5 Subtle Mindset Shifts Proven to Help You Become An A-List Online Writer

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    You’d be able to die happy…

    if you achieved your writing dreams.

    You want a popular blog with thousands of fans.

    When the word influencer comes up, you want readers to think of you.

    You can have all of the above. In fact, it’s much simpler to achieve than you think.

    What if I told you a few tiny changes in your thought processes would skyrocket your writing career and turn you into a top online writer?

    Are you interested in finding out the simple and subtle changes in mentality that will make you a brand new writer?

    First, you must discover the truth.

    The Simple Truth Behind Writing Success That’ll Make You Want to Kick Yourself

    You’ve been led to believe that becoming a top-tier online writer is difficult and daunting.

    That’s just not true.

    Of course, you have to do the work and provide effort to succeed, but becoming an A-List online writer is dead simple.

    Not easy, but simple.

    See, the problem with most aspiring writers comes down to two simple words.

    Can you guess what they are?

    The first word is action. The blueprint for becoming an A-list writer is available to you, but a blueprint doesn’t build a house, it justs provides the steps to build one.

    You have two options. You can continue to read more and more blog posts while doing nothing, or you can take good advice and follow it to the letter.

    That’s what A-list writers do. That’s what successful people in general do.

    Ok, now for the second word. Think you know what it is? I bet you don’t.

    The second word is perception.

    If you look at building your writing career as an extremely daunting task, then it will be.

    If instead, you take a relaxed attitude with the perception that things will work out as long as you’re patient, you’ll rise to the top in no time.

    These tips I’m about to share will change your perception. Follow them to the letter and watch your number of fans and influence grow like you never thought possible.

    The Secret Influencers Don’t Tell You

    Put yourself in the shoes of a popular writer for a second.

    Every single day people bombard you with requests looking to take from you.

    You get requests for guest posts from people who don’t even bother to spell check.

    People ask you for free advice who don’t value your work enough to pay for it.

    When you’re at the top, people flood your inbox with garbage, and you don’t have the time to sift through it to find the gems.

    Here’s the secret most influencers won’t tell you.

    They want to help you.

    They remember what it was like starting out, and they’re more than willing to lend you a helping hand if you treat them with respect.

    That means learning about them and getting familiar with their writing before you pitch them.

    That means adding value instead of begging them for free advice.

    If you approach an influencer in a respectful way, add value, and craft your message in a way that respects their time, your chances of working with them will skyrocket.

    Shift your mindset from being needy and believing influencers are super-human to realizing you have value to add and you’re two equals connecting with one another in a genuine way.

    Here are some great guides on connecting with influencers and pitching them the right way:

    A Simple Trick for Winning Friends and Influencing Bloggers

    What if I said it was possible to guarantee each post you write would have tons of comments and shares?

    When I realized this secret behind successful blog posts, it seemed too simple, like finding out the magician had a hidden hole in his table.

    Since then, I’ve used this strategy to get hundreds of shares on guest posts and dozens of comments each time.

    The trick is blogger outreach.

    In the blogging world, you need friends, and while making friends with top-tier influencers is smart, you also want to make friends with people on your level.

    How do you do that? By hanging out where other writers hang out, giving their writing some love, and extending your friendship.

    Find other writers, share their material, and connect with them via email and ask them to check out your work as well.

    Some great guides on connecting with other bloggers are:

    Be an Epic Online Writer

    Here’s what a typical online writer will do.

    They publish a few mediocre blog posts on their website, maybe share it on social media, and call it a day.

    You’re different.

    Today, you’re going to decide to be epic.

    Instead of writing just on your blog, you are going to reach out to the top tier blogs in the industry and pitch your stuff, because you know it’s good.

    Instead of writing a 500-word blog post that takes an hour, you’re going to commit to writing 1,000 words or more by writing at a faster pace.

    You’ll create epic content that makes people want to share it.

    Not only will your work be more quality, but studies show that search engines will show it more love, too.

    You’ll follow the time-consuming but effective content creation tactics like creating ultimate guides and expert roundups that almost guarantee heavy traffic.

    In short, you’ll do what other writers won’t do get what other writers can’t have.

    I recently wrote a guest post totaling 6,000 plus words. The editor ran my post through several rounds of editing, and I spent hours revising it until it was stellar.

    Why? Because it helps me stand out.

    You can stand out too. It doesn’t require insane levels of hard work. It requires patience, diligence, and a deliberate effort.

    People Want to Hear From You

    Many popular writers have spread an idea to encourage aspiring writers but often demotivates them.

    It’s the idea that writing is a fight to be won and a hurdle to be overcome. You’ve heard the posts that say “Over two million blog posts are published each day. You must fight to cut through the noise.”

    Is there competition? Yes.

    Do you have to work hard to succeed? Yes

    But the idea that you’re throwing your words into the abyss is at best a bit exaggerated and at worst harmful.

    Readers want your words.

    The key is putting your words in front of the right people – the people who are already looking for the type of words you write.

    First, figure out what your ideal readers want and where they hang out.

    Some great tips for this are:

    • Create a reader persona/customer avatar
    • Visit other blogs in your niche and read the comments
    • Use research tools like Google Keyword Planner to find exact phrases people search for

    Second, instead of waiting for readers to come to you, go to them.

    Some great tips for this are:

    • Writing quality guest posts for other blogs in your niche
    • Writing content with keywords people search for
    • Republishing your work and getting more mileage out of your content

    Once you’re certain your readers are out there, you just have to go find them.

    Writing is the Least of Your Worries

    If you compile all the necessary elements before you sit down and write, the writing will be effortless.

    The next time you write a blog post, spend the majority of your time coming up with a compelling headline.

    Before you pen a word, take the time to brainstorm and outline your post, chapter, or book in detail.

    Get the structure down first, and the words will pour out.

    Once you finish writing, the real fun begins.

    The online writer you admire who seem to publish everything successfully do a ton of work behind the scenes to spread the word about their writing.

    Some great guides and case studies on promoting your writing are:

    Shift your mindset from focusing solely on writing and realize what happens before and after you sit down and type makes the true difference in your writing career.

    Mindset Beats Motivation Every time

    Motivation fades. When you change your mindset, it changes everything.

    Now you have seven powerful mindsets you can use to become the online writer you’ve always dreamed of become.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Head out into the world and use your new way of thinking to build your writing career.

    About the author

      Ayodeji Awosika

      Ayodeji is a writing coach, author, and digital marketing director at an SEO services company.

    • Omigy says:

      Thanks for this Ayodeji. I like the bit about influencers and how you can get them onboard. Yes we need to talk more to our peers. As bloggers, we seem to just focus on our work and forget about the outside world. I have started this and have already contacted two great guys that I know and did not speak with them for a long time. Guess what, they both replied within minutes and said it would be great to catch up. We have a telco this morning. And I shall continue like this. Thanks for reminding of the basics. I seemed to have gone on a tangent, which is not good for any blogger. Take care and hope we can also exchange together and contribute to each other.

    • Clearly defining what you want to write is crucial. Having a blog post or tweet go viral or semi-viral isn’t that difficult. What it may involve, however, is posting something that isn’t necessarily what ‘you’ want to write. So, while you may get the traffic as a result, is that the traffic you really want?

      Maybe you want to write subject matter that isn’t extremely popular. If so, that’s okay. Write what you love and the readers will come or maybe they won’t. We have to stop treating writing like it’s a popularity contest. The prettiest girl in high school didn’t always wear a dress or a crown upon her head.

    • When I first started blogging, I didn’t think mindset mattered. I just worked hard and got a lot done.

      Now, the last year or so, I see what a big part it plays in running my business.

      Thanks for this great info!

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        Hi Sue,

        Thanks so much for stopping by!

        Mindset means everything in my business, which is why I focus on it.

    • Gwen Irwin says:

      Hey there Ayo,

      Thanks for another great article! Your posts always motivate me–this time I am really feeling the push to start guest posting on a large scale. All of the links are helpful as well.

      Thank you for all that you do!

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        Hey Gwen,

        You should definitely pursue guest posting. It helps you broaden your reach quite a bit.

        Thanks for commenting!

    • Hey Steve,

      Brilliant read, of course. I continue perusing (and being proposed) about visitor blogging. You made an incredible showing with regards to with it. I get it’s the ideal opportunity for me to handle this procedure.

      A debt of gratitude is in order for your free composition guides!


    • Amar kumar says:

      Hey Ayodeji,

      Willing to read your wonderful post and I agree with your amazing points. Yes, you have said correct – almost everythings related to our life depends upon our mindset, here we need to make changes for better change in results. If we are constantly doubting ourself, our work is going to suffer.

      We need to write whatever we feel in our heart, and ask others for their opinion, but always try and achieve our own goals. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best experience with us.

      With best wishes,

      Amar kumar

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        Hey Amar,

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Mindset is really the only thing that separates us. So simple, but so true.

    • Hey Ayodeji,

      Great post. And thanks for the shout out!

      I agree. Taking action is the very first step. Influencers do want to help you, It’s extremely important to give them value. And mindset is everything.

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        Hey Eli,

        No problem. Your post helped me more than you know.

        Thanks again.

    • Ayo, interesting write up. I agree that mediocre content and half baked pitches to influencers normally don’t work. You need to do the extra mile and earn that chance to showcase your work on a reputable blog or website. Well done and keep it up the good work.

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        Hey Ahmad,

        The extra mile is so important. Readers can tell. So can influencers.

        You’ve been going the extra mile at your blog with your monster detailed posts.

        Keep it up man!

    • Excellent post, Ayodeji!

      Big thanks for the mention.

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        You’re welcome Michael.

        Thanks for the wonderful resource. You don’t know how much it has helped!

    • Hey Ayo,

      Excellent read, as usual. I keep reading (and being suggested) about guest blogging. You did a great job at it. I guess it’s time for me to tackle this technique.

      Thanks for your free writing guides!

      • Ayodeji Awosika says:

        Hey Steve,

        Thanks for the comment sir! Guest posting definitely helps spread awareness and connect with new people. My social media skills aren’t quite on par with yours, so I’ll have to take a page out of your book in that regard.

    • >