How to Write Naked Without Getting Arrested

    write naked - woman

    There I was, completely naked! Exposed in front of my peers. I was being analyzed and made over, scrutinized and questioned.
    And … I was loving it!

    That’s right, this was no high school auditorium public-speaking nightmare – this was a dream come true. Let me explain by taking you back to the beginning.

    My adventure started a little over a month ago – my blogging adventure that is. Up until then, I’d never blogged, never tweeted, never created a widget or activated a plug-in. In fact, I was missing the tech gene, so I shied away from the idea of blogging altogether. But, as those things calling us often do, blogging kept popping back into my mind!

    I was a writer, I was learning about life, gathering information, ideas and inspiration. I had momentum. In fact, the word “momentum” was resonating very deeply in me. I was reading all sorts of blogs, following links wherever they took me, and subscribing to the one’s I loved. The problem was, I wasn’t really a part of the dialogue. My teenage daughter told me I was just a stalker.

    Then, a fateful day arrived. I followed a link from one of my favourite blogs, Zen Habits, to another blog called Write to Done (yes, this very one!) and stumbled upon yet another link to A-List Blogging  I didn’t know it at the time, but this moment and this link were about to change my life, almost overnight. I was about to go from stalking to streaking.

    But I’ll get to the streaking part in a minute.

    First, I took a leap. I joined the A-List Blogging Masterclass and dove into Bootcamp 1 “How to Create A Blog that Rocks”, and then dug into Bootcamp 2 “How to Skyrocket Your Subscriber Count”. Since that time, I’ve set up my own blog, met some amazing people in the A-List Blogging, been mentored and guided by A-List Blogging stars like Mary Jaksch, and I’ve been writing, writing, writing. was born! Then, my big break came, or so I thought!

    Okay, this is the “getting naked” part of my adventure!

    Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen asked me to write a guest post for her wonderfully inspiring blog. I was thrilled. This would be my debut, my first guest post! I accepted gleefully! That’s when she revealed the catch. I was to pitch my idea and I was to submit my post, not just to her, but to the entire forum of bloggers in the A-List Blogging Masterclass. She called it the “Anatomy of a Guest Post” and saw it as a great training exercise for everyone. Great? I was going to run around naked in front of my peers. I was going to expose my weaknesses, my inexperience, my ignorance, my writing!


    Yes, it was great! My forum friends were supportive and enthusiastic. They cheered me on and when the post, Ready, Zen, Go! was accepted and published on Mary’s site, I knew that I had just streaked my way into my calling. I felt passionate about what I was writing and, more importantly, why I was writing. None of the nudity required to get there mattered. A tribe had my back.

     Mary has created this tribe out of who she is. And it truly reflects how she chooses to live and blog. She and the other trainers are our teachers, leading this tribe, naked into the woods, so we’ll all come out with the necessary survival skills to make a success of our lives and our blogs.

    So, I say, when you have a dream, find a tribe, get naked and expose your heart and soul. Take it from this naked blogger. You’ve got nothing to lose or fear, when someone’s got your back.

    About the author

      Katie Tallo

      Katie Tallo is a writer, director, motivator, runner, vegetarian and mother who writes a blog that encourages steady, positive actions for sustaining joyful and vibrant life change, Momentum Gathering.

    • Hi Mary,
      It’s wonderful seeing Katie here!

      Hi Katie,
      I must have been living under a rock for the last few weeks. I had no idea you had a guest post here.

      I loved it and can totally relate to your experience in every way. Putting ourselves out there as bloggers is a big move and scary too, especially when more experienced bloggers critique you. But, you’re doing a marvelous job and have taken to it like a duck to water – so it clearly is a path you were meant to follow.

      • Katie says:

        Thank you for the kind words. Yes, it is scary, but I think it’s the only way to truly grow, out there on that limb. The great thing is that I know I have friends like you who will catch me if I fall.

    • Ewealths says:

      coming out naked before your tribe, of course it should help me make my blog come out well but being very personal on the blogosphere is really something that has virtually left the web, but thanks for reminding that coming out clean without any shame is needful

      • Katie says:

        You’re welcome. I think a healthy dose of the personal can always resonate with your readers. If it helps them to connect and get something out of what you’re saying, then you owe it to them to be personal. Maybe not naked, but real and honest is a good start. Thank you for commenting.

    • I know exactly how you felt Katie! My first couple guest posts were the scariest things ever. I had dreams (maybe nightmares…) about it and could hardly even sleep. Who would have thought that would come just posting 1-2,000 words on the internet. But it’s provided so much courage for me and just like the feeling of giving a speech the moment you stand up and as soon as you finish, it’s so very worth it. Congrats to your success. Here’s to many more exciting guest posts.

      Like Robin Sharma says, “Get out a on a limb. That’s where are the fruit is.”


      • Katie says:

        Thanks Scott. You’re right about the courage you gain from just stepping out there and doing it. The rewards are worth the fear. Also, exposing yourself (in the figurative sense of the word), even your weaknesses, is a great way to relate to others. We’re all the same, deep down. Have fruit, will travel.

    • I’m a big fan of getting naked! And you’re so right about how that feels the first time you do it … erm, here in the blogging world. I feel a bit lately as if I’m not as naked as I once was … or maybe I am and have just gotten so used to walking around without my clothes off that it feels like second nature (erm, still talking about blogging).

      At any rate, I thought you did a beautiful job with this piece: pulling the reader in with a provocative title and lead-in paragraph and keeping our attention by maintaining the metaphor all the way through. Well done, lady!

      • katie says:

        Thanks Carla, I’m glad you’re exploring your own nakedness … blogging-wise that is … and I appreciate the writing praise too.

    • Katie rocks! Awesome to see you here. I’m a big fan and can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. xoxo

      • Katie says:

        Hey Melissa, peace and love to you on your journey too.

    • Your story is spot in Katie. So many of us resonate with that ‘naked’ fear of putting ourselves out there to be seen, bared for the world to read and leer at. But you’ve proved that to shed our scared skin and fit in another more confident one you have to have a leap of faith sometime.

      You’ve gone from stalker to superblogger and, in the process, exposed yourself to us but also yourself to how to grow a profile and strip away those worries. Nice one and a brave one too. I salute you.

      PS: Love the new picture of you behind the laptop – will you do a gratitude dance next ‘as God intended?’

      • katie says:

        John, John, John. Thank you for the support, for getting it, and for being you. No gratitude dances until I hit 1000 subscribers, then we’ll see. She is lovely, but alas, she is not me…sigh.

    • Farnoosh says:

      Very brave girl. I love the inspiration and the analogy too. Reading success stories like yours, starting out of nowhere and coming into yourself and your best gifts – writing – I have all the inspiration I need for the rest of the week (and you have a new subscriber ;))! Thank you!

      • Katie says:

        Farnoosh, right back at you. That’s all I need too. So glad you found inspiration. I’m going to go right now and find some more at Prolific Living!

    • Katie says:

      Okay, I’ve put my clothes back on … for now.

      I can’t tell you how much your comments, your support and your feedback means to me. Blogging is a solitary venture, but I feel so blessed to be sharing it with a tribe of kind and generous blogging buddies, and to see it grow everyday is a dream. Even my teenager daughter is inspired!

      @Kat, I would join both clubs, if you can. A-List is an invaluable resource. You won’t regret it. I know I never will. Can’t wait to check out just how you got so fit and get some inspiration from your blog.

      Again, thanks to everyone. This life rocks!!!

    • Issa says:

      Thanks Katie for the interesting sharing. Quote: “..when you have a dream, find a tribe, get naked and expose your heart and soul. ” I believe that at the end of the day, your true passion will show you the way and all you have to do is take that giant leap into a world full of amazing discoveries. Be blessed!

    • Another great piece of writing Katie. I so much enjoyed your exposure at A-List Blogging Club. I learned a lot and I feel my own momentum gathering through the energy you share and all of the wonderful support of my A-List tribe.

      Go Katie! I can’t wait to see what you do next and I’m really looking forward to the little fall project we have planned together. Maybe we should call it Going Naked in the Garden 😉

    • katie – you are proof positive that the alistbloggingbootcamp works! coupled with your own talent and energy of course – mark

    • Woo Hoo Katie! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kat Eden says:

      This is such a beautiful post because it just comes across as so REAL. And passion-filled. Not that I don’t enjoy every post on WTD of course, but there’s something inexplicably fresh about this one. And it’s making me wonder if I should have joined A-List rather than Third Tribe this past weekend! Good luck with the rest of your blogging journey Katie; I’m about to go and subscribe to your blog.

    • Aileen says:

      “I was about to go from stalking to streaking” you have a hilarious way of capturing the essence of this and communicating it with a crystal clarity! You are a brave blogger and on fire with momentum – unstoppable!

    • Manal says:

      Way to go Katie. What a brilliant account of your experience! You made your tribe very proud 🙂

      You are such an inspiration. Wishing you all the success in the world.

      P.S. I’m starting to see a pattern with the use hot images. First Barrie and now you. Wonder what’s next 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Hahahahahahaha…Love this!

    • cathy says:

      Whats the saying…When the student is ready the teacher appears? This whole process is really fun to read about!

    • Gosh! It took me a good 20 seconds or so to begin reading the article. The article’s image is … wonderfully distracting! Haha! 😉

      I’m very happy you joined A-List and glad to see you doing so well already.

    • Yay for being brave, going after what you wanted, and finding the support you needed to thrive. What a positively inspiring post. Best of luck on your blogging and life adventures!:)

    • Katie, I love this recounting of your experiences. You were a brave blogger indeed, but what a great adventure in learning it’s been for all of us. Now, put your clothes back on. Haha.

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