What are YOU writing?

    what are you writing

    What are you working on right now?

    A novel? Your best article ever? A poem? A film script?

    Maybe you’ve just finished something you’re really proud of? Or you just can’t tell whether it should get a Pulitzer or be thrown into the trash?

    Here’s your chance to share and discuss with each other what you are writing about.

    Whet our appetite with the opening paragraph of your future bestseller or give us a link to your best article. Tell us: what are you writing at the moment?

    Who knows, your piece might even attract the notice of a major publishing house!

    Here are some guidelines:


    State what aspect you’re working on. For example, you might want to say, “Here’s a link to my article “Whatever.” I’m currently working on eliminating superfluous words.”


    * When commenting, first list everything you really like about a piece.
    * Only then offer careful suggestions.
    * Treat each other with respect, friendliness, caring, and honesty.
    * Remember that we are all still learning.

    Now it’s over to you. Take a deep breath. Then jump into the comment section and bring out your treasures!

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    • Amy Smith says:

      I just recently stumbled onto your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I’m currently working on the first draft of a novel. First few paragraphs are below:

      The forest Lilith was unsettled. Kira felt it from her fingertips to the skin of her toes. The river Vy, known throughout the region for its strange ability to generate violent, miniature storms mere feet above its surface felt more dangerous than normal. Kira marveled at the uniqueness of these storms, contained within a fog that hovered over the water and sprouted brilliant flashes of light as competing energies blended together to form an ancient but powerful magic. That energy hovered, untapped, over the water in the grey and black fog.

      Kira eyed the waters with trepidation. Lightening continuously hit the surface water creating furious ripples and waves. A violent, restless energy built and left a heavy static in the air that she’d not felt in a long time.

      Kira stepped onto the ledge of her porch, a thick branch of an ancient oak not twenty feet from the roaring river, and stared into the vast forest of Lilith over brambles and thorns, and oaks and pines. Aside from the roaring waters, Lilith was silent. And the silence unnerved her.

      Normally the forest hummed with the chirping of insects, the breath of trees, haunting songs of the elves, and the flutter of pixie and fairy wings. Kira waited to hear the high-pitched quipping of her pixie neighbors Sila and William or the smooth, mellifluous voice of Brand, a young elf who often sat by her tree and studied the magic of Vy. That she heard neither only added to the uncomfortable stillness.

    • D. Owen Powell says:

      I thought that I would comment, even though the post was in October.

      I liked the first part, but being a dark fantasy thought there might be something more Stephen Kingly when she opened her eyes.
      “Then the feeling of sheets surrounding her and a pillow beneath her head came into focus. with difficulty, she pried open her eyes.”

      offering… Then the feeling of wet sheets surrounding her and a soggy pillow beneath her head came into focus. With difficulty, she pried open her eyes.
      “Am I still sleeping … am I awake, or am I dead,” she asked herself.
      She was lying on a pillow, and sheets of red sweat.

    • Janice says:

      I’m writing a novel but need to brush-up a few loose ends. I want to learn how to make my characteristic come alive. what is the best way to do this as I turn it into a action book with arguments and disagreements with my characters.

    • Riana Inger says:

      Stoney and Polony is a narrative I recently wrote. My aim is to always leave my readers with a morsel to chew on. Have I succeeded?


      Life is often a likened to a journey. Time is the road on which we travel, while any given experience we encounter, as the second, minute and hour hand ticks along, signifies our ever-changing landscape. Lets face it, encountering a terrain overlooking vast lush meadows, reflective lakes canopied under clear blue skies, instills a sense of harmonious peace. But, the insatiable clock never stops ticking, it feeds off it’s own momentum, as it carries us along into the next scene. No amount of kicking and screaming allays its indulgent force. Relentlessly it snatches us off the mountaintop as it carries our flaying limbs off like a mindlessly discarded plastic bag, caught up in a summer whirlwind.

      Remaining focused on my surroundings while traveling along the Zimbabwean highway, with long stretches of road works currently underway, allows for encountering a vast array of topographic vicissitudes along with a unique chance to savor these scenes. With my sensory indulgences mostly placated from a stationary place sandwiched between cars, double decker buses and commuter omnibuses. While, being enshrouded with a new breed of businessmen, woman and children, all of whom operate under the umbrella of Opportunistic Entrepreneurs.

      On a recent road trip in October, dubbed as suicide month, in view of soaring temperatures known for their life draining characteristics, I was once again caught up in a traffic train, enveloped with people comprising of all shapes, sizes and ages pacing the scorching, newly paved road surface with their wares. Korn Kurls, telephone chargers, airtime, bruised fruit, canned drinks -baring foreign names in squiggly writing, together with familiar brands including Stoney ginger beer. These could all be purchased from tightly packed boxes balanced precariously on slightly tilted heads. Randomly wedged into any open spaces, in the already overflowing boxes, were protruding tubes of polony.

      Before I’d had enough time to consider the viability of selling sun drenched drinks and polony to waiting motorists, I was provided with the answer. Ahead from where I was waiting, several omnibuses had parked, with not a soul inside. In the distance, mingled with ‘dancing devils’ bodies appeared fluid as they all vied for their share of Stoney and polony. Immediately I was consumed with Tsunami type nausea. Not only did the thought of ingesting these products create monumental conflict within my stomach, worse still, what would happen when the effects of this diet commenced, once everybody had taken up their seats in the stifling bus? We all know there are certain universal rules that apply. In this instance, ‘what goes in must come out’ and as if that’s not enough, ‘hot air rises!’ Suddenly I found myself scanning the landscape for a carton of ‘sea legs’, preferably attached to a brown paper bag! I found none. My need was obviously in the minority!

      Soon the road works will be done. Vendors will have to scrutinize their environment for new opportunities to make a living, and we’ll reach our various destinations in half the time, with no powdery red dust prints on our windows, left by sweaty fingers and noses as reminders of desperate marketing strategies.

      Whether we’re experiencing this phase of the journey from the leather seat of an air-conditioned vehicle, inside a steaming bus or outside on the road hidden behind a box of Stoney and polony, surrounded by dancing heat waves, another universal law is in motion – The wheel keeps turning!

      And, about the plastic bag ostensibly spiraling out of control in the whirlwind? – It’s not fighting the wind, simply because it does not care where and how it will land. A natural landing is only possible when we trust and release. Arriving in this fashion is indicative of being in the right place at the right time. Till the next time!

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you for the offer to put our writing out there. I’m working on a creative nonfiction trilogy that includes elements of childhood molestation, domestic violence, and empowerment after being beaten down. I’m a new writer and appreciate all constructive criticism you can give me.

      Here is the first paragraph of Book 1 – thanks in advance for your time and comments:

      He didn’t answer the phone on the first ring, nor the second. Silence greeted her as he finally picked up the phone.

      “Hi Paul, it’s me” Kathy barely whispered into her cell phone.


      “Are you ok?” she asked. His response was the clink of ice cubes as he took a sip of his Pernod.

      “I’m at Heathrow” she said to the silence.

      “When does your flight leave back to the States?” he asked in his crisp, authoritative tone.

      “In about an hour and a half” she said softly, eyes shut tight, clutching her cell phone tightly against her ear, hoping upon hope he would tell her to cancel her flight and come home.

      Paul responded with “Have a nice flight” and hung up.

      Neither of them realized he had just saved her life.

    • Thanks to the help and advice from this group, one of my blogs is a guest post today at writersonthemove.com. “You Don’t Have to Be a Great Writer to Have a Great Blog”.

    • My son and I just released our 3rd children’s book, Teddy the Unready Tyrannosaurus Rex. My son (who’s 12 yrs old) is the illustrator. http://www.cheer-ebooks.com/teddy-the-unready-t-rex.html
      Mary, I posted about this a couple months when it was in progress and you asked me to let you know when it was done….and it is at last! 🙂 We had fun with this one!

    • Shawna says:

      Here it goes this is my first book and it happens to be a book for Teenagers, please let me know your thoughts. I would have loved to send more but didn’t want to hog up all the time (smile).

      Praying for a Title –

      They always tend to play a strange but familiar role in lives. Familiar because they start early; strange because all are different yet the same. Some walk with heads high, some down low; frames small, large, light, dark, limp from the struggle, make-up covered from the pain. They live down the block, across the alley, up the road, many miles away and also in your own home. Why do they exist, where do they come from; and why do we give them so much control?


      Before we could finish our Monday “Get to know you” sessions in Mrs. Batts class, the bell rang and the principal came over the loud speaker, “excuse me, excuse me students and teachers I have an urgent announcement, all teachers please direct your students to the auditorium immediately”. We quickly left the classroom and headed for the auditorium, students were chatting about what the urgent announcement could be. “Maybe we are being dismissed early because the air conditioner stopped working again”. It did feel a little hot when we were in class. “I wonder if someone had a weapon or something, you see that on the news all the time, students coming to school with a gun or knife”, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as Lena whispered those words to me. I turned to her and looked her straight in the eye “Lena with all that you have going on how do you have time to watch the news, girl please we’ve never had anything like that happen in our city let alone our school. Your imagination always runs wild.” I kind of sounded like my mother, so I immediately said “but you never know remember last week when Matt Sides beat the mess out of Henry Blake”? Lena looked at me sheepishly, “you think he may have come back for revenge”?

    • Amber says:

      I wrote Unexplainable at the start of this year, and I plan on making it into a trilogy. I think it certainly leaves it open enough 🙂 Here’s the link to my blog: http://writinggirl68.weebly.com/stories.html. Just scroll down to the one with the greenish picture. Enjoy, and you can browse the other stories I’ve written too 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      It is the story i have been writing and rewriting in a long time. I hope if you could read some of it and reply on the quality of my writing. i usually dont get alot of comments but when i do. it makes my day.

      • Could you please give us a link to your piece of writing, Sarah?

    • AM Simpson says:

      I have written my first book about a young girls journey into womanhood. How she relates to her Christian family and her experiences in the ‘real’ world. She experiences life, love and a new beginning for one so young. After her mother had died, she, believe it or not got over it at a young age finding solace after a visitation from her mother and is able to move on and live her life to the full.
      Am just tidying up at the moment, but feel it is finally ready and I am ready to start the search for a good agent.

    • Rachel says:

      Here goes…link to the most recent post on my personal blog:


      First paragraph below:

      Not that I aim to be quoting John Mayer, but the line “Say what you need to say” from his similarly titled song “Say” says a lot. We leave things unsaid at the very moments when we most need to express them. And these unspoken thoughts are more often about the person holding them back than the one who never hears them.

      • Well, that beginning immediately resonates with me. Great topic, Rachel!

        • Rachel says:

          Thanks for the feedback Mary and thanks for reading!

    • John McCoy says:

      I am so confused…

      You might think that having a lifetime of learning and experience I would know exactly what I want to do next.

      Copywriting is interesting. I have written some powerful web pages and white papers. The creative process is fun. Dealing with fickle and feckless clients is not, and I would rather hike ten miles through brambles than do any self-marketing.

      I am quite sure I could write a novel, but I don’t have a compelling story I want to tell. I do have compelling stories, but they are not ones I want to tell.

      Blog article ideas are rattling around in my head, but the thought of organizing them into actual text is too hard to think about.

      Maybe I just need to go fishing.

      • Hmmm – maybe you could think about your situation from a ‘glass-half-full’ perspective John:

        You have professional writing skills
        You have ideas for interesting blog posts

        Maybe it’s time to take grab one of the ideas rattling around in your head by the tail, give it a good shake, make some notes, and write a blog post!

        Oh, and much as I hate banging on about something I created, my report on How to Write Like an A-List Blogger will really help you in the process…

        The link is: http://alistblogging.net/write-like-a-list-blogger/

    • Barbara says:

      I’ve gotten so bogged down in editing my novel that I’ve resorted to writing short stories. One book of short stories is to be my first venture in publishing, CreateSpace and Kindle, but again I got bogged down–this time in formatting. What I really need is a good, swift kick in the backside. Or, I could get someone else to do it for me. But being a stubborn old woman, I have been determined to figure it out for myself. I’m beginning to think it’s not worth the hassle, will let someone else have the pleasure.

      • Hey Barbara, it is said the the only 10% of all those who start actually complete more than 90% of any project.

        Please, please be one of those 10%!

        You are now so close.

        Just one more push!

    • Thank you, Ms. Jaksch! Writers seldom are asked about current projects and writing is such a solitary activity it is nice to be recognized, questioned and given a place to answer! I write poetry and post it on a WordPress blog, I have four chapters of a novel to finish and I write magazine articles for a print publication (www.mylifemagazine.com). I also write in journals–one in the morning and one at night–just for the fun of writing. Here’s to the power of words wherever they are and however they get assembled.

      • You sound like a passionate writer, Mary! It looks like the journal-writing is helping you to be more productive and creative.

    • How to identifications on write “Internet book”, like novel online?

      • Thanks, Vivek. You wrote an interesting piece about why Economics is interesting. I think your piece deserves a more arresting title 🙂

    • Here is what I am currently working on. Please help to improve.

    • Here are the first two paragraphs from my newest dark fantasy. I’d like to know what feelings the beginning provokes.

      Sound intruded into her dark, safe silence first, shattering the dream holding her captive. An electronic noise in a repetitive, steady rhythm reminiscent of a heartbeat, kept time in the background. The sharp sting of antiseptic and the floral scent of roses came through. She tried to open her eyes, but it took too much effort.

      The sound must be her heart beat. Knowledge she heard her own heartbeat brought her further toward consciousness. As she rose toward reality, an overwhelming sense of joy suffused her. She still lived. She tried to wrap herself in the warmth of the feeling, but it dissipated and slipped away. Then the feeling of sheets surrounding her and a pillow beneath her head came into focus. with difficulty, she pried open her eyes.

      • Your opening paragraphs evoke a sense of dread. The reader begins to wonder how the protagonist got into this situation, and what will happen next.

      • I liked your description of the character’s feelings, I wish I could describe something this way like you did. But the awakening was too direct to the point and a little “cliché”, I’m telling you as a reader (I have a long way to be near of beeing a writer).

    • Sarah says:

      Onto a new fiction project … another YA. Fifth time’s a charm?

      Here’s my opening two paragraphs. I’m about 40K into what I want to get out at about 70K so we’ll see how that goes.

      The listing went live sometime during eighth period, while I made up answers to our weekly bio quiz. I knew that’s when the listing went live because I checked my email between classes and all I had in my inbox was a forward from my Gram. Something about angels watching over me. Nothing about a new cache.

      I checked my email again after handing in my quiz,. There it was. 1.2 miles NW. Two-star difficulty with a one-star terrain rating. And there I was in biology for twenty-two more minutes. Twenty-two minutes that meant someone else could be on they way to the cache, meaning that I would once again miss getting a FTF – a first to find. There was no way I was going to let that happen.

      • Hi Sarah, could you please let us know what the acronyms mean? Sometimes we as writers use acronyms because we know exactly what we mean – but our readers often don’t…

    • PJ Reece says:

      Mary… I just published a blog post about the opening line and paragraph of my new personal essay/memoir: THE WRITER IN LOVE. Openings are soooo important. Here’s my first paragraph:

      I didn’t hear it coming. It hadn’t finished devouring the bait when my Bolex ran out of film, so I retreated but slowly, walking away through the elephant grass when it surprised me from behind by clamping down on my hand hard enough to hold me but not break the skin. The growl in its guts, I could feel the vibration in my arm if you can imagine that. And then in my own belly. It’s a funny thing when your life stops suddenly dead in its tracks, it’s not funny at all because there you are for the first time without a future. As for the past, well, it’s your fault—my fault!—I had been carrying the bloody bait in that hand. Of course, the cheetah could smell it. I could see that now. I should have seen it coming.

      Here’s a link to my post: http://pjreece.ca/i-didnt-see-it-coming/

    • First a curtsy for the offer!
      What impeccable timing…for my very first faction novel: ‘The Catalyst’ is still hot on Kindle as of yesterday! It will be In paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace within the week. I was inspired to write the novel having read of the bravery of some of the survivors of one of the horrendous London train bombings by a terrorist in 2005. I put it on the back burner until the Inquest had been held out of respect, and changed the name of the male protagonist in memory of a dear friend, Ian Govan, who died prematurely in 2012: The aftermath and repercussions of life-changing incidents fascinate me, and I am filled with admiration for the way people wade through so much suffering and often emerge stronger on the other side. I also applaud the role family and friends usually play in the rehabilitation process, and the value of camaraderie and humour.
      Excerpt: Foreword. “It’s hard to believe in coincidence, but it’s even harder to believe in anything else.” John Green (Will Grayson, Will Grayson) That far-reaching arm: coincidence, which seems to weave its disembodied way through all manner of innocent and drama-filled occurrences and ‘incidents,’ again came to the fore on the 7th day of July 2005. Known only to a thousand or so people, a fictional ‘scenario’ of multiple bomb attacks on London’s underground was, incredibly, being played out just after the time the actual bomb attacks took place, stretching the meaning of coincidence to its utmost limit.”

      • Hey Joy, congratulations on getting your book finished and into Kindle! I love the cover… it looks enticing.

    • The sequel to my first book ‘Open Gate’ (http://www.amazon.com/Open/dp/B00GV0BFNE). To be titled ‘Exploring’, it will follow my merry band of college students as they explore their new planet.

      If only I could concentrate long enough to finish it.

      • It’s a great idea to create a series, Bruce! I see that you got some excellent reviews for the first book. Please let us know when you’ve finished your second book.

    • Kris says:

      With Pinktober (breast cancer awareness month) upon us, I recently wrote about all the “secrets” of how to avoid breast cancer. I call them secrets here because the mainstream communication about breast cancer leaves out so many things that I wish I had known.
      So for anyone who would like to get rid of that anxiety about getting breast cancer, take a peek at the things I’ve learned.
      Thank you for taking a look and I hope my writing is able to help a few people out there! Cheers & Thanks!
      Here is the link:

      • hi Kris, your post is an extremely important message for breast cancer sufferers. It has a positive tone and is grounded in your personal experience. That’s awesome.

        Like Gordon, there are some easy ways to improve the readability of your article. You would get a lot more people to read the full length of your article if you use some of the simple secrets of how to write for the Net.

        Click on the link below to get my free report: How to Write Like an A-List Blogger

        • Kris says:

          Thank you Mary! I will check that out. Really appreciate your feedback!

    • Is this where I offer my article? This was the first post for a life coach, a new category for me. Here goes- http://www.youchooselifecoaching.com/the-spark.html

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