10 Reasons Why You Should be Proud to be a Writer

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    Sometimes I compare my job as a writer to his and I wonder if I’m bringing enough value to the world and helping enough people.

    Genevieve Parker-Hill

    The above quote comes from a wonderful post called Write the Book, Save the World.

    In the post Genevieve wonders why she should be proud to be a writer when her husband who works with a large nonprofit organization seems to be bringing so much more value to the world?

    Here at WritetoDone we believe every single writer matters. As Genevieve says:

    what if your work helped just one person? What if your work connected with one person and colored their life with joy for one moment? What if it gave just one person a powerful connective experience, a sense that they aren’t alone?

    Below are 10 reasons why you should be proud to be a writer in the real world, because in the real world, writing, and writers, really matter.

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    Let me know in the comments below why YOU are proud to be a writer.

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    • Sorry, but becoming a “thought leader” isn’t good in itself. Hitler’s Mein Kampf fills that role quite well, as does Marx’s Das Kapital. Whether someone should proud to be a writer hinges primarily on what they write and how well. And that’s not raising the quite valid question whether pride, not that different from “arrogant,” is even praiseworthy.

      More and more I’m amazed at just how out of touch many people today are with what the generations before us have understood about virtue and vice. The Bible warns that pride goes before a fall and the Greeks criticized hubris, overweening pride, in their literature. Yet many today talk utter nonsense about the value of pride and the importance of their self-esteem. They think breathing—or writing—makes them special. It does not.

      Many contemporary writers display that woeful historical, cultural and literary ignorance in excess. Go ahead and write from that empty perspective if you like. But I’m not going to bother to read you. Your minds and hearts are as empty as looted tombs. Your pride has no justification.

      –Michael W. Perry, medical writer

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