QUIZ: What is Your Natural Writing Talent?

    natural writing talent

    Do you know what your natural talent is?

    Most writers don’t. And that is a problem because it can take years to find out what you are really good at as a writer and what you should focus on if you want to boost your chances as a writer.

    Start the quiz below to see what kind of writing talent you possess.

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      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at WritetoDone.com and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind GoodlifeZEN.com, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • Hi, great work guys keep it up quality content and thanks for sharing this .

    • Grumps says:

      Considering the limitation of the questions, my assessment came out spot on.
      That does a lot to bolster the lack of confidence that shackles my progress. Thank you and Regards,
      [Editorial note: the final question’s second choice had *answer* where I believe it should read *author*]

      • Hey Grumps, thanks so much for pointing out the gremlin!
        I really appreciate your help.

    • Sheri says:

      Hey—love the survey opt-in test/quiz/questionnaire. What software or plugin or whatever did you use to create it? Unfortunately, my results are the complete opposite of my writing talent in that I really do not like blogging. I loathe writing blogs. LOL. It is somewhat similar to how I write, though, in that bloggers tend to get to the point, which I appreciate, but I truly cannot stand to write them. That’s why I have very few on my website. Please know this is not a slam on your quiz. It’s the most original opt-in I’ve seen yet. Please share what you’ve used to create it. Many blessings.

      • Hi Sheri, we’re using Thrive Quiz. It’s hands-down the best quiz software!

    • Calvin says:

      Hey, thanks for the great quiz! Learnt that I’m an inspirational writer, felt great to hear that! It was some time ago that I learnt writing can provide much value to people, and so I started on this journey to write and better others. Even learnt along the way that it was a great way to make money from home! So thought that I’ld also share this with the community for those who’s seeking to improve their writing to start earning side income too. It’s a free eBook to help writers get better and make more money.


      Cheers mate, have a great day guys

    • I’m on the right track, then, I am a born storyteller and this quiz corroborates it for me. Many thanks!

    • Joe Moore says:

      Thanks for the test and the continuing emails.

    • Kirstin Fitzpatrick says:

      Your natural writing talent is as a novelist. *fist bumps the air* You are a born storyteller and have a fertile imagination. ”I knew it!” A good way to develop your talent is by creating mini stories and learning how to develop a compelling plot. *hair flip* honestly, I already am! Most are utter crap, but one day… I will laugh while wearing nothing but a toga cause some of my stories will make a lot of people cry. One of them will be about a chupacabra.

    • My Dears,
      Thanks for your kind reply to the quiz assessment. I am grateful. Hope I can horn my writing skills better.
      Dr Shah Navas

    • I love this response I received:

      Your natural writing talent is as a non-fiction author. You have the ability to inspire and inform. With your talent, you will be able to create books and courses. A good way to start is by writing articles about a topic area that you are passionate about. These articles can become the bones of your future books.

      Thank you, Mary! 🙂

    • I love putting words down, rather than speaking them. The best story I came up with didnt have a title, hence being from a dream that was still fresh in my mind. I was not only inspired from how real it seemed, being a scary one, but also from how good the plot was. That was back in 2007. Had a job with the State of Florida during that time, working for DFS (Dept. of Financial Services) as a mail clerk, having more time on my hands than ever. So I took advantage, using that given time as an opportunity to write down the basics, later giving it the needed structure and support. An accurate way of describing the story’s mood, place and setting, can be achieved by remembering it’s key moments. It’s imperative we give readers the benefit of comprehensive understanding, given the assurance our perspective view helps shed light on the story’s true character, based on how everything happened, and how it has an impact. I always believe a good writter can channel his or her mind to far away places, making that ability unique and special. After all, a creative mind not only backs up creative writing, but also creative words.

    • James says:

      Interesting and humbling little test, however it bothers me it’s about writing and this was my answer…

      “Your natural writing talent is as a novelist. You are a born storyteller and have a fertile imagination. A good way to develop your talent is by creating mini stories and to learnung how to develop a compelling plot.”

      Yes it says “learnung”

      • Eeuw…! How did this nasty little gremlin get into the lovely quiz?

        I immediately dived in and corrected the sentence. Thanks so much for giving us the heads-up about this. I appreciate it!

    • Lubna Imran says:

      Very insightful!Though at some places I was on quandry to pick from the options, it helped to find my call.

    • Lubna Imran says:

      Very inisightful!Though at some places I was on quandry to pick from the options, it helped to find my call.

    • Jusper Odi says:

      I always enjoy writing anything on SEO mostly product reviews. Its my talent.

    • This is revealing. I always wanted to write fiction.

    • Robert says:

      This post is really helpful for writers. I’ve been recommending this post to my sister.

    • Danyell says:

      The quiz really drove home what I was thinking but was beginning to shy away from for profitability’s sake. Thank you for helping me to drop anchor and remember what *my* soul cries out for.

    • I had few questions:
      Where would I submit the story? Or where should I get the order to write the story from? What would be my remuneration? Can these be published in Amazon Prime as well? When Should I start? I have 3 great plots but help me to get the transactions clear.

      Further, I wish to write with a Name Tridev Shandilya instead of my original name. Its to keep the friction in the name of my story covers as well.

    • Helpful and revealing, Mary. Thank you for the direction the quiz provided.

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