Writing Prompts: Fun with Puns [Scene Stealers]

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    This month’s installment is designed to help you use puns in your writing. A pun is a play on words – the humorous use of a word or phrase to emphasize or suggest its different meanings or applications. Puns can also create additional layers of meaning, adding depth to a story.


    Scene Stealer #18

    It was the first day of January.

    He decided he wanted a new ear.


    Now steal this and make it your own.

    We can’t wait to read what you come up with, so please add your submission to the comments section of this post.


    By Vinita Zutshi, Guest Post Editor at Write to Done. Vinita also blogs at Carefree Parenting.

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    • Dawn says:

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear.
      His mother screamed with delight.
      “A new ear for the New Year.” She slapped her hands together and puffs of flour formed arches across the kitchen table.

      “I’ll pay for it son.” his father mumbled from behind the morning paper.

      ” I like the one you’ve got” Sally called back through the door as she hurried off down the hallway.

      He smiled to himself. “I didn’t think you’d all be that interested.”

      He pulled the stretched lobe into an oval and balanced the end of a teaspoon in the swing of flaccid skin.

      “Oh don’t do that, it’s terrible, makes me cringe” his mother said looking up from the mixing bowl. Come over here and I’ll plug your ear with dough. Anything’s an improvement on that.”

      Chad laughed, pulled the spoon from its lobe hammock, inserted his small finger in the gap and pulled a face at his mother.

      “Where do you get them from?” his father asked as he turned the page and shook out the double spread of business news. “Must be a good business these days.”

      Chad fiddled with the dangle of sinew that looped across the bottom of his left ear, twisted it playfully between his thumb and index finger and contemplated removing it.

      “I’m gonna keep the loop, just reckon I might freshen it up with some colourful ink.”

      “A tattoo! I’m not paying for that.”

      “Get some surgery son. I’m sure they can nip those bits off and reshape the lobe these days.” Mother was suddenly very serious. “I’m sure it’ll make a difference when you go for a job interview. You need to get a decent job this year. Start earning a bit of money.”

      Chad leaned back in his chair, the soft strap of flesh draped backwards and tickled his neck. He loved it. He couldn’t imagine life without it. The girls loved it. They all wanted to touch it, flick it, weave beads through it.

      “Nuh. It’s staying. I’m gonna get a bigger plug. A new ear. Next size. And I’ve got a job. It’ll do for now.”

      Chad’s father folded the paper and pushed back from the table.

      “It’s your ear son. Looks ridiculous to me, but a couple of the lads at the office have got those plugs in now. They don’t believe me when I tell ’em about your hammock. Been thinking I might get my ear re-pierced and get a small stretcher myself.”

      “What? That’ll look ridiculous.” Chad said “Totally try-hard.”

      Chad’s father leant across the bench and kissed mother on the cheek. He winked at Chad.
      “Actually I’m going out to the shed right now, what size drill-bit d’ya reckon?”

      “Are you for real?”

      “A new ear for the New Year son.”

    • Vinita Zutshi says:

      A request to all writers:

      Please use the prompt exactly as given at the beginning of your story.

      Thank you for keeping to the spirit of Scene Stealers!

    • Pat says:

      It was the first day of January and Meredith’s head pounded off the pillow. She wasn’t sure if she heard it right last night, tequila had it’s way of blurring the edges of her memory. Had she really heard him say he decided he wanted a new ear? As she lifted herself up out of bed, she glanced over her shoulder at Michael, what had he meant, had he really said that?
      “I meant it you know, I’m going to do it. I’m going to start today.” Michael finished his first cup of coffee and handed Meredith the keys to the Jaguar and a CD. “I’m finished taking all of the bullshit I’ve taken for the last 3 years. I’m finished.” And with those words Meredith knew the life she had known, the life they had known, for the last three years was finished.
      Later that day, sitting in traffic on LeBrea, Meredith slipped Michael’s new CD into the disk player. She smiled as she listened to the first song of his “new ear,” it was beautiful, it was perfect, it was him.

    • Paul Smith says:

      It was the first day of January.

      He decided he wanted a new ear.

      Nobody had told him that his ear would only last such a short time. It was a feature, they said, a by-product of the way the ear responded to your voice. It had a limited capacity to hear your confessions and woes and to lift your burden.
      The Existential Angst Receptacle was the latest model when it came out two years ago but it could only handle a certain amount of your confessions before its capacity was exceeded. Tony had managed to fill his in an unusually short amount of time. He had a lot to confess.
      It turns out that each confession was stashed away in a new configuration of the spintronic-neurons. It had to work this way in order to be accepted by the church as equivalent to the confessional. Tony’s had run out of neurons to re-wire with the secrets he told it. Big secrets, of very serious acts that he wanted to get off his mind.
      But getting a new one wasn’t the main problem.
      Getting rid of the old one was.
      They were supposed to be sent back to the Church for re-cycling but Tony couldn’t let that happen. The ear knew too much.
      So he had to get another used ear to exchange. Luckily Tony knew people who knew people that had ears to swop, for a price. More importantly, they’d be discrete.
      There were people who maintained their ears with a steady stream of banal confessions for just this reason. They knew that they could, one day, pass on their ear to someone like Tony.
      The deal was done and someone with the same model ear as Tony was found. Once the swop was made Tony could hand this choir-boy ear, as they were known, in to the church to get his new ear.

      Hello new ear, forgive me for I have sinned. To get you, I needed an ear to hand in. The person that donated that ear promised discretion. But I had to be sure …

      • Karnuvap says:

        Sorry for lack of puns but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

    • Cameron says:

      Vincent Van Gogh and the New Ear

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. Vincent Van Gogh awoke on New Year’s Day, 1891, ready to begin his day. “Another day, another painting,” he muttered to himself. He got up out of his small bed, and pulled the baby-blue covers of his bed back in order. Just a few months ago, he had met a strange man and a girl in a box that was bigger on the inside and seen all of his paintings on display- in PARIS! He was still trying to recover from the experience. (The reason that it is 1891, not 1890 when he died, is because historians got their dates wrong.) He packed up his canvas and paintbrushes and walked out to the cornfield just outside of his town. Then the idea struck him. He wanted a new ear. He dropped his things and ran inside his small cottage of a house. He picked up his knife and cut off his ear. Now before you faint in horror, let me just say that right before he cut off his ear, his heart spontaneously failed, stopping his flow of blood, and his neural systems failed, resulting in a non-bloody, painless ear-beheading. Vincent didn’t know that people didn’t know that people don’t grow back their ears once they’ve cut them off, though. So Vincent went back out into the street, picked up his things, and decided that he was hungry. He walked over to his local deli and ordered bread. Once he was done, he tipped the waitress with his ear. She nearly had a heart attack. So, after a strange morning, Vincent polished off his drink, and headed out into the cornfields, and painted one of his most impressive and timeless paintings he had ever painted. He walked back to his house and fell asleep. He woke up the next day with a new ear, resulting from a chemical reaction in the drink and his stomach. It was a scientific breakthrough. Vincent died the next day.
      The End 

    • Toni Star says:

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. After all, he was tired of looking at his left ear. It was always sagging and his buddies at school often were making remarks like, “What’s with your ear? Why is it drooping?” His girl friends thought his left ear was “cool” and “sexy” but deep down he thought they were just being nice.

      He was trying to remember how long ago it was when he had both of his ears replaced. The new ear surgery center, “Ears for You” were eager and ready to help at that time and felt that they did a good job. He thought that the surgery was over two years old. Well, he was going to talk with them at “Ears for You” soon; in fact, he thought he would talk with them that very day.

      It was around four in the afternoon, after school, that he made a trip to “Ears for You.” As he walked in to make an appointment, he saw several guys his age sitting in the waiting room, waiting to be called in. Not one of them acknowledged him. They just sat there waiting to do on.

      “Can I help you?” The receptionist was a cheerful girl of about 18, was chewing gum, had on a trendy suit and looked as if she was going to burst out laughing; as she looked at his ears.

      “Yes, I would like a new ear! One of my new ears is drooping and I want it replaced.”

      “Well, of course. Let me look at the schedule. Yes, I think we can fit you in tomorrow. Of course, you know that replacing your ear will cost a great deal and there are no guarantees that you will be satisfied.”

      “Well, I don’t like the sound of that but alright; let’s do it!”

      After he gave her his name and other necessary information, he left and went home.

      The following day after school he went to his ear appointment and went through the surgery with great success. Before returning to the recovery room, he heard the doctor whisper to a nurse, “I don’t know why this boy wanted this done, it won’t improve his hearing or his looks but anyway, we made a great deal of money, didn’t we?”

      The nurse nodded in agreement.

      “Say, I heard that! Give me a mirror!”

      He looked into the mirror and saw that his ear was the same; except it had a miniature antenna on top of the ear. He replied, “Hey, this looks cool and I can hear a lot better. Because you made that statement, I am going to sue you!”

      End of story.

    • Rozy says:

      It was the first of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. And it had better be a well trained one. The lovely lady he met at last night’s party is a violin playing hottie and he knows next to nothing about classical music. He isn’t sure whether to look for a book with the title “Classical Music for Dummies” or a CD “Classical Music for the Tone Deaf.” Probably he will need both so he can sound semi-literate on their date later in the week. What is it about hormones that, when encountering a pretty girl, causes a guy to say crazy things? “You play in the orchestra? Oh I’ve enjoyed classical music my whole life.” Where do these lies come from? It must be the Well of Longing; the deep desire to appear intelligent and cultured in the face of a truly superior being. Or it may just be foot in mouth disease. Whatever the source, the cure was going to be a new ear. The old one full of rap, rock, and other musical monstrosities just wouldn’t do anymore.

    • It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. So as he and his sister were close, but had not seen each other in a while, she was the first person to be told about this in an sms.

      When she later mentioned it to her boyfriend, he said, “Surely he meant a new car.”

      “Well he wrote ‘ear’,’ but you’re probably right. Here, have a look for yourself,” she said as she handed him her cell phone.

      Pulling a face and moving his head from side to side, he said, “Yea, you’re right, but I still think he meant car. Its an easy mistake to make.”

      Her brother meanwhile went off to have ear surgery. He was a handsome young man and the ragged bit of ear left clinging to his head after a vicious dog attack, put people off. He hadn’t had a new girlfriend since the attack, when his old girlfriend took one look at his ear and ran out of the house screaming. So yes, a new ear was exactly what he wanted.

      Everything proceeded normally after the operation, but he did have to wear a head bandage for two weeks and have the dressing changed every second day. But this was when something strange and unusual happened, for girls he barely knew suddenly started taking an interest in him and asking him about what had happened.

      However, once the bandages came off and a vivid red scar showed up alongside his face, people again turned from him in horror. So realizing that the only way to keep women interested in him was to bandage his head up, he went off to the chemist to buy a large roll of white gauze bandage.

      He kept the scar covered for at least two months, but one day when he took the soggy bandages off after being caught in a rain storm, he looked at his ear more closely and to his amazement, the scar was hardly visible and his ‘new ear’ looked almost exactly like his original ear.

      This posed a dilemma and he didn’t know what to do, but as he was taking a long drive to visit his sister in his new car, he decided to leave the bandages off.

      When he arrived at her house, she and her boyfriend inspected the car thoroughly inside and out.. Then after a moment, his sister said, “Where did you get the money from for such a swanky Beema? I hope you haven’t got yourself into serious dept, bro.”

      He smiled as he patted the car fondly and said, “No, not at all sis. The insurance money from the payout for my ear took care of that. In fact, I did very well out of the deal, so perhaps it was worth all the pain and suffering I went through, in the end.”

    • It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. After all if you were going to start off the New Year off right, why not change the thing that bothers you the most. Bob was getting sick and tired of hearing his friends wish him a Happy New Ears. Or Bob I see you`re a little earitable today aren`t you? You get the point.

      Bob`s ear problem started when he was a young boy of 10. The day his father bought a home hair cutting kit, you know the Charlescraft Happy Home Barber. Ahhh the kit included various sized clippers, 2 combs and one pro looking barbers shear. His mom went to the store and so his dad figured he would try out his new barber’s kit. Cutting Bob`s hair with the buzz clipper’s was easy in fact it was a breeze. His father was practically giddy with how easy it was going
      Bob` dad was so confident that he took to talking to the family dog (a wired hair terrier named Patches) about how easy it was. Patches sat near to Bob`s chair as his father operated the barber tools like a symphony conductor waves his baton. Bob`s father was trimming the last few hairs at the rear of Bob`s ear. When Patches barked and Bob’s dad snipped the scissors as he turned to look at the dog. Bob heard a slow tearing sensation around his ear but no immediate pain not even a tear. Just then Bob spied Patches jump up and snap at something in the air. Bobs dad called out to the dog but he ran out of the room. Bob `s round ear was looking more like his crew cut flat on top.

      After being banished from ever using his barber kit ever again Bob`s dad quit cutting hair at home and left it to the professionals. However it didn’t stop the laughs when someone would call the family dog. “Come ear Patches come ear boy”. Earregardless, Bob championed on, I know because it happened to me. Earitating right?

      • Nann Dunne says:

        Good job with the puns. Funny story!

    • Dan Frost says:

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear and the old ears were tired of his BS.

    • Tina says:

      It was the first day of January. He wanted a new ear. No, no it happened again….he couldn’t say the letter “y”. He couldn’t write it , say it, even think it.
      His therapist said it had to do with the break-up of his relationship. He’d spent the past year asking why. Why did she leave me? Why didn’t she love me anymore. Why was I such a failure …… and on and on. He’d been told by everyone, even his therapist to stop saying “why”, and somehow his brain had blocked out the letter “y”.
      He’d had enough, he really wanted a new life so he decided the only solution was to exchange the letter “y” with another letter. It might work. He tried every letter of the alphabet and finally found a letter that worked. He said the words new year, tentatively at first, then with a great burst of joy he exclaimed, “I can have a new year, I can have a new year. Then realizing the truth he added, “ But it will have to be without U”.

      • ngb says:

        Ha! Clever!

        • Nann Dunne says:

          At last, a pun! LOL Good job.

      • Rozy says:

        Wonderful! Terrific use of humor.

        • Tina says:

          Thanks for the comments everyone……glad you enjoyed it!!!

    • It was the first day of January. Lizzie has been very busy preparing for his work. Life is not really easy for a dad like him. He wished he could have someone to be with him in the toughest of times. Being deaf is not easy. Computer programming does not really require him to be able hear well but he was looking forward for his 2 kids. Now, He decided to change his life. He decided he wanted a new ear. He is determined more than ever to work harder to achieve this goal.

      Couple of years gone by Lizzie still was not able to achieve his goal of getting new ear. Life is getting harder as he gets older however one day as he was walking down the road he was stunned by the paper that caught his attention and upon picking he just realized that it was a lotto ticket and a winning one. It has already a name a signature in it. A sad feeling caught his emotion upon going to the lottery outlet and knowing that it was indeed a winning ticket. A hope once again was lost. He was never sad like this in his entire life.

      Time flies and he just keep the lottery ticket. He envied the owner of the ticket. What good would it bring to him if he will return the ticket, he thought to himself. He fell that it will just make another happy people happier and he be left in sadness. Thank you would not be enough for a substantial sum of 10 million as it was displayed in the lottery outlet.

      On day, his younger son got sick. He has nothing to run on to. He knew deep inside that he was a millionaire coz he was able to keep millions with him. Finder’s keepers as they would say and losers will just weep. But the truth is it is not yet money. It is just a piece of paper…

    • Vince says:

      December had come and gone and the darn ringing in his ear still hadn’t stopped. All the head banging and ice packs didn’t do the trick. Was she ever going to have peace? They told her after the accident that she may find it quite unbearable to live with. He was determined that he could will herself to repair the damage sustained during the sonic wave blast. He just didn’t count on persistent ringing, even though they told her. How it changed in volume from a low hum to a thunderous roar that actually prevented her from hearing others. He even asked several people if they could hear it. One of his colleagues went to so far as to put his ear against his and positioned it around on his head. His colleagues said he could hear something when his ear was pressed against his head, but couldn’t be sure if that was just hair rustling or his own head sounds. Absolutely maddening! It doesn’t even seem to be reasonable to have this damage, no one else in the group does. What made it different for him? Three months had gone by and the Doctors had nothing, zip, zilch, nada, zero help without replacing the entire ear. The kept telling him to do it right away, but did he listen, noooo! He wanted to prove that his mind could better control his body’s repair mechanisms than the 300 years of schooling and experience of the 5 Doctors in the room. The Doctors only sighed and tried to offer words of comfort. They provided him with some pain killers that he also refused to take, but was now beginning to think he should think about taking them. Not that they will get rid of the roar in his ear, they will only dull his senses to make the sound tolerable for him. The drugs will only last a short while.

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear.

      ** Interesting exercise – writing to a word count.

    • Adrian says:

      It was the first day of January.

      He decided he wanted a new ear.

      He wanted not to hear his parents anymore.

      Always bickering, always about money issues and whatnot. The fights had to be stopped – otherwise he would leave home… but let’s not get hasty. No need for that yet.

      Before he got the chance to do it, salvation came from Mary.

      How he loved Mary, sweet, innocent Mary… They had never approved of her before she saved him from them. They must hate her, now.

      “Frank? Open up! Open up, Frank!”, Mary cried at his door. His room had been silent for quite some time. Almost a full day.

      The evening before, he said something about being exhausted and going to sleep. He locked the door, which he rarely does, but she ignored it.

      When the police came to knock the door down, he was smiling. Mary’s magic pills have always worked… for a couple of hours.

      Ear in hand, he smiled. The wound hadn’t closed yet, so fresh blood was still oozing out.
      He couldn’t hear them anymore.

      Dead men don’t hear.

    • ngb says:

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear.

      No, Dax didn’t want a new ear—he deserved it. Not only that, Dr. Hexton promised him an upgrade months ago. The last thing he deserved was to be treated as second rate while the 5th Gens were treated like gods.
      He pushed the button for sub-level 12. The doors opened and he headed straight toward Hexton. The doctor didn’t notice him approaching and Dax paused a moment to marvel as the doctor worked on a tiny green chip.
      “You’ve been avoiding my calls,” he said.
      Hexton’s eyes flicked up briefly at Dax before returning his attention to the chip.
      “Not avoiding, just busy.” Hexton said.
      “I was supposed to have an upgrade months ago. The way I see it my time has come. New year, new ear, I’d say.”
      The doctor finally lowered the chip and took a calming breath before looking up at him. Dax could hear Hexton’s heartbeat quicken.
      “Look, Dax, after our last meeting orders came down…”
      “If they were about reneging on promises, I don’t want to hear it.”
      Hexton removed his glasses as he walked over to him and Dax could see his steely veneer softening.
      “You had to know this day was coming,” he said quietly so no one else could hear. “And you know that I hate what I’m about to tell you as much as you do.”
      Dax said nothing, but gave Hexton a doubtful look.
      “You’re not only Gen 1, you were the first. The improvements since then have increased Auditron recording based arrests by two hundred percent. Eighty-nine percent since the introduction of the Gen 5’s. Their range is incredible and it would be impossible to upgrade you to their level without risk.” His look had grown empathetic and Dax not only knew what he was about to say, but that he meant it. “I’m sorry, Dax.”
      He stood in silence absorbing what he had already subconsciously known. His time had come.
      “Oh well,” Dax said glumly. “New year, new career, I guess.”

    • His left ear had been sinking so far into depression that it was starting to bring down the spirits of his normally ebullient right ear. Resolved to be more careful, he wanted to borrow a left ear to make sure it wasn’t neurotic and would get along with his right ear. The body parts store owner was known to be ungenerous, so he hoped to appeal to companionship and patriotism. Striding into the shop, he said, “Friend Roman, countryman, lend me your ears.”

    • It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. It wasn’t because his had stopped working but it was because Micheal the elf was tired of every kid at his high school laughing at how “Pointy and long” they where. Being that he was the only male elf at his school he usually got picked on for his looks. So he decided it was time make in a change in his life.
      “New year new me.” He said to himself. He could imagine the feel and look of his ears as he stood in front of his long gossamer mirror. Maybe the ghouleaders would even notice him and not for his height. So Micheal set off to the Wizard Ren’s house. But by the time he got there he was very disappointed to find that there was already a huge line of fey and monsters alike waiting for their turn at the magic that would change their appearance. “I’m to fat!” A vampire moaned. “I’m to skinny!” A skeleton groaned. “Hell its not as bad as having flees like me!” A werewolf said. Micheal looked at the line of creatures and did not see what they saw. He didn’t see a fat vampire or a skinny skeleton and he noticed that the werewolf only had a mere case of poison ivy. Then he thought to himself: What am I doing? I need no change, I’m fine just the way I am. Seven months later Micheal was voted most “Cute” out of all the monsters in his school since his ears where “Just so lovable!” As one ghouleader put it. And “No werewolf could look as innocent as him hes perfect!” As one Banshee from the banshee band said. And that’s why you should love yourself for who you are…

    • Being the first of January, he could think of no better way to usher in the new year than with a new ear! As he headed off on this life changing journey, he felt optimistic, about his decision. A new year brings new wings to expand and limitless possibilities! Walking out his door, prepared to take the world by storm, he knew this change would be irreversible, but he wanted to grab the bull by the horns, throw caution to the wind! Though his mindset seemed erratic to some, to him it felt justified. Over the years he couldn’t eradicate from his memories the cruel comments bestowed upon him from those that thought his ear was too big, in comparison with those of other individuals. These statements encircled his thoughts continuously, piercing through his mind, making him yearn for normalcy. It was destined that this new year would herald in a deafening silence of negative comments. Reverberating in his mind would only be thoughts of positivity. Whistling happily as he reached his destination, he paused momentarily before opening the door. The door that would lead to his euphoria. Yes, 2013 was eradicated from existence, leaving in its wake, a new year of hope, expectations, and the music to his ears created by acceptance from others. Something his soul desired extensively, a sound so often denied to him, would soon evade him no longer!

    • Vickie says:

      It was the first day of January. He decided he wanted a new ear. But after few beers, he was nearly in tears, wondering where last year had gone. What had he learned? What had he accomplished? Was the world a better place because he lived? His vow for a new ear would be no easy task.
      He knew it was much more than just listening, he must learn to hear. It made no difference to his ear gear, the words or sounds that entered. What must change was much deeper. He soon learned that if he was quiet on the inside and focused his attention on what or who was making the sounds then he could “hear”. After much time, his practice had turned into habit.
      He didn’t veer from his course and by the end that the year, he indeed, had his new ear. He had done his part in making the world a better place.

      • Nann Dunne says:

        It was the first day of January. He decided he needed a new ear. Off Les strode in the soft rain. He bumped into an old man with long white hair, beard, and moustache. He wore a nightshirt and carried a dead rabbit by its hind legs.

        “Sorry, mister. I didn’t mean to run into you.”

        “What’s your hurry, Sonny?”

        Les squinted at the sky. “I’m not sunny, I’m wet. I’m looking for a new ear.”

        The old man swept his arm in an arc. “This is a new year.”

        “You got a lot of white hair, mister,” Les said.

        The man looked down at the rabbit. “He’s a brown hare, not a white one. You need your eyes fixed.”

        “My ayes are fine.” Les gave a snappy salute and said, “Aye, aye, sir.”

        “What’s your name, smart aleck?”

        “It’s not Aleck, it’s Les.”

        The old man bent over to look him in the eye. A scythe was strapped across his back. “I can see why they call you ‘less.’ You should have grown a lot more.” He straightened up and cackled. He stowed the rabbit in a bag tied to his waist.

        The rain turned to mist. Les put his hands on his hips and glowered at the old coot. “Very funny. What’s your name?”

        The old man unhooked the scythe, set it on the ground, and leaned on it. “I don’t have a name. I’m a symbol.”

        Les smacked the man’s arm, and he teetered. “Why didn’t you make a sound? Aren’t cymbals supposed to clang when you strike them?”

        The geezer quickly laid the scythe next to Les’s good ear. “Wiseacre, you’re missing an ear, and that makes you unbalanced. I could cut this ear off and fix that.”

        Les shuddered. “Please don’t. I’m looking for a new ear.”

        The man returned the scythe to his shoulder and roared with laughter. “I thought you were looking for a new year. Sorry about that, kid. I’ll get out of here and let the new year come in like it should. Here’s a bit of luck before I go.” He touched the earless side of Les’s head. A new ear appeared.

        As Les stood dumbstruck, the old guy disappeared into the mist.

        • Carolina says:

          Love your humor and your dialogue.

          • Love the way you went back and forth with the puns!

          • Nann Dunne says:

            Thank you for your comment. We all appreciate recognition. 🙂

          • Nann Dunne says:

            Thank you, Carolina!

        • Rozy says:

          You know something is great when you say “I wish I’d thought of that!” Wonderful humor and use of puns. Love it.

        • duru henry says:

          Perfect timing and engaging dialogue. Nice one!

    • Sofi says:

      So he set out on a journey. He didn’t know where to go but he decided to follow his heart. Soon to his astonishment he was walking on a path that led him to the nearby town.he walked and walked thinking about how much fun it would be to have a new ear. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he did not notice a little puppy that was whimpering.He stopped to pick up the little pup and looked at her sad eyes.He examined to see why the puppy was sad and found it was bleeding. He was shocked to find out that the puppy had a missing ear. Somebody had bit off her ear. May be an animal or a bigger dog that he had a tussle with earlier.All of a sudden he touched his own ears and was so grateful he had both of them,true they were long ugly protruding ears but he had them. He turned around with the puppy in his arms and decided to go home. He did not have a new ear but he was happy because he had a new insight

    • >