Use Facebook and Twitter to Drive Crowds to Your Blog

A guest post by Donny Gamble

You have a nicely crafted blog or webpage, in which you put a lot of effort adding that nicely written content, but now you need people to read those posts. Traffic is of major importance, because depending on the number of visitors:

  • You’ll get a better general ranking
  • Your profits will increase – more visitors -> more potential customers
  • You will have higher revenue from the ads

There are several online web marketing tools, but not all of them are ideal for advertising and attracting traffic like a magnet. Facebbok and Twitter are the trendiest and most effective tools, which will definitely help you increase the traffic to your page.

Facebook Marketing – let the whole world learn about you

There are actually 3 ways you can increase your website traffic using Facebook:

Social Ads.

This is an amazing application Facebook has come up with; you can actually connect with the audience that you want (by sending the ads to targeted regions or groups of people). In no time, you will be able to attract the people that you want to your blog/website.

Profile + links

– build yourself a nice profile, and keep in mind to add both pictures and a shot and relevant bio (because people like to see the man behind the ads!), and add some links. One or two should be enough, do not drown your profile page with tens of links.

Continuous updates

– If you simply build a profile and add a link, and then you think crowds will pour into your portal, you are mistaken. You need to add fresh content at least three times a week – updates, company news, links to crispy fresh content.

Tease people with one or two highlights from your article, and call to action: if they want to read more, they will go to your webpage. Be a versatile Facebook user, and once you have a well established presence there, do not let people get bored: be innovative.

Twitter Marketing – short messages, long queues to your webpage

Just keep in mind the 2 top Twitter strategies, and people will visit your page:

Direct (Aggressive) Advertising – a big No- No! – you can send short, timely messages to an entire world using Twitter, but these little messages should not sound like “Buy now..” or “Huge discounts…”. The truth is people get annoyed by this type of blunt advertising, which may have worked back in the 60’s when the “mad men” were fashionable.

Today, elegant advertising is when you post on twitter a link back to a piece of nicely written and highly informative article. Once people are there, reading your content, let them decide if they want to buy or not.

Post helpful tips each day. This way you can have people getting used to your little tips & tricks, and they will wait for them. For instance, if you are selling cosmetics, make sure you add one helpful tip each day about skin care.

Women love that, and you will attract more traffic to your webpage.

In Closing

If you have not realized it yet, social media is here to stay. Everyone is on Twitter and Facebook, why aren’t you?  Become apart of this prestigious community, so that you can start sharing your story and interest to the world.

Donny Gamble is a blogger, marketer, and entrepreneur who shares his blogging tips on his personal blog.  He has just released his new eBook “The Bloggers Roadmap”, which you can get here.

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