How To Soar Like An Eagle As A Writer

soar like an eagle as a writer

Do you wonder why some writers soar in their careers while others never get off the ground?

We all like to think that luck has much to do with why writers soar in their careers.

Listen to any interview by a famous writer and you’ll hear about their lucky break.

But that’s not the full story.

Because they create their own luck.

But it isn’t just luck. It’s something else, too.

Successful writers have overcome a fear of speaking their truth.

Fear isn’t, of course, restricted to writing, but as writers, our craft is where we feel vulnerable.

We experience fear around our writing because our words carry a potential we can’t fully appreciate.

  • A single well-turned phrase can become a revolutionary cry.
  • A single blog post can transform lives.
  • A single book can change the course of history.

Writers are architects of memes that stir change.

The pen is mightier than the sword because swords rust but words reach into the future.

When you think about it, it’s easy to see why writing is close to alchemy. Writers turn the dross of the lived experience into the gold of wisdom.

Fear arises when we realize our potential to affect future generations with our words.

What would happen if you let go of your fear?

If you confronted your biggest fear, all other anxieties would pale in comparison. By facing your deepest, darkest fear, all lesser fears would lose their potency.

So what was my biggest fear?

A fear of heights!

That, for me, was the mother of all fears.

Finally, I decided to sign up for an indoor skydiving at iFly Denver.

I was terrified after confirming my reservation. I could barely remember how to spell my name when I signed the disclaimer.

How I Flew Like An Eagle

As soon as I stepped into the wind-tunnel, it swept me off my feet. A huge roaring sound engulfed me like a waterfall.

The instructor’s hands floated in front of my goggles. He was trying to get me to lift my chin. Afterward, I realized that if I had lifted up my chin, I would have soared instead of just floated.

This is a metaphor for writing well. When we keep our chin up, words flow easily. When our confidence is high, words can engage and inspire.

The second round went better. The instructor and I soared to the top of the silo in a perfect tandem. Then, just as abruptly, we swooped down.

For a glorious minute, we soared, swooped and spun together through the height and depth of that spacious silo.

How Facing Your Fears Can Boost Confidence

Finally, I pushed out of the wind-tunnel. As my fellow students high-fived me, ecstasy rose in my chest.

Although “my finest hour” was only a minute in real time, it changed me forever.

For the first time in my life, I felt alive. Truly alive.

This flight serves as a powerful metaphor for facing our fears. When we are no longer intimidated by unconscious fears, we feel confident… and when we feel good, we express ourselves better.

If we write with a quiet self-confidence, readers pick up on it. With our chin up, our career soars. We create the perfect storm of will, faith, and creativity to lift us to new heights of success as writers.

Successful writers believe they can fly.

Take a look at what’s holding you back from writing, publishing, or marketing more.

What’s stopping you from soaring as a writer?

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