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Success as a writer?

If that’s what you want, read on.

I don’t usually talk much about my success because I don’t like to boast.

However, a short while ago I was in Montreal attending a Mastermind weekend, organized by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing. When I told the group about my story as a writer – and added that I don’t like talking about it publicly because it’s like boasting – they jumped on me.

“No, no – this isn’t boasting. You’ve got that totally wrong! I feel really inspired by your story!” said Laura Leigh Clarke, a bright spark from England.

Gary Korisko (who writes for WTD) chimed in: “Yes, you must write about it. Just forget about your hangup, MJ!”

And so it went on.

As you can see, these guys really put pressure on me. So I’m going to share with you a snapshot of just one day in my life as a writer (because it shows what happens if you get the one, critical factor right).


 This is what happened (and it could happen to you too).


A couple of months ago, I checked my emails in the early morning and saw an email from Anita Chaudhuri, editor of Psychologies, a British magazine. It was a contact message from my blog GoodlifeZEN:

Hi Mary, I wonder if you could drop me an email with your contact details? I am an editor at Psychologies magazine in London. I came across your blog post on Beginners Mind and wondered would you be interested in slightly revising that material for an article in our magazine. We’re planning a whole special on Beginnings for our next issue.

Do let me know if interested.

Anita Chaudhuri

I said I was interested –  but I TOTALLY misread the situation.

Firstly, I thought this was going to be a no-fee project where the upside for me was to get more subscribers for Goodlife ZEN. As it turned out, this gig was worth over 600 US dollars!

Secondly, I thought that Psychologies was a small, insignificant magazine. In fact, as I was traveling at the time, I left writing the article until a week before the deadline.

Then my travels took me to England.

When I arrived in England and casually asked in the airport bookstore whether they sell the Psychologies magazine, I got a shock!

The Indian salesman gave me a strange look and said, “Indeed we do, Madam! It is very popular.”

He then led me to where a huge pile of Psychologies magazines dominated the magazines section.

The magazine he held out to me was fat, glossy, and irresistible. Definitely not an ‘insignificant magazine’!


I rushed to my cousin’s house and started writing and revising. I didn’t want to blow this opportunity – especially since my article was going to be the lead article for the edition …

Finally, I got the article to where I wanted it to be and sent it off. Anita emailed me:

“Just to say we’re really happy with the article!”



But that wasn’t all…


The same morning I got the invitation from Psychologies, I also got an email from a new mentoring client. She applied to take part in my three-month Personal Mentor Program for bloggers. (This three-month mentoring program is worth $2,400.)

And of course, the six-figure online business I built on the back of my blogs, A-List Blogging, puts income daily into my bank account.

Suffice it to say, as a writer, I’ve managed to create amazing paid gigs for writing, a comfortable income, and a lifestyle others can only dream of.


How did I do it (and how can you achieve it too)?


That’s the key question here. And the answer is very simple.

The success I enjoy today came about because I took one, small, seemingly insignificant step back in 2008:

I started a blog.

The result right now is that ..

  • I can laugh about money worries (after being deep in debt before I started blogging).
  • Opportunities for top paid gigs land at my doorstep without any struggle or effort on my part.
  • I can work from anywhere (the photo above was taken on my recent trip to India).
  • And I’ve made wonderful friends through my online work.


But what about becoming a better writer?


Well, let me just say that I wouldn’t have been able to produce the kind of top quality article that the magazine Psychologies demands before I started blogging.

The reason is simple: blogging gives you a lot of practice.

And practice makes you a better writer.


How to create an author platform


A lot of writers have been emailing me recently with questions about creating an author platform. I think that in today’s publishing landscape, it’s crucial to have an author platform – because that’s how agents and publishers find you (the way the Psychologies magazine found me is a perfect example).

The easiest way to create an author platform is through building a blog that showcases what you write – whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.

In answer to many pleas from writers on how to get started with their author platform, I’ve created a course, called Kickstart your Blog, which enables everyone to start a blog easily (and without having to know geek-speak!).

Click here to check out Kickstart your Blog

I’m passionate about opening doors to success for writers! It’s so much easier now than it was in the past.

You just have to know how to find success. I’m hoping that this webinar will give you some clear pointers.

What are your experiences with having a blog? How has this helped you as a writer? (Please share in the comments).


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