed of her backward actions and the relentless fog. Just as quickly as it had begun to rewind it suddenly began to replay, in crisp HD format, the fog dissipated in the blink of an eye and some invisible hand pushed play on this, the last moment of her life. The scene unfolded from the beginning, an instant replay in slow motion. Delilah was frozen, able to only watched in awe all the while fighting the urge to vomit.

      • Nice. I love creepy and love being in a dead woman’s head. This intrigues me. I only wanted to be a little more grounded in the scene. where am i? and when am i? i don’t mean give me a specific date just a little description of where she is and what time period she is in. also, i think this would be a great opening line: Deliliah was instantly mesmerized by the sight of her lifeless body. That line got my attention – could be a good hook.
        Also, you may want to check out the book, Editor-Proof Your Writing by Don McNair. It helped me SO much! Gives good tips on word searching LY words (and omitting them), “was” ( change was following to followed), “began to”, “started to”, etc. Good way to sharpen those sentences.
        Good job.

    • I just launched a blog for parents and educators of teens. My most recent piece explores how parents play a critical role in modeling positive behavior when it comes to body image, diet, and exercise. I’d love it if you took a look:)


    • I have been writing about gaining homesteading confidence and what it means to make my own decisions about what I eat, regardless of how offended they make other people.


    • I’m finishing an Ebook on embroidery digitizing (exciting, I know) and starting the outline for my next YA novel. My first book just released a week ago!

    • Hi all…. Great web site…
      I prefer not to tell much as it’s a hot topic in many ways but it will be the first novel length Action-Thriller I’ve written and I’m taking my time…I want this to be right/good and I want to think my way through it all..
      I really enjoy your articles…

    • Cutiepie120048 says:

      I’m trying for this idea.

      It’s about Heroes, who have conflicts with the police. The Heroes have good intentions, but their superiors make them seem evil and full of ill-intent.

      4 friends – different courses – misdirected enemy.

      Neutral – Hero – Villian; What will that ultimately choose?

    • A.B. Plum says:

      I’ve just finished a 21,000 + novella that’s a prequel to a trilogy I intend to self-publish later this summer. I wrote this book in 2.5 weeks, and it’s now with a couple of beta readers. Now, on to getting that website finished.

    • Hi there
      I am proud to say I have just self published A Time for Adventure and as you may have guessed it’s a time travel adventure novella. Now my next venture is a children’s learning picture book Hoppy Lottie, which my seven year old daughter inspired me to put together from her own idea.
      I’m also writing a thriller based in a civil war based uk, this is ESCAPE and an inuendo fueled comedy call THE PHOTOGRAPHER.
      Here are some snippets for your enjoyment.
      London isn’t what it used to be, in-fact England isn’t what it used to be. Long gone are the quaint country villages, with their Sunday morning church bells followed by the cheers of ‘how’s that’ as the village clergy gets bowled out on the cricket green or groups of ramblers wandering across pastured fields while skylarks circle overhead singing their summer tunes.
      No more are the city streets bustling with commuters during morning rush hour, as they make haste to get a seat on the seven thirty express and bury themselves into their favourite daily newspaper, attempting a crossword or reading of the horror that was about to descend upon the once green and pleasant land.
      That’s how it was before, just four years ago. Before the uprising started. An uprising that would send thousands to their graves, be it sacred ground or an undisclosed mass burial pit, dug secretly, deep in some remote forest. The cricket ball would be replaced with a flaming Molotov cocktail. The clergy, probably slaughtered for his beliefs would now be but a skeleton hanging from the very rope of the bell he once pulled and the commuter swapping his newspaper for an AK47 and killing the neighbour he once borrowed a lawn mower from.
      No, England wasn’t the same. It was in turmoil.
      It all began to change on August 3rd, 2015 and Charlie Smith was there to witness it.

      Standing back away from the camera the photographer wiped his brow and ran his fingers through his strands of fine dark hair, he stood admiring the view as the happy couple took their place, just as the groom was being dragged away by his less than sober and over familiar new mother in law.
      With his eye back to the eyepiece, he took a firm grip of his 28mm and twisted it in and out until it focused on the two fitty’s before him.
      ‘Now face each other and give each other a deep passionate kiss.’ He wanted to say.
      “Nice smiles now.” Is what he actually said.
      With one last click and a flash he had another photoshoot under his belt and two grand in his pocket.
      “I just love this job.” He thought.

      “Excuse me,” someone said, tapping his shoulder.
      Making sure his equipment was stowed the photographer turned to see who wanted his attention.
      “Will you do and me and my sister?” One of the near identical beauties said.
      “Of course, when?” He asked.
      “Now.” The second one said.
      “Right here?” He asked.
      “Not here, here,” The first one said, “over there.”
      They both pointed to an ageing oak tree that was full of leaf, shading the ground from the hot mid-day sun. The same tree he had captured the bride and groom under not an hour earlier.
      “Up against that tree,” The second one said. “Together. Then one at a time.”
      “Oh yes, this Job just gets better and better.” He thought.
      Making sure his lens was firmly in place and he had his strap on the photographer placed the camera around his neck and followed the duo, keeping a close watch on their cute arses.
      “So what do we call you?” The first one asked.
      “Horny for a start, but with an arse like that you can call me what you want,” He thought.
      “Gino,” He said, “but my friends call me G.”
      “Gee, oh Gee!” They giggled.
      I hope you enjoy my words

    • Sanjoy says:

      This is a link to what I have written very recently


    • Hello everyone. Currently, I am working on a couple of things. One of them is for CampNanoWrmo with a couple of friends. It started back at the beginning of the month, however, I didn’t feel inspired much. I began working on it yesterday and managed two hundred words. My goal is 8,000. Sometimes work has me so tuckeered out that I only want to sleep or become a couch potato. With the help of my boyfriend, I did manage a funny short short. I would love some feedback. Here’s the link: https://jennessjordan.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/impromptuspark/

    • I’m writing a Devotional using the writings of the Doctors of the Church. Additionally, I have two articles that need finishing so they can be submitted to publications, and I have a historical fiction novel I’ve been working on that is a sequel to my first book.

      • Your juggling a lot of balls…

      • Elianne, The Writer's Midwife says:

        Sherry, I was delighted to hear that you are doing a devotional based on the Doctors of the Church. What a fabulous idea! I have collected over time a small selection of great quotes from various Saints, some of whom are Doctors. Would you like to have the list, and you can cull from it what might be useful? (Bad syntax—ha ha.)

    • I just recently picked up an Epic Fantasy novel that I’d shelved away. I watched ‘Lord of the Rings’ and it made me decide to give another go at it. We’ll see how that turns out.

      I’m about 26,000 words into the first book, which doesn’t sound like much except for one fact: I’ve tried five times to write this same book and keep getting stuck. I guess we’ll see where I get this time.

      Here’s a link to the prologue of it on my website: http://davidkummer.com/sample-of-my-abigail/

    • Angel says:

      Working on my 2 poetry books,CARICATURES and the other one is SOLACE&SWEET,SWEET SUNDAYS. Drafting on my 2 novels, SHIELDS&GUARDIAN ANGELS and THE HONORABLES.

    • Melissa K Whitehead says:

      I am at the beginning stages of writing a Non-Fiction Book Proposal. It is a Memoir covering my tumultuous life alongside my Grandmothers’ beginnings, “In a Place Called Dismal Swamp”.

      I have about a dozen notebooks of research on N.C. History, Pirates, Slavery, Orphans, Southern Life in the 1800’s and am just starting to write storylines, plot ideas, an outline etc.

      Problem #1 I am a former teacher and have written for a local paper but get overwhelmed using ‘Microsoft Word’ and screech to a halt. I just don’t have those processing skills: Outlining, page numbers, indexing. This story is going to include lots of historical data hence footnotes. Ugh, ugh and more ugh. I keep giving up.

      Problem #2 I have a Microsoft (once) Beta 365 Website for a business I have to close. Can I, should I keep it and change it to my Storyboard &/or blog for help &/or ideas. MS doesn’t have an archive feature but it gives me the ability to upload Word to the site and work and invite others to view work etc.

      Thanks so much for listening and any suggestions would be most helpful.

      • Hi Melissa, I agree that Word is hopeless for getting a book together. What I”m using is Scrivener. It’s software especially developed for writing books. I love it!

        • Melissa K Whitehead says:

          Wow. Thanks Mary. I will definitely look for Scrivener. Great tip.

      • Diane Young says:

        Hi Melissa,
        I’m with you. I hate Word with a passion. When I was asked to send a piece on Word last year, I totally rebelled and a friend suggested I download Open Office, which is similar and much easier to use. I loved it. I used it recently for another article, hit a wrong combination of keys, and Open Office crashed on me! Turns out Open Office has a tendency to crash. Now they tell me. Fortunately, I saved my article before it crashed.
        I thought that Scrivener was the answer to everything until I watched a webinar last year. It was so complicated and the instructor went so fast, cursor whizzing all over the page, I was totally overwhelmed and angry, so I clicked out before it was over. Plus, I’m not stupid, but I really hate it when I’m reading English and it doesn’t make a bit of sense. I’ll just take my chances with Open Office again next time.

        • Joe James Falmer says:

          Hi Diane
          Scrivener really is the way forward.
          I’ll try to find a simple explanation of the way to get started.
          This ought to help you.

          Joe James Falmer

          • Diane Young says:

            Thanks, James. I’ll check it out.

        • Melissa K Whitehead says:

          So Diane, nice to know I am not alone. Geez, I’m an old geezer-a (female geezer) but I guess I could take an adult education class on Word Processing. Ugh. And I’m smart too. The world is moving soooooo fast!! 🙂 Thanks though for your reply.

        • Jay says:

          I haven’t used Microsoft Word since 2003 I think. Haven’t missed it once! I refuse to spend my time with an expensive chunk of software with a GUI from the dark ages.

          Having said that, OpenOffice.Org never really offered the compatibility I wanted. With a *sigh*, I do admit that sometimes the Microsoft formats are needed to ease document sharing.

          I’ve tried LaTeX and everything non-Microsoft available and here’s what I’ve ended up using:

          -Libreoffice and the various Notepad++ softwares for scribbling around and taking notes on my computer
          -Googledocs for anything meant for peer review or quick sharing to a set group
          -Thrive Content Builder for my published blog posts

          Libre and Google Docs have (until now) provided enough compatibility for Microsoft formats. I’m experimenting with Scrivener and the note-taking apps aimed at writers as well.

          Right now I’m writing a post about focusing your message. We’ll see how this bottle of wine affects the result. =)

      • I use LibreOffice Writer, rather than MS Word. Free and easy to use. And I use Calibre, also free, to convert odt files created by LibreOffice into epub and mobi — great for testing a book on an ereadee before publishing.

        • Rebecca says:

          Hi Melissa, have you tried google docs? You can instantly share,save…

    • >