The Zen Habits Story: How I Got 100,000 Subscribers in Two Years

    By Leo Babauta

    I often get asked by newer bloggers about how I started Zen Habits, how I built it from the early days, and how I turned it into a successful blog so quickly.

    And while I’ve never exactly been secretive about what I’ve done, I’ve also never told the full story … until now.

    Today I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing a free report called How I Got 100,000 Subscribers in Two Years: Lessons from Zen Habits. Again, it doesn’t cost anything to download the report.

    In this report you’ll:

    • Find out which three things make a blog go viral.
    • Understand how to skyrocket your subscriber count.
    • Learn my most effective strategies for building a fantastic blog.
    • Hear the story of what I did right — and wrong — in the early days of Zen Habits.

    Get the report here.

    It’s been a fantastic journey, and I hope that in sharing my story, you’ll learn something that will help you in your journey. And as always, thanks for reading!

    About the author

      Leo Babauta

      Leo Babauta is the blogger behind the superblog, Zen Habits, which is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of life.

    • Enjoyed hearing about your success.

    • Thanks for the free eBook. Being new to blogging, I found the information helpful. All the best with your new venture.

    • Very timely. Awaiting the confirmation email now. 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      Fantastic Leo. Thanks for offering this for free. I am so keen to learn from you. Cheers.

    • Marla says:

      Congratulations, Leo & Mary, on launching this exciting new venture! Your free report was a fantastic read: conversational; packed with practical suggestions & insight.

      Leo, I especially appreciated learning how your priorities shifted as you began to grow into your potential as an authority & A-list blogger.

      It’s heartening to see “really good folk” succeed. Thanks for being an inspiration!

      Marla (@MarlaBeck)

    • Thank you Leo for sharing this wonderful information with the world. I can’t wait to get into and apply it myself.

      What I really like about you and your approach to life is your humility and approach to sharing and giving.

      I am modelling myself on you 🙂

    • Caroline says:

      I read this straight through as soon as I received it. There are lots of great ideas in here, many of which I wished I’d realised ages ago. It’s a terrific thing that you have done in putting this together, Leo. Bloggers everywhere have a great new resource. Thank you doesn’t quite cut it. Nor does thank you very much. But you get the general drift.

      Now I’ve got to try and put into practice what you are suggesting ….

    • janice says:

      I read this as soon as I downloaded it, Leo, and really enjoyed it. An easy, pleasant read but full of insanely useful guidance. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for sharing the info. I have been taking it along quite nicely but was loookin for some sparks …hope that is it 😉

    • Thanks for putting this together, Leo. I’ve read many of the blogging tips you’ve already posted here and look forward to seeing them compiled in this ebook . . . and evidently, expounded on. Your story is certainly inspirational . . . and surprisingly simple.

      You make it easy. Of course, the only issue with anything “easy to do” is that it’s also “easy to NOT do.” That’s where determination, passion, and patience come into play, and you’ve certainly demonstrated all three.

    • Hey Leo – Just finished reading it. It was great! I’ve always been inspired by your story and it was nice to get to know more of the details.


    • Hning says:

      Yay! Thank you!! And knowing where your stand on copyrights, I can distribute this to folks with internet connection shortage easy!

    • Shame you opted to use another cover, I really liked the first one (although I’m biased)

      Ah well, I’ll know in future

      BTW, seems like Aweber is down when I try to sign-up

    • dan barker says:

      amazing – looking forward to reading this, Leo. very nice that you chose to give it away for free.


    • Catriel says:

      Before reading you I didn´t knew that a blog must have usefull information.It seems dumb, but…

    • hey Leo!!

      don’t usually read 2-bit greasy “build traffic” ebooks but from you, i’m in 🙂

      will let you know how i found it since i’ve managed to break pretty much every rule about personal development blogging and build a solid following in 2 months…

      super excited

      keep well mate
      alex – unleashreality

    • Tristan says:

      Thanks for sharing the ZH story with us Leo. Pretty interesting for me as I’m a loyal ZH reader and starting with blogging for myself atm.

      Keep up your good work. Cheers!

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