Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest: Who Are The Finalists?

Who are the finalists?

Four weeks ago we asked you to nominate your favorite blog for writers. We got 518 nominations! Thanks to everyone who put in a nomination.

Here are the finalists in alphabetical order:

Authors on Show
Beyond the Margins
Cats Eye Writer
Courage 2 Create
Creative Copy Challenge
Fuel Your Writing
Make a Living Writing
Men With Pens
Nail Your Novel
Ruby Slippered Sisterhood
The Creative Penn
The Renegade Writer
The Urban Muse
Tribal Writer
Victoria Mixon
Write in Color
Writer Unboxed

How will the winners be selected?

  1. Initial qualification: A site must have been nominated more than once by multiple individuals, and be a blog satisfying the contest’s criteria. If someone nominated more than one blog, only the first nomination was counted.
  2. Final winner selection:
    Quality of posts- A qualitative analysis of the content of posts will be examined. Educational, useful, engaging, and discussion-creating posts are more valuable than self-promotional posts. (55% of decision)
    Blog-based analysis– Factors to be taken into account will include: Frequency of posts: Blogs that publish regular posts on a weekly basis will score higher; Reader involvement: Blogs that have regular comments from readers on its posts is another sign of a healthy blog. In addition, the number of nominations for a specific blog plays a part in this. (45% of decision)

The panel of  judges:

We will announce the winners of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers before Christmas.

Mary Jaksch – Editor-in-Chief, WTD

Note: I’m sure you can imagine what a big task it is to work out the finalists and winners of this contest. I would like to acknowledge Scott McIntyre of Vivid Ways for his generous help with this contest.

Update: Click here to find the winners

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