Podcasting: Are You Missing Out on the Next Big Thing?

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It might seem counter-intuitive to suggest that podcasting is the next big thing for writers.

After all, writing is well, written and read and podcasting is well, spoken and listened to 🙂

But there’s no real difference. One is the written word and one is the spoken word.

And unless you are improvising, the written word always proceeds the spoken word. After all, all storytelling at one point in history was spoken, not written.

So in some ways podcasting is just using technology to get back to the roots of storytelling.

Of course, as a writer or blogger you can use it to do many other things:

  • Build a base of loyal readers
  • Promote your latest book
  • Get to know other top blogger and writers by interviewing them
  • Re-purpose your blog posts
  • Sell products including online courses

And so on.

Before we get into the state of podcasting today, and why you should be thinking of starting your own podcast, here’s how it all started and developed:

birth of podcasting -infographic
infographic courtesy of www.propointgraphics.com
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Now let’s see the state of podcasting in 2019 and you’ll understand why it’s the next big thing for writers and bloggers:

podcasting 2019 - infographic
infographic courtesy of Concordia

Still not convinced you need to think about starting your own podcast? let me know why in the comments below. Or if you’ve already started one, let me know how it’s going.

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