Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest: Who Are The Finalists?

    Who are the finalists?

    Four weeks ago we asked you to nominate your favorite blog for writers. We got 518 nominations! Thanks to everyone who put in a nomination.

    Here are the finalists in alphabetical order:

    Authors on Show
    Beyond the Margins
    Cats Eye Writer
    Courage 2 Create
    Creative Copy Challenge
    Fuel Your Writing
    Make a Living Writing
    Men With Pens
    Nail Your Novel
    Ruby Slippered Sisterhood
    The Creative Penn
    The Renegade Writer
    The Urban Muse
    Tribal Writer
    Victoria Mixon
    Write in Color
    Writer Unboxed

    How will the winners be selected?

    1. Initial qualification: A site must have been nominated more than once by multiple individuals, and be a blog satisfying the contest’s criteria. If someone nominated more than one blog, only the first nomination was counted.
    2. Final winner selection:
      Quality of posts- A qualitative analysis of the content of posts will be examined. Educational, useful, engaging, and discussion-creating posts are more valuable than self-promotional posts. (55% of decision)
      Blog-based analysis– Factors to be taken into account will include: Frequency of posts: Blogs that publish regular posts on a weekly basis will score higher; Reader involvement: Blogs that have regular comments from readers on its posts is another sign of a healthy blog. In addition, the number of nominations for a specific blog plays a part in this. (45% of decision)

    The panel of  judges:

    We will announce the winners of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers before Christmas.

    Mary Jaksch – Editor-in-Chief, WTD

    Note: I’m sure you can imagine what a big task it is to work out the finalists and winners of this contest. I would like to acknowledge Scott McIntyre of Vivid Ways for his generous help with this contest.

    Update: Click here to find the winners

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    • I am a devotee of Judy Dunn at Cats Eye Writer. She is funny, generous and compassionate. Judy and Bob Dunn have gently guided many new bloggers into their own glory. I vote for her!

    • Thanks everyone, you are all being very loyal and supportive. Voting is over though so what you say isn’t counted as votes, but it is really lovely to see how much we’re thought of. Thank you all so much.

    • Hats off to Lorraine at Authors on Show. Found out so much about the writing community from her site and she personally set me up with a WordPress blog without me even asking. Five star site.

    • Hats off to Lorraine at Authors on Show. Found out so much about the writing community from her site and she set me up with a WordPress blog without me even asking. Five star site.

    • Sorry guys, there is no voting. We have received the blog nominations, the finalists have been chosen, and now the final results are in the hands of the judges.

      Lobbying for a particular blog now serves no purpose.

    • Drew Cross says:

      Authors On Show gets my vote; informative, inspirational and interesting.

    • Danny Birch says:

      Authors on Show has my vote, a brilliant site.


    • I was actually involved in the beginning of Authors On Show, but my vote definitely goes to Fuel Your Writing! I love that site, it’s an absolutely wonderful site.:) From Graphic Novels, Fanfiction topics and so much more variety than anything else! Fuel your writing always relates so much more to me because it hits things I am currently or past involved in. It’s a more relaxing environment with something that will always hit your interest. Seriously, stop and check it out people, that site has an article that changed how I saw myself. (The Bucket List. Creating my own was the best thing I ever did!)

      1,044 people can’t be wrong on Facebook. Vote for Fuel Your Writing!

    • I think the whole Authors on Show site is a wonderful concept for new writers seeking to have their voice heard over the crowd. The contest run on the blog is an excellent way for writers to show what they can do, in a limited time with a challenging prompt. It would get my vote.

    • It’s wonderful to see Authors on Show make the list. It’s a wonderful showcase site diligent on getting new work out and in front of an audience. I’m proud to run the flash fiction competition, it’s great interacting with so many wonderful writers. BTW, if anyone is wondering, flashfiction will resume in January after a nano/holiday break.

    • tee gee says:

      I’m happy to give Authors on Show my vote.
      Tee Gee

    • I’m just catching up after a week away so to find I’ve made the shortlist – especially among some of my favourite blogs – is a lovely surprise. Thanks, all who nominated me!

    • Jillian says:

      My vote goes to Authors on Show. The whole team have worked tirelessly since its inception to bring us a quality blog. They invite and encourage interaction from its followers and keeps us up to date with current trends in the writing/publishing world. They showcase up and coming published and unpublished authors with reviews and competitions to encourage creativity. Overall, I cannot rate AoS highly enough.

    • Thomas J. Winton says:

      Authors on Show is an outstanding venue for writers to showcase their work. Their interviews are indepth and so very insightful. Their flash-fictiion contest is a bonus. It’s yet another excellent way of spotlighting and promoting the work of promising new voices.

    • Jilli says:

      Authors on show, A brilliant site for new authors to share their work.

    • Authors on Show was the first place to recognize and feature me as an author. Lorraine’s idea was to help promote other writers and she’s managed it! I would advocate for this site, support this site and recommend it highly — because of its intent… to be of help to other human beings.

    • Judy Dunn says:

      This is awesome. The sharing and community building has already started! This is one of the things I love most about bloggers. : )

      Will give some thought to both of your ideas, Shane and Carol.

      • @Judy. Excellent. You can choose the words for CCC#102 (12/20) if you want to. It’s all yours just stop by and contact me. I love this.

    • P.S. I’d like to invite all you finalists over to our site, AND invite you to choose the words for one of our challenges, too. Great way to introduce yourselves to a new audience and get a taste of our addiction. See you there. 🙂

      • Carol Tice says:

        Hey Shane — I’m so game for that! Was checking out your site earlier today.

        What a fun idea — if any of the other finalist bloggers have a success story or tip they’d like to share on how to earn more from your writing, I’d love to have it over on Make a Living Writing.

        • @Carol: You can choose the words for Thursday’s challenge next week ( CCC#101 12/16). See how cool and easy that was. 😉

          Who’s next?

    • Linda says:

      Yay! Courage2Create is an amazing blog. I read every post that Ollin writes. It’s inspiring!

    • Another vote here for Authors on Show! The opportunities they’ve provided for new (and even established) writers to showcase their talents should not go unappreciated – and praises for the site should not go unsung.

      I’m grateful to them for their help getting word about my novel Ask Me if I’m Happy out there, and I’m sure other writers feel the same way I do.

      Thanks to Lorraine and all the folks at AOS!

    • Thank you, everyone, who nominated my site and everyone who’s worked so hard to put this whole contest together. Truly–the nominations themselves were so heartwarming that I printed them out and posted them over my desk. You guys are what makes blogging such a joy.

    • Authors on Show is a marvelously supportive, informative and entertaining site.

      The unequivical support and assitance to all authors is outstanding.

    • Elle B says:

      This post is a fantastic resource all in itself!

    • Writers on show is a vibrant site. Very well run and the books are chosen with an eye to originality and quality.

    • Judy Dunn says:


      I just found out. Humbled—and honored—to have made the list of finalists. I cannot fathom how much work went into sorting, reading and analyzing all these blogs.

      Whatever happens in the final decisions, I’m just amazed to have made the first cut. Some very awesome bloggers here!

    • Sheila Belshaw says:

      I am so proud of Authors on Show, and in particular of Lorraine Holloway-White, whose inspiration and enthusiasm and sheer hard work have brought so many writers to the attention of viewers in over sixty countries. Nothing is too much trouble for Lorraine. No task, however formidable, is beyond her capabilities. She and her incredible team work tirelessly to promote writers and give them that extra bit of encouragement we all need. Authors on Show is the tops. Bravo!

    • Great to see Author On Show nominated here! This is a wonderful site, run by amazing people striving to improve the fortunes of writers throughout the world. AOS is informative, friendly and an incredibly fun place to hang out. The team behind it, orchestrated by the formidable and lovely Lorraine, deserve to be winners here. Good luck, girls x

    • Margaret Callow says:

      I have had the pleasure of watching Authors On Show grow from an original idea by Lorraine. She and her team have worked with huge commitment and in under a year,AOS has become a worthy site for promoting writers and their work.
      Many of us rely on and appreciate their tireless efforts to support and encourage us in our endeavours. Delighted to see their blog in the top twenty. Well deserved.

    • I am very glad to see Creative Copy Challenge make the top 10. It is by far the most enjoyable writing website I have ever joined, the community there is second to none.

    • Thank you kindly judges and voters!

      Tis an honor to be in this group.

    • Congrats to Ollin Morales from Courage 2 Create for making into the list. He is a very inspirational blogger. If you’ve never read him, you should definitely check him out.

    • Very happy to see Authors on Show’s blog on your Top 20. AOS works very hard to promote authors and keep up with the latest writing world news. Thank you to everyone who viewed and voted for us.

      L. Anne Carrington
      Weblog Manager and Entertainment Columnist
      Authors on Show

    • Hello and thank you. I am stunned and delighted to see Authors on Show in the top selection. May I point out that is only one part of our blog and the main site can be reached by clicking on a link there.
      Thanks to all who nominated us and good luck to all the finalists.

    • I am full of admiration for Lorraine and her staff at Authors On Show. It only seems like yesterday that they were starting out, now they are viewed in over 60 countries and have not lost their personal touch, approachability or friendliness. They feature books to give the authors exposure and have helped so many get published. An example of taking the initiative instead of waiting for publishers to knock on the door-people power!

    • Thanks for including The Urban Muse! It’s an honor to be listed among so many fabulous writer/bloggers!

    • Very cool to be on the list with such great bloggers, and good luck everyone!

      Thanks also to Mary and the judges – I know a lot of work goes into this project, and I appreciate that you’ve all volunteered that time and effort.

    • Thanks — I’m thrilled to be on the list with The Renegade Writer!

    • Larry Brooks is a dynamic presenter and writer. His blog topics are detailed and helpful for writers of any level and apply across genres. BK

    • Thanks for all the nominations for The Lady Scribes. We’re completely humbled and flattered. What an awesome thrill to be listed here with so many other wonderful blogs. After blogging for only a year, we’re very excited to see this. Congrats to all the other nominated sites! Here’s to great writing and learning a wonderful craft.

    • Is it just me or what? How is one supposed to vote? I don’t see any vote buttons nor links to a voting page.

      • Carol Tice says:

        I think the voting is done, and now it’s to the judges. Leave comments on the blogs you like so they look busy! Think that’s about all readers can do at this point.

      • We were open for public nominations for 4 weeks. Now the final judging is over to the 4 judges above.

    • Raul Sim says:

      I vote for Storyfix !

    • Thanks so much for organizing this Mary, and I am so pleased to be on the list! Congrats to all involved. I look forward to the next round 🙂

    • Carol Tice says:

      Wooo! Congratulations to Urban Muse, Renegade Writer and Men With Pens — all blogs I enjoy. Ooh, and Cats Eye Writer, one of my Seattle tweeps. And everyone else on here! Flattered to be listed in this company.

    • OopsISaidItAgain says:

      Write is color is one of my daily reads. Helpful, digestible tidbits that inspire and inform. Keep it up Melody and congrats on being in the finals!

    • Raul Sim says:

      I’ll check each of the blogs listed (probably add some subscriptions)

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