Top 10 Book Cover Design Trends For 2019

“Don’t Judge a Book by its cover”- You must have
heard it a zillion times yet you feel trapped by the appeal each book carries.
No matter how much digging you want to do but deep in your mind, that
compelling book cover has created a big place, which is now persuading you to
give it a read.

The trend of reading e-books instead of printed one seems to be dropping for a couple of years. As per the Neilson’s survey, the eBook sales in UK dropped by 4% marking the second consecutive year to highlight the decline.

Moreover, “Readers
take a pleasure in a physical book that does not translate well on to
stated by the Publishers
as a reason to prefer printed books.

Printed books create a sort of emotional bond with the
readers. Many book lovers even save their best books for years and consider
them to be a part of their little world. With the decline of eBook sales, the
graphic design industry seeks out for more opportunities to mesmerize the

A new flair in designing fascinating book covers has hit the
market. Now even the authors are brainstorming to create covers that can
instantly capture the attention and bring more potential readers closer to the

An average brain processes an image almost 60,000
times faster
than static words, due to which there is an ample
chance for you to enthrall your readers by creating enticing book covers. So,
here is a list of best book cover design trends of 2019 for you to follow and outperform
your competitors.

Typographic Book Cover

The foremost thing that plays the most significant role in bringing target readers closer to the book is its typography. Everybody first reads out the title of the book. Now the real challenge is to use the typography so appealingly that it impresses the readers right away. In the trend list of 2019, typography enjoys the leading position; however, there is a little more improvisation in this trend. As this year, you will find more bold typography in book covers along with some creative messy touches.

Messy Tpography

Messy typography has more of a psychological impact. It strikes the brain and creates an urge to ponder on the text. The title with messy typography is more impressive than the usual one. It challenges a mind and captures attention. If you blend the trend of using bold typography with this one and sprinkle some creativity, your book cover will surely generate tons of revenues.

Hand-Drawn Letters

To add more excitement in your book cover, you can go for
digital illustration and throw a hand-drawn touch. One of the most followed
trends seen is the hand-drawn book cover style. From text to figures and
patterns, everything is created in a way that they give a natural look.

This is mostly preferred either in making kid’s books cover or for cover with the motivational content. With the increasing preference for incorporating illustrations in graphic designing, the book covers are surely going to be designed more by following this trend.

The Centered Alignment

Along with following the bold typography tend here is one more thing you can do- follow the center alignment. By keeping the title and picture of your book in the center, along with choosing the most appropriate font type, you create a more professional outlook. It depicts a unique impact and captures the readers emotionally. Covers having the center alignment are usually captivating.

Minimalist Book Covers

Simplicity and minimalism, the two most engaging flairs that never leaves the design industry, enjoy a prominent place in the trend list as well. A minimalist book cover looks decent and sophisticated. Throwing a professional image, such book covers look genuine and please the audience more efficiently. Books that are rich with information usually have minimalist book covers. The use of subtle colors and soft pastels highlight intelligence wrapped in simplicity.

Moreover, there are two aspects of a minimalist book cover. One is to keep the cover in a single color tone. Even the text is in the color that is light and interesting, complementing the entire outlook. However, in the other type of designing white spaces are involved. The experts of DesignHill leave a lot of white spaces on the cover bringing the complete focus on a specific element.

Pictures with Text

This is a unique trend, which completes the meaning of a book. Aligning text on images helps designers to put a glimpse of the story on the cover. You get to see the character and connect with him even before reading out a single word. The book cover speaks volume about the genre of the book and how powerful its story will be. Usually such book covers raise the expectations of readers.

The Golden Touch of Retro

Some books are magical not only by the story they holds but by the cover they have. A retro cover has that essence that ignites a book. It can spread an engaging touch in the graphics.  The indulging illustration, deep colors, and design that shows a lot of emotions all together produce a beautiful and enchanting book cover. If you truly want to make your book stand out from the rest, retro design is the trend to go with.

Obscured Design

Obscure design is a style that adds a mystery within the design elements. It uses some unknown languages, symbols, and patterns that throws a more compelling and enticing outlook. It can be in terms of location, font, or figures. The obscure design shows a variation in color intensities. It ranges from darker to lighter. However, these covers are bold and aesthetically pleasing.

Picture Collage

Using collage to make the book cover has been trending for a couple of years. The beauty these covers hold is eye pleasing. Such covers give a cheerful outlook and add more colors to the cover. Collage style, providing books with a unique display, is best chosen for books with romantic tales. You can make a collage of either images of leading characters or important scenes from to book to captivate the viewers.

Real-Life Inspired Photos

Those how to have a quest to keep things genuine and want to add a realistic touch in almost everything, prefer using real-life inspired images. Instead of counting on templates and stock photos, the designers use authentic images and add more life to their covers. The book looks fresh and engaging showing images closer to reality. Such covers evolve feeling and connect emotionally with prospective viewers.

Incredibly Detailed Designs

The last most fascinating trend is adding incredible detailing in the illustration. The book covers are created using most detailed graphics where even the light of a mini light lamp is enhanced to add a unique touch. The quality of such books is evident, and every corner shines brightly. A splash of colors is present on such covers with most enchanting font styles and balanced alignment. Such covers outshine competitors conveniently setting the bar higher. Each cover unfolds a beauty and adds an unmatched flair to the book.

If you want to see some more inspiring designs, take a look at David Coen's excellent post, The 100 Most Creative Book Cover Designs.

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