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    • Vivian Teh says:

      Hey! I’m writing a book named Tenacious.

      Interested? Read on:)

      Moonlight streamed in from the small miserable window of the tower, igniting its path with silvery light. Admist the darkness, the moon looked as if its a bright jewel, the only pure thing left in this filthy, dark world. It glowed gently, giving out a false sense of calmness in this land of insanity.
      The faint shadow deep behind the cell jerked awake, gasping for air. She had wished that this dream would at least bring her somewhere far away from those cold, hard iron bars cutting her away from the outside world.
      But it didn’t.
      She retreated to the wall, hugging her legs, full of scars and bleeding pus. How she wished things could be different. It was a single mistake, but it caused her everything. And no matter how sorry she was, nothing would return. She tried to cut off the loud snores of the guards and calm herself down. Maybe all this was just a nightmare. Maybe it would end.
      Without a sound, she stood upright and stared at the moon. It had been a long time since she stood up on her own. The torture seemed to drain her of all strength. But today was different. Dream or not, everything is changing. She had hope now, however insane it is.
      Staring up, her gaze met the moon, ever so bright and calming. Her whole life has changed, but the moon remained. It was the only thing left that proved everything before was real, and she held on to it, like a dear friend. It was unreachable but close at the same time. And for a long, long time, she did not move an inch, enchanted by it.
      Suddenly, the spell was broken. Something was staring at her. Without missing a beat, she spun around just to be greeted by shining red eyes.
      “Demon!”She stifled a scream, before realizing the grave mistake she made.
      The older guard, already into his seventies, shot up from his slumber, glancing nervously left to right, evil whip ready in his hand. When he was certain that there was no one around, he threw it on the ground and stormed towards her cage.
      “Shut up! Give us some sleep, or we’ll treat you especially well tomorrow when the King comes!” He threatened, cursing and muttering murderous thoughts. The other guard kept silent like always, trailing behind.
      She slunk further into the shadows, glaring at the thin, prehensile tail disappearing in the hole of the wall. Rats. How she hates them.
      She knew how “well” he could treat her, but somehow, it did not seem intimidating anymore.
      “Tomorrow!” She managed to sqeeze that word out before bursting out in laughter. Its funny, now that she thought about it. The table is finally turning.
      “That’s right! It’s the day when we can finally not see your face anymore!…You demon.” He continued darkly, and spat the last words out like they burned.
      The other guard stared blankly at both of them like they don’t exist. He stood perfectly still in his position, never making any sign of emotion, not when she got whipped, nor now when the other guard spoke for him. It was like he had no heart or will of his own.
      Anger flashed in her eyes. “You’ll…never get to see it. Tomorrow.”
      The guard still listing his what-to-do-after-demon-dies plan looked over.
      “Hmm, what was that?”
      The figure clothed in rags grinned. The moon lighted her teeth white, too white. For a moment, the guard was shocked. He stepped back, then plucking up his courage, he reached down to grab the whip. He never reached it.
      The other guard heard a heavy thump.
      “He…hey Smith?”
      He turned around and ran without hesitation, but it was already too late. The man fell to the floor, joining his friend on the journey to hell.
      A crooked grin spread across her face, full of venom. She stood up, staring at the body with a cold look of truimp.
      “Tomorrow is here already. You are not.”
      She then glanced up at the attacker.
      “And. You. Are. Late.”
      A cloaked shadow of a man stepped out of the shadows. Removing his hood, he bowed down to the girl.
      “Princess.” He did not seem sorry, not that she cared.
      Outside the window, the moon peeked in. And this time, it was full.

    • Hi everyone!
      I am working on a manuscript and I also blog whenever i feel like expressing my thoughts. My blogs is all about dreams and life.

      My recent post is
      Living A Life Of A Super Hero.

      I would be very glad to see your feedback which can help me to improve my writing. Looking forward. Thanks


      The beauty of life lies in simple things… http://sunilprabhakaranv.blogspot.in/

    • William Owen says:

      I write contemporary poetry … almost always Australian themed … or I try to …


      Be a copper or a robber, the choice is down to you
      But the coppers aren’t responsible for crimes that you might do
      If you traffic drugs in Asia there’s a chance that you might die
      But the money was enormous, and brought a twinkle to your eye

      Be a goodie or a baddie, it’s a decision you must make
      It’s not like it surprised you, you knew for goodness sake
      When it comes to drugs in Asia that they’re pretty bloody strict
      And you knew before you left here, the pain they would inflict

      You’re to blame, no one else, the choice you made was wrong
      Be it Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Hong Kong
      You took the chance, you lost the bet, they caught you fair and square
      The firing squad awaits you, when you choose to smuggle there

      They tell me that the Lord above, he walks the halls in jail
      It’s a shame you didn’t find him til you had that mighty fail
      Do you really think that we believe if you’d not been apprehended
      You would have ceased your life of crime, and your smuggling suspended

      Life is full of choices, you’re responsible for yours
      You took your life in your own hands when you passed those Customs’ doors
      They caught you and they banged you up, and now it’s all too late
      A deathly shame you made the choice you did, for you and for your mate

    • Hi all! I am a sixteen year old writer who has recently started a WordPress. SCRBBLR provides “a fresh perspective on writing, blogging, and teen existence in general”.

      My most recent article can be found here: https://scrbblr.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/how-you-can-make-writing-more-than-just-a-hobby/#more-98

      If anyone has any comments or critiques on how I can improve my writing or my blog in general, it would be greatly appreciated!

    • I’m currently working on a series of pieces discussing the effects sitting in front of laptops, smartphones and tablets are having on our muscular health, and ways digital marketing professionals can alleviate these issues.

      See intro article here: http://bitly.com/1Cxggbh

      My motivation for producing this series is two fold – 1) I’ve suffered through and treated some pretty intense neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. 2). I’ve never, ever seen a discussion about this topic among digital marketing professionals. You can read about how to craft the ultimate headline or how to get more likes all day long, but I’ve yet to see much of anything on this topic.

      Anyway, that’s what I’m most excited about right now.

    • Kyley says:

      I’m working on transitioning my blog from an occasional writing space to one I honor with a regular commitment. It’s on wellness, with an emphasis on the personal experience, so my biggest struggles are making the time and making myself vulnerable enough to write something worthwhile.

    • Hello all!!!
      Much respect to each person’s craft and talent. I find myself writing uplifting and inspirational articles. As found here: http://www.gcypher.com/?p=288

      Currently I am getting my thoughts together and plan to write a a book about growing up as a gentleman (when it wasn’t popular) and dating as I reflect on my journey to marriage. You can think of it as an ode to those who inspired me, why certain relationships did not work out, and how those experiences molded me into a man that wants to evolve for a greater purpose.

    • Johana says:

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    • Johana says:

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    • Johana says:

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    • Nyla says:

      Hey everyone ,
      I am not as experienced as you all but I’ve just completed writing my first novel it’s called “Summer Camp”. People who’ve read it think that it’s worth a try for publishing… but I am not sure if I should… because I lack confidence in myself and am confused if I actually should.
      And also I write poems and I’d recently written a poem titled “My Confessions to my Best Friend”. The poem goes…

      When there will be nothing left
      When there will be nothing great
      When there will be no cleft
      When there will be no threat

      People may leave your side
      you might grieve for pride.
      Some may stay away
      you might see no way.

      Hazards may become routine
      you will lack the protein.
      Precautions can be no longer seen
      you will no longer be keen.

      Peril may overcome pain
      sterile may become your gain
      sorrow may stabilize your heart
      narrow may become your cart.

      Then remember
      However will still be an option
      for you are the only person
      who owns the greatest section
      of the worlds most dreaded quotation.

      As that day shall prove
      “Friendship Is Immortal”
      and shall make you move
      where there is no reciprocal.

      “Friendship is the only quote that has the greatest power to make you think or make you do anything.
      No one till today has sustained without a true friend.
      Today I cherish the existence of one such friend in my life.
      And a toast to those who’ve found theirs.”

      Because ,

      So that was it can you please suggest me anything that would help me improvise?

    • Lee Jordan says:

      Hi. Just found your website through Twitter. Looks like a lot of great information for writers. We are Lee and Gary Jordan, the co-author writing team PHOENIX. We have two published novels, and are working on a series “It’s Just a Matter of Time. Two stand alone novels. http://www.fictionbyphoenix.com. Just subscribed to your website and look forward to more posts.

    • LaKiyah says:

      Hi everyone! Just like Ashley I am also working on urban fiction. I’m in the process of revamping my story because I realized that it was a bit cliche and didn’t have a good enough plot. I lack confidence in my writing and knowing if it’s interesting or not. I am new to writing so do you have any advice on making sure you have a good enough plot and not too cliche? Or ways to become more confident in my writing?

    • Raymond Dodds says:

      Hi all,
      I have been following your blog for some time but have not let a comment before as I have been putting the finishing touches to my first book; which i am happy to say is now out on Kindle.

      The book is called “Family holiday (in a strange land)” and is a fantasy story with a little twist. The book, which is the first in a series of four, follows the adventures of the Deeks family, a modern day American family that find themselves in a the fantasy world of Angron.

      Like any writer I would love people to read my story but, and most importantly, I would like to get some feedback. You can view the first fifty pages for free on the Amazon web site so it’s a good chance to have a read and see if it’s something you are interested in. Even if it is not, why not just leave a comment about what you think.

      Many thanks for your time and, to all the other hopeful writers out there, best of luck with your efforts.

      Follow the link below to my book.


    • At the moment, I’m writing two books. One is a Fan-Fiction called, “What if…..” and another one is a realistic fiction story, “Fear of a Birthday”.

    • NoahDavid says:

      I just finished my first NOVEL! It’s the story of a barista who wants to save the world with coffee.

      I also share writing tips and strategies at my blog, including my most recent post, “How to Focus and Create Insanely Useful Content.”

    • Barbara says:

      About two years ago, I moved into a house alone and began writing full time. Living in the deep south it’s the custom for friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. to just drop in, often without calling first, although I’ve asked them to call. I’m not a poet by any stretch of the imagination, but I recently wrote this to express my frustration with the situation:

      Visitors (by B J R Johnson)

      Aknocking on my door.
      “Come on in,” I say.
      swinging the door wide.
      “I’m just about to kill my darlings,
      Maybe you can help.”

      “What did you say?”
      My aunt backs away.
      “What the hell!”
      Her husband mutters, glancing
      at my hands.

      “Oh, yes,” I frown.
      “I’m at a critical point.
      They’re resisting me.
      Won’t you help me clean up
      The mess? It’s a frightful sight.”

      The two join hands
      Easing back and out of my lair.
      I close the door firmly,
      lock it tight and return to my
      computer to finish the job.

    • Madani Belbachir says:

      Hi, everybody
      I write in French. Here is the first paragraph of one of my novels written in the language of Voltaire.
      In fact in this novel I am trying to imitate H.D Lawrence .

      Mr and Mrs Bakri

      It wasn’t the first insurrection the country under occupation knew but more than all the others, it was the most important and even the most decisive for its future. Its leit motive was the destruction by the fire of the settlers’ farms throughout all the territory. It was great and the occupier’s reaction was not less. Strong as it is the use in countries conquered by fire and sword, it (the occupier’s reaction) did not waste time. Everywhere throughout all the country the villages in the whereby of the targets were surrounded that very night. Thus, in the dawn, thousands of villagers were thrown of their beds and gathered out like cattle.

    • Right now I am forcing my through the middle of the story blues with a hopeful Harlequin Romance. I’m in between the wonderful first meet and first steamy love scene where the hero and heroine are getting to know the other.

      And of course I have to keep it interesting and none blah blah blah.

    • Paul Roy says:

      I am currently writing a book about my struggle with fibromyalgia and how I believe a big part of beating it is through positive thinking, not letting it beat you.

      I would appreciate any thoughts form anyone, whether they have fibro or not on how positive thinking has helped them get through some trials.

    • Dears,

      Here is my recent post, just published last night:


      Best Regards,

    • I just published my first novel, The Cost of Baggage. It came out just last week. It is about romantic relationship baggage of a thirty-something female coping with the stress of everyday life. If she doesn’t confront her past dysfunctions and acknowledge her role in them, she stands to lose everything that she’s single-handedly worked so hard for.


      The commute to the doctor’s office was short. To take her mind off the pending news, she flipped to Kirk Franklin’s Praise on Sirius XM. The gospel music helped, but it didn’t seem to calm her nerves. She said a small prayer, “Dear Lord, whatever I find out, I hope that it’s in your will. Guide, direct and keep me. I love you, Lord. Please be with me. Amen.”

    • AngeLeya says:

      Currently, when I’m not working on my book, I’m posting fantasy on my blog. It’s a mermaid story and it has actually gotten a bit of attention. I’m still learning about showing and telling and making my work more active and compelling. The serial blog (and my support group) have really helped me improve, though. http://www.angeleya.com/mermaid-sighted/

    • Michel says:

      I’m writing a graphic novel about the Writing on the Wall, the night that Belshazzar, the arrogant and haughty king of Babylon, had his last supper.

      In 539 BC, the little-known Persian King, Cyrus, besieged Babylon. In terms of world domination, Babylon was the “man” to beat. Babylon was the king of world powers, and it had been such for over a century. The world bowed at their feet, but not Cyrus. He and his army had just conquered the rest of the world, but now he stood before the one and only, Mighty Babylon. Babylon had taken captive several thousand Jews, had utterly destroyed their temple, had stolen their sacred vessels, and had mocked their ‘pitiful’ and ‘powerless’ God, Yahweh. And they had done it for 68 years! And as all Babylonian captives know, when you go into Babylon, you do NOT. Come. Out.

      But the Jews had a prophecy that they would actually be set free from Babylon! Were that really true? Would this prophecy actually be fulfilled? Or were the Jews hopelessly confined to the shackles of ‘naive’ and ‘wishful thinking’? Had their God left them? Were Babylon and her gods really more powerful after all?

      Only time would tell…

      And this story tells that time.

    • Hello everyone. I am writing a book about ‘mid-life’ entrepreneurship. It’s a ‘how to’ book for those of us with a few decades of work experience who are starting a company for the first time. It’s my first real writing endeavor. Thanks for your support.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, I”m Jason. I’m an amateur writing on my spare time when not busy at work. I usually have problem with perfectionism that it takes me a lot of time to finish a blog post. For instance, I’ve just completed a new post about Learning English in Vietnam (http://www.simplecollegelife.com/learning-english-wrong-way/), which targets the Vietnamese young people who are struggling with how to improve their English level. It took me 4 days to complete the post. Please take a look at and give advises on my writing. Also any tips on how to overcome the over-thinking blocks any writers can have and create crafts with simplicity?

    • Hello,
      I am a writer of literary and crime short stories, flash fiction, and working on my first novel, Hell Hell and a couple of essays for submission. In addition, I am the author of the blog, Cow Pasture Chronicles. Hope you will check it out. Thanks Mary for this opportunity.

    • Hi Mary
      Thanks for giving me this chance to speak! I’m just working out the narrative arc of my memoir based on childhood about how I lost my voice, and set out on the journey of recovery.

      I’m also three-quarters of the way through a novel based (emotionally) on the same setting and era: 1940s and 50s country New South Wales, Australia. Two other memoirs and novels are in the bottom drawer of my computer, one about giving birth to a beautiful (bipolar) daughter.

    • Ellen L. Stanley says:

      Hello Everyone,

      Below is the start of my first novel. I have written several children stories, one fairy tale and several personal poems. I look forward to reading the comments and suggestions about my first novel. Good luck to everyone.


      Several years had passed since the four Watson sisters had seen or been in their old home Watson mansion. Wenona and Willow pulled up to the front door with all they owned packed into four suitcases, along with their two dogs Lucky and Lady in the back seat of their pickup truck. Looking at the rundown mansion, overgrown yard and a pile of miscellaneous items left many years ago they turned to look at each other.
      “I guess we had better see if we can get the truck in the garage,” said Willow.
      Wenona nodded and pulled around to the attached three car garage.
      “Wait here, I will see if I can pull the door up,” said Willow climbing out of the truck.
      “I wish we had a door opener,” said Wenona.
      “I know, one thing at a time,’’
      Willow pulled and pulled but the door would not budge from years of non-use. Turning off the truck they grabbed their bags, while Lucky and Lady went running around sniffing everything in sight.
      Putting the key into the side door of the garage the key would not turn and the door stayed tightly shut.
      “I am beginning to wonder if we were to come back here to Watson Mansion,”
      “Come on, we can try the front door,” said Wenona grabbing two of the suitcases and heading around the mansion to the front door, just in time to see Wyla and Winnie pulling up in their red jeep.
      “Hi! It is so good to see you two. Where is your truck?” asked Winnie jumping out of the jeep, petting Lucky and Lady and grabbing Wenona and Willow in a big bear hug. Wyla hung back from the group hug until Willow grabbed her sister and pulled her into the hug with the rest of her sister’s.
      “Our truck is around in front of the garage. We could not get the garage door opened, or the side door, so we were coming to the front door when we saw both of you coming up,” said Wenona.
      “Come on, we can see if we can get in this way. There has to be a way of getting inside,” said Winnie.
      Wenona put her key into the lock and after a short struggle with the lock was finally able to unlock the door, but the door had swelled shut and the sister’s worked together to finally push door open up just enough for Lucky, Lady and three of the four sister’s to squeeze through.
      “Wenona, come on,” called Willow.
      “We need to get our suitcases inside too,” said Wenona.
      “We will come out and help,” said Willow.
      “No, keep the door open and I will push everything through,” said Wenona making several trips before finally getting everything inside. Finally Wenona squeezed through the small opening and the door suddenly slammed shut.
      “That did not make me feel very welcome,” said Wyla.
      “I am sure we will all feel better once we get something to eat,” said Winnie.
      “Is the electricity and water turned on?” asked Willow.
      “Yes, I called all of the utility companies, so everything should be working,” said Wenona flipping on the nearest light switch.
      “That is much better, “said Wyla picking up her suitcases and heading down the hall.
      “Where are you going?” asked Winnie.
      “To put my things away. When we all had to leave all of those years ago none of the furniture was removed. We all barely had time enough to pack up a few things before we were all carted off to the home,” said Willow.
      “The point is, we are all back here again and nobody will ever make us leave again, or separate us,” said Wenona picking up her two suitcases.
      “What if you meet a handsome guy that sweeps you off of your feet?” asked Willow.
      “That is not likely to happen with all the responsibilities with this place,” said Wenona.
      “I was just thinking. Dad built that one large bedroom with enough room for all of us, and there are four beds, dressers and there is a large bathroom too for all of us,” said Winnie.
      “Are you saying that you want all of us in that one big bedroom together?” asked Wenona.
      “Yes, that is exactly what I am saying, along with Lucky and Lady too,” answered Winnie.
      “That is a great idea,” said Wenona heading to the large bedroom and opening up the door.
      Unpacking their suitcases, they found clean bedding, opened up the windows to air the bedroom out and headed to the kitchen.
      “Is there any food in here?” asked Wyla.
      “If there is, it is probably passed its expiration date,” said Winnie.
      “I think Lucky and Lady should go outside,” said Willow.
      “We should check to see if the doggie door is still working,” said Wenona walking to the kitchen backdoor.
      Before Wenona knew what was happening Lucky and Lady ran passed and out the doggie door and into the back yard.
      “I guess it is still working,” laughed Willow.
      “Look at this, the back door opens up perfectly. We should have used this door to get inside,” said Wenona.
      “We also have that other side door that we could have checked,” said Wyla.
      “Enough about doors! I am hungry so what are we going to eat? Did anybody bring anything for Lucky and Lady to eat?” asked Wyla.
      “I did, they should be all right until we can get into town tomorrow for supplies” said Wenona moving out of the way of Lucky and Lady.
      “Great, our pets are taken care of, now what about us?” asked Winnie.
      “We could go into Cartersville tonight and eat supper at the Cluck, Cluck and get our supplies tonight and start working on the mansion tomorrow. Lucky and Lady will be all right while we are gone,” suggested Willow.
      We should close the windows, check on keys and see if we can find the garage door opener, before we leave,” said Wenona.
      “We will get the windows, you two get the keys and garage door opener, we will meet out in the garage,” called Winnie racing back to the bedroom with Wyla right behind her.
      “I found the keys right here on the hook where we always use to keep them,” said Willow dangling the keys on her fingers.
      “Where is that garage door opener?” asked Wenona starting to feel irritated.
      “Maybe they are out in the garage,” suggested Willow opening the door to the garage, as Winnie and Wyla went rushing out the door.
      “I found the garage door openers!” yelled Winnie grabbing them and opened up the door just as Wenona closed the kitchen door.
      Come on, we will take the truck. It will hold more and Wyla can move the jeep into the garage before we leave,” instructed Wenona.
      Finally all the small errands were done and the Watson sisters were soon headed into Clarksville to eat their first meal after being away for so many years at the Cluck, Cluck. Pulling up to the Cluck, Cluck they all climbed out and walked inside. The place was pretty full as the sisters looked around to see where to sit when one of the Hudson brothers waved them over to their table. Accepting the invitation graciously the sisters joined the brothers who had only arrived a few minutes ahead of the sisters.
      “Hello, I do not know if you remember us or not, but I am Johnny and these are my brothers Jeff, Joey and Jimmy, “introduced Johnny.
      “Yes, I remember all of you. I am Wenona and these are my sisters Willow, Wyla and Winnie,”
      “What brings all of you back here?” asked Johnny.
      “We inherited the mansion after our parent’s deaths and we came back here to live,” said Wenona.
      “What are you going to do with the mansion?” asked Jeff.
      “We just arrived back today and there is so much to do before we get to that point,” said Wenona.
      “What needs to be done?” asked Jimmy.
      “What does not need to be done? The place is a mess,” said Winnie.
      “Are all of you living there now?” asked Joey.
      “Yes, we just came from there,” answered Wyla.
      “Would you all like for us to take a look at the place and help you to get it back in order?” asked Johnny.
      “We have two dogs Lucky and Lady, so if you do come out be prepared to have them looking into everything that you do,” said Willow.
      “We have two dogs too. Would it be all right to bring them out, their names are Dandy and Sandy,” said Jeff.
      “Are they neutered?” asked Willow.
      “Yes, are you dogs spade?” said Jeff.
      “Yes they are. Oh good, our food is here. We are starving, but as far as I know it would be all right for all of you to come out tomorrow,” said Willow looking at her sisters for approval, but they were too busy devouring their supper to take notice.
      “That was absolutely delicious. It has been lovely to meet all of you again and we will see you tomorrow,” said Wenona standing up and moving towards the cash register.
      “We look forward to seeing all of you again, too” said Johnny standing up towering over Wenona holding his hand out. Wenona took his hand and once he had hold of her, he refused to let go.
      “May I have my hand back?” asked Wenona as the other sisters and brothers looked on.
      “I think it would be best for us to follow you out there to make sure you are all safe. We will stop and pick up Dandy and Sandy along the way,” said Johnny.
      “If agreeing to this plan will get my hand back then I am agreeable,” said Wenona as Johnny released her hand.
      “Our truck is right over there. We will see all of you out at Watson mansion. Do all of you remember how to get out there?” asked Wenona.
      “Yes, we remember. We will see all of you pretty soon,” said Johnny taking off to catch up with his brothers.
      “Are we going to tell the Watson sisters about the four of us being unemployed and no place to live?” asked Jeff.
      “We will see what happens,” said Johnny climbing into their truck.
      “They might wonder why our things are in the back of the truck along with our dogs,” said Joey.
      “They may not notice since it will be dark,” Jimmy.
      Starting the truck the brothers headed down the road to Watson mansion arriving just in time to see the front door light turn on.
      “Before we go inside I just think that we should be honest with them and see what happens,” said Johnny climbing out of the truck and releasing Dandy and Sandy.
      Walking up to the front door they stepped inside, but remained in the entranceway.
      “You are all welcome to come all the way inside,” invited Wenona.
      “We have something we need to tell all of you first,” said Johnny.
      “What?” asked Wenona.
      “We are all unemployed and live in our truck .We started a construction business, but with our father Jerry being in prison for armed robbery, and the closed minds of the people in Cartersville nobody would hire us, and our mother June is in the Carterville nursing home, and we are not able to pay for her care,” explained Johnny.
      “I am glad that you were honest with us. Please, come inside and we will talk about it and see about coming up with some solutions,” replied Wenona opening the door up wider.
      “We had better help bring their things inside,” said Winnie.
      “We have not decided if they are staying here,” said Wenona feeling rather irritated at her sister.
      “Wenona, you know perfectly well that we are going to help them, because we know they can help us too,” said Winnie refusing to back down from her older sister.
      “She is right. Let us get your things inside, find bedrooms for all of you and Jeff put the truck in the garage around to the side of the mansion,” instructed Wenona.
      After bringing everything inside the new formed friends entered into the front room as the four dogs lay together on the rug just watching and waiting. Wenona had made popcorn, Willow had made some lemonade and brought it into the front room. They had all just managed to get comfortable to watch some television when a knock was heard at the front door.
      “I wonder who that could be?” asked Wenona mainly to herself, heading to the door.
      Opening the door she was startled to find a straggling disheveled older man with straggly gray hair standing in front of her.
      “May I help you?” asked Wenona.
      “I heard my boys are here,”
      “Are you Jerry?” asked Wenona.
      “Yes I am. Who are you?”
      “I am Wenona Watson. My sisters and I own this mansion. Your boys are inside, please come in,” as Wenona stepped to one side.
      “I believe my boys are in here, but I do not for one minute believe that any woman or women could own a place like this,” Jerry said stepping inside.
      “Follow me please,” Wenona instructed leading Jerry into the front room.
      “Dad! When did you get out?” asked Johnny.
      “A couple of days ago. It took me awhile to find all of you. This young lady told me a cool joke. She told me that she and her sisters own this place,” laughed Jerry.
      “Dad, it is true. They do own this place. We are unemployed. They have given us rooms to stay in and we will help them get the mansion in order for them,” explained Johnny.
      “My boys are working for women. I thought I raised you four better than that,” snarled Jerry.
      “Times have changed, Dad. There is no female or male parts anymore. We are here to help each other,” said Johnny.
      “Jerry, you are welcome to stay here too. We have plenty of room and we would be glad to have you join us,” said Wenona.
      “I am not sure if I can do this or not,” said Jerry.
      “Do you have any place else to go? Do you have a job?” asked Wenona.
      “No, to both questions,” answered Jerry.
      “Then my sisters and I are offering you a place to stay and a job, but the attitude will have to change,” said Wenona standing as tall as her 5’6” frame would allow her.

    • In my current work, I am following up on themes presented in my first book, Blind Date at the Glass Eye Disco. At first, I described the book as “the account of an unsuccessful attempt to write a stripper memoir.” I have since decided that it is better described as “a church youth group memoir by an ex-stripper. Some women go to college and write dissertations about their experiences and eventually try to attain tenure in the Women’s Studies or Creative Writing Department. Ashley Malik thought she would do all of that, too. Before testing out new labels including English Instructor in South Korea and Quality Assurance Manager, her first stop is a server job at at TGI Fridays. In the following excerpt, Ashley finds herself waiting tables a second time during the recession and uses her own unique sense of spirituality to ask for intervention:

      When she found that perfect spot next to the river, it was ten degrees cooler than the city five minutes outside of the woods. The ground was not wet or muddy or covered in anthills, it was the ideal spot to cry and write prayers on sticky notes and throw as many as she could one by one into the river before the sun went down.

      Please give me the strength to not burn down Pasion Latin Fusion Restaurant, please allow me to have more than $100 at a time on a good day. Please call off the skin walkers. Please give my crazy ex-boyfriend Anthony Ladson the idea to make a voodoo doll out of someone else and please cancel all black magic vendettas…

      She threw five or six notes in the river, but at first they just got stuck in a green mess of algae near the sides. She picked up a long stick and tried to push them into the current and wondered what a total weirdo she looked like or how she would explain to an Open Space patrol officer that she actually wasn’t littering. By the time she was finished; she asked for her daughter’s happiness, that she would break up with her boyfriend and find herself. She asked that her husband would quit smoking cigarettes, start exercising and eating healthy food, and because it couldn’t hurt anything, she asked the universe on a Post-it Note, please let me find a briefcase containing a new Macbook Pro in a Titanium case, $5000, and a pound of weed and some hash.”

    • I thought I posted before, but I’m not seeing it. 🙂 I think it’s great that you’re doing this. 🙂 I been blogging for two years and I enjoy that. I’m also in the process of revising my third novel, which may just be THE ONE. Since that one is also entered in a contest, so I thought I would leave my first paragraph of my WIP.

      “A person’s entire life could change on a night like this. Destiny Lathan white-knuckled the steering wheel of her Red Prius as she crept along the mountainous freeway. Her wipers thwacked across her windshield, pushing rain away long enough to give her a glimpse before everything blurred again. Only thirty more miles, and she’d be safe and warm in her parents’ home just outside Denver.”

    • I love the idea of sharing a bit about our writing. I also blog twice a week, and I’ve discovered I enjoy blogging. 🙂 I am currently revising my third novel, in the hopes that this is THE ONE. 🙂 Since I also recently entered it into a writing contest, I’m thinking I shouldn’t share a paragraph right now.

      But here is my opening paragraph–in rough form–for the next novel I plan to write. It will be the second in a series. I write inspirational fiction.

      A person’s entire life could change on a night like this. Destiny Lathan white-knuckled the steering wheel of her Red Prius as she crept along the mountainous freeway. Her wipers thwacked across her windshield, pushing rain away long enough to give her a glimpse before everything blurred again. Only thirty more miles, and she’d be safe and warm in her parents’ home just outside Denver.

      Thoughts? 🙂

    • I just published my book on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle “Getting Unstuck: 7 Steps to Freedom.” I wrote this book to help people stop doing what they don’t want to do, while improving their life and relationships. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Unstuck-7-Steps-Freedom-ebook/dp/B00U92EF8C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426099419&sr=8-1&keywords=Getting+Unstuck%3A+7+Steps+to+Freedom

    • Kristyn says:

      hello everyone,

      I am a singer/songwriter for a band that is made up of me and my four siblings. We are in the process of preparing for auditions in California and Florida later this year. Our website is currently getting a revamp and I am having the most difficult time writing a band bio. Heck even a little 30 word blurb on the landing page is causing me grief. The trouble comes from there being 5 of us with a range of ages 12-16 and distinct personalities. I can’t seem to get a single voice for all of that. Any suggestions?

      our website queensoverkingsband.com will go live within the week if you’d like to check it out. I also linked my blog that I’ve started about my experience with the band to give you a feel for my writing style. Thanks!

    • Bridge by Newton Richards.
      So, what am I involved with at the present. Okay. Firstly I have just completed the last, latest, no last read through of Bridge part two. It is now going to be uploaded to the Amazon kindle ebook store in the next few weeks and formatted for sale. The first part has been live for about a year so I figured it was time for the second instalment of the trilogy to keep the interest going.
      The blog (Google Strihc) has been given over lately to a daily update of items pertinent to the theme of the novels but has not been privy to any actual story content. I did not want to give the narrative away. I have the notion to put Bridge part one by Newton Richards up for free when part two is activated. Still cannot decide on that course of action though as yet. If it goes up for free then it might aggrieve those who paid for it in the first place.
      And that is where I am at, starting now on Bridge part three with an incline to allowing some amount of input from the blog as to where the narrative leads and finishes.

      Bridge part two is almost ready for publication.
      If you’ve missed the hype, read the type.
      Bridge. A liminal threshold to Pagan Utopia or the deluded machination of a troubled mind.
      WARNING. These novels might force you to think!


      Newton Richards.

    • Rod Baker says:

      I am on my second memoir, My boat is broken— and I want it by Friday….without publishing my first yet. It the journey of a employee who loses his job and becomes an employer:

      (first para of first chapter) Goodbye Bel-Aire Shipyard

      Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it
      Jane Wagner

      I was twenty-six years old and working as a joiner installing cabins in arctic supply vessels at a shipyard in North Vancouver on Canada’s West Coast. It was a union job and the money was great—eighteen dollars an hour, the most money I had ever earned. It was three p.m. on December fifth, 1975. I sensed someone come into the cabin behind me. Without waiting for me to turnaround, Ernie the foreman spoke in a loud business-like voice. “Baker, you are laid off as of four o’clock today.” His words left me gasping for breath and my heart sank so deeply it almost left my body. I had been fastening a bulkhead to steel tabs with my Hilti gun, and thinking about the weekend and my plans to buy Christmas presents for my wife and three year old son.
      Due to my wonderful new wage, and another child on the way, my wife Louise and I had just sold our tiny two-bedroom house in Surrey and bought a three-bedroom house in North Vancouver that October.
      The bank wouldn’t qualify me for a mortgage, so in order to get the house we both loved, I had negotiated an agreement to purchase with the owner at twelve per-cent interest. It was three weeks before Christmas. At four p.m. the shipyard buzzer went to signal the day’s end. Two hundred men downed tools and the clanging and banging of shipbuilding stopped. Moving like a sleepwalker, ashamed, and speaking to no one, I packed up my tools and carried the heavy box out of the shipyard.

      I accept it is never easy,

      This life will surely drive you crazy,

      You always don’t get, for what you have lived,

      Sorrows may sometimes left you bereaved,

      Those whom you love will depart away far,

      Between happiness and you may arise thousands of bars,

      You might have things you hate,

      But you might never get the thing for which you wait,

      Life is a lousy teacher,

      Its an extraordinary examiner,

      It tests your skill first,

      Gives you punishment then,

      And afterwards quenches your thirst,

      By teaching the moral of the plot,

      Its sure that things might not turn up as you would have sought,

      But live the moment now, as it is a thing you could have never

      In this journey to life, things might run out of hand,

      Things you adore will vanish out like sand,

      But my friend this is life,

      And you have to certainly live it by,

      You may cry,

      It may seem as you are about to die,

      Others will condemn and decry,

      But you have to live it by,

      Your aim may seem impossible to achieve,

      You will feel as if you have been breached,

      Happiness and joy may elude,

      At times you may feel duped,

      You would discard yourself as unlucky,

      Life would appear murky,

      But remember after all this may come,

      The light of success,

      Clear sky will arise after haze,

      But you need to thrive,

      To achieve your goal you have to strive,

      No matter how many storms rip you apart,

      No matter how many gales stop your sail,

      But you have to defeat them all,

      You have to love what you do through your soul…


    • Anne says:

      Hi Mary,

      My recent blog post was on the subject of proposed budget cuts to afterschool funding in the U.S.
      I write about children’s health and education.

    • Amber says:

      Hi! I am a teenager that loves writing. Last year, I joined a writer’s club and we now have the opportunity once a month for a member to write a short story for our local newspaper. When my opportunity came up to put a story into this month’s paper, I thought back to an experience my family and I had a month ago. We were on a six-hour car trip to visit other family up north, and for lunch we stopped at a service station. I waited out in the car while my mum and my eight year old autistic sister went to use the toilet. My sister is terrified of hand dryers, because the noise hurts her ears and sensitive hearing, so if we go into a toilet with a hand dryer, we tell other people to please not use it. After about 40 minutes, my sister came out with my mum. She had had a meltdown, simply because one woman who had been asked not to use the machine, went and used it anyway! I had also heard this same woman come out of the building, saying how much of a ‘bad parent’ my mum was, because she was sitting on the ground hugging my sister because she was screaming and shaking from pure fear! This is a story I wrote, from my sister’s perspective. It did get published in the newspaper too. I just wish one day that no one would judge anyone, including people with disabilities. Hence, the name of the story is called Judged. You can find it on my blog. Feel free to look at my other stories and writing too, comments are welcome!

      • Hi Amber. Good luck in your writers club. Congratulations on getting Judged published at your local paper. I’m sure that was very frightening for your sister. I haven’t read it yet, but I will soon. Take care

    • Hi everyone, I blog about writing over at sachablack.co.uk. But I am also an aspiring novellist, currently about half way 50ish thousand words into my first novel, a YA/NA fantasy novel, sort of got myself distracted with blogging and now find myself procrastinating instead of getting on with the darn novel!

      • Good luck kicking that procrastination habit.

        I suppose it’s not a total loss if while procrastination writing you’re creating art. I really enjoyed the “pride” piece. The concept and also the mechanics (not sure if that’s a good term at all) of the piece. You’re other work is good too.

        take care…

    • Nic D'Anna says:

      I woke to the stench of stale beer, rank mold, and old smoke, not yet aware that what I’d experienced during my blackout would soon turn my world inside out, propelling me down a dark road, first to desolation, then to light.

    • Roxanna says:

      Hello, I’m a poet and short story writer. I resigned my job three months ago to put more time in my writing. Currently- I’m working on my collection of love-themed poems and photography which is coming out this year(I welcome marketing tips ); compiling and editing articles for an annual magazine for the church I attend; working on a guest blog for a wives’ blog; trying to remain consistent on my own blog. You can find a few of my recent poems and articles here-https://alibannadawn.wordpress.com

    • vicator says:

      I’m writing a book where I’m making a fictional metaphor to illustrate the dynamics of a real metaphor. How can there be a real metaphor you ask? Because metaphors are but models of the real thing, but in cases when the real thing is larger than life… a model is the closest one may get To the real thing and takes on reality because of that. One only has to look at economic theory to find real believers of complete fictional bullshit.

      • I like your idea, vicator. Your line about economic theory is a killer. haha

    • Roisin, I love your post and believe you will do great in the topic you have chosen. I wrote a new comment.

    • Hi everyone! This is my first time commenting, so here I go:

      I am working on two things, an eBook on getting into a writing habit and my first novel. I’ve only outlined the eBook, but here’s the first paragraph of the novel:

      “It was cold. It is always cold in Chicago in March. No matter what the rest of the country was doing, be it scorching hot or a cool rain, it was always cold in Chicago. That was just the way the city worked. And it rained. It was a beautiful spray paint of rain that fell onto the streets, into the gutter, all over the sidewalks, covering shoes, tires, boots, anything it could get its hands on.”

    • I’m working on a non-fiction book, 10 Impossible Ideas Before Breakfast. It’s the second in my creativity series, which started with The Leonardo Trait. Right now I’m outlining, and coming up with the ideas for finding ideas. It’s challenging but a lot of fun. Thanks for asking.

    • I am enrolled in a Creative Writing Workshop run by an organisation called U3A. Its for older folks like me to continue to learn. The workshop is run weekly with various themes and we write a short “homework” based on a weekly prompt. This term, the focus is on description and this week’s prompt was “Running as fast as you can.” The workshop encourages and motivates me to write something every week, sometimes every day.
      I hope you enjoy this little piece. I intend to develop this into a short story, perhaps even a novella.

    • For the Bad Romeo competition


      I have Juliet returning as a ghost to taunt and haunt her nurse in a gothic horror kind of way.

    • Anayah says:

      I have recently written a poem for a piece in my portfolio as i am an A Level creative writing student, but really cannot decide whether its good enough to go in or not.

      Oh you who visits my Maple tree
      Mystical creature how wondrous you are
      The ink dipped feathers mirroring the contrasted shades of the sky
      Your textured talons grip onto the metal cross of my
      bricked walls and glass stained Marys
      My hands clasped mid prayer, the peck of your beak a relentless call

      The ‘…’ being bits I have not included.

    • I am still deeply into my series ‘The Island of Serenity’, now into my 3rd Volume.

      As of tomorrow / today, (March 11th), as it is my birthday, I will be offering a free download from Kindle, a Teaser, of book 3 – The Island of Pleasure.

      Please feel from to download it.

      If you are reading this too late, don’t worry, it is FREE on Kindle KU, or 99c to buy.

      Happy reading


    • I am working with a group of writers to fill two websites online. They are Parenting Syrup and Family Fig. We get paid per article. I also blog. I need to get another writing job also so I can give up an earning site that takes most of my time and is far less lucrative.

    • Jireh says:

      I am currently working on a blog post to be included in a commentathon, it will feature tips and insights on how just 4 simple choices can help improve any one’s efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle. I recently started up a website, here is the link to my blog page there; http://www.jirehgibson.com/blog.html

    • Hello,
      I am in the editing stages of “Miranda’s Demons”, which my attempt at my equivalent of “War and Peace”. A young Australian physicist who wants to be a space pilot observes an alien fleet land on Miranda (a moon of Uranus). This fleet is the battered remains of a huge space battle, described in “Scaevola’s Triumph”, and the General, a Roman, Gaius Claudius Scaevola is returning to his home planet in the hope of saving it, and also to meet she who has been prophesied for him: the ugliest woman in the world. There are three other alien races keenly watching what happens, Earth has to respond, but a greedy corporate has decided to do a deal with the alien fleet. He will provide slave labourers and materials to help with repairs if the aliens will defeat the Earth defences and make him and his corporation overall governor of Earth. Intertwined are three love stories, stories of heroism and traitorous acts, battles, and the overthrow of an economic system, from which a new Terran society must emerge.

      Trying to make this work is both a nightmare, and extreme fun. I shall enjoy this, even if others may find it a bit much.

    • I am writing nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing*.
      (*clarification: ‘nothing’ should be interpreted as ‘nothing appreciably longer than a drabble’.)

      For about three months now.

      I’m one of the minority who doesn’t believe in ‘write every day even if you’re not inspired. Because I read what I produce when I’m not inspired and I want to quit writing altogether. That approach doesn’t work for everyone, like a lot of ‘conventional wisdom’ advice that people give other writers with the implication that it’s universal. In fact, please don’t give me advice at all, because I’m just venting.

      I don’t believe in an exhaustible reservoir or creative inspiration, either. Neil Armstrong is said to have believed that you’re born with (X) number of heartbeats, and once they’re spent, you die. It’s poetic, but that’s not how the heart works, and it’s not how the brain works either. I don’t think you ‘run out of ideas’.

      I think I’m not inspired because I’m not living. That’s just a guess. I’m not reading a lot of fiction, currently, because I don’t have a lot of money* to spend on books.
      (*clarification: ‘a lot of money’ should be interpreted as ‘any money’.)

      That hasn’t stopped me before, though, so I don’t know for sure.

      Anyhow, you asked, so there’s my answer.

    • Joy Smith says:

      What I am working on is my sci-fi novel, “The Generation.” It’s a novel that I have been working on for about 15 years now because life was busy. This is the year for me, however!


    • Roisin says:

      What a great idea! I’ve recently launched a blog about psychology and personal growth.

      I’d absolutely love some feedback on my first post “Why you need to read this blog” (link below)

      Thank you 🙂

    • V.M.Sang says:

      I am currently working on several projects. I am writing a historical novel set in Roman Britain, Book 3 of my fantasy series, The Wolves of Vimar, 2 or 3 short stories and I am always writing a poem or two.

    • Hello, Everyone!

      My name is Katina Vaselopulos. I am from Greece but have been living in Chicago the past 49 years. When my children grew up, I want back to school and began writing. I did not decide self publish until after an emergency hip revision that kept me on the wheelchair for over two months. At this point I am doing last edits in my book but also hope to find a couple more beta readers before I send to publisher. A summary of this book follows.

      “Sailing to Ithaca: A Year’s Journey, Nurturing Body and Soul” is the reflection and account of one specific year in my life—a memoir which is both personal and elusive. Filled with stories, poems, essays, prayers, and thoughts to take away, “Sailing to Ithaca” touches on topics such as nurturing a healthy body and soul, getting to know and enjoying Greek food and culture, overcoming hurdles, and conquering challenges.

      Along the voyage, readers learn about the benefits of optimism, hope, compassion, faith, and prayer. The book illuminates the need for gratitude and generosity, the power of the present, reverence for life, love, and friendship, life and death.

      “Sailing to Ithaca” offers a journey of empowerment. The reader is invited to travel along—to follow through the days and the months, the changes of the seasons, and one’s own life. Here, we discover the beauty and joy of living in the moment while sowing the seeds for a better future and a better world.

      Essays and takeaway challenges/reflections encourage and inspire a better relationship with self—body and soul—with others, nature, and God. The book’s goal is to enrich and transform life into a joyous and spiritual celebration, both for the self and the world.
      look to find beta readers for feedback.

      I am also working on blogging more consistently, hopefully soon. The following link will get you into a post of musings over a joyful evening with friends in my hometown, Dimitsana–an adaptation of one of my book’s essays that portraits the way eating and drinking is transformed into spiritual celebration in Greece. I hope you’ll enjoy.


    • Cali Fever says:

      I’ve had this idea of writting this children’s book since last year. I was inspired while digging up the garden out in my backyard. I found myself laughing out loud of my main character so much so that it stuck in my head all through the winter and the arrival of spring has finally inspired me with penning it down. It’s a Magnificient tale I’m sure children and their parents will adore.

      • I am in the final edits of my book and also would like to find one or more beta readers for feedback. A summary follows:

        “Sailing to Ithaca: A Year’s Journey, Nurturing Body and Soul” is the reflection and account of one specific year in my life after an emergency hip revision that kept me on the wheelchair for over two months. a sort of memoir which is both personal and elusive. Filled with stories, poems, essays, prayers, and thoughts to take away, “Sailing to Ithaca” touches on topics such as nurturing a healthy body and soul, enjoying Greek food and culture, overcoming hurdles, and conquering challenges.

        Along the voyage, readers learn about the benefits of optimism, hope, compassion, faith, and prayer. The book illuminates the need for gratitude and generosity, the power of the present, reverence for life, love, and friendship, life and death.

        “Sailing to Ithaca” offers a journey of empowerment. The reader is invited to travel along—to follow through the days and the months, the changes of the seasons, and one’s own life. Here, we discover the beauty and joy of living in the moment while sowing the seeds for a better future.

        I am hoping to return to consistent blogging soon. This link will get you into an adaptation of one of book’s essays–musings of an evening over food and drinks that show the Greek way of turning food gatherings into celebrations.

        Essays and takeaway challenges encourage and inspire a better relationship with self—body and soul—with others, nature, and God. The book’s goal is to enrich and transform life into a joyous and spiritual celebration, both for the self and the world.

      • Cali, how wonderful!

        I love gardening and my garden has inspired many of my book’s essays.
        I spent long hours there, reflecting, exercising, connecting to my soul and the universe, being challenged. Grand children love it also, often mussing in our journals as we sit on the grass and observe nature.

        I am sure your book will be amazing. All the best!

    • Anna Roins says:

      I have recently reviewed Some Luck by Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley and interviewed her. I am a columnist with AUTHORLINK. I am also working on my debut YA novel.

    • I’m working on the final volume of a trilogy: The Haven Acres Story. The first two self-published titles are Persistent Pursuit and Persuasive Proof. The third one will be Perennial Promises in which the couple will deal with a difficult pregnancy and inter-cultural issues assisting a Vietnamese couple adjust to life in the US.

      I have also started another novel called The Gospel Quartet that tracks four college students working together to counter a professor’s assertion that evangelical Christians are more dangerous than the Taliban.

    • I’m working on a few posts for my blog, a guest post for a food blog, and a project for a local honey farm. I’m also spending some time learning marketing, which is it’s own project. I think a lot of writers forget about marketing and feel uncomfortable marketing themselves, but I’ve learned that you have to make time for marketing if you want to be a successful writer. It’s hard though because I’d rather be writing.

      • Karen Call says:

        Hi Laura: thanks for the link to your blog. Nice piece. I’m a subscriber now.

    • Kashish Kaur Gupta says:

      I am writing a dystopian novella for the WTD freeditorial contest. Here’s a brief introduction about it.

      “Sapphire, a cursed girl, living in a world where everything you do needs to permitted by the government. As if that wasn’t enough, the world is moving toward an end. The curse that runs through her blood might help but her loneliness because of being an outcast ruins that possiblity.
      What happens that she becomes the government’s number 1 wanted criminal? Who will make her realize that she isn’t an abomination?”

      This is what my dystopian is about.

      The only glitch so far is that I am not sure if I will be able to complete this novella in 40K words. I am on it, but even if I am not able to do so I have an alternative in my mind that would make this book a duology and I will hunt agents to get it published.

      As for the first paragraph- its a poem that my protagonist writes while she is lost in her thoughts and her teacher is lecturing. The poem revolves around her biggest sin, but it doesn’t reveal what this sin is just yet! The teacher becomes furious and the girl become so hopeless and feel so broken that her “cursed powers” are triggered. She is thrown out of the class and she cries in the girl’s bathroom in distress. But after sometime she decides to visit her “sanctuary” and which happens to be a forbidden forest! To make things worse, se feels as if someone is following her.

    • andy says:

      My first book about cycling to Sydney for War Child has gone to the editors, exciting times!

    • I am serializing my novel “Educational Experience,” (http://www.wattpad.com/story/15293054-educational-experience ) and absolutely loving the attention it’s getting. Writing chapter-by-chapter has been a huge motivation. First paragraphs:

      “On one of the longest days of my life, we rolled up to DeGrazia High in the Humvee bumpin’ R & B Christmas carols. It’s a real Humvee, Army surplus, not the domestic Hummer you get off the lot. And when I got out, it was like The Day the Earth Stood Still. Swear to God-people just froze in their tracks.

      And this black girl with these real long braids grinned over at me and said, “Oooooo, Merry Christmas to me, honey…”

      So…let’s just stop here and let me give you the lowdown on my looks because they’re an important part of my story, unfortunately.

      Long story short, I model sometimes. Total fluke, how that happened…”

    • Hi Mary,

      I always look forward to your posts arriving in my email box. This one is a dandy.

      I’m a blogger in Portland, Oregon writing about life from a baby boomer perspective, which means trying to lift up folks who think they’re too old, too tired, or too cool to make an effort. Yes, it’s hard work.

      Today I’m posting on what is making Portland famous, craft beer. This is a travel piece for locals, which turned into a journey of discovery.

      My intent is to show the thrill of the chase and the rewards of persistence. In an overflowing beer market I’ll show the success of a brand without the usual customer appreciation add-ons like decor and comfy seats.

      My focus is on the recently declared Beer of the Year coming from a basement brewery/tasting room that is only open after the work of brewing is finished for the day, which means limited hours and regular closure.

      The goal of this post is to show a brand with a laser like focus on the end product, not the environment for the customer. Sort of an unusual business model to showcase such high quality suds.

      Thanks again,


    • Emilee bishop says:

      I am a dairly new writer. I have several book ideas and plots and sort of dont know hot to transition from love story to narration and back again. Im struggling but im trying my best thats all i can do right? Im currently writing a novel and hope to get it published someday.

      “I wasnt prepared for the awful sight that lay bare before my eyes when i walked into this room. I promised i would never step foot into a hospital room again. But, for jordyn i would set my fears and anxiety that comes with the hospital from the past aside. And thats what i’m doing, as i stand here with my fist closes i want to kill whoever did this to my best friend and family. They are nice people. They dont deserve this. Someone will pay for what they did. My mom, dad, and sister jessica are gone now because someone had one drunken night and decided to drive. Hell, this is no welcome home present. It’s More like battlefield hell in reality. “

    • I’m a speaker and blogger. Blogging my way into a book idea I haven’t been able to get off the ground. Blogging it is helping! Some of my best work I think.

      “Holiness moves through the small things, grace for the moments, simple and short. Added together, holy moments change lives and steer destinies in God’s direction. But it all comes down to attitudes and choices made…one moment at a time. If we reach for the grace of holiness in this moment, what difference could it make?”http://gingerharrington.com/one-simple-thing-living-whole/

      • Hi, my name is Laurean Brooks. My second full length, “Beneath A Macon Moon” will release later this month.

        Twenty-three-year-old Jaela Andrews is devastated when her mother drops a bombshell. The man Jaela thought was her father was not. To add insult to injury, Jaela’s mother announces that the man she is dating and plans to marry IS Jaela’s father.

        Opening paragraphs.

        Secure, predictable, “Born with a silver spoon in her mouth,” described the life of twenty-three-year-old Jaela Andrews. But, if her mother’s drawn features were an accurate predictor, her status was about to change.

        Jaela studied her mother as she stirred French vanilla creamer into her coffee, then sipped from the mug. Across the table, Mom kept her head down while she picked imaginary lint from her linen napkin. Last night she’d mentioned they needed to talk. This talk had to be important; Carol Andrews wasted no time on idle chit-chat, even with her daughter. Her job came first.
        Jaela set her mug on the table, studied the cartoon Tarzan character on the exterior, tracing the outline with one finger. The cherished item, along with a pretty music box which played the tinkling melody, You’ll Be In My Heart, were childhood birthday gifts from her late father. Silence prevailed while Jaela waited to hear whatever her mother had to say. She held out for good news despite the indicators.

        Her mother’s eyelashes fluttered. She looked up. Her gaze dropped again, but not before Jaela read fear in her eyes. Mom studied the contents of her mug like a gypsy intent on reading tea leaves. Judging by her mother’s expression, that client would do well to take out a large accident policy.

        Jaela hoped she was not that client.

    • Karen Call says:

      Greetings: I’m finishing up a series of 30 poems about one grandson and preparing to start with the next grandson. I’ve sent some out and they’ll be in an on-line magazine at the end of the month. No link available yet.

      I’ve also done a story that is going into a flash fiction anthology, Baby Shoes, which was funded through Kickstarter. Here’s the Facebook link to the anthology: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-Shoes-Flash-Fiction-Anthology/914714125235669

      I also wanted to write a poem a day like William Stafford. After mulling that over, I decided to make my poem an American Sentence a la Allen Ginsberg. I started in Nov 2014 and write and post one daily to my facebook page and to twitter @cactus8755.

      I’ve been writing some essays that I’m not sure what I’m going to do with but just getting them out.

      I’ve done a couple of short stories and aspire to a mystery series. I also write postcards to friends who I think need a boost. I usually send 2 to 5 post cards every day. Different from sending out emails.

      I feel like I’ve forgotten some area of my writing, but not sure what.

      I want to understand blogging and start a blog. I’ve done one for our travels, but not for my writing. Have to work on that.

      • Anna Roins says:

        That sounds so interesting Karen. Good luck!

    • Mukesh says:

      My epic book on Journey in Search of Original God -18 yrs, which includes Original God’s abode, Quantum Light of the human Soul, Yoga and Meditation and how I communicate using my meditation technique and difficulties caused by dark energies and more…
      The difficulties, obstacles to reach thus far and write this book despite severe opposition from many deities and dark energies who did not wish me to reveal many innermost secrets of corruption which is ruling our planet Earth and beyond- full blown conspiracy to cover up the name of Original God who has made this Universe. Einstein searched all his life to find out the mind of God, but, he never succeeded. I am revealing the finest secrets of Creator and Creation.

    • First I want to say how delightful it is to see someone use the word “whet” correctly. 😀 And second, thank you for all of your hard work and support!

      I am working on my second novel, the first in an epic fantasy series. I’ve recently dissected my WIP and pinned it to a physical plot board — which really helps me see what is going on and what needs attention. Here is the opening paragraph:

      The construction manifested as a deceptively delicate shimmer in the air, like sunlight on a mist, deeper and higher than the eye could perceive. The passage of time had done nothing to mellow the strength of the magical barrier. Impenetrable and indifferent, The Parting stood between Bairith Rilsingyr Mindar and all that rightfully belonged to him: a kingdom, a people, and wealth beyond imagination. More, a life; his life. He wanted it back so badly he could taste it, piquant and rich with potential. He would swallow his pride, pay any cost. That one such as he could be reduced to such depths infuriated him.

    • Paul Smith says:

      I am concentrating on finishing my novel about time travel and the fate of Earth. Here’s the opening paragraph:

      “The destruction of the Earth was a high price to pay for proving Einstein Wrong. I know because I saw it happen. Two hours ago I witnessed the end of my world. How? How could they destroy an entire planet just to prove a theory? And could I yet prevent it from happening? I will find out in the next two hours.”

    • SIbilant says:

      I’m working on the second draft of my first novel, The Driftless.

      Here’s the opening:
      “Code red. Crowe, do you copy? Code. Red. Pass word: graffiti.”
      From the full stops she put between each of her words he could tell she was in distress and struggling to ensure her message was received. Their connection was terrible. The earthquake must have taken down several towers, which in itself was a bad sign. The last time an earthquake was felt in Illinois was in the 1990’s, a century ago.
      Josee had called the code. He got that much even though he hadn’t been able to tell if she was okay. They were cut off as he got to his bike. He tried to call again, but couldn’t connect.

      Thanks for the opportunity to share. I look forward to reading everyone’s posts. 🙂

    • Hi I’m currently trying to get past the plot stage in a teen horse-fiction novel. I’ve got the idea but have not yet put pen to paper. Need help to get past that stage. I think it’s to do with worrying that everything that I will write will be rubbish.

      • Roisin says:

        I love teen horse-fiction! I haven’t read any in years but I’ve always been a massive horse fan.

        I’m don’t write fiction and doubt I could come up with a plot at all (I have tried in the past). But I can definitely relate to worrying my writing will be rubbish. The most helpful thing for me has been to just write, and write, and write. When the writing is rubbish, I salvage the sentences I can and begin the process all over again.

        All the best with your book 🙂

    • Kestrel says:

      I am experimenting with 100 word stories, I take them and group them differently to tell different stories. It’s like playing with tangrams. Here is the first one I wrote.

      In center stage, on the couch he eyed us. As though I was a beautiful car, Luke, its bad paint job. Asking Luke to get the drinks would be cowardice. I got the drinks and walked back. He reached out to grab my waist. Deftly, I dodged. He tried again, I slapped him away. He reached out a third time. I slammed him onto the couch. I flipped him off, and silence followed as I walked away.
      “Poor Aaron, he just can’t help himself ” Luke laughed as I returned with his Pepsi.
      “Yes he can, he simply doesn’t” I replied.

    • Kim Myers says:

      I’m currently working on a historical fiction based on my Father’s Mother’s family. The location is the area around Harpers Ferry West Virginia and the period is the 19th century. The story covers the period leading up to the Civil War and on through the end of the century. My third great grandfather Peacher was an amazing man. He started life as an orphan, became educated and obtained enough funds to buy a significant amount of property in early Ohio Statehood. He returned to the Harpers Ferry area where over the course of his life he bought and sold land, built and ran three mills, and was integral to the historical events of the area and the period. His oldest son bought significant property across the Potomac and farmed. He was a staunch Whig then Republican very supportive of Lincoln and the Union. There was much conflict in the neighborhood between Unionists and Slave owners. This conflict eventually tore the family and the neighborhood apart. This conflict resulted in arson and death.

    • I’m finishing an urban fantasy based on a thief who uses ghosts as her accomplices, and she runs afoul of mobsters stealing state secrets. Here are the first two paragraphs.

      Even with ghostly help, I hated burglarizing an occupied house. After watching the place for two weeks, I learned that it was always filled with family members and hired security. Thus here I sat, Magdalene Knowles, ghost expert and professional thief, in the electronics mogul’s study in order to wrestle trade secrets from his computer. The keys on his laptop clicked under my plastic-covered fingers while the faint murmuring of a television program floated up from the downstairs living room.
      The laptop’s screen created the only illumination in the dark study. Its pictures changed again, displaying multi-level directories with coded names. While scanning them, a noise louder than normal caught my attention. The sound of voices rose up through the stairway. Freezing in mid-keystroke, I held my breath while listening. The client wanted the crime to go unnoticed. A great idea, but the goal of getting away unharmed trumped any of his wishes. After a few moments, the voices faded into the background, leaving only the tick of an antique clock marching on toward eleven.

    • I’m proud to say that I’ve been publishing on HealthyGayLifestyles.com for a while now. The most recent published article was regarding an Open and Affirming church that is nearby my home. The url is as follows: http://healthygaylifestyles.com/open-and-affirming-progress-for-lgbt-worshipers/.
      I hope that readers will read with interest this article. I am also working on some fiction at the moment and hope to complete that within the next few months.
      Thanks for the opportunity to share what we’re writing.

    • “Equality Will Never Exist Because Segregation Could Never Die”

      I’m sure I confused and or pissed a lot of people off with this title, but I promise I’m not as ignorant as you think. If you’re willing to take this mental journey with me continue reading if not I will not get offended. Just remember when you’re ready to open your mind, put away your personal beliefs, forget what you’ve been taught and set aside all that you know to be true I’ll be here.

      First off let me introduce myself I got by the name Slaughter (of course that’s not my birth name but does that truly matter) and I like to call myself an artist. Outside of the small projects I’ve done in college I really have to support that statement, but I just love the way it rolls off my tongue.I also would like to mention not only am I a lesbian I also don’t believe in any form of higher power. I hope that didn’t scare the small amount of readers I had left. I don’t think that should matter it’s not like I’m here to convince you to change your beliefs (I’m not a Jehovah witness) just giving you something to think about.

      Now that we got the logistics out of the way let’s take this mental journey I mentioned earlier

      Equality will never truly exist it’s actually impossible, because segregation will never cease to exist. There has and will always be a form of segregation. There’s two major ones which consist of religion and money; there’s about a billion other minor ones (exaggeration of course) race, gender, even sports afflictions to name a few. (I may have reached with that last one; but try telling a Bears fan how great the Green bay Packers are) In other countries some of those minors could easily be a major form of segregation but I was born in America and I’m writing as such. My goal in writing this article is not to sway you away from what you believe in and turn the whole planet into vegan atheists (although that’ll be an experience to document) It’s to once again just give you something to talk about, we all don’t have to think, talk, and walk the same, but we can all be heard.

      The two major forms of segregation are once again money and religion. (my beliefs, and I’m entitled to that) Can life exist without these two and still have that level of control where chaos wouldn’t erupt and destroy mankind as we know it? Can life itself still have control like these two does? Are we as humans that weak minded where the only way we’re going to do good is being afraid of burning in a lake of fire? You cannot tell me that in 2014 we need the ideal of “Heaven” as leverage to be good honest people. This cannot be life. Seems more like a scapegoat than anything.

      Religion has been around over 3,000 something plus years. (Couldn’t really find two sources that agreed with each other So I estimated (bite me)) I may be the wrong person to even be speaking on this subject but I read a lot and have done a lot of research. Almost every war religion played a major role in it, even civil rights leaders and or activist believe in a form of religion, and spoke on it being there reasoning behind doing what they’re doing on more then one occasion. Religion was here before me and it’ll be here when I’m going. (like roaches) what I find very interesting is even before transportation were even thought of (minus the cave man in the wheel) religion existed. Africans believed in God (s) So did Native Americans and they never communicated with each other, there’s was no way they could. How freaky is that? (Different subject, different article) even before Christianity was forced upon those two races they still believed in some form of Religion.

      Would Christopher Columbus have left the Native Americas be if they believed in Jesus. Probably not they were some heartless cold mother fuckers I mean think about only a monster could do what he and his hooligans done to those Native Americas. Nothing a turkey some land (that was already yours) and repenting can’t fix. (I promised myself I would be too opinionated) Would Africans still have been kidnapped and forced into slavery if when that first white man stepped his foot unto Africa and heard them signing “Jesus is on the main line” probably still would’ve been enslaved it sucks when you can’t even trust family. (If you didn’t get that little simple jab please stop reading your mind is still closed) although every race primary have their own religion, they all have similarities in the book where they shaped their lives around. Just imagine life with out religion. Where you can truly give yourself the free will the “Bible” so often speaks of. Outside of whatever consequences you may face on earth for the decisions you make the second you die accountability cease to exist Sounds a bit bizarre right? Once I put it that way I see the need for religion maybe it was presented the wrong way maybe the ones who standing as disciples are using their “powers” for evil (magento syndrome )
      Religion is one of the craziest form of segregation and its a major one at that. The fact that I can’t have a respectful conversation about me not believing with a believe is crazy. The fact that you can’t go on break at work and not even mention it without risking your job because someone’s offended by you even mentioning anything remotely related to religion (way to disregard the constitution) is crazy. The fact that no matter how good of a women I am or the great things I’ve done or may do my soul will forever burn in a lake of first (Ouch) ,because I happen to attracted to the same sex. (Namaste)

      A family member will disown there own blood because of a book that may or may not support the relation of same sex. (still waiting on an actually book and or chapter) The most disturbing thing that I’ve came across is there’s a religion out there that put pigs on a higher pedestal than women. I’m a vegetarian lesbian and even I find that appalling. I went about it this way to really make you question are we better off without religion. Just the fact of being able to do what you want to do and pray and repent and all is forgiving. It leaves one to think is religion helping or hurting us as a whole. Not only do I feel this planet would’ve been better off without even introducing religion I think as a species we would’ve been more evolved. Not only does religion segregate us it also limit us.

      I firmly believe money is by far the worst drug known to men. Yes I just defined money as a drug, how else could you define the root of “most” evil

    • My very first blog posts

      Hi Dears,

      I just stated my writing journey a few months ago. Initially I was challenged how to get started. Finally I managed to get my first post last month.

      Please find here my first two posts. I would be glad to get your feedback. Have a great day.



      I’m excited to get your opinions. I’m working on my third post now.

      Best Regards,

    • A couple poems I wrote

      “One death, two breaths”
      I miss our conversations
      we would talk for minutes,
      but felt like hours
      now the only time you hit me up
      when you have stupid questions
      you need answered
      I’m forced to watch what we had die
      right before my eyes
      fell asleep to I’m sorry
      and woke up to goodbyes
      what was lost between us
      gave breath to I

      “Forever don’t last and love don’t exist
      hell is real and heaven is a myth
      the things you hate you’ll soon become
      be aware of time because it waits for no one.”

      “The Darkness Approaches Us Even If Its Unwanted”

      As I look into the distant I see nothing. I learned closing my eyes would keep the darkness from coming. My monsters are sitting next to me, they’ve become way to comfortable. As the tears pass my cheeks I know death is approaching; faster than normal. There’s no escaping the hole I dug for my departure. Years and years from hiding from my demons it took just one glance in the mirror to realize we’ve become one. I’m more afraid of the what ifs and anxious for the never were, still scared to open my eyes just knowing pain and fear is waiting on the other side. Drugs were my comfort zone with that being taking away I’m forced to deal with it another way. Anger is just there geeked for its time to shine I hope the darkness knows that in time the light will shine.I hear a whisper.. it’s drawing near this is familiar soft and sweet. “Grab my hand” she says “it’ll be fine, I’m here to help” as I open my eyes The light blinds my pupils there stood an angel with wings that was oh so beautiful. All I could do was smile I knew my time being a caterpillar was over and now I could fly. Terrified I grabbed her hand all I needed was a mother, because deep down I’m just a scared little girl hiding behind the persona of a mad man.

    • Hello All…

      I’m Marvin, and this is the very beginning of my memoir, Alienus Tempus. It resembles a forward, I think. The tone of this piece is more unique than the remainder of the memoir. Thank you for any time or comments. And good luck with your WIP

      It’s said that when you are in the throes of mental illness, when you are truly crazy, that you are unaware of what the reality of the situation really is. That you are immersed in and
      absorbed by irrationality and delusion.

      So that must indeed settle it then. I am not crazy. Somewhat confused possibly. For it seems I may at times not be able to distinguish the Koinos Kosmos from the Idios Kosmos, the shared reality and the personal reality. Some think that when the Idios Kosmos tips the scale then you are crazy. I would agree that is a possibility, but would postulate that if your Idios Kosmos is not at least in equal alignment with the Koinos Kosmos then you may not be balanced. Potential Truths are veiled to you.

      I have an abundance of Idios Kosmos and should be balanced. Alas, I am not. There has been an assault on my faculties and for some reason, I am not in control as I used to be. There is Another that seeks to restore balance, but in doing so, has shaken the very fabric of my reality and, I would argue, the Koinos Kosmos as well.

      It is still hidden, but in place. Occult. Waiting for opportunities when its interests would be best served. A master of games, always countless moves ahead. This ubiquitous enigma, not unlike what one unique science fiction writer referred to as VALIS, must have considered June 23, 2002 to be such an opportunity.

    • Barb E, RN says:

      Hi all,
      I am currently writing my YA fantasy novel. I am also writing a web site on metallurgy for 2 of my instructors. Here is my Prologue to my novel.
      Unemployed RN taking welding classes!

      The dragon’s nostrils flare and his lips slide back revealing crimson saliva, dripping over yellow, pointy teeth. Firmly seated on the fierce dragon, Lord Banshee’s eyes focused on his cornered target, a friend of your father’s, eager to roast him alive. Your father intercedes…
      Banshee’s blade pierces through your father’s heart and I watch as the light disappear in his eyes. Lieutenant Commander Nathan Grace, my friend and your father, dead.
      These words drill into my head as I crumple the paper they were written on. Words, horrible words in the letter in my hand, one I was never supposed to get. My stepmother regularly shreds my mail before I ever get it.
      Today, the persistent rain has made the world outside as grey as it is in here. The wind blows and the little windows in the basement barely keep out the cold. I am doing the laundry, when hear the crinkling of paper inside my stepmother’s jacket pocket. The envelope had been ripped opened and crumpled into a tight ball. I unfurl the envelope and flatten it out and see the hand written letter, addressed to me. There is no return address. The post mark reveals delivery three weeks ago.
      “Ashley, haven’t you finished the laundry yet?” screams my stepmother, Carol.
      “Almost done,” I reply, stuffing the letter into my pocket.
      I throw the rest of the laundry into the dryer, listening to make sure I won’t be interrupted. It is silent outside the laundry room. I pull out the letter and flatten out the creases and read it again trying to comprehend the words on the paper.
      Dear Ashley,
      Happy Birthday! I know your 14th birthday is later this month and big changes will be in store for you. It is therefore time for me to reveal what really occurred when your father, Flight Commander Nathan Grace, died. The official record has been shrouded in secrecy. I think it is wise for you to have the true information as your destiny unfolds.
      Six years ago, I was the Air Supply Sergeant and witnessed the battle that killed your father and many others. The air battle was so vicious, the sky dripped blood.
      I watched as the dragon’s nostrils flared and his lips slid back revealing crimson saliva, dripping over yellow, pointy teeth. Firmly seated on the fierce dragon, Lord Banshee’s eyes focused on his cornered target, a friend of your father’s, eager to roast him alive. Your father attempted to intercede.
      Your father flew in so fast I thought he would blow right by them. He yelled, “Stop, your rage is with me not the Lieutenant in your sights.”
      “I want you to experience this exquisite pain, reminiscent of the pain you gave me,” Lord Banshee smirked with triumph in his eyes.
      Banshee set his gaze on your father’s friend. Banshee’s dragon ejected a blazing flash of fire and roasted the Lieutenant alive into ash, which scattered in the wind.
      “You’re a monster,” yelled your father as he dove toward Banshee.
      Banshee was initially stunned. Lieutenant Grace cut the cape off of Banshee’s neck. A small red line emerged on Banshee’s neck.
      “You made me into a monster,” sneered Banshee his red eyes glowing with hate. “You took Natalie from me and betrayed me. It is time for you to die.”
      Additional Dragon Riders arrive. Your father had no chance. I engaged, against all orders, but my Gryphon was no match for the Dragon riders. I couldn’t get to him.
      Banshee and your father were locked in their dance of death. Banshee’s blade pierced through your father’s heart and I watched as the light disappeared in his eyes.
      Your father was blamed for the tragic losses that day, his memory forever tainted.
      Before he died, your dad made me promise, if anything happened to him, that I would watch over you, at Absecon. Your father was always a friend, true hearted and kind to all bestats. I will never forget this loss.
      I am so sorry you had to grow up these past years without him. I know I will meet you soon. Both of your parents had the gift and I am sure you will follow in their footsteps.
      Chief Marshall Sargent Zack Alyson of Absecon Fortress and the bestat tribe of the east.

    • Hello everyone! I’m currently working on a very weird story that I can only describe as futuristic steampunk…? I’m still not convinced that’s a thing but it has taken on a life of its own, so who knows what I’ll end up with? It’s a tale of blossoming love, stolen memories and a strange, strange society.

    • Swathika says:


      I would like to share with you one of my poems. HERE IT IS.

      My love for traveling!

      Far beyond the universe
      so high up in the sky
      I see the shimmering stars, blinking as a sign
      Of welcoming me, why?
      I wonder, but where? is the question
      Running in mind

      Then I realize, they want me
      To accompany them, so
      I turned around for my mopeds in haste,
      Just in case, I don’t miss to catch up
      So now I’m wheeling past the stars,
      Feeling the gush of cold wind
      Running over me
      Wanting me to press on and accelerate!!

      But I don’t want to do that
      I wish to take my own time
      To admire the beauty of nature, because
      It’s once in a blue moon opportunity
      To take my mopeds where I like
      But not where the world likes!!!

      How I wish I could…

      Hope u like it

    • Susie says:

      Right now I’m working my way through edits of my first book, which is a devotional nonfiction. But I’m also doing a bit of prewriting/world building for my first novel, so I thought I’d share a link to a snippet of that. This is just the first draft opening of the novel, so it will need revision eventually, but I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqsg2v77lv0c2vx/Archer%20%26%20Unicorn%20PDF.pdf?dl=0

    • everyone is always asking
      what do you write
      you wanna know what i write
      well i will tell ya what i write
      i write crap

      i give myself permission
      to show up everyday
      and write crap

      no one is going to die extra
      because i write crap

      no extra child is going to go
      hungry today because
      i write crap

      i write 1000 words of
      free writing crap

      monday through friday

      because every so often
      its not as crappy as before

      and those are the days
      im glad i got up to write

      • Daniel Selioutsky says:

        I…really really like that. I could live (and write) by that. Thank you

    • Celeste says:

      I am working on a picture book called Sailing Le Cirque. Its in final edits right now but I have been and will continue posting about it on my blog.

    • Charlotte Wlodkowski says:

      Below is the first page of a story I’m working on. The title is “The Fathers.” Hope it tantalizes your interest.

      The Fathers
      “Drake, can you picture the sun and how it used to shine? People say, at one time, it was a yellow-golden ball and gave off bright rays of light.”
      “I told you before. Don’t talk about things like that. Do you want the Fathers to keep us permanently separated young lady? It’s hard enough not being able to raise you as my daughter. If you don’t keep your lips shut, one of us will be moved to a different colony. We’ll never see each other again.”
      “But Dad.”
      “Be quiet Rebecca. Ever since the nuclear war, people have been trying to survive. Don’t jeopardize your safety. The Fathers built this world to protect us from the scavengers outside the colonies. We have no choice but to obey their rules. Do you understand?”
      Before they reach the east end of the factory, Drake deliberately stops, making sure his back is to the building. He mouths the words, “I love you kid,” and quickly turns around to walk faster than his daughter can follow.
      Dorm life seems to fit Rebecca. Her roommate and she are the same age, but Joyce is not as accepting as she. There was the encounter with the mother of the house the year before. During the teachings, Joyce blatantly disagreed with a doctrine of the Fathers. After that incident, Joyce was blacklisted and denied her attendance to several outings. The mother of the house demanded Rebecca inform her of any strange behavior from Joyce. She also suggested Rebecca convince Joyce to fully conform to the Fathers’ ways.

    • Hi everybody. I am Harsh Sharma, a 16 year old boy from New Delhi, India.
      This is my poem on how to stand up and work for success even after failing.

      We will win.
      When you lose,

      This world full of fools,

      Would try to get you consoled,

      It would try to get your inner fire abated,

      It would try to get your resentment faded,

      It would try to make you believe,

      That win or defeat never matter at all,

      If you believe in this world, you will always remain apart from your goal,

      Keep in mind that history is written through the hands of winners,

      And those who chill after losing are the flawless sinners,

      I acknowledge that defeat is requisite and teaches you how to win,

      After you loss, God shows you two things,

      The first thing being that you choose an easy way,

      Get out of race and live a normal life,

      Be indulged in your trifles and rife,

      The second one is the toughest of all,

      It asks you to thrive and strive in all the weathers of life,

      This is for those who want to be unique,

      It’s for those who want to be above caste, status and creed,

      God asks these people to never listen to the world,

      The world would try to block their path,

      It would try to make them bath,

      In its own problems and life,

      But such people continue to fight,

      They might lose once twice or thrice,

      But the fire in them would continue to burn hard and rise,

      The people are not afraid of dying,

      These are perfect birds deserving to be flying,

      A day will come when the world will salute them all,

      Because only those rise who know how to fall.



      • This is quite an inspiring piece, Harsh. Keep writing!

    • The first paragraph of my novel, Martha’s Sister still in the works. A broken-hearted Martha watches Mary.

      “My heart expanded until it pushed against the inside walls of my body, threatening to break me apart. I watched the young girl. Sandaled feet milled around me in the marketplace. They shuffled down the walk bordering a street rife with the sounds of donkey hooves. Riders clicked their tongues to control the animals.

      But I stood alone.

      A frontlet encircled her forehead,. Her name embroidered on it advertised her profession. Heavy gold rings weighted her hands, reaching toward the passers-by. She leaned against the stone wall behind her.

      The slight frame of the tiny woman identified the little girl I had scolded and raised. She reached toward the passing men, smiling. …”

      Patricia Analee Kirk

    • Hi everybody. I am Harsh Sharma, a 16 year old boy from New Delhi, India.
      This is my poem on how to cope up with the loss of beloved ones from your life.

      Just keep in mind,
      In life you have to leave many things behind,
      No one is there to live with you forever in your life,
      It’s painful but you have to thrive,
      Till last you have to fight….
      Many a times there are people and things we have loved even more than ourselves,
      For them we had left everything else,
      Things sans which we couldn’t imagine the way ahead,
      Absence of which could make us extremely sad,
      Things for which we were ready to die,
      People who could make us laugh without any reason,
      Those who could make our face fleam in life’s any season,
      Those whom we deemed as God’s perfect creation,
      But there are time in life,
      When life becomes pretty tough,
      The situations leave you completely bluffed,
      When things don’t remain the same,
      When changed is life’s game,
      When people depart away,
      When things don’t remain with us anyway,
      We have to let go of things,
      But we have to learn to live in their absence,
      Because we would no longer enjoy their presence,
      At time there are things for which you risked whatever you had,
      Things for which you perspired relentless,
      But somethings you have to let it all go,
      But remember,
      Life will reward you with a morning,
      IF you are ready to let go of the night,
      Surely moving on, you would discover for you,
      What is actually in fact right,
      May be things made for us are waiting ahead,
      Just follow your heart and don’t let its voice fade,
      You just need to move on,
      As far ahead, for you there is surely a new dawn.


    • OOps! The link to my article should read http://www.grahamjhunt.com/sub/shcocolatemeditation.html

      Just goes to show what happens when you overdose on chocolate!

    • Hi,
      I just tried writing a poetry based on my most intense thoughts about relations.
      I have just published it on Facebook -https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1013048785390356&id=100000557319429
      Please do comment and let me know how it was and what I do to improve and I am always open for learning.
      Thankyou and God bless you

    • Chase G. says:

      Hello, my name is Chase, and I’m a writer. (Hi Chase!) I just recently finished a collection of short stories, poetry, micro fiction, and other reads for people with short attentions spans (like myself). I’m slowly putting it piece by piece on my webpage, and I’m looking to get it illustrated in a few months.


      • Roxanna says:

        Hi, I wish you the best of luck with your poetry collection. I just finished compiling my love-themed poems and paired them with some photography so it will be on Kindle by end of April. I enjoy meeting poets and reading their work. Will check out yours.

    • Just this minute finished a little nonsense piece to give myself a break from my main topic of writing, which is self development.
      This piece arose out of a book I am currently reading on mindfulness. It includes, would you believe A Chocolate Meditation. My mind ran riot and out popped a rather flippant article entitled, you guessed it “The Chocolate Meditation” I am about to upload it to my website, so by the time you read this, chances are it will be there. It starts like this

      THE CHOCOLATE MEDITATION the title read, as I turned the page on what I had started reading as a serious book about mindfulness.
      “Open the wrapper and smell the aroma” the first instruction read. So I did so. If chocolate diminishes by taking in the aroma, then the block I had purchased shrank before my very eyes.
      “Break off a piece and place it on your tongue Focus on the square of chocolate on your tongue. There are over 300 different flavours in chocolate, how many can you distinguish?” the text read.
      Three hundred? I was amazed. Already my knowledge had increased. I had only ever known of three, milk, dark and white.

      Read the rest at http://www.grahamjhunt.com/chocolatemeditation.html

    • I am now an author!

      I’m delighted to say that I have, just yesterday, published my first ever book on Kindle. It’s a management fable, which I’d compare (favourably, of course!), with Ken Blanchard’s ‘The One Minute Manager’ or William Byham’s ‘Zapp. The Lightening of Empowerment’ or Spencer Johnson’s ‘Who Moved My Cheese’.

      Well, that’s what I think anyway!

      I’ve written a 40,000 word medieval adventure and a 25,000 word crime thriller since January and now need a little stop to make sense of the creation that poured out of me!

      Apart from a load of management articles, I’ve not been much of a write before and now that I’ve found fiction, I’m starting to love it.

      I wonder, what will happen next!

    • Roblynn says:

      I turned 50 and decided to do 50 New things that I had never done before during the year I am 50. One of those was to write a blog. Here it is: 50thingsturning50.com

      I am also editing a non-fiction book and looking for either a publisher or agent at the moment.

      • Marvin says:

        Congratulations, Roblynn. You definitely have a survivor spirit. You’re well on your way to achieving your 50! Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing a pic of the afghan

    • James says:

      Recently finished powerful novel based on true events aboard USN destroyer during Vietnam War. This work has intensive human interest, adventure, action, travel and psychological elements. A good chunk is based on my own experiences overseas during the war.
      I’ve hired a college professor to edit the 250 page(inc. 8 maps, 12 photos)book which should be out in e-book format next month, the print version by May. Will be promoting and setting up website soon. Jim

    • Yatin says:

      Hi Mary
      Thanks for asking this information. It’s lovely to know that someone is there to listen your ideas. I really love to share things with people.

      I wrote a post on living a stress-free life
      The title of my post was Calmasutra: 69 ways of living a happy and stress-free life
      Link: http://buddytation.com/calmasutra-69-ways-to-live-happy-and-stress-free-life/

      Right now, I am writing about 5 types of hormones to pump our life. The post starts with my funny college incident. Then, I am connecting things with our personal life by pumping five different hormones in an easy peasy manner
      I only write blog posts. This is my beginning phase in the world of writing. Lot to learn from everybody.

    • Vanessa says:

      Ok, here we go…My first comment on WTD!
      I have been working on a YA novella since last year. The working title is called Lights, and it deals with a young outcast fairy on her first mission to save a human soul. I am currently finishing the first draft; it’s a first for me as I wrote short stories for years, but this one called for a full length! My challenge right now is to simply finish the story and to give the characters the ending they deserve.
      Here is a sneak peek of the opening sequence; enjoy and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think!

      “Every fairy had a special power, for special purposes. He or she was gifted during childhood, around thirteen: parents saw what their kids’ natural inclination was and then, during a morning ceremony, they received the gift. Think graduation day, with less hat throwing, but more dust light and fairy chants.
      I have heard it looked beautiful to the human eye.
      My mother, Elyia, was a powerful sorceress. She could create curses and prayers in seconds. She used to tell me how her own mother found her one day, chanting a curse in front of a tree, while the branches were growing, growing until it blocked the sun. My mum said she wanted the tree to grow faster.
      My own power appeared a bit earlier than expected. I was ten, and prone to nightmares (and yes, fairies can have nightmares). The most vivid one was about humans. I didn’t know what they were yet, but then the night came, the dream about this guy looking so sad, so sad I could feel his pain through my bones. This brown-eyed guy looking at me in despair, muttering my name: “Meira, help me, I can’t see” haunted me. I would scream and cry, and my mother would carry me in her arms, singing a poem to let me rest.
      She tried to erase the dream, but it would always come back.”

    • “You think someone lured him here to kill him?” Jackson asked.

      First line of “Three’s a Crowd,” my mystery novel. Coming soon!

      • Thanks for sharing, Nathan!

        I hope you don’t mind a bit of feedback: I would recommend against starting a piece with dialog. Since the reader has nothing to imagine yet, it leaves the said words floating in a void, which doesn’t make for a strong hook.

        Best of luck with your novel!

      • I’ve heard conflicting opinions about starting with dialogue and I’m not an agent or a published author (hope to become published), but I write and read mystery, suspense and thrillers. Your first line caught my attention and I would read on. I like dialogue as the opening when it is full of suspense as yours is. I assume you introduce us to your MC shortly thereafter. Your opening line hooked me.

    • I’m working on my first full-length novel in English. It’s a hot fantasy novel, by which I mean it has both magic and sex. I’m having tons of fun with my poor characters (who find this experience much less pleasant–the challenges I put them through!)

      • Joe Kovacs says:

        Tal, what an intriguing combination. Where and when does your story take place, and what is the story premise?

        • Hi Joe, only now saw your comment. My story takes place in a couple of “worlds”, primarily an Earth-like place that’s a bit behind us in technology. There are gods and immortals involved. No demons… per se. But there is a slavery spell that binds together my two poor MCs, and an old betrayal (or was it), and godly feuds… Any more and I’d spoil it for you. 😉

          You can follow my progress from time to time on my blog, The Writing Addict (next to a mixed bag of writing tips and tricks). Hope to see you there!

    • Good morning!

      My name is Jenny Bravo and I’m a writer. I’m working on self-publishing my first novel, These are the Moments; and as a promotional tool, I’m serializing a prequel on my blog.

      The novel is a contemporary romance that alternate timelines between the YA and NA age range, and tells the story of Simon and Wendy. You can read the prequel here: http://blotsandplots.com/2015/03/10/twtd-chapter-4/

      Thank you for an awesome post. Can’t wait to see what everyone is writing!

      • Roblynn says:

        Hi Jenny,

        I enjoyed your chapter 4. I enjoyed the flow of dialogue.

    • Ashley says:

      Hi everyone! I’m an african american urban fiction author, and I’m working on my second novel. It’s actually the sequel to my first novel, and it’s been kind of tough to write. I can’t figure out how to begin the novel this time around. the first page has to pop but all of the scenes I’ve come up with are not working? Any ideas on how I can come up with a great first chapter?

      • Thomas says:

        Hi Ashley: I am also working on my second novel and have encountered a similar problem. You might try James Scott Bell’s advice: just start with your Chapter Two. This can work, but in my case, I ended up throwing out the first five chapters before I found the right starting point for my story. That hurt, but it solved the problem.

        Best wishes,

      • Mark Wilson says:

        Hi Ashley,
        Maybe trying to focus on the end will trigger a way to get there?
        Best to you.


      • Debra says:

        Ashley, when you think of this second story, what is the first line or paragraph that comes to your mind, what do you want to happen in this story? Write out your thoughts all of them, because after all the first draft is never the final draft- I am learning that now on a story I am working on, now in its 2nd draft. Just don’t let something not be written because it doesn’t sound right the first time you read it, just let the words come. Edit later.

    • Hi there – I’m a publisher and I’d love to send you a press release for a writing competition we ran last year where we planted a tree for every entry. We have planted almost 1,000 and reforested an area that was devastated by deforestation. I thought it might be of interest to your literary loving readership!

      Could you drop me a line with an email address.

      Also…just a thought…but I present a book flavoured radio show called The Bookshelf. It goes out on Mondays on Apple FM but you can listen again via bit.ly/bookshelfreplay

      We love featuring other literary lovers so perhaps we could do a feature on you?

      With kind regards,


      • Tracy please tell me more about the contest. [email protected]

      • Logan says:

        Hey everyone, I’m a teenager working on my second novel, the sequel to my first novel. Sci-fi steampunk, all that awesome jazz. All good fun, despite school constantly getting in the way.

      • Pam says:

        My non-fiction/memoir, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, came out mid-January and I’m interested in your interview process.

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