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    Create a Splash! encourages you to make waves by writing a water-based story. Sun, sand and surf not your thing? You can make this a mystery! Pick any genre you like, so long as your setting is water.

    She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.  

    Now steal this and make it your own.

    We can’t wait to read what you come up with, so please add your submission to the comments section of this post.

    By Vinita Zutshi also blogs at Carefree Parenting.

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    • ig says:

      Hello.. . I would be grateful for advice on creative writing copywright issues.. . When submitting poetry, short stories, novels, or features to publishers and literary agents to consider for publication, is it an idea to protect the copywright?. . If so, what’s the best way to do this?. . Thank you in advance.. . bgscotty.

    • I’m creating a collaborative blog and I need to know if I can transform a blogspot blog into one where anyone can add content and edit or change the text. Maybe there is another type of blog whee you can do this.. Thanks everyone..

    • Paul says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. He never failed to enchant her. His athleticism and enthusiasm under that unforgiving sun was a feat in itself; but the love he displayed for his companion was a joy to behold. She envied them both.

      She cast her mind back and recalled how her mother had warned of the perils of being seen, or even of coming to the beach on her own, because many youngsters were never seen again. She couldn’t help it; the boy enticed her to dream of possibilities. This is her secret place.

      A deep yapping sound jolted her. She looked toward the beach and saw the young boy running through the receding surf, followed by his companion. They had seen her. In a panic she tried to turn and retreat out of sight, but she was stuck. She had ignored the most important rule of all – do not fall asleep at the beach!

      She had no idea how long she had been here. There was no turning back now. The sun had dried her skin and she was weak. Her mother would be swimming up and down the coast looking for her, despairing. Even if she did find her in time, one whale could not possibly retrieve another from the beach on their own.

      Barely conscious, and through eyes parched by the sun, she stood eye to eye with the boy from the beach. His companion was licking the open sores which had erupted across her huge frame. The boy splashed the remaining pockets of water over her back, hoping to keep her lubricated. It was just a gesture from one animal to another, and she lifted her tail twice, just enough for him to understand.

      She felt no fear. Far from it. A fervour well inside her which was an extension of an innate desire she did not understand. She knew that this amazing creature would be the last thing that she would ever see. She was happy. The boy knelt in the surf and stroked her brow, her mouth; her.

    • Mike Cox says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. Her scepticism was palpable as they went through their final buddy check. Four dives in one day was pushing it – all Jasmine really wanted to do at this stage of the evening was slump in a hammock by the beach with a Mai Tai in hand.

      Getting kitted up again had been a chore, but Simon had been persistent so here they were edging through the gentle surf towards the deeper water of the rocky bay.


      “Sure, at least it is a warm evening… Don’t forget you owe me that drink when we get back!” Jasmine popped the regulator in her mouth and sank beneath the water. They had been diving from this narrow strip of beach for the last two days exploring the kelp beds and looking for debris from old shipwrecks. The kelp was enchanting; a magical forest with shimmering light dripping down from the waves above. By now though it was becoming familiar, losing the charm that had brought Jasmine back for dive after dive.

      Simon set off leading confidently, as though by some internal compass. His body looked sleek, a rash vest and shorts his only protection from the cooler water. Steady yet powerful fin kicks pushed him on, purposeful. This wasn’t a leisurely meander of exploration.

      A misshapen lump appeared ahead snapping into focus as Jasmine got nearer. Rocks, but with a tangle of old ship timbers and half buried around them and kelp growing through it all. Simon drifted down to the sandy floor and gestured come.

      What the hell, maybe this won’t be a total waste of time.

      She rested next to him and looked at the mess. Whatever had happened to this ship had been dramatic, timbers were smashed but she was able to figure out that she was looking at a section of bow from a much bigger vessel.

      Clearly this was what he had wanted her to see, but he was usually pretty level headed and this was interesting but didn’t warrant his earlier enthusiasm.

      Ping ping – Simon tapping on his dive tank.

      Come. Look.

      He had his torch out and the light glinted on a piece of metal by his hand. The ship’s name plate? She drifted closer spelling out the letters through the silt and murk.


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    • Peter says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      Gratefully the wait wasn’t overly long. Not like the last time she had positioned herself thus.
      Unbeknownst to her though, this time he was fully aware of her presence although he had no intention of letting her know that.
      He could only surmise as too why she would be lying almost totally hidden from view in the knee height bulrushes that surrounded his favourite swimming hole.
      He’d seen her before in town of course.
      She was the well kept type and would probably have been a cheerleader at college with her blonde hair, good looks and impressive physique. A typical suburban housewife he’d guessed – albeit one with a penchant for the unusual so it seemed.
      Pulling his tee shirt over his head and throwing it on the ground he bent over to unlace his work boots.
      Silently she continued to observe him admiring the rippling muscles in his upper back and shoulders as he removed his boots and socks.
      It had been a warm day and with his torso covered in grime and sweat he had looked forward to his daily dip in the local waterhole all afternoon. It was after all now part of his daily routine and this place was one of his favourites in which to relax.
      Shedding his trousers he turned back to face the waterhole and almost as an afterthought pulled his jocks off as well.
      Her heart was pounding in her ears and she slowly held her breath trying not to make any further noise having involuntarily gasped as she caught sight of his magnificent manhood in all its glory.
      She knew from her earlier spying trips (and it was obviously one of the reasons why she had come back at what she had hoped was the appropriate time) that he was better endowed that the average male and certainly more so than her husband of the past six years.
      That said she hadn’t expected him to completely strip naked and the sight of his flaccid cock that hung nearly to his knees sent a shiver of excitement coursing through her veins.

    • Caryn Kelly says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. The waves teased her and attempted to pull her farther out into the current so she scooted a little further up on the wet beach and dug her feet in the sand almost until she couldn’t see them anymore, wrapping her arms around her knees, enjoying the cool rippling sea foam as it tickled her bottom. Jack took great pains to clean his new custom surfboard last night—buffing and polishing it until it gleamed in the shimmering moonlight. This morning, he awoke strong and refreshed and after drinking a healthy breakfast smoothie, he jogged to the edge of the water with his surfboard tucked under his arm, smiling until his teeth gleamed, his skin an iridescent brown from all the hours he spent in the water. She watched as he dove into a shallow wave, then hopped onto his surfboard without effort, the long lean lines of his muscles glimmering in the sun, his hair sending teardrops down his handsome face. He jumped back into the water and leaned into his surfboard to wait for the perfect wave to invite him in, to catch it in its most primal form. He waved to Melissa sitting at the edge of the beach, her figure getting smaller and smaller as he drifted further and further away, her bright pink bikini a blur. Finally, he spotted a huge wave coming right at him and he jumped back up on his board, extended his arms out to balance himself and caught the wave at the perfect spot, surfing gracefully and speedily. Melissa had never seen anything so beautiful. Jack was a pro and has won more medals than she can count. This was only a practice run for him, but every time she watched him she was amazed. Then she saw him flip over and over disappearing into oblivion. Melissa quickly stood up she couldn’t see him anywhere. He was gone.

    • Daryl Gray says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. Steven was an expert at catching steelhead and he knew the glacial waters of the Toutle better than anyone. Steven was her hero.
      Camped in a secret place used many times by her brother to wait out the warden, this refuge held all they needed.
      There was also the mountain. A perfect elegant conical shape glistening in the spring sky; a steadfast presence by which Sandy kept her bearings. It was the source of life for every living thing in the valley. For thousands of years the glacier ground nutrients from its side. Like a gigantic artery the river delivered them to the lush rain forest below.
      The hunting and fishing never stopped for Steven until the smoke house and freezer were full. Feeding his family came first. The way he saw it he was a poacher by necessity. But now the white hot memory of the killing burned in his brain. This time the warden and the sheriff were after him for murder.
      “Fish on!” Steven shouted.
      A silvery sea run rainbow broke the surface and leaped in the air. She was an early summer run fish so fresh that sea lice still clung to the ventral. Her lively antics rescued him from his thoughts.
      Sandy took her position in knee deep water ready to do her part but something caught her attention for just a second as she glanced at her mountain. Mount St. Helens had been sending up plumes of steam for weeks.
      The fish took to the air several more times and then turned downstream taking advantage of the current. It was a six pounder and it was getting tired enough for Steven to work it back up river toward Sandy. Sandy placed herself between deep water and the fish as she made a two handed scoop motion under the fish. Instantly it landed flopping on shore. Steven pounced on it and killed it.
      Brother and sister rejoiced over the coming feast. For now it was all that mattered.

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. “You’re not going to believe this!” he shouted again. She smiled, blinked in what she hoped was a beguiling manner, and tried to appear interested.

      Brian had always wanted a dog, but Emily had been adamantly against it. “We work too much”, she’d say. “We won’t be able to travel.” “Dogs shed, and they’re smelly.” She had used all of the standard excuses, and had even more stored in her arsenal for the next time he brought up the subject. Only, he never brought it up again. He simply went to the “hardware store” a few Saturdays ago and came back with Bert.

      Bert was an older dog who looked like a keg with feet. He had short, stubby legs and hair that whorled in swoops and waves all over his body in a way that reminded Emily of the rotating brushes at a carwash. He appeared to have basset hound somewhere in his lineage, but the hair had them stumped.

      Emily leaned back on the pool’s steps so that only her head and shoulders were above the water, and waited. Brian led the dog to the edge of the pool. He picked up Bert’s hard rubber chew toy, waved it like a magician waving a wand, then tossed it into the pool, shouting, “Go get it, Boy!” Bert wagged his thick tail, hesitated a moment, then belly-flopped into the water.

      He immediately sank. Though Emily did not even like the dog, she found herself holding her breath, as a knot formed in the pit of her stomach. Seconds ticked slowly by. Finally, Bert reappeared, proudly holding the toy in his mouth. Brian whooped and shouted, “Did you see that?” He knelt by the pool and repeatedly called, “Come here, Boy.”

      Bert ignored Brian, swimming straight for Emily, instead. He clumsily climbed onto her lap, dropped the toy, and laid his head on her chest, gazing at her with his big, brown eyes. Emily sighed and smiled.

      Yes, that is amazing, she thought.

    • Stefan Keller says:

      (230 words)

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      He didn’t know what to do. What is it that she asks of him?
      Embarrassed, he lowered his head and tried to smile it off.
      Showing teeth is ok, when it’s for smiling.

      She pressed out a cry of rejoice and waved at him, signaling to step closer.
      He stood at the edge, walked left and right. But he didn’t want to get in.
      She was amused.
      His innocent, sheepish look!

      She started to giggle and tossed his leash away, emptying her hands to lay back in the water.
      Her joyous motions and noises excruciated him. He wanted to play with her so badly!
      But the water was dirty, and he didn’t want to get his paws wet, and he started to whimper.
      And eventually – a bark.

      Now, I looked up from the conversation with my gardening neighbor.
      I don’t remember what we talked about, but we sure did forget everything around us.
      Including the hose, turned on to water his plants.
      And there she was, plashing in a puddle that formed as a result, coercing our dog to get dirty as well.

      Oh my baby girl, I love you.
      But this is definitely a story I’m going to tell you once you’re old enough to feel embarrassed.


      For clarification:
      This is purely fictional. I have neither children nor a dog. Nor a gardening neighbor.

      As I have seen the exercise in my inbox this idea popped in my head, and I wanted to write it down.
      However, it involved quite some vocabulary that I’m not familiar with and had to look up.
      So, if my wording here and there sounds strange to native English speakers, you’re probably right and I am mistaken.
      If you have spotted such a fallacy, please tell me.
      I do not take offenses. In fact I appreciate this kind of feedback very much so, indeed.

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. Anne had Instagrammed some of her friends walking over hot coals, but walking on water was a different ballgame. Her phone was cradled in her hand, poised to share this miracle with her 53 followers.

      “Ready!” she called out, fiddling with the filter options. She settled on “Lo-fi” to give it that timeless dreamy look.

      “All right, here goes nothing,” her hairy friend replied.

      He walked up to the shore, lifting his robes above the surf. Amazingly, his feet stayed above the surface. His footsteps sent ripples racing across the water.

      “You’re doing it!” she cried, snapping photos as fast as her thumb would allow.

      He walked further out toward the breakers.

      “What’s it like?” she asked.

      “Slippery! Sort of like ice,” he called back.


      After a few more minutes he walked back to land, and hurried over to check out the photos.

      “These are going to get so many likes,” he said, huddling next to her. “In time, maybe even a couple billion, who knows. They’ll be the most liked Instagrams the world has ever seen. My dad told me.”

      “Oh my god, I know, let me just crop a few more, and I’ll post them” she said.

      A couple days went by, and the Likes spread around the world. The photos were especially popular in Europe and South America. Just as her friend guessed, Anne’s list of acolytes grew into the billions.

      But there were some folks who had their doubts. They commented things like: “Clearly Photoshopped!” and “My friend walked on water way before this guy did.”

      Soon there were great wars between the followers and the doubters. A few world leaders were assassinated.

      That’s when Anne realized things had gotten out of hand. She took the photos down, and things calmed down.

      Then one day, eating breakfast with her hairy friend, he said, “Hey, check out this piece of toast. It has my face on it!”

      “This is gonna get so many likes,” she said, setting her Instagram to “Lo-fi.”

    • Felix Jason says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      Listening to the mind blowing winds hurling in from all directions, and the hissing caused by the uprising waves from behind, suddenly there appreared before her sparkling eyes this man of valour. Hours before hand she wouldnt have Imagined in her wildest dreams what was about to take place,as she had set out that late afternoon to spend some time at the beach. In secret it had been her fervent prayer to one day meet the man who would make all the difference in her life.

      As you know,God does things not always according to our thinking and imagination. From these lines it is quite obvious that the lady depicted in this story, happens to be a dedicated and God fearing person who had passionately committed her whole life to God, with the unshakable trust and confidence, that He would provide a suitable partner for her.

      With the reflection of the widely spread radiation that took place from the sun bouncing of the waters, it
      gave her an additional facial glow, and put a smile on her face that couldnt be discribed in words.
      Certainly an Invitation or? Could this man that actually came riding on a horse be having the same thoughts and contemplating on how in the world, the architekt of the whole universe would be capable of allowing his children to meet, and that by no means of an accident. Was this meant to be the destiny of both. Were we to see them as a couple before sunset, or was it to be considered a dream?

      As he took of his flamboyant hat almost flying away as a result of the upcoming vehement winds, it seemed to indicate a signal of something amazing about to take place. Not being able to resist the gracious smile of
      this young lady, he quietly got down from the horses back and stretched out his strong arms indicating his love and affection for her. She shyfully responded and asked herself, is this my prince i have been waiting for and before she could bring that thought to an end, a quite little still voice spoke to her and said, my beloved daughter, listen,listen to what your heart is saying to you, for you already have the answer.

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. She watched the two of them playing in the sand. All she had heard for weeks was how much she was going to love him. Now that she had seen him, she wondered what the fuss was all about. What exactly made him different or more special than anyone else?
      She watched the way he meticulously scooped the sand into the bucket. He added a small amount of water then used the force of his body to pack the sand down further into the bucket. She watched as he repeated the process until the sand stood even with the top of the bucket. He used the side of the handle to level everything out. He had done the same thing to the flat piece of sand that would become the foundation for his masterpiece. With one quick flip of the bucket he stood his sand creation on end. She lay in the cool water watching from a distance as the castle slowly took shape. His eye for detail was great. She watched him sift through the sand for shells and small pebbles to embellish his it.
      She stood from the water and walked through the hot sand to the towel they had laid out for her. As she sat down she felt proud of what he had accomplished. He walked up to her and sat beside her, leaning into her side. He looked up at her and spoke, and what he said made her understand why he was so amazing.
      “When you and daddy get married, and you become my mommy, I’m going to build a castle like this for you because you will be the best mommy.”
      Tears welled up in her eyes. Now she understood why Matt kept telling her that she would be amazed when she finally met the five year old who would soon become her son.

    • feyturi says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      Le Roy always had a new skill he acquired daily… he could be a magician today, a photographer the next and what have you
      Jasmine watched him run down the beach towards her and she thought “What is he going to pull off today”
      She had always been supportive of him since they were kids
      They lived their lives side by side by the beach; she was the girl next door
      He’s best friend and now his wife
      I finally found my talent
      Oh dear, what now?
      I can find lost and valuable things
      Ok… I’m waiting for the show
      Just hold on a minute
      He rode Jasmine (A beautiful white wooden boat he got her as a wedding gift, eight years ago) into the ocean
      Wearing his diving kit he jumped into the water
      She wondered what he was up to…
      She was never certain what to expect and that was one of the things she loved about him
      Minutes later he was back ashore, holding something covered with some kind of cloth
      So honey, what garbage have you found thinking that it is what I lost
      And he took of the cloth revealing an old iron box with the inscriptions Le & Jas 4eva
      She screamed at the sight of it
      It was the box they had buried years ago, which had been lost to the tides throughout the years
      Breaking the now rusted lock
      She revealed its content
      It had the necklace her mum gave her on her ninth birthday
      A ring Leroy had found in a cereal box, which he asked her to marry him playfully on her tenth birthday, she laughed at the sight of it
      How could this be? She asked
      Remember my treasure hunt months ago?
      Well, on one of those hunts I found the box
      Decided to save it and surprise you today as your gift
      You are crazy? But I love you giving him pecks and little kisses
      Happy birthday Jas… Love you always and 4eva

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      But then when the sunlight hit his face she saw something else. Underneath the shining rays she saw the deep lines that ran through his face. A face riddled with emotion, displaying a long season of discontent. The burden of pretending to be happy for so many years. The shadow of deception in eyes that when looked at differently, sparkled in the sunlight. A man who secretly hated himself and the life he experienced. A life of obligation with only fleeting moments of happiness.

      She wondered how a few seconds could change her perception. How the slanting of the sun created an entirely different person in front of her. Was this an illusion? Something created with a fleeting glance? She looked again. It was real. All of this in a split second. Waves of emotion crossed over her. She didn’t like this man. Concussion engulfed her. Where was the love she believed in?

      She rolled over as the tide rolled in. She listened to him talk words of love. She closed her eyes. The water swirled around her. Suddenly she couldn’t listen anymore. She lay down in the sand and just let the waves wash over her. She dug her fingers in the sand, clutching it as it ran through her fingers. Another wave rolled in and washed the sand out of her fingers. Suddenly her hands were empty. So was her heart.

      How could one look change her life?

    • Orion King says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. Golden sun lit up her blonder hair like molten gold and an amused smirk plastered itself onto her face. Joshua sauntered up to the waters edge, feet dragging through the white sand.
      “So… mister, when you going to do something cute?”
      “Cute? Cute? Since when was I anything but cute?” Joshua asked with mock indignation as he dive rolled over Sophia, coming to a stop right next to her.
      Laughing, Sophia dragged his head out of the water and planted a kiss across his lips. Lightning tingled across Joshua’s senses, dampened only by the copious amount of water that had entered his mouth after the ‘cute’ trick.
      “So Joshy, what was that like?”
      “Where’d Sophia go? She was lying right here before this angel appeared and kissed me upon the lips.”
      “I’ll take that as an AMAZING!”
      “Incredible, I didn’t know you were Sherlock.”
      Sophia playfully punched Joshua’s arm. “Stop it.”
      Joshua just laughed. “It’s good to finally see you again.”
      “And you.”
      “How long before you have to go back?”
      A frown darkened Sophia’s features. “Don’t think about it.”
      “Come on Soph, I’ve got to know. It completely broke me last time.”
      “Josh, just… don’t ask.”
      “Sophia, I’m nothing without you. You are my stars, my moon, my sun.”
      Sophia pulled herself out of the shallow water, its subtle swish filling the silence between them and put her hand out for Joshua.

      “Josh, my train leaves this afternoon.” She turned her face to the ground, tears slowly gathering around her eyes. She looked back up into Joshua’s hazel eyes partially obscured by his bleached hair. “I know it was cruel to come back when I had such little time, but… but… I had too! I had to see you at least one last time!”
      She closed her eyes, body heaving with wracking sobs. Joshua’s arms somehow found their way around Sophia’s shoulders and pulled her close.
      “It’s alright” He mumbled into her ear. “At least I got to spend one last afternoon with you.”

    • John Reidy says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. She met him in her hospital during a full moon when all the patients were crazy. He was the most handsome man she ever saw. Blond hair. Blue pool eyes. As his nurse, she would make excuses to go to his room to check him out. “Is there anything I can get you she asked”. He was just out of a major surgery and groggy. He could only scribble on paper. “No thanks”. She kept it. Her heart skipped a beat when he smiled.. How could I fall in love so quick she wondered. Suddenly it hit her like a wave. Her father’s friend looked just like him when she was younger.

      She watched his chiseled body walk to the pools edge as she held the camera phone videotaping his every move. He hesitated first looking right then left like a criminal. Five quick running steps as he stuck his index finger into the hole in his neck crashing in the water cannon ball style. He swam to her under water As he came up, he exhaled the excess water out of his neck like a whale. She laughed loudly. “You’re crazy”

      The doctors told him he’d never swim again because the hole in his neck led right down to his lungs. Any water in and he would drown. He waded over and held her in his arms kissing her.

      At work she showed the video to the surgeon. He was dumbfounded. “He could have died right then and there. I never lost anyone doing a laryngetomy and I don’t want to lose one to a drowning.

      “He’s going skydiving next week, and wants to know if you’ll go with him. “No, I saved his life from cancer and now he takes risks”? She smile again wide and said “I love him. There is nothing he can’t do. He needed to prove you wrong”. The doctor surgeon just shook his head as she played the video again for her nurse friends giggling.

      John Reidy

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      “I`ll be back in sixty seconds.” Brian said and he dove head first into the surf.

      Sarah smiled looked up at the sun and started counting. The summer heat in Australia could get so
      hot that the scrub grass can turn yellow in the heat. Rocks and sidewalk are too hot to touch or walk barefoot on. The airs heavy with humidity and the coastal breeze made your skin feel sticky. As a first time parent Brain knew how important it was to protect both Sarah, himself and their new babies. Making sure they had plenty of shelter and food.

      Brain’s friend Mooch saw Sarah on the beach and approached her.

      “Hey there Sarah congrats getting ready for the big day aye?” he said.

      “Oh thank you Mooch yup can’t wait.” She said.

      “Haven’t seen Brian the last few days you keeping him busy aye?” Mooch said.

      “I guess he’s been working real hard around the house. He’s been doing a lot of digging yesterday and today.” She said.

      A wave came crashing onto the beach and riding the wave was Brian and he slid right in between Sarah and Mooch. He rolled on his back and looked up at them. He jumped to his feet and spit out sand and water from his mouth then he looked at Sarah.

      “Well, under sixty seconds I bet, right.” He said
      Sarah smiled. “56 seconds well how did you do?” Sarah said.

      “Not bad” he said and opened his mouth and spit out a mouth full of krill into Sarah’s open arms. Sarah was beaming and winked at Brian.

      “Well, guess I will be settling in while you guys finish up fishing.” She said.

      “Great it’ll give me a chance to wash off the rest of the dirt off my feet and wings I got digging in and between the rocks.” Brian said.

      Mooch turn to Brain and Sarah before going into the surf.

      “You guys will make the best penguin parents ever!…Cheers!”

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          Could you tell me what the trouble is?

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    • Craig Eddy says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. Well, he’d told her that he could do the impossible. But that ball was way out of reach. One wrong hit, a gust of wind and their beach ball had landed in a palm tree that was at least 40 feet high, nestled in the cup made by the palm fronds. He wasn’t some trained native guy that knew how to ‘walk up the tree’. Nor did he have any equipment, such as linemen use to climb telephone poles. In fact, he was barefoot and just wearing swimming briefs.

      “Relax, girl,” he said, patting her head like a dog. “This’ll be a snap.”

      “Cut that out, Roger! You know I don’t like that!” she hollered.

      “Yea, you’re right. Sorry. But you know I”m just kidding. I think the world of you,” he said.

      “Still, I wish you’d stop doing that. It’s demeaning,” she said, grumpily.

      “No it isn’t,” he replied. “You know that you’re not a dog. You know that I know you’re not a dog. Be secure in yourself and your self-image. Or . . . wait a minute. Are you going into your period?” he asked, and she blushed. “OK, I can understand your being sensitive – both about my actions and my question. So forget it. Just accept that I am sorry that I made you feel uncomfortable. Look, I’ll get the ball, then we can go back to the house. Or I’ll take you home, if you like.”

      “Just get the ball, smart-Alec. You said you could, but I don’t see you doing it,” she grumped.

      “OK, OK,” he said, defensively, then walked toward the tree. He seemed to be checking out where the edge of the fronds were. Then suddenly, he lifted straight up, grabbed the ball, and gently settled back onto the sand.

      “What . . . what was that?” she asked.

      “Oh, just some special training I’ve had. It really isn’t anything difficult, once you learn how. You just take some power and make a shield, and ride.”

    • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. And she actually was, as she had never seen a fish smoking a pipe before. Not that she was concerned about the impossibilities of burning something (in that case, tobacco) underwater, but she did felt a little uneasy about the whole “needing lungs for smoking”, mainly for cancer purposes. When the lionfish started coughing, though, she gave up and admitted that it could be done. Just for the sake of her sanity.
      – Well, I must admit, Mr. Lionfish…
      – Pterois!
      – I’m sorry?
      – Pterois, I’m a pterois! Don’t take me for some common Lionfish! I’m classy, you see!
      – How can a fish be classy? The pipe does that?
      – That’s preposterous! That is a consequence, as is my haughty look and proud chin, of being a gentlefish. No, I was raised like this! My father was a gentlefish himself, and he made sure I went to the finest gentlefish schools!
      She looked at him nodding, but her head was really trying to understand how a fish get a “Haughty” look. The choice of words was pretty classy, though.
      – There are whole schools of gentlem… fishes?
      – Well, not schools as the thing you two legged beasts get confused with shoals, but as places of knowledge and teaching, yes!
      – Well, I guess that is pretty amazing…
      – What?
      – Why, a gentlefish smoking underwater.
      – Oh, my dearest, this is nothing! – said the pterois taking a monocle out of nowhere, attached by a golden chain to one of his many pectoral fins. – This!
      – What, that monocle? – She was getting accustomed to the idea that anytime now that animal would sprout a mustache.
      – No, silly, this!
      The fish charged towards the surface and jumped, flipped once in midair only to fall quite pathetically back in the shallow water above the reef she was sitting on. Ashes flew away from the pipe all around her.
      – So?
      – So I think that it’s not tobacco that fills your pipe, really not.

      • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

        I just want to remark here two things:

        One: I’m brazilian. That ought to explain some things and create some questions.
        Two: When i looked at Word’s word count this text had 473 words. So i cut back a lot, and it lost some of it’s… well, it lost something. But, I tried my best and I think that is one of the purposes of the exercise, right?

        • michael says:

          You’re absolutely right… were over the word count a bit, but it’s all about the “rhythm and exercising the craft of writing”. I enjoyed your story…..made me laugh. Reminds me of a dream I had once where I was shopping in a market, but everyone was underwater, but we could breathe….and talk….it was all pretty cool. Just keep writing….that’s all a writer can ever do.

          • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

            Over? WinWord said it was exactly 350 words… Don’t understand that. Anyway, i really think I lost a lot of rythm there. But thanks for the comment, it is really important to me. It’s a very silly story, and nothing like the others i saw here. Maybe a little immature, but that’s me. As says Pinocchio “I’m wood, i’m good, get used to it!”

            I’m new here and I thought (completely by myself) that someone from the blog would read and analyze the text… Or something like that. Anyway, great exercise. Makes me anxious for the next one.

    • CF Sherrow says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. How long would it take him to rust in this salt water? He still moved freely – was he one of the fourth generation androids who were impervious to so much in our (to them) toxic environment?
      “I am Lomar.”
      “I know that.”
      “I am Lomar.”
      “Would you stop repeating yourself? I know who you are.” Was the ocean water making its effects known on his speech circuits?
      “I am . . . ” An ear-piercing squeal accompanied the sound of corroded gears grinding together. She’d done it! This little, nobody scientist from the backwaters of Florida had devised a way to defeat the invasion. Now to get out of the water, rinse off, and hightail it to shore.
      “Hank, I’ve got the answer! Ocean water!”
      “Hold it, Kathie! I thought salt water was the answer. Are you sure about this?”
      “Yes, I’m sure. It has to be ocean- minerals and all. We can do this!”
      She heard clicking as her partner-in-lab ran a search for ocean components. “Yep, this will work. Those Xanthroids won’t take over now!”

    • michael says:

      Hi Harry….you’ve got an interesting style of writing….I like your detail and choice of setting. One thing you need to remember is that there is a “word limit” on this exercise….350 words. I think you’re about 200 words over the limit. In an exercise like this, there’s a reason for the limit and it’s meant to help writers understand how to limit a story into a concise package…..paint a picture using the least amount of words, etc.
      It’s like the difference between writing a good short story and a short novel. Or it’s like writing a haiku, where you are confined to the structure of using three lines……and 17 syllables.
      Keep writing though… have a talent…..just wanted to make sure you understood the guidelines of this exercise.

      • michael says:

        Hi Harry….you’ve got an interesting style of writing….I like your detail and choice of setting. One thing you need to remember is that there is a “word limit” on this exercise….350 words. I think you’re about 200 words over the limit. In an exercise like this, there’s a reason for the limit and it’s meant to help writers understand how to limit a story into a concise package…..paint a picture using the least amount of words, etc.
        It’s like the difference between writing a good short story and a short novel. Or it’s like writing a haiku, where you are confined to the structure of using three lines……and 17 syllables.
        Keep writing though… have a talent…..just wanted to make sure you understood the guidelines of this exercise.

        • Harry Kingaby says:

          Oops, sorry. I was writing with my IPad and it has no word counter on it. I’ll try to find an app that does. Again, sorry.

          • michael says:

            No problem Harry…..just keep writing my friend….it’s the only way to improve the craft.

            • michael says:

              Oh…..and it looks like you’ve got a thing going with that guitar too… and writing go hand in hand, don’t they?

    • Harry Kingaby says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. He was the world’s premier photographer, working in colour film no less and he was going to turn her into a star. She was certain he was in love with her.
      Ellen Black . . . she could almost smell the neon, if one could do such a thing.
      But what about Peter. He was never going to fit in her new world of sophistication and glamour. She would write him. That’s the way it was done nowadays.

      36 hours earlier:

      They had met heavy flack over Berlin but that was typical. It never failed to surprise Peter Fisher, pilot and lieutenant, when they made their bomb run without being hit. The shrapnel rained on the fuselage like light hail but the explosions missed them completely.
      The Messershmits had been all over them and they had not had fighter escort. Four planes had gone down but they hadn’t copped a scratch.
      Everyone was nervous. It was as if their good luck was an omen. This was their 24th mission. After this one they had only one more, then home. That’s if the war lasted that long. At the rate things were happening the Germans might be done in any day.
      No one wanted to die so close to the end of things.
      Fisher shook his head and smiled briefly. He wondered who had first said that. No one wants to die, period. And who said were at the end of things. For the past four Christmases the war was going to be over by Christmas.
      He cleared his throat, getting the attention of the crew. As they were operating with an open radio there was no need to press the talk button.
      “We’ve been lucky so far, fellows but don’t relax just yet. The Nazi air base, the one with the radar, is coming up. We should hear from them shortly.”
      Mark Withers, the tail gunner replied promptly, “I’m almost out of ammo.”
      There was never enough ammo. By the time the bomb load had been stored the plane was reaching its capacity. Ammunition for the guns was heavy so each gunner carried 2500 rounds of 50 caliber. It sounded like a lot but in a machine gun, trying to hit a fast moving target, it never went very far.
      “Can anyone help Withers?” Fisher asked. He learned that Adams in the lower turret had 300 and he ordered him to give 200 to Withers. An attack was most likely to come from the tail.
      Before anyone could take any action there was an enormous crash, Adams screamed, the intercom failed, and silence claimed the night as the plane spun towards the emptiness of the English Channel.

      Ellen was lolling in the water, smiling, the photographer prompting, when her mother arrived with the telegram. Because Ellen was wet her mother read the notice aloud. Ellen continued striking poses for empty seconds before she realised that the camera was no longer clicking.
      “You seem not concerned,” Jean-Luc said.
      “We’re going to make . . .”
      “You’ll be making a black dress,” her mother snapped.
      ” . . . a splash . . .” Ellen looked at Jean-Luc for support, but the photographer just shook his head.
      “The only splash in this ocean came from Peter,” he said. “Goodbye, Ellen.”

    • Vishwas S says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. A few feet inside the lake, he was fighting against the weight of the water to go deeper into the lake without getting his body drenched. They had heard the splash in the lake, when they had been strolling in the woods nearby. Now a splash is nothing to be be curious about, but it was the ensuing silence that had made them curious to give a look at the spot of the splash.
      There was no sound of the wind, nor any sound from the water sploshing at the shores. No leaves rustling in the air, nor the wind softly whistling. It was as if the sound was turned off everywhere. His waddling wasn’t even creating any sound, which was eerie.
      Dave was speaking something, but i couldn’t hear a thing. “That is not good” i thought. Suddenly a jet stream of water shot in the air, creating a fountain of water shooting in the air and slowing down mid air. Dave had fallen down on the wet muddy lake bed. The water had receded after being shot in the air, and i had jumped up startled.
      The water was creating an alien pattern in the air, slowly twisting turning, creating arms of water shooting out in every direction. All the arms had their own life, and were trying to tangle each other, creating more complex patterns. It was scary at first, but i was more amazed with the light shining off the water arms, creating small rainbows everywhere.
      Dave was pointing towards the middle of the fountain. There was something solid transparent box kind of thing in between the trunk of the fountain. I picked up a stone, aimed at the transparent box and threw with all my strength. It flew through the air, sinking in the watery trunk. The momentum of the stone slowed down and the trajectory shifted due to the high density of water, and the stone missed , what seemingly was the heart of the water tree.

    • lineaming says:

      Like i am the king and you are letting me imagining an empire.. great :p always feel abandone no one appereciates “Online Gaming for Kids” More Gaming Please..

    • Hannah says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      Austin was always a strange character. Jessica had known this for quite some time, seeing as they were classmates for as long as she could remember. 
      Now, the two of them were in their twenties and stuck in the friend zone. Jessica had been taught by her mother that she should wait for the man to make the move, and Austin hadn’t had a father to teach him the rules of courtship. Neither of them knew how to show their feelings in a way that wouldn’t come off as standoffish. 
      Today, Austin made up his mind, realizing that if anyone should know his secret, it was her.
      “Alright, I’m going to go in,” he said anxiously. 
      “Really? You’re terrified of water, Aussie,” she said and smiled at him. His nickname was given by her because of his Australian descent and, of course, his name. 
      “I’m not, really,” he told her. “You might say I was born to swim, Jess.”
      “What do you mean?” 
      “This,” he said, and after he waded out into waist-deep water, he seemed to fall. Jessica was going to get up and see what happened, but Austin turned around and a sea-green tail flipped out from under him. 
      “Austin?” Jessica asked, a little scared. 
      “Yeah, I know. I’m a merman. Weird, isn’t it?” 
      “Cool,” she said and swam out to see the tail up close. 
      “Now that that secret’s out, this one might as well be, too,” he said and kissed her once she reached him.

    • Claudia Leger says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. It was not an unusual emotion to feel around him. Amazement had become less and less extraordinary. His very being here continued to amaze her daily. And this day was the culmination of both amazingly bad and amazingly good days.
      Sixteen years ago he had broken her heart. He stood on her front porch and proudly announced he had been accepted into Air Force Flight School and would be leaving in 2 weeks. No discussions about her feelings just his jubilation that he was going. She amazingly told him she too was leaving for journalism school although she had not planned such a thing. He smiled that amazing smile of his and said how great life was for them both.
      A year later he married her kid sister. A month later the family was told he had died in a plane accident. The day of his funeral, his wife left home without a word. All amazing.
      Fifteen years later, she received a call from a young teenage girl explaining that she was her niece, his and her sister‘s child. How amazing was that? Her sister, who had died of cancer told the girl of her aunt and her family. The amazing international journalist’s career was put on hold. She made a home for her precious niece. Amazingly, she took to being mother like a duck to water.
      A phone call changed her life again. A psychologist told her that her brother in law was alive; he had suffered amnesia after the plane crash but his blood was matched with a young teenager as part of a missing persons outreach program. He had no memory but had a daughter. Amazing.
      He returned home to an amazing family and astonished friends. He built an amazing life in the future because he could not recall his past.
      Until today. He had impishly smiled at her that afternoon and said he wanted to take her to the pond where they swam as kids. Amazing, he remembered; just like that.

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. He held her for an instant as he made sure she was comfortable, and stepped away.

      He had told her today was a special day, but had refused to go further.

      He walked further into the ocean and contemplated the waves for a couple of minutes.

      He looked at her. “You ready?” he asked.

      She nodded. He took a slow step forward, then another, then quickened his pace as he strode forward another 50 steps or so. It took her a moment to realize what he was doing, and she gasped.

      He was walking on the water.

      He turned around slowly, gracefully, to face the beach, and then sat down in the lotus position with the skilled ease of a long time practitioner. He smiled at her before resting his palms on his knees and lowering his head. She shook her head, closed her eyes tight for a second or two and looked again.

      He was sitting on the water.

      The minutes passed, and she could not help wondering if he was some kind of a fake. She met him at therapy a week ago and he had been there every day since, talking to her, telling her things would be okay.

      Till yesterday, when she burst out, “How will things ever be okay?”

      He held her gaze for what seemed to be hours, and then said mildly, “You will find out tomorrow. You want to go to the beach for something very special?”

      Not really knowing why she did it, she said yes.

      She looked up, and he was not there any more. Frantic, she raised herself on her hands, and looked around. He was nowhere to be seen.

      She scrambled to her feet and astonishment threw her back, crunching on to her haunches. She stretched her legs out and stared at them.

      There was no sign of the polio that had crippled her 12 years ago.

      There was no sign of him, and there never was after that.

    • michael says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. But there was nothing there to amaze him. She had single-handedly ruined the entire vacation. Some women have a talent for that sort of thing. There was nothing left to say to her.
      It was half past noon and the hot Yucatan sun beat fiercely on the white sandy beach in the small village. The two men took comfort in the open air shade beneath the palapa where they sat at a small wooden table playing chess. As they waited between moves, the men gazed out to sea where the sun sliced beneath the water revealing lighter greens from darker, marking the separation of sand bars from coral reef. She sat in the surf demanding both attention and her freedom. He ignored her. A heaviness hung in the village, and even the mockingbird, perched nearby in the chit palm, sat hushed with the lull that pressed on everything. The bird’s usual melodic and buoyant display of calls was reduced to that of one low purr, mimicking its cousin, the shy and delicate catbird.
      The younger of the two men reached to the chess board and pushed one of his pawns forward. Without looking up from the game, he spoke first.
      “Last night,” he said, “she told me that she didn’t want to be lovers anymore. She said that she wanted no attachments to me, or to anyone now. All she wants on this little trip in paradise is her freedom. She just wants to be friends now.”
      The younger man shook his head and nodded in the direction of the girl lounging in the surf. He said, “We have one week left here in this village, one week together in out little room to exchange glances, one week in the same bed to look but not touch, one week to remember all of the things I will need to forget. What do you think of that Fredrico?”
      The old man raised his eyebrows, but there was nothing to say.

      • I like the setting. And the background description is quite good. The girl is an interesting character. I want to know more about the ‘couple’.

        • michael says:

          Hi Amala…’s funny what you said about the girl….”an interesting character”….and you really know “nothing” about her, or the relationship of the man who is describing her. I think it’s cool when the reader is left to “imagining” what is going on, rather than being “told” what’s going on….don’t you agree?

          There’s a quote that comes from a book called “The Art of Fiction” that was written by a man John Gardner. It goes like this………”Two faults…insufficient detail and abstraction, where what is needed is concrete detail, are common, in fact all but universal, in amateur writing”. Meaning of course, that one must paint an imaginable and beautiful picture for the reader, one that is understood and cannot be mistaken for anything else that what the reader intended……it’s really hard to do….and it’s what separates really good writers from amateurs. Me….I’m still learning how to write, but every time I do, I learn something. If one is truly passionate about the craft of writing, then one must do it every day, even if it’s just a paragraph, to stay in the “groove” and “rhythm” of writing well.

          Recently, I’ve slipped out of the groove because of other things happening in life that take up one’s time, but I’ve just started to get back into the rhythm. If you like, I could send you the “full-story” of the piece I started here which was a “fitted” piece from something I’ve been working on for a while. The story and the characters will make more sense if you could get the “full picture” of what’s going on. It’s a story that I need to finish. I hope YOUR writing is going well and that you feel passionate about the process. It’s fun to play with words….isn’t it?? Enjoy your evening……..Michael

          • The girl is interesting because the setting and the way the men talk about her makes her interesting. I admire strong female characters and I get the feeling that you character is a strong one ( your words cause that feeling). Yes, I know nothing about her, but I want to know more here is my email id [email protected] .

            Yes, i agree . The author’s success lay in the fact that the readers imagine the situation just as he wanted and they feel what he wanted them to feel. For that a concrete foundation is necessary from where the reader can unfurl his wings of imagination.

            Your story does that. I have imagined at least 4 possible ways to continue this story. See ‘unfurling imagination’.

            Anyway I hope you get back into your groove because I feel you are a hardworking and serious authour. Hope you finish the story.

    • Eric Maus says:

      She settled herself in the water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. His glistening body lay prone on the grass, arms stretched above his head, face down, and his legs sprawled apart.

      The water was cold, brushing her midsection, and she stared at her toes, curling and uncurling them. He was dead, she knew, dead before he even hit the ground. Even on vacation, he was always on duty. The bullet entered his skull relieving him of his responsibilities. One day it’d come, she was stupid to believe that it couldn’t be today.

      In the heat of it, she shot back at the trees with his pistol peppering the greenery with aimless blasts. It was too late, the assailant fled as quickly as he arrived.

      As she sat in the water, she remembered, “Let nothing remain,” the mantra for the International Export Organization. She repeated the phrase in her head at first in his voice, the way he told it to her every time he was assigned. She turned the phrase over and over in her head, her hand swiping the rolling surface of the calm sea, changing it into her voice, and into her duty.

      She volunteered to come onto his assignments, to sneak away with him for a few days at a time. It made her feel she, too, lived a double life.

      A cold shiver rattled up her spine, today was supposed to be their quiet day, their celebratory day, the extra day at the end of the extraction once the paper work was signed and sent. How naive to think they not be followed or that the task was over. He lay prone in the grass, as a reminder. She stood up and walked to the shore, the mantra crossing her lips on repeat. She checked his body once more. It was cold, a pool of blood about his head. She knew what she had to do.

      She went to the pile of her clothes and the beach bag. She rifled through it looking for the small metal cask. He taught her to do this. Her fingers trembled as she opened the silver casing, revealing a bladder of clear liquid: kerosene. She pulled it out, went to the body, and tore the perforated edge spilling the contents over his skin.

      She went back to the bag and brought out a book of matches and stood at his side. She opened it, snapped off one of the stalks, closed the book, and ignited it. She stared at the flame in the face of the body. Her cheeks were wet, and a rush of wind choked the match. She scrambled to reopen the book, pull one more out, and she lit it. She took a deep breath and dropped it.

    • Erika says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      It didn’t take long. He moved about so carelessly, so gracefully, as the sun danced on his skin. The busy environment surrounding him, before had polluted her vision, now faded into silence and gradually disappeared. In her perception only one thing remained, a man of glorious measures in a simple human’s body.

      The water’s soft chilling sensation ceased to tickle her nerve endings, she was no longer sitting in the transition between sea and land. Her physical body had melted and infused itself into the aura of his being, bright and colourful like nothing she had ever laid eyes on before.

      Her flight in his air was playful, curious, daring and indulgent. She joyously smelt his scent and lavished in his rainbow fields. She dived in between limbs, and rapidly swiveled through his open fingers. After resting in the rising and falling of his breath, she took off to circumnavigate his whole area once again.

      Eventually, she was saturated, full and satisfied, and withdrew from his energetic grounds and returned to her settling in the shallow waters. She could notice a subtle but different look on him and knew, that he knew, that he had had a loving and amazed visitor in his invisible territory.

    • Renayle Fink says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. He looked at her in wonder. He knew that this was the perfect setting, with the sun hiding behind the ocean and the stars slowly sparkling in the blue sky.

      He took her hand into his. He kneeled into the water so they were the same height.

      “Janet?” he whispered.

      “Yes, Tom?”

      “I….love you. I think you are one of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever known. I…I…”

      Tom stammered. His voice quaky, he looked into her eyes. They were the same color as the night. She was looking back at him, wondering what was wrong.

      His mind raced. Thousands of thoughts came into his mind. Was this the right time? Was he ready?

      Tom had only known Janet for two months. They met when they both went to save a little girl who had trouble in the water. They got to her at the same time.

      After that encounter, Tom and Janet began saying hi to each other when they worked the same day. It turned into getting lunch together, then dinner, and finally ending with a short peck on the lips. The more dates they went on, the more Tom fell in love with her.

      But this was something unexpected even for Tom. He had heard of people talk about “love at first sight,” but he felt it wouldn’t apply to him. He was used to being careful, precise. That’s what made him become a lifeguard.

      Janet was completely the opposite. He didn’t want to wait. He felt like he found his best friend. If he didn’t take his shot, that would be it.

      Tom took one huge breath, and slowly exhaled.

      “You mean the world to me. I know that this may seem fast, but I don’t want to spend another day without you in my life. Will you marry me?”

      Tom stopped and looked at her. Janet’s tears streamed off her face and into the water.


    • nicola says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      A renowned diving expert whom she had followed since he was tiny. This was the first time she had seen him perform since the large pool at the centre.

      But he left the centre 5 years ago. Watching his acrobatics now in the open water she was reminded of how good he was. He was the best they had had in the team. The trainer was so sad to let him go, though he knew it was the best thing for him.

      She wasn’t surprised, seeing one of the most graceful swallow dives she had ever seen.

      ‘He’s got better’ she thought.

      ‘This new life suits him, he seems happy’

      She looked down at the instruments to check on the rest of the pod.

      ‘All fine’ she said to the skipper.

      ‘Let’s get back to the centre, I want to check the baby that arrived yesterday’.

      They headed out to the deeper waters away from the bay, back to the dolphin centre.

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      He smiled leisurely at her.
      “Quit stalling. And prove what you said was true” Arin said.
      He didn’t say anything , just looked out into the sparkling ocean, it’s beauty ethereal under the night sky.
      The water was enchanting that day, a sheet of sparkling blue just like their eyes. Actually, more like his. Hers was a mixture of blue and black.
      Freak, her classmates called her.
      “Mom will be home soon. I don’t want her finding me hanging around with a nutcase” she said.
      “Do you want to have a swim” he asked.
      She abruptly got up .
      She loved the water almost as much as her mother hated it.
      “No, I hate swimming and I am going home now” Arin said .
      “Don’t lie to me Arin. You love swimming. Why else would you sneak away from your home every night” he stated painly.
      “Not every night” she sighed.
      She loved swimming .But if her mother found out she was out swimming despite her many warnings and punishments, there would be hell to pay.
      And this man was blackmailing her using just that.
      “I won’t let your mother know, IF you let me show you something “he had said that as if he was going to pull a rabbit out of his pocket.
      She had had no other choice and had agreed to it.
      20 minutes later no magic and certainly no rabbit had come.
      She prayed her mother was home later than usual
      “Arin” he called.
      She turned her face to him.
      The next few seconds was a blur of the motion. She was deep in the ocean. He had pinned her hands from behind and now she was gasping for air under water.
      She could hold her breath longer than most but panic was making her use up all the oxygen.
      When she thought she was going to black out, she felt the cool rush of oxygen.
      Holy hell she had just developed gills.

      • michael says:

        Hey…..nice surprise ending….gills….that was a fun read….thanks.

    • Julia says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. He had promised her that if she would just let this water wash over her, even a little bit, she would be amazed how it would soothe her. Help her lose her fear of the ocean. He promised her that this water, this beach was different from the ones that terrified her. This water, this beach had the power to ease her memories and heal her soul.

      She had promised him she would try. Just try. That’s all she could promise. That’s all he asked.

      Just sitting on the sand was an act of trust, but she’d promised she’d try. He sat beside her, not touching her, but letting her know he was there, watching over her. He promised he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. She could trust him.

      Allowing the water to touch her skin and willing her skin not to shy away from the water’s touch was a supreme effort. But she’d promised she’d try.

      As she sat on the sand, with the water gently lapping around her, the warmth of the water and the warmth of the sun seemed magical. The warm water soothed her skin. Relaxed her. The sun sparkled on the water. And on her. His face looking at her relax, smiling at her. Encouraging her to trust in the moment. To trust in him. To trust in the water. To trust in the moment.

      She took a deep breath. Then another. She looked at the water and realized she could see the sand beneath it, not just right around her, but into the distance. Nothing was in the water. Nothing to fear. Just the clear, blue, warm water. She moved her hand through the water, enjoying the water’s touch. She reached behind her and turned her face to the sun.

      She was amazed.

    • Jenny says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      Observing him from a distance, lying on his towel – a tanned Adonis – the description ‘drop dead gorgeous’ instantly sprang to mind. She couldn’t help but pinch herself for attracting him in the first place, let alone keeping his interest for this long. As she gazed adoringly at him, her mind wandered and she asked herself where this would end. Would it just fizzle out, or be over as quickly as it had started? Or could it actually work out between them?

      Quickly she snapped out of her daydream, bringing herself back to reality. ‘Enjoy it while it lasts’ she told herself, ‘the only time we have is the present. Best not to think too far ahead.’ Suddenly he stood up, brushing sand off his perfect body. Admiring glances followed him as he ran towards her. She chuckled, thinking it was just like a scene from Baywatch.

      He knew she wasn’t a strong swimmer and preferred to stay in the shallow water, but he loved swimming and wanted her to go further out with him. Anyway, it was boring just lying on the beach all day. He grabbed her, floating on his back with his arms clasped tightly around her. She closed her eyes and relaxed, the hot sun beating down on her face, thinking how great it would be if this moment could last forever. They floated together a while and splashed about in the gentle waves. She felt safe and protected, oblivious to everything else around her – it almost seemed too good to be true.

      When they got back to their towels the beach was almost deserted, apart from a few people here and there. As they dried themselves off, he seemed very quiet, distracted, looking past her into the near distance. She followed his gaze, which was fixated on a man with chiselled features and a sculpted body, sitting on his towel, staring in their direction. The two men locked eyes, mesmerised, neither of them able to look away. It was as if she no longer existed or mattered. She couldn’t believe he could be so attentive towards her one minute, then indifferent the next.

      She felt invisible, an uneasy, gnawing sensation growing in the pit of her stomach. Were her previous doubts based on reality, a hidden truth that her intuition was trying to reveal?
      She wasn’t sure. What she did know, deep down, was that things definitely weren’t what they seemed…

    • Ekstasy says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      He stood on the shore, hunching his shoulders. “It doesn’t always work,” he said, gathering his robes past his knees and exposing hairless calves. “And I’ve never really done it in front of other people before…”

      He looked embarrassed but Maryam just smiled. “Don’t worry, Yeshua. I won’t laugh at you if it doesn’t work.”

      She shifted her weight, crossing her legs and making small ripples in the otherwise wave-less sea.

      “It only works on salt water, for some reason,” he mumbled, furrowing his brow, confused by his own revelation. Maryam nodded in response, as if that made perfect sense.

      He glanced at her sheepishly one more time and shrugged. “Well…here goes.” Then he straightened his back so that he grew to his full height, closed his eyes, and inhaled.

      His belly puffed out above the rope belt and his chest expanded broad and wide. This gave the illusion of his transforming into a man, and indeed Maryam thought for a moment that she saw him age: his skin losing its softness, his limbs thickening with muscle, his hair growing long like her father’s. But then he exhaled, his torso deflated, his shoulders curved forward, and he looked again like the boy that she knew.

      He did this several times, inhaling to bursting like a calfskin water jug filled to the brim, and then collapsing again into a scrawny, teenage boy.

      On his fourth inhale he paused and opened his eyes, a man staring out at the horizon of the sea. His eyes were dilated and grey, cloudy as a storm, and Maryam gasped. She shrank away from him, disturbing the water so that it lapped at the shore in front of him, but he did not even seem to notice that she was there anymore. And lifting his right foot, he stepped forward onto the surface of the water – as if stepping onto sand – and walked away from the shore.

    • Arushi Jain says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him waiting to be amazed. Opposite to her expectations, Kevin turned elsewhere ignoring her for their sake.
      She follows him to the jungle where her footsteps were quitely heard by him. He stops and turns. It’s not Sharon! Instead he finds a man following him with a camera.
      “What brought you here, young man, and what’s with this camera?”
      His voice, initially shakes, but then, “My name is Ama-zo-n. I just heard a girl is kidnapped..”
      “So, I am not the one you are finding. Go away!” He forces his hand into the camera.
      The man disappear into his shadowd which in turn, disappear into the long grasses.
      He, the moment sees Amazon disappear, retraces his path and arrives at the lake. He finds her here and there. He feels a tap on his left shoulder.
      “You met Amazon!” She cries loud.
      “You know that man? You met him?”
      “I saw him trace your path. I followed. Actaully, he is an old friend.”
      “Wants to marry me. Loves me a lot!”
      “And you? Want to marry him?”
      She nods slightly.
      “What is stopping you then?”
      “You kidnapped me! Why?”
      “Go ask your father. May be he didn’t want you to marry him. But i will set you free.”
      “Then, why you relieving me? He’ll kill you.”
      “You want to marry him, no? Then, just mind your business.”
      The sun rises with its own beauty and color giving a natural theme to the environment.
      “Oh, you came!” Kevin sees Amazon.
      “Thank you!” He holds Sharon. Kevin takes his eyes away.
      They both leave.
      “Sharon, you are the most beautiful part of my life and now I am gonna end your l-i-f-e…”
      A knife was into Amazon’s stomach.
      “Kevin, you here?” She was not surprised.
      “I couldn’t trust this man.”
      But, i could. I knew he was going to kill me. I had no choice. My mother was killed by my father and him for her money. I knew I was going to die.”
      “You could have told me, Sharon,” his eyes wet.
      “His people heard us all the time.”
      Without a word, he hugs him!
      “I love you”
      “I love you too,” they said; without a need to find who said first!

    • She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. However she is not amazed. The man is not what she expects him to be. He is not handsome neither beautiful. He does not look strong nor does his body look like a weak man. He is nothing but just a plain guy.

      Although, she does not want too, she had too. This is must be done. The shallow water does not feel shallow anymore. She tries to cheat her own mind “its ok, everything is alright”. She pray with all heart to make it works, this is her last chance. This is a chance, where anyone will hold it with their very last breath.

      She has waiting this moment so long. She is desperate. After all, they’re both last of their kind.

      He has gaze upon the star, looking at midnight sky. Entire his life has been about searching. He almost loses his hope. Now, the hope is in front of him. The jewel that can never be possible attain by a normal way. In his dark corner of his thought, he’s glad the” world end’s”. He wants her.

      He gazes into her eyes and he sees fear. He knows he is just a normal guys but he see hope. He knows she is understood. He knows that she is desperate. He know this is dirty way but this is what left. This chance could never occur again.

      He has waiting this moment so long. He is desperate. After all, they’re both last of their kind.

      The world is beautiful. It has blue seas that swallow almost half the earth. It has vast land full with green trees and animals. The world begins anew. So, will the mankind. It’s a new age of mankind’s.

    • Ulli says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. She had been waiting for this ritual for most of her young years. It was her time now. She was becoming one of them. She was wearing a red velvet cloak and could feel it getting heavier in the warm water.
      He took her into his arms and gently pushed her under the surface. She did not understand the words he was whispering, his language was ancient and sacred. She saw the sun glittering through the rippling water. Her body felt heavy and warm. Suddenly he lifted her up and raised her above the water. He kissed her on the forehead and took her cloak off.
      “You are now one of us” he whispered gently.
      She felt strong and weak at the same time. Slowly they walked out of the water together, his hand gently holding hers. She could see the water dropping of his strong arms and found herself amazed that she never noticed the strength of his body before.
      When they reached the grass they both lied down. He smiled at her and turned his face into the warm sunlight.
      She felt different in a very pleasant way, she sensed that she had entered into something that words are unable to describe. She felt it. This belonging, this feeling that she had been longing for. She understood that the ritual was so much more than just a process. There was more to this water and the words. Those words were ancient magic and one day she would be the one speaking them. One day. For now she had become all she ever wanted to be.
      She had become a Novice of Avalon.

    • BLycar says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. He was standing off to the side trying to help, but everything he did made him feel as though he was wearing mittens on his hands. He was so new at this; only in his early twenties and it was frightening to be so close to such a life-altering experience. After today, nothing would ever be the same again, he knew it.

      She extended her hand to him with a small smile on her lips.

      “Please come near and hold my hand,” she implored. “I don’t think I can do this all by myself.”

      Reluctantly he rose and approached her. She was such a beautiful creature, it made him want to hold her, but he knew that wasn’t what this moment was all about. He just needed to be there, in a strong, supportive way, letting her know that whatever happened, he would never leave her alone. At the same time, he was frightened and even a little bit repulsed by what was happening to her. The emotions were so complex and contradictory and that might have frightened him more than the situation he was finding himself in. But he knew that the least he could do was to help her through her ordeal.

      He sat down next to her, whispering soothing words of comfort, brushing her hair from her eyes, kissing her fingertips. The water lapped gently around her legs, around her protruding belly. She moaned. The contractions were coming quicker now… probably two or three minutes apart. The baby would be here soon.

      • Ulli says:

        I love this, beautifully written. I keep wondering now: what happens next. Is it a boy or a girl? Just love it 🙂

    • Febee Elemancil says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      But, nothing happen. He is just passive that night. He answer bluntly in her question, like he doesn’t care. Maybe because he is familiar to her, he know that she will care even he didn’t give back equally. He is like a cold water in the beach.
      Yet, she continually looked at him with enthusiasm. She put all her attention to him.

      She doesn’t care to all people looking at her.
      Some of them asking “What happen to her? Why?”
      Even the stars that night looking at her, trying to lull her.

      The moon change its face, and unveil itself. Still, she was there with him.

    • Sofi Hirani's says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. And amazed she was totally mesmerized by his beautiful eyes gazing into her eyes. She was melting already even though she had not felt his body against hers yet. She felt like she could see the reflection of her own soul in those eyes. They talked volumes even without uttering a single word,it was a moment of ecstasy or was it a moment of Nirvana she couldn’t differentiate but it was a moment she wanted it to last forever. She grew up watching fairy tales and a lot of Bollywood movies and it was a perfect scene from one of those movies. But actually it was happening to her, no she wasn’t dreaming. She was living that undescribable moment that she had dreamt of ever since she was a child. She had faith in her dreams all along the way even though she had to wait a long time for the man of her dreams. But he was here and now and she did not realize that she was in his arms by now and she could feel his heart beat and it was pounding as fast as hers,gradually he pulled her closer and they locked lips and she thought she would give a million dollars for that one moment of bliss and peace that she was experiencing simultaneously. She never could fathom how her friends were after the materialistic things and how she craved a soul-mate that made her feel complete. They both stood there kissing each other passionately for along time not even aware of the really cold water and the little kids that were watching them . They were just lost in each other and how she wished that time would stop for ever so she would never have to miss him again. She had noticed how much she missed him on a daily basis that she would start crying for no reason and how she longed he would miss her as much.

      Did he feel the same pain of separation or had she made a mistake in identifying her soul-mate? These thoughts did cloud her brain a lot but her heart was confident, he missed her too, and every chance he had he came to see her. She was an abode of peace for him, a silver lining in his cloud, a little bundle of enthusiasm that made his eyes smile so radiantly that it touched her soul. They shared a magical relationship even though there was no name for their relationship. But these relationships are far more precious than the one’s that have a name to please the society. She decided to enjoy every moment she was with him without any future expectations. Living in the moment was her mantra for happiness.

    • ngb says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      It was a gorgeous day. A day rife with possibilities. But, he’d never been one to seek out the possible. No, he’d always been content to sit safely by as the rest of the world took chances around him. Staring at the sand sparkling around his firmly planted feet, she wondered if he would ever aspire to anything greater than just existing.

      She turned her attention to the water and marveled at how the sun danced along the ocean’s peaks. She inhaled the salty air and lavished under the sun’s kisses. She wished for him to truly see how beautiful it all was.

      From the corner of her eye, he came into view as he took one tentative step followed by another. She held her breath when he paused, his toes touching the craggy edge of the darkened sand where the ocean had met the earth. His toes seemed to dance in rhythm with her heartbeat before disappearing under the frothy edges of the crystal blue water crashing into the beach.

      The sound of the surf faded under his giggles and the sun seemed to dim in comparison to the sparkle in his eyes.

      “I did it, mommy! I did it!”

      The calls of the seagulls circling above were no match for his squeals of delight. The rays of the sun no match for the heat of pride swelling in her bosom.

      Today was a gorgeous day. It was a day rife with possibilities.

    • Anita says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. “Daddy, I want bubbles and more water!”

      • Kathy Moore says:

        Bravo!! I love this.

      • Arushi Jain says:

        Hahahaha good one! 🙂

      • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

        This is an example of beautiful simplicity. Bravo indeed!

      • Anita says:

        Thank you!!

    • David Barkey says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. “Would he survive?” she asked herself. “What am I going to do with him? I have no way of taking care of him. What am I supposed to do? Why is this happening to me? I simply came to the beach for a quiet morning dip. There he was. Just laying there. I wasn’t even sure he was alive. He made no sound. I touched him with my index finger. He stirred and looked at me. His eyes pleaded for help but I have no idea what to do with him or for him. He laid on his back. Does he want to roll over? Is he sick? Is he hurt?

      Why doesn’t someone come by who would know what to do? I’m afraid he might bite me if I try to nudge him out into deeper water. I know I really otter do something to help the poor little fella.”

    • Jen Redwood says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. It never took much. This was the boy who could take her breath away with a glance. This was the boy whose smiles caused brain damage.

      “Watch this,” he said, paralyzing her with a grin. How could she do anything else?

      His feet crashed through the water as he ran into the waves. He dropped his newly purchased surfboard and hopped on. It was an impulse buy, but he took to it with the natural grace that characterized everything he did.

      He never needed anyone to teach him how to be amazing. All he required was an audience to remind him that he was.

      She would be that for him, as long as he would let her.

      She had been for the past five years.

    • Sarrah says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. She had traveled a long way just to come here, leaving behind an angry boss, put-out roommate, and one very grumpy cat. She hoped it was worth all the trouble she’d have to deal with once she returned.
      She sat and waited patiently as others gathered around her. Some wore expressions of confusion, as if they didn’t know why they had come or what was going to happen. They had clearly come because of their partners, who were were ecstatically happy: faces frozen with perfect smiles, eyes unblinking, hands clasped together.
      She shuddered slightly and turned away. She had seen faces like that once and she didn’t care to relive that particular experience again if she could help it. She was deciding whether to leave when the music started. People’s heads turned around to locate the source: a small child was sitting on a chair in the water, playing a violin. The melancholy notes the child coaxed from the instrument almost made her weep, and as she glanced around embarrassed at showing so much emotion to a group of strangers, she realized that everyone was affected by the music in some way.
      All the while, he stood there and watched the crowd gather. He found her in the group and offered her a small special smile that thrilled her to her core. She knew then that she would wait for him forever; wherever he went, she would always be waiting for his return.
      As the music surged, a strange craft appeared and hovered above him. She stared at the sleek steel object and had a moment to wonder at its construction before it hinged open and descended around him, enclosing him completely.
      She watched as panic crept up her throat as the strange steel object abruptly ascended, leaving nothing behind but the shallow imprint of the man’s feet where he had stood moments before. She wept as she realized that he was gone and that she would never see him again.

    • KLL says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. The sun had bleached away winter’s dreary hue from his hair. The wind directed shadows to dance across his summer skin, while his carefree locks swirled about the requisite Oakleys perched halfway on his nose. His lips moved as he spoke to his partner, but the roar of the ocean masked any sound. She caught a glimpse of his youthful smile. She recognized laughter in the way he threw his head back. He seemed like a college boy, loose and unburdened. He was mesmerizing.

      She wasn’t quite sure how long she’d been staring…imagining the life of this man, this boy. What should she call someone who has yet to take on adult responsibilities? What should she call herself, someone was trying to escape all of hers? The thunderous waves had lulled her into twilight, into a dream-like state that made her forget she shared the shore. Little ones leaped with joy in the water’s edge, semi-monitored through squinting eyes lounging nearby. Some people sought shelter beneath umbrellas, hiding behind you-HAVE-to-read-this paperbacks. Others waded, paddled, and pushed the boundaries of the safe, shallow waters, trying to leave any traces of reality behind them.

      Giggles, squeals, and muffled conversations rode the breezes, but she was mostly unaware. Her thoughts were fixated on the man-child (?) sitting…now standing…wait, moving…on the weather-worn platform. Something in his posture made her flinch. Suddenly, the human sounds were louder than the pounding surf. The squeals turned to screams. She watched the object of her distraction climb down from the platform, muscles visibly working beneath the surface. He ran toward the water, sand spraying with every stride. Was he carrying something?

      People pushed ever closer to her spot, the one she had so carefully staked out minutes, maybe hours, before. They backed up, blocking her view. Her stomach writhed with fear. She felt the urge to pray for someone’s safety, for his safety. At last, he reappeared. Without a doubt, he was carrying something. He was carrying someone.

      • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

        Nice descriptions. And you did it, I want to know more about this story…

    • She settled herself into the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      Jenny didn’t have long to wait.
      Seconds later Peter pitched face down into the sea, and didn’t move. A spilt second later she heard the echo of a high powered rifle from the distant hills.
      She gave a silent scream as she saw the water around his body turn red, and slowly fade to pink as the gentle waves broke around him.
      Another scream, loud this time, disturbed the peace of the sunlit beach. From nearby, several men women and children looked up at the noise, but only one man moved. Backwards!
      He turned around and nonchalantly walked back up the beach trying not to show the assassin that he was being pursued. A long and hazardous climb back up the cliffs enabled the man to give thought to how his team should make their next move. He paused for breath and taking out his cell-phone he decided to help the woman by calling for an ambulance. Jenny was still shrieking with fright, and was now surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, none of whom had any idea of what to do.
      All she could say was that her boyfriend had been shot.
      She had a vague idea that he had been dealing with drugs. In fact he had almost admitted it as he promised solemnly to stop using weed himself. She also knew that he had been living in fear for some months, and it was her idea that they should take an extra-long holiday in Jersey where they would be out of the way.
      She was mistaken. Peter was mistaken.
      It was obvious that someone had been deputed to keep an eye on them from the moment they left home to drive to the airport. Then Jenny recalled the man with a cast in his eye who had rudely pushed past her take up position immediately behind Peter. On the short flight, Peter had been driven almost demented by a mysterious itch from the moment they boarded the plane.

    • Anna says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.
      He didn’t know what to say. Words just stuck in his throat. He was amazed. Amazed and mesmerised by her beauty, her rawness, her irrationally magnificent eyes.
      She was staring at him. “What is he thinking about?”, If only she could read his thoughts. If only she could ask him.
      “Don’t say anything. Please ”, he thought to himself, wanting to stay in that magic moment forever. Just him and her.
      So they stayed there for a while, her drifting in the shallow water, him standing still on the shore, staring at her in silent amazement.
      “One more”, she thought, sighing at yet another vanished hope to feel – at least once in her life – that human feeling, amazement. She flapped her tail, flipped on the other side, and started to swim away from the shore and deep into the sea…..

    • Heather says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed.

      Jared, on the other hand, squirmed under the pressure wondering how he got himself into this mess—and how to get out of it. Why had he let Jake tell everyone he was an awesome surfer? He hadn’t even touched a board since that night… Now, he was being forced to either chicken out or do the one thing he swore he would never do again.

    • Kathy Moore says:

      She settled herself in the water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. She and Ger were bobbing on the seaward side of a giant mangrove tree, a warm ocean breeze stirring the leaves that stretched 30 feet above them. A gnarled network of roots had created an impenetrable wall under the canopy of the tree. Floating near them on the surface were several mangrove seed pods.

      Avaa loved her friend Ger, but he was always claiming that he could do the impossible. She had wanted to believe him, but his boast that he could climb this tree was outrageous. She looked at the thicket of roots and branches and shook her head.

      “You’ll have to prove it to me,” she said as they swayed on the waves beneath the tree. “You haven’t got the strength. Look at those skinny arms.”

      “I’m strong enough,” he said, his brows beetled together giving him the look of a grumpy sea bass. “Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean that I can’t. I’ve done it before. “

      Avaa snorted, flipping her hair and glancing away out to sea. “I’d like to see to see you try. You’ll tear yourself to pieces climbing that thing.”

      Irritated by Avaa’s lack of faith Ger reached over and pinched her on the arm.

      “You little wretch,” Avaa said, moving to pinch him back, but he swam just out of reach, grinning.

      “Watch me,” he said. He flipped and dove into the sea before Avaa could stop him, touching sea bed nearly 25 feet below. Holding a root to anchor himself, he looked up at the branches above. Coiling his body, he flicked the massive muscles in his lower body and pulled at the water with his thin arms, his webbed fingers adding thrust. In seconds his body burst through the surface of the sea and he sailed up, grabbing the overhanging branch above him. He held onto the branch, feeling the fire in his arms and flicked his massive mertail, looking down at his friend below.

      “See! I told you I could climb this tree.”

      • HeatherT says:

        Nice twist, Kathy

      • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

        That made me smile. Thanks a lot, really creative with that twist.

    • Doug Romig says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. The reflection of the low sun on the water created a rippling mirror of color behind the silhouetted figure. The sexual tension between the two was palpable as he stood in front of her, droplets of water slowly making their way down his well-toned body. She could not see his face with the light shining behind him, but she knew it by heart.

      “I know I promised to share my secret,” he growled in a deep baritone. “But are you sure you want to know all of this? We’ve spent an incredible week together. Sometimes wondering is better than knowing.”

      In the short time she had known him, she discovered Jonathan had a way of warning her about things that always made her want to take the risk. Her fear of sharks was faced with Jonathan beside her while they went scuba diving in around a sunken ship. Parasailing had been the next fear conquered as the two enjoyed the wind in their hair and the passion of their first kiss high above the clear Caribbean waters. The swim to the island led to passion in the sun as they made love on the beach with the gentle lapping of the waves serenading them.

      Now he was warning her again, giving her a chance to walk away from whatever secret he had to share. Jonathan was not getting away that easy. She had fallen in love with this perfect man. No secret could cause that love to fade.

      “I want to know,” she gasped, afraid and enticed, wanting to know and fearing the outcome.

      With a glance behind him at the sun sinking beneath the horizon, he leaned forward and gave her a passionate, gentle kiss on her tender lips. “This is why you never see me at night,” he whispered, the sweet scent of rum on his breath.

      As the last rays of the sun faded from view, Jonathan dissolved into a colorful mist, carried away in the breeze.

      • ngb says:

        I really liked this. Especially this line — In the short time she had known him, she discovered Jonathan had a way of warning her about things that always made her want to take the risk.

        In less than 350 words I knew who both of these character were and the ending was unexpected.

        • Pablo Beluck de Oliveira says:

          That ending was totally waiting all the construction through the text. Very good indeed!

        • Doug Romig says:

          Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the feedback.

    • Vipin Rana says:

      She settled herself in shallow water and looked at him,waiting to be amazed. He was getting in to his gear for a sunny afternoon. It has been around eight months they were together last time. This time he had a chance to be in this city of beaches on an official week long trip. But got the usual weekend off. And,to his amazement, found her here on an edicational excursion.
      They both checked in the same hotel. While leaving for the meeting,while walking through the hotel corridor,they almost had a collision. That was really a surprise to see each other after that long–and that too at a far away place…
      For a while both became speechless out of sheer astonishment. The flash back rolled out quite rapidly before their eyes. Owing to the bonhomie they shared between themselves,the reconnet,after initial hold up, was instant and equally intense. For sometime they both forgot their in hand commitment, talked for a while as they had no other immediate work to leave for,but gathered rather quickly that both have to leave for official calling. But not before they exchanged their current contact numbers, and fix the time for the day’s afternoon….

    • Vipin Rana says:

      She settled herself in shallow water and looked at him,waiting to be amazed. He was getting in to his gear for a sunny afternoon. It has been around eight months they were together last time. This time he had a chance to be in this city of beaches on an official week long trip. But got the usual weekend off. And,to his amazement, found her here on an edicational excursion.
      They both checked in the same hotel. While leaving for the meeting,while walking through the hotel corridor,they

    • Jenny Burr says:

      She settled herself in the shallow water and looked at him, waiting to be amazed. From the water he picked up a flat stone and placed it between the lid and the base of the wooden box. Detailed carvings of a rose and a bear were on the lid. Picking up a flat stone, she placed it between the lid and the base on the opposite side of him. Together they carefully worked their way around the entire lid so that it was raised high enough to place their fingers inside to pry open the lid.

      Both gasped as they peered inside the box. There were coins of various size and shape. Instantly, her hand dived inside, but he grabbed her wrist.

      “We better not touch any of these coins,” he said, ‘we need to give this box to the police and we don’t need our fingerprints on them. They might think that we stole the coins and box.”

      ‘Why, do you think someone stole them? Maybe they were buried here by pirates long ago.”
      He smiled into his younger sister’s dark blue eyes. Her imagination always had them on a quest for treasure.

      “Well, I remember hearing something about a museum in the area that had a box taken from their displays. I think maybe it was two years ago. That’s why I think that it is important that we don’t touch the coins. “

      Her shoulders slumped slightly but only for a moment. She jumped up and hopped from one foot to the other. “Okay, then, maybe when we take it to the police and they call the museum, the museum will tell us all about the box and the coins and pay us a reward for bringing it back to them.”

      He put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her enthusiasm. “Calm down, little sis. Let’s just start with the police station.”

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