Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog: 6th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest


    It’s time to open up nominations for the 6th annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest—the blogosphere’s biggest contest for writing blogs.

    How to Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog:

    → Nominate your favorite blog in the comment section.
    → You have only one vote (only your first will be counted).
    → Please include the web address of the blog.
    → Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award.

    To make the cut, a blog must be nominated more than once.

    Nominations must be received by 10 December, 2011.

    Check out the finalists here.

    Click here to see the winners!

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      Mary Jaksch

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      No further comments will be taken into consideration. Nominations that were received after closing date have been removed.
      Thanks for your many nominations! We’ll be publishing the list of finalists by Monday, 19 December. The top 10 winners will be announced before Christmas.

      – Mary Jaksch
      Chief Editor, Write to Done

    • Zhi says:

      I nominate Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas and Making a Difference. (http://goinswriter.com/) for his inspiring thoughts

    • Noah says:

      I nominate Ruth Zive as I loved her blog entry of “Genius Freelance Writing Lessons Learned From a Pesky Extra Chromosome.” It was very touching and well done. Shared it with many family and friends who agreed.

    • My vote is for http://simplystick.blogspot.com/. Read it and you’ll see why.

    • Tim says:

      I too like Jeff Goins – http://goinswriter.com/. He’s sharp, dedicated, appreciate his humility. But this about blogging, he writes well, keeps his content fresh, has a very sharing nature to him and is a serious hard-worker.

    • B Shane says:

      I nominate Nina Amir, of howtoblogabook.com, for helping writers see a way to break down a big project into small pieces, while at the same creating a platform.

    • Ben Gold says:

      I’d like to nominate http://www.freelancewritingblog.com/.

      Ruth has a special flair to her writing, I just can’t pinpoint. The things I’d do if I had that special touch for writing…

    • Holly says:

      I cast my vote for http://www.storyfix.com. Some sites have left me feeling more bewildered than enlightened; not so with Larry Brooks’ site.

    • John says:

      I am currently a student at UWO and I find the Freelance Writing blog to be very helpful with personal studies. Therefore, I nominate Ruth Zive.


    • Yolanda says:

      I’d like to nominate http://howtowritebetter.net/ . Always good, solid writing information. My go to for writing advice.

    • Beverly says:

      My vote goes to Jeff Goins from http://goinswriter.com. Though I have never met him, he seem to have the ability to convey genuine. He’s also a darn good writer!

    • Tara Simkins says:


      Great stuff. Inspirational. Practical.

    • Alexandria says:

      I nominate http://theworldofmyimagination.blogspot.com/

      Nicole is a great writer!

      • Karl says:

        Agreed! theworldofmyimagination.blogspot.com

    • Marcia Z says:

      I nominate Ruth Zive’s blog.


      Ruth has not once failed to impress me with any of her blog entries. They are to the point, clear and very well written. I check for Ruth’s new posts often, as she has a great sense of humour and is very knowledgeable. Thanks you soo much Ruth. Keep up the great work!

    • Amy Stolls says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog — http://janefriedman.com/ — as one of the 10 best blogs for writers. It’s comprehensive, varied, cutting-edge, encouraging,and always helpful.

    • Jeff Goins at goingswriter.com…I vote for him! He is one of the brightest rising stars in the blog world. Wise beyond his years. Courageously creative. And…even if I do say so myself (one olde man fast chasing 70), he is a significant mentor to me in getting going in the blogosphere. Go Jeff………..!!!

    • Del says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins, Writer at http://goinswriter.com/. I find consistent inspiration in his blog that goes beyond writing. I am inspired to write for myself because I want to write. Simple idea that helps me in so many other ways.

    • Jeff Goins blog!!!!!


      He SHOULD WIN! He’s inspired me and his blog helps not only keep me going and staying fresh but SERIOUSLY helping me improve! He’s teaching some great writing stuff and making BLOGGING FUN for us out there jumping into the deep end.

      He doesn’t just give his story… he’s like taking a WRITING CLASS! Just giving info., tips and resources away like they’re going out of style!

    • Meg Dyer says:

      I add to the many nominations for Cynthia Morris’ Original Impulse blog: http://originalimpulse.com/blog

      Cynthia’s posts are always relevant and relatable – a real source of inspiration and ideas. I love that she walks the talk and truly lives the writer/artist’s life.

    • I also nominate Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com definitely, he helps.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com!

    • Kris Sellers says:

      I recommend Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com.

    • Eliza says:

      I nominate Larry Brooks at http://storyfix.com/ His story structure series is very helpful.

    • SLee says:

      Sean Platt’s GhostWriterDad.com is one of the best writing blogs I’ve found. He provides tons of valuable instruction — and most of it for free. His writing is enjoyable to read, and his concepts are useful in understanding the world of writing.

    • I love Jeff Goins’ blog: It is practical, helpful, fun and creative.

    • Jamie Simmerman says:

      I vote for http://writerdad.com/, because it’s full of heartfelt passion and common-sense advice. Sean lives what he believes and it shines through on the website.

    • I nominate Jeff Goin –
      @ – http://goinswriter.com/

      Content is extremely straightforward, easy to read, easy to digest, and very helpful.

    • Elizabeth Cutler says:

      Jeff Goins writer writes an excellent blog. Earnest, dedicated, very helpful, and displays a great deal of wisdom for one so young.http://goinswriter.com

    • Alicia says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins. His blogs on writing are quite helpful!

    • Ron Childs says:

      I nominate http://simplystick.blogspot.com/. This writer is funny without trying. She see’s the funny side to life and hands it over to us for a laugh without even trying.

    • Josue S says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins. He has an easy to follow style, and his advice is practical and actionable.

    • I would like to nominate Jeff Goins http://www.jeffgoinswriter.com. His blog covers everything you need to stand out in the very crowded world of ideas and writing. He covers the ways to be successful and heartfelt.

      • Charlie Pharis says:

        Dittos for Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com/. He addresses real practical areas of writing, and there is always some great nugget of real-world truth to challenge and encourage us to be the best writers possible!

    • Maggie Tubilleja says:

      Larry Brooks has been most helpful, so I nominate Storyfix. The Nanowrimo series last month was wonderful.


    • RTO says:

      I nominate youngprepro.com . The quality and usefulness of writings- vis a vis his background and age- is so inspiring.

    • I nominate http://theworldofmyimagination.blogspot.com/

      This is a really well written blog, love it!

    • I nominate Ruth’s freelance writing blog.
      Her topics are current and always full of useful information and they are very thought provoking.

    • Damien says:

      I nominate http://goinswriter.com. It all started with ‘3 Reason to Travel While You’re Young’, it truly inspire me me to take out my travel backpack and start planning my trip in tremote partsof the world.

    • I nominate http://theworldofmyimagination.blogspot.com/ —- it is great to follow the journey of a new writer!

    • I nominate http://goinswriter.com. In only a few months I have grown to like Jeff Goins’s writing blog very much. He inspires me. He spurs me on. He informs me. He holds to the highest standards – keeping his own dignity and that of the reader at the forefront.
      Jeff is prolific and consistent. He keeps my attention and helps me grow.

    • Juli Lloyd says:

      I would like to nominate Goins, Writer at http://goinswriter.com/. I enjoy his blog very much!

    • Susan Charriere says:

      Larry Brooks is an amazing teacher. Having his blog storyfix.com at my fingertips 24/7 is like living with my mentor. Cheers to Larry and all the work and help he provides on an ongoing basis!

    • Roberta Loufek says:


      Jeff Goins provides helpful information, and I am grateful for his blog.

    • skottydog says:

      goinswriter.com hands down!
      Jeff Goins has not only changed my perspective on blogging and writing,
      but he has changed my perspective on LIFE!

    • Marsha says:

      Amazing blog! I love reading Ruth’s posts daily – always interesting, entertaining and well written.


    • Alice says:

      I would like to nominate Geoff Goins who has inspired and cajoled and taught us such valuable lessons on writing and blogging.

    • Libby says:

      I love Ruth’s blog. She is new to blogging and it feels like she’s been doing it for years. Keep up the good work, Ruth!


    • Have always enjoyed goinswriter.com for helpful blogs on the art and craft of writing

    • Talia says:


      Ruth gives great advice and is an amazing writer.

    • Nicole says:

      I’m voting for DL Hammon’s Cruising Attitude at: http://dlcruisingaltitude.blogspot.com/

      I love his blog because of how he talks his journey as a writer. He’s so honest and informative and this really helps because I’m on my own journey to be published.

    • Nava says:

      I am nominating Ruth’s blog – http://www.freelancewritingblog.com/

      Ruth is a passionate and creative writer. She is able to connect her posts to so many different day-to-day things. Her blog gives great tips and is very well put together.

    • I know Cynthia Morris’s Original Impulse blog has already been nominated, for many reasons. I’d like to chime in on that. I’ve been writing (editing, publishing, and some coaching myself) for more than 40 years.

      I like several things about Cynthia’s blog. One is that I also work in other media and often feel like I “should” choose between them. Cynthia helps me remember that it’s all creativity and the various parts nourish each other. Another is that she manages to stay clearly and simultaneously focused on the creative impulse (that tentative glimmer from which the best work grows) and the completed work (without which creativity remains formless).

      The design of her blog is also both energizing and restful. I have no idea if I’ve ever commented, but I value the time I spend (oh, precious time! able to be spent in so many ways) when I click through from a notifying e-mail message and read what Cynthia has to say.


    • Sophia says:

      I nominate Ruth Zive’s blog, http://www.freelancewritingblog.com. She always has great resources and tips for any writer to improve or polish their skills.

    • DL Hammons says:

      I nominate Nicole Pyles blog located here:

      Her both are both very insightful, as well as entertaining. 🙂

    • Jane Hatton says:

      I’d like to nominate http://howtowritebetter.net/ . Not only is the blog full of useful information which is easy to understand and apply, it has the credibility of being written by a much-published author. Suze really does know what she’s talking about. An added bonus is a healthy dose of humour mixed in with the invaluable advice. I’ve seen lots of blog sites, but this one really does rise above the rest.

    • David Whittacre says:

      Jeff Goins has become something like an old friend, even though I’ve never met him. He is so wonderfully giving and free to share his art to help others. http://www.goinswriter.com It was my lucky day when I came across him.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins’ blog http://www.goinswriter.com. He gives tons of practical advice for writers and has been very personable and helpful in my own blogging endeavors. Great guy and a great writer.

    • Idelette says:

      I love Jeff Goins’ blog http://www.goinswriter.com His Writer’s Manifesto reminds me why I write in the first place. I appreciate his honesty and consistency and he sparks the creative light in me.

    • Mike Tanner says:

      Definitely nominating Jeff Goins from http://goinswriter.com. His writing speaks to me as if he knew me through and through while typing it up. Without his inspiring help, I still wouldn’t have taken any action to make my writing dreams come through. Thanks Jeff!

    • David Corbly says:

      Yep, http://goinswriter.com is one of the best out there. Great tips not just on writing, but also on living life to the fullest. How did he get to be so wise so young?

    • I nominate Jeff Goins. He has such a passionate voice that connects with his readers. He inspires me to writer better and to look deep within myself

    • I love Cynthia Morris’s original impulse blog ! Full of inspiration, creative ideas and pragmatic how tos.
      It’s the best

    • It would be my honour to nomimate Ruth Zive for her outstanding blog. Ruth is articulate and witty and delivers her message in an easy to understand message. Her blog is insightful and interesting. She brings forth examples from her life, as well as her numerous friends and family, as well as current events. Ruth is clearly a passionate and compassionate person and this is reflected in her writing. She is worth reading from beginning to end.

    • http://goinswriter.com Jeff Goins’ blog continues to astound me in his wisdom, generosity, and humility. He is a dedicated writer, bringing his tricks to the rest of us. His blog is the first place I go for top notch advice on writing. He’s a winner because he’s a trailblazer.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com!

      Of course his posts are very informational, helpful, and easy to read and apply, but more importantly I can really tell that he loves what he does and cares about helping people become better writers. Jeff has always responded to my emails and tweets no matter how basic the question or need, and I come away truly believing that I can become a “real writer” or a better one!

    • I nominate Jeff Goins for his website Goinswriter.com. It was one of the first writing blogs I ever read, and got me motivated to start my own, even though I am a newer writer. After all the writing blogs I’ve read, I continue to go back to Jeff’s blog because of the inspiration it provides – and he’s just so honest about his own struggles that the advice feels really genuine. His learnings about website blogging and being a writer are a very useful combination.

    • I’m nominating http://goinswriter.com/ . Jeff gives what he’s been given to give. With rare insight and a passion for Truth, he dispels the myth that writing is about publication. His words inspire writers to write from the right place and for the right reasons. Top shelf.

    • Barbara Johnson says:

      I nominate Ruth Zive and the Freelance Writing Blog. I love her sense of humor and her real world knowledge of the struggles we writers go through. I especially loved her blog on using good grammar when we write. She nailed it. It amazes me that she’s only been writing this blog for a few months.

      Keep it going Ruth, I love your writing.

    • http://goinswriter.com – (I hope I didn’t already vote, but with all of the comments it was a lot to go through to see.) Jeff’s blog is very helpful to the writer. He gives of himself by offering a free book on writing. He cares about others, and it comes through.

      He shares his blog space with other writers to broaden our view of writing. He gives helpful advice on why writing is important, and is inspirational to help others who may be thinking of quitting to continue on to share their gifts with the world.

      I hope Jeff’s blog is in the top of the top 10. I think it deserves it.

    • Brina Harwood says:


      As an aspiring writer and green blogger, his blog is incredibly helpful in both providing hints and advice as well as connecting me to other writers and blogs that I find interesting and inspiring.

    • I’d like to nominate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com. He provides great writing advice and inspiration. He even recently hosted a great FREE webinar with Seth Leonard on building a successful website. Very generous.

    • I join those nominating goinswriter.com
      Jeff shares advice I can use in my writing and includes a healthy dose of encouragement, which all writers need at some time or another. Thanks for helping, Jeff!

    • Caradog Anderton says:

      Jeff Goins is the complete package! Excellent writer and great resource for the blogging community. Visit his site get the free e book in writing and check out the other resources.

    • jubilee says:

      I so appreciate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com. He is so generous with his knowledge and has a sense of humor to boot.

    • Chris says:

      I would like to nominate Jeff Goins as well. http://goinswriter.com/ Through his blog, he continues to encourage and inspire me as a writer. There are a lot walls that get knocked by his words.

    • Tammy says:

      He’s authentic!

    • Deborah Penner says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins at . I am consistently inspired by his writing and his ability to make it simple and real. He is fed to my homepage … ie I can allow his blog to distract me if I choose to do so because it consistently turns out to be anything but a distraction. I appreciate his gently style.

    • wayne andrews says:

      I would like to nominate Onibalusi Bamidele of http://www.youngprepro.com.
      Why you may ask, because his teaching is clear, concise with an easy to understand and follow style.
      He has taught me lots including How to write to get more traffic, how to start a career as a writer, where to go
      and how to get paid, guest blogging and much more. I am extremely impressed how young he is, he has been helpful, informative & encouraging. I hope he wins. Thanks Oni, I look forward to continuing our relationship. Good Luck mate.

    • My vote undoubtedly goes to the 17 year old blogger Oni on YoungPrePro. His incisive, well researched, informative articles have done more for me than all other blogs combined. Segun Olonade .

    • Jeff Goins at goinswriter.com has my vote. He kills it every week with great and inspiring tips on writing. His blog keeps me blogging.

    • Jeff Goins @ goinswriter.com is a super inspiring blog for writers. I love his personal approach. Goinswriter.com is so much more than just great tips, through his blog, Jeff becomes mentor and friend also.

    • Darian Burns says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins

    • Joe says:

      I will nominate Jeff Goins as well. Great writing, excellent design, and you don’t feel like you are a lonely writer when you read his stuff. Well deserved.

    • Anita says:

      My vote is for http://howtowritebetter.net/ blog written by Suze St Maur.

      Her blog is an excellent resource, showing you how to gain confidence and grow in your writing skills; for a variety of occasions such as how to write speeches, and for business – guiding you through the process of how to write for your target audience. Her wealth of expertise and experience shows through her work.

      • Thanks Anita – it’s a privilege to be able to share my experience with my subscribers and other readers. It’s good to be putting something back after a long time of getting so much fun and pleasure out of writing myself.

    • David Hennessey says:

      I nominate goingwriter.com, Jeff Goins, Writer. He’s helpful, personable, and spot on.

      • David Hennessey says:

        sorry – typo on that – goinswriter.com

    • Babs Saul says:

      I’d like to nominate Suze St Maur and her http://howtowritebetter.net/ blog – great advice with a good dose of fun at the same time.

      • Thanks Babs – I’m glad you’re having fun with your writing, too!

    • Nancy says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins, Writer, whose website is goinswriter.com. His blog posts are insightful, engaging and warm. He writes about the art and craft of writing, about ideas and making a difference in the world. Each post is something different: a guest article, a think piece, coaching, inspiration, notices of free articles and ebooks that you don’t want to miss, how to navigate multi-media, branding, and I could go on. It has been my pleasure to receive these posts on a regular basis. I heartily recommend his website to win the award for its comprehensive and timely coverage.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com, since it seems the younger crowd has some sharp, savvy insights these days and Jeff is surely in that company.

    • Annie says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins @ http://www.goinswriter.com. He is a writer who inspires and motivates. I love reading his words and incorporating his suggestions into my own work. Jeff’s site is awesome!

    • Julene says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins (http://goinswriter.com). His blog gives motivation not only for writing more effectively but also for living more purposefully – I’m always inspired to take chances and think differently when I visit!

    • I nominate Oni at YoungPrePro. He is wise far beyond his 17 years. One of the few blogs I subscribe to by email.


    • Mitch Stevens says:

      I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com for writing blog

    • I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com.

      He articles are very informative and unique.My best wishes with you Oni…

    • I nominate Ruth Zive – she’s Gutsy, tells it like it is, and deserves a BIG break!

    • I nominate Suzan St. Maur’s http://howtowritebetter.net – the only website where you can get ideas about good (or should I say better) writing AND have great fun reading the information!

      • Thanks Angelika – I’m glad my site helps you to have fun with your writing!

    • mohan says:

      I recommend youngprepro.com by oni! A 17 year kid by age but definitely an experienced freelance writer with many tips under his belt!

    • My vote is for Jeff Goins – http://www.goinswriter.com


    • http://goinswriter.com/about-me/ I nominate Jeff Goins. Just started to follow his site/blog. I like his writing style. Succinct and effective.

    • Michelle says:

      My nomination goes out to the exceptional writer Ruth Zive – http://www.freelancewritingblog.com
      Everything she has written is incredible and unique and I constantly look forward to reading her posts. Thank you for always putting your heart and hard work into this blog, making it inspirational and enjoyable to all.

    • Dan McM says:

      I’ll nominate Jeff Goins @ Goinswriter.com. He’s intentional about helping others and encouraging them. Good stuff. I’ve printed out numerous posts of his and saved them to go back as a resource/reminder.


    • Joan Ross says:

      I nominate Ruth Zive of the Freelance Writing Blog.
      I find her tremendously creative, informative & clear. I enjoy reading her blogs.

    • I nominate YoungPrePro.com. Onibalusi writes awesome content and is hardworking. He deserves this. My best wishes with you Onibalusi. All the best.

    • I vote for Jeff Goins (http://goinswriter.com/) because he’s creative, inspiring and knows what writers need and want to read. He’s also very encouraging. His is the one writer’s blog I consistently read.

    • lanroni says:

      I nominate Onibalusi from http://www.youngprepro.com because his superb articles not only informs, but inspires me to be better at my writing. He rocks!

    • I vote for Jeff Goins (http://goinswriter.com) – his writing is practical & easily actionable. I picked up his writer’s manifesto and the advice was simple and easy to apply.

    • James says:

      I vote for Olibanusi Bamidele at YoungPrePro.com – he is a best young writer I know.

    • I’d like to nominate goinswriter.com. Jeff Goins puts the heart back in writing and shows us the reason we are doing this. He exemplifies the idea of ‘it is better to give than receive’ and he’s succeeding because of it. His passion is in helping people and that shows in every post he writes. Not only does he bring back the passion of why we write, he also goes into the nitty gritty details of how to write better. For these reasons and more, I believe Jeff Goins, goinswriter.com deserves to be one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers.

    • Mary says:

      I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com/. He offers great advice, freely given, and I can’t get over how he does it so young!

    • I would like to nominate Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com. I am a fellow blogger and enjoy his blog because he shares his journey toward becoming a better and better writer and blogger. It is fun to see a person grow into his purpose for life and share his experience with others. Many other bloggers/writers believe they have already achieved their full potential …they need to read Jeff’s Writer’s Manifesto!

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com . His site is very inspirational both mentally and professionally. He does a great job!

    • I’m nominating Suzan St. Maur’s http://howtowritebetter.net because the site offers excellent advice wrapped up in an entertaining package. Her posts are both practical and fun.

      • That’s so nice of you, thanks Mary! Writing should be enjoyable – and enjoyment in your writing really does show.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com/ because not only do his blog posts inspire me to be a better writer, they inspire me to be a better person. The Writer’s Manifesto was the most inspiring piece of writing that I’ve read so far this year.

    • Ali Haghzaheri says:

      I nominate HowToWriteBetter.net
      this is great and so informative.

      • Thank you Ali. Good news that you’re continuing to find the site informative!

    • I nominate Jeff Goins @ goinswriter.com Blog. Jeff writes excellent material.

    • Robin Jessto says:

      http://www.goinswriter.com is one of the best writing bloggers around. Unlike some other blogs his is genuinely inspiring for me; I can understand what he feels and why, despite the vast distances between us I always get the impression that he feels the same way. For that alone he deserves every prize, thanks and award there is. ever.

    • Lynn Tulip says:

      It has to be Suzan St Maur http://www.howtowritebetter.net/ – for her love of writing, her expertise and guidance and her sense of propriety and humour. I love her books.

      • Thanks for that, Lynn! Glad you’re finding the site useful.

    • I nominate HowToWriteBetter.net – great blog, really interesting

      • Thanks very much, Tessa. I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

    • I nominate Jeff Goins, Writer at goinswriter.com. His instructional insights combined with his style of writing inspires me to keep writing–and to write better.

    • Jeff M says:

      Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com is awesome! He provides balanced and motivational works…he makes me want to write more!

    • Nicole M. White says:

      Jeff Goins http://www.goinswriter.com Very helpful, encouraging and upbeat. Helpful for book writing, blogging and leadership.

    • I’m voting for Jeff Goins’ http://goinswriter.com – because his writing is downright helpful and contributes significantly towards encouraging other closet/aspiring writers to actually write. It shows that he cares about what he does – specifically in his blog, he helps others write. Which is an awfully generous thing to do! As an aspiring writer who is always looking to better myself, I find Jeff’s blog inspirational and encouraging.

    • Scott Gingold says:

      I nominate http://goinswriter.com/

      Jeff is very informative, provides timely and useful information, and is very responsive to questions. I follow him on Twitter as well as his blog, and I always appreciate the wisdom that he is willing to share.


    • I recommend http://LifeStoryBook.org because you’re never alone in writing your memoir…the writing process is broken down into simple steps so that anyone can succeed in writing their memoir.

    • I nominate http://goinswriter.com/. Every post passes the “necessary, truthful, and kind” test. He’s also encouraging and generous.

      I always come away feeling that the time I spent reading there was well-invested.

    • Goinswriter ftw!

    • Suzan St Maur’s http://howtowritebetter.net/

      Great for personal and business writing. Very easy to implement for professional bloggers who are stuck for time too!

      • Thank you, Sue! That’s one of the main problems people who not professional writers seem to have – they can write pretty well, but it takes a lot of time which so many of us just don’t have now. I hope my tips on the site help readers save time with their writing.

    • I’d love to nominate Suze St Maur’s site – http://howtowritebetter.net. What I love about Suze is both the breadth and depth of her knowledge. She provides assistance for both business and personal occasions in an accessible style easy to apply by anyone – from novice speech writer, student, through to experienced bloggers and authors.

      • Thanks so much for that, Jackie – glad you find my site helpful. I’ve got around 250 articles on there now, all free to access, on a wide range of writing related topics, so it’s becoming quite a substantial resource.

    • Joe Bulger says:

      Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com.

      I’ve been a loyal reader at http://www.Copyblogger.com and one of Jeff’s posts really grabbed me. Rarely do I see writing that has such emotional resonance. I was drawn to his website to learn more, and I’m glad I made the visit.

      Jeff writes with such generosity and I always feel rewarded for reading his posts. I’ve never met him, but truly feel like he’s trying to reach out to personally help me.

    • John Bosworth says:

      I nominate Jeff at goinswriter.com for top writers blog.
      When it comes to authentic, un-canned, practical wisdom
      and advice… Indulge yourself, and lend an ear to Jeff Goins.
      Go grab his manifesto!!!!

    • lesa Engelthaler says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins @ http://goinswriter.com!!!!

    • Kathy L. says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com. Not only is his advice practical, usable, and easily understood, he has the heart of a teacher. That heart bathes his advice in love and inspiration that takes it to the next level, beyond simply a list a tips and techniques for how to survive in this world as a writer.

      He’s given away valuable material such as The Writer’s Manifesto that I read regularly for inspiration and guidance. He keeps my on the narrow path leading toward success, in writing and in life.

    • Carol says:

      I nominate http://goinswriter.com because he so kindly shares effective advice for those interested in writing. For those of us who haven’t had a lot of formal writing training, it’s a great help. I am glad I found him and hope others will, too.

    • Barbara Drewry says:

      I am nominating Jeff Goins — http://goinswriter.com. His blog is straightforward, clear, caring, interesting, and inspiring. Jeff cares about writing, and he cares that we care, too. The Writer’s Manifesto (I may be a little off on the title) is wonderful. 🙂 I receive many emails every day. One of the few that I ALWAYS open is Jeff’s.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog http://janefriedman.com/ There are several excellent blogs on writing but Jane Friedman”s blog is about writing writing and media in which she is clearly the foremost expert in the industry. I am nominating her for two reasons: 1. Her unparalleled expertise; and 2. The fact that, as enormously busy as she is, she never fails to respond personally to relevant questions or comments which is a huge investment in her readers. For an interactive media expert, she practices both what she preaches and represents.

    • I would like to nominate Jeff Goins from http://goinswriter.com. His writing is informative and easy to read. AND he is always willing to share insights and content. I have an industry publication and organization and although we’ve never met, he has been instrumental in helping. He is approachable and obviously in love with writing. Great work…we need more people like you on line!

    • Kate B says:

      Jeff Goins at goinswriter.com! Hands down … discovered him accidentally and I’m hooked. I get the most consistent and reliable advice, encouragement and practical inspiration. Every writer and blogger should be following him!

    • Teddi Sharpton says:

      I recently started blogging and someone recommended Jeff Goins blog at http://goinswriter.com/. His writing is inspiring, short enough to want to read it every day, and has something for the amateur and the well-seasoned writer to read. Best of all, he reminds us to write for the love of writing. Thanks, Jeff!

    • Definitely http://goinswriter.com – Jeff Goins is pure inspiration for every writer.

    • rain says:

      Jeff Goins blogs at http://goinswriter.com/ which has been exceptionally helpful to me. It’s the first blog I go to for writing advice and the one I recommend to anyone remotely interested in writing.

    • Tina says:

      I nominate http://goinswriter.com I love the way he communicates and inspires his readers. Jeff offers an informative Intentional blogging course that is encouraging me to “Begin!”

    • Jeff Goins’ blog http://goinswriter.com/ has been a tremendous resource to me this past year. Whether he’s writing about blogging, writing, or creativity, I walk away from his posts inspired and challenged.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins of Goins, Writer blog. Exceptional writing with consistent good content that I can use rght away.

    • Keri says:

      Jeff Goins at goinswriter.com is my go-to writing blog. He includes practical, encouraging, and useful information that can be applied to writing and to life in general. I dno’t miss any of his posts!

    • Brody says:

      Jeff Goins and his goinswriter.com Blog. I venture there daily for his insight and compelling posts.

    • Very helpful, funny, witty writing from Suzan st Maur over at http://www.howtowritebetter.net

    • Sean says:

      Jeff Goins – Goinswriter.com. Beautifully written, helpful and practical

    • Matthew Gross says:

      That was supposed to say he is not above giving his readers advice and/or checking out their blogs.

    • My vote goes to Jeff Goins at
      He knows his craft and has posts that are always helpful. What puts him above so many other bloggers in my estimation is that he is so encouraging and provides materials for bloggers. I’m currently in the middle of his Intentional Blogging course, an inspiration 12-week course e-mailed once a week. He also responds to students personally. Check out his blog! So rich!

    • Matthew Gross says:

      I nominate ( http://goinswriter.com/ ) Jeff is a great writer who is not afraid to share with his readers. Furthermore he not about giving them advice and/or checking out their blogs.

    • I nominate/vote for Jeff Goins ( goinswriter.com ). Jeff’s writing is insightful, tactful, relevant, useful, and passionate. Thanks for doing what you do, Jeff.

    • I vote for Jeff Goins http://www.GoinsWriter.com

    • I vote for http://janefriedman.com Jane Friedman consistently gives straightforward, intelligent, up-to-date advice on what writers need to become published authors. Without help like hers, thousands of people would have scribbled manuscripts lying in the proverbial desk drawers. Jane is great!

    • Sherri says:

      I nominate Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse and her blog: http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/
      She is so positive and is very honest about the writing process. I am constantly amazed at all she shares with her readers. And, her visual journals are wonderful. She is also very accessible. Good luck Cynthia!

    • Getting in under the bell … there are so many wonderful writing blogs, but the one that I find I bookmark most consistently is Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad. His posts are in-depth, well thought out, and chock full of actionable information and insights. I also love the fact that he’s out there not only “doing it,” but doing it in new and creative ways – essentially volunteering to be a guinea pig for his audience – he does, we watch and learn … and – hopefully! – follow in his footsteps.

      Rock on, Sean!

    • P.Balaji says:

      I would like to nominate Ajeet Khurana

    • Dave says:

      Storyfix.com because it ROCKS.
      Larry is a true coach and offers fantastic writing information.

    • Bonnie Culver says:

      I also vote for storyfix.com Larry Brooks really explains the hard stuff in terms we all can understand. Thanks Larry.

    • I am definitely nominating Cynthia Morris, Original Impulse blog, at http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/. Cynthia helps readers find their own muse and makes the writing process so much easier to understand. Readers are drawn to her amazing encouragement and her personal touch. Her tips are spot on, and Cynthia Morris’ blog is a must read for writers at every level.

    • Diana says:

      I am delighted to nominate Cynthia Morris’ Original Impulse blog at http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/. Cynthia demystifies the creative life and leads others by example as she sashays out into the world of possibilities taking us along with her.

    • Gilberto Partida says:

      I nominate Courage2Create: http://www.thecourage2create.com

      I love reading all his blog entries. He always has great messages and uses his personal experiences to convey his message. I get to see his growth as a writer as well as learn from all the experiences he has had. I can relate to his entries since he makes them so personal. Love the blog! Keep them coming Ollin!

    • Cynthia Morris at http://www.originalimpulse.com gets my vote. Her creative, instructive guiding is supportive and inspiring. Maybe her authentic voice is the most compelling factor. I am influenced to be “me,” by her being authentically “her,” (she makes it appealing!)

    • Marnie says:

      I nominate Cynthia Morris of http://www.originalimpulse.com. I love to read her emails while I’m working at my other 9-5 job. I feel connected to the world and to writing again. She’s always there when she says she’ll be and reading her regular article is like opening a present!

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris from http://www.originalimpulse.com. She is an amazing woman who deserves to be on the list of top ten blogs for writers! She may think that her reasons include that which are not so noble. However I know that is not truth. Cynthia’s creativity continues to inspire and impact other writers to bring forth their own gifts. The world hungers for a greater depth of connection and she is a part of making this happen.

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris’ ever-delightful Wriring Impulse at http://www.writingimpulse.com–she‘s fabulous, funny, and engaging.

    • I would like to nominate http://www.originalimpulse.com. There is nobody better than Cynthia Morris at understanding and supporting burgeoning creatives. She gives us hope and exercises and workshops and creative excursions and so much more. She blogs regularly with inspiring content. But most of all, she leads by example, putting her money where her mouth is, because she is also a writer and has recently completed her novel. Seriously, the best.

    • Kimberlee says:

      I would like to nominate… http://www.originalimpulse.com

    • Olatunji Femi says:

      Onibalusi Bamidele deserves to win this writing contest because is site at http://www.youngprepro.com gives a detailed insight on how to get started in freelancing career coupled with highly motivating and actionable post. ……………………………………….ONI……………………….rocks.

    • Krish Thirumalai says:

      I would like to nominate http://outstandingwriting.com/ original topics and excellent explanation on each of the topics

      • Ajeet says:

        Hi Krish, Thanks for nominating my blog 🙂 Ajeet

    • I love Cynthia Morris’ blog Original Impulse http://www.origionalimpulse.com.
      Her honesty, creativity and commitment to living the writing life regardless of the ups and downs is always inspirational.

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris who runs the blog http://originalimpulse.com for her upbeat, encouraging and helpful strategies for moving writers past inactivity and blocks and into developing a fearless practice.

      • Not sure how that happened…but I didn’t nominate myself there. 🙂


    • Manpreet says:

      I nominate Ajeet Khurana who runs the blog http://outstandingwriting.com/ as he explains the basic concepts of writing and makes it sound so easy……

      • Ajeet says:

        Thanks Manpreet. I appreciate the vote of confidence 🙂

    • Aditya Takkar says:

      I nominate Mr. Ajeet Khurana who runs the blog http://outstandingwriting.com

      • Ajeet says:

        Thanks Aditya, I am glad you like my blog 🙂

    • Christina says:

      I nominate Courage 2 Create http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/ because of Ollin’s excellent advice about writing, living and loving.

    • Mukesh Sharda says:

      I nominate http://outstandingwriting.com/

      Ajeet is great at explaining the nuances in a simple yet subtle way. Highly recommended.

      Great reading…

      • Ajeet says:

        Hi Mukesh. Thanks for recommending my blog 🙂

    • Darla Kane says:

      My writing buddies and I vote for Storyfix.com. An excellent source of real and usable information, all set on a NO BS platform. Cheers for Storyfix.

    • I nomination for YoungPrePro.com blog. Consistently great content, which helps writers with craft, social media, and the process of publication.

    • My nomination is for Cynthia Morris’ blog – Original Impulse (http://www.originalimpuse.com). I count Original Impulse as one of my “great finds” for the year, and I plan to be a steady reader for a long, long time. Keep up the awesome work, Cynthia! (If you don’t yet know Cynthia’s work be sure and check it out! You’ll be glad you did!)

    • VeehCirra says:

      I nominate http://ghostwriterdad.com/ Sean is an amazing writer!!

      If you a writer and feel stuck in anyway then this is the place you need to go and find that extra motivation and great tips! I have been greatly motivated to pursue my passion of writing especially when I feel like am hitting a brick wall and best of all… he does respond to emails! Thanks Sean!

    • Siddharth says:

      I nominate Mr. Ajeet Khurana who runs the blog http://outstandingwriting.com because the blog is very useful and relevant!

      • Ajeet says:

        Thanks Siddharth, I am glad you found my blog useful 🙂

    • A precise combination of online writing…

    • Kathy says:

      I have a special place in my heart for Cynthia Morris’s Original Impulse Blog http://www.originalimpulse.com/
      Wonderful blend of tips, humor, mischievousness, motivating.

    • Kate says:

      I vote for the lovely Original Impulse blog which is inspiring in so many ways! Cynthia Morris you rock!

    • Michelle says:

      ghostwriterdad.com – I love this blog i enjoy the information the passion and think Sean is amazing!!!

    • Fighting Mick says:

      I nominate courage2create.com.

      Ollin shares a positive and inspirational perspective. He challenges me.

    • Wow, thank you, everyone who nominated me! Your words touch me and keep me focused on the core of what I do. Merci mille fois!

    • Danielle Tolentino Tuason says:

      I nominate a blog that not only provides valuable writing-related content, but also serves as a source of inspiration. Ollin at http://www.thecourage2create.com has a unique approach that does not talk at you, rather walks alongside with you. This is such a unique and phenomenal blog that I recommend to many! I consider my writing career to be more technical, rather than creative (proposal writing, instructional manuals, etc.), however thecourage2create.com is a constant reminder of how important creativity is in all types of writing. As for Ollin, he is such a talented storyteller and many times, I feel his posts speak directly to me. Take today’s post for example: http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/howtogetup/. I’m laying in bed trying to convince myself to get up this morning, then this post appears on my iPhone, “How to Get Up Every Morning”. I read the post and suddenly felt empowered to get up and start my day. This post is also a true example of how open Ollin is with his readers. He understands that in order to develop trust, you must let go of any insecurities and expose all vulnerabilities. With Ollin, we aren’t hearing about his end results, but rather joining him on his journey as a writer — By doing this, he has created a sense of community among his readers. Please consider this blog for this contest! And for anyone reading this post who hasn’t yet visited thecourage2create.com, do it. It will change and enhance your life! Thank you! 🙂

    • I really enjoy Cynthia Morris’ http://www.originalimpulse.com. She offers many great ideas and tips, but I most value how she models tenacity and boldness. It keeps me motivated.

    • Christina Etzell says:

      I would like to nominate Cynthia’s Original Impulse (www.originalimpulse.com), a very beautiful site that inspires me to take out my notebook and pen and sit down at the local café and just let the imagination flow.

    • Renetta says:

      My vote is for Storyfix @ http://www.storyfix.com.Larry has the ability of making the key elements of good story writing come alive. I love his ‘get real’ perspective!

    • marilyn staff says:

      I heartily nominate Cynthia Morris’ Original Impulse blog. When I need a break from my work I read her comments for inspiration, both for my writing and for life in general. She is one of my creative muses.

    • Amalia says:

      I vote for Cynthia Morris and her blog, “Original Impulse” http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/ . She truly inspires us all with her encouragement and advice. Every time I read her blog, I not only find it insightful and helpful, but it also never fails to light the “fire” I need to nudge me in the right direction.

    • I vote for Cynthia Morris’ blog, original impulse.com, because she is consistently inspiring and a positive influence on my writing life and that of my friends. As a result of taking a lifelong learning class with Cynthia in Boulder, I was invited to join a writers group that meets monthly. We have been meeting pretty regularly for seven years to do free writing. Cynthia was the catalyst for that and her blog is most deserving of this honor!

    • I vote for Cynthia Morris’ blog – http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/ – it’s the write thing to do.

    • I also nominate Cynthia Morris and her Original Impulse blog. (http://www.originalimpulse.com)

      I became aware of Cynthia years ago and read her book, Create Your Writer’s Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease. Cynthia’s blog is a continuation of this focus. I have suggested both to coaching clients who yearn to write or to find other ways for creative self-expression. Cynthia emphasizes that writing is a practice of creativity and self-expression and not the pursuit of perfection. She teaches that virtually any word or phrase can become a writing prompt that will stimulate your creative juices. Cynthia is also generous; she has been giving away a series of daily writing prompts to make her point. Even if I don’t have the time to pick up my pen or sit at my keyboard to write based on her prompt, my mind jumps into creativity and thinks about what I would write about if I weren’t reading the prompt on the fly. Her writing style is inviting, encouraging and inspirational. I also follow Cynthia’s blog because she shares my passion for travel. Cynthia models how to integrate one’s passions. She has found a way to write, teach and travel, which she shares beautifully through her blog. I am hooked!

    • I nominate “Original Impulse” http://www.originalimpulse.com/
      Cynthia’s blog to me is very inspirational, creative and filled with passion.

    • My vote goes to Cynthia Morris and her blog “Original Impulse” http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/.
      Just going to her blog makes me smile. It’s bright, colorful, and full of information.
      There is always something interesting and fun going on…a video relating adventures of her travels or maybe her resource page recommending her favorite books. I have taken many classes/workshops from Cynthia among them “Make Writing a Happy Habit” and have learned so much. Cynthia is an inspiration. Let’s vote for Cynthia Morris!

    • Cynthia J. Olson says:

      My exhuberant endorsement for Cynthia Morris (http://originalimpulse.com/blog/) Here’s pure delight in her work of coaching, helping people attain tremendous support and empowerment to create. She is so natural, consistently sparking what she calls juju – catch her blog and you’ll find a compelling niche for the writer/artist in you!

    • Sheryl says:

      I nominate the Original Impulse blog. Without a doubt Cynthia Morris adds value to your writing life and beyond with each and every post and has been doing it consistently before blogs were “cool”! If you get a chance check it out. She definitely “walks her creative talk!”

    • Manhar says:

      I nominate the blog – http://outstandingwriting.com/ for the contest, because, Outstanding Writing makes for an awesome read, every time I’m in the mood for some intellectual stuff. All that, without having to squeeze the juice out of my brains!

      • Ajeet says:

        Manhar, thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂 Keep reading 🙂

    • liza myers says:

      I nominate “Original Impulse” http://www.originalimpulse.com/
      Cynthia is inspiring, supportive, clever and smart. Her blog is wonderfully witty and chock full of great info.I enjoy it and learn from it every time she posts.

    • I support Onibalusi Bamidele’s website/blog youngPrePro.com

    • I nominate “Original Impulse blog” – I love the way Cynthia makes this online world feel offline and real 🙂

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris of the Original Impulse blog. http://www.originalimpulse.com/ Cynthia is warm, encouraging, insightful. What I like best about her site is that she focuses on the “whole writer.” It’s not “all craft all the time.” She addresses the writing life, the life of the CREATIVE. She does so in a way that is so inspiring you can’t help but get excited to dive back into your project.

    • Monica Parker says:

      I vote for Cynthia Morris’ Original Impulse blog. Fresh, quirky, inspiring, and action-provoking. Love it!

    • Sameer says:

      I nominate http://outstandingwriting.com/

      Ajit does a fantastic job in explaining basic and advanced English concepts. Highly recommended.

      – Sameer

      • Ajeet says:

        Thanks Sameer. I am so happy that you like my blog 🙂

    • Anne says:

      I nominate the Original Impulse blog of Cynthia Morris. The link is http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/.

      Cynthia offers witty, creative information to support those who want to BE CREATIVE. She makes me laugh, she makes me think, she makes me want to be creative…what more could I ask??

      Thank you!

    • I also nominate Cynthia Morris’s Original Impulse – http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/ Cynthia inspires creative work in writers and keeps us going with her own joy in her life of creativity and writing and travel for writing. Her blogs always arrive at just the right time and topic for me. Love her!

    • Romy Singh says:

      I would like to vote for Onibalusi Bamidele at http://www.youngprepro.com/ , he really provides some well written content all around blodosphere. so make sure you take a test to Oni Words….

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris’s Original Impulse – http://www.originalimpulse.com/blog/ – her blog is a treasure trove of advice for writers and bloggers, and I consistently refer my clients to Cynthia’s site (and to her consulting/coaching services.) She has a fun, engaging style that make her a joy to read.

      Fantastic stuff! 🙂

    • Pavlina says:

      I nominate Oni and http://www.youngprepro.com – the articles are always valuable and its impressive coming from such a young blogger. Oni is a young role model for anyone wanting to succeed online

    • Lainy says:

      Storyfix.com. Larry Brooks is a very effective teacher. He has helped me understand story structure better, why it’s important and how to apply it properly in my writing.

    • Blake Mills says:

      I nominate “Original Impluse” blog by Cynthia Morris. She keeps me writing! http://www.originalimpluse.com

    • Blake Mills says:

      I nominate “Original Impluse” blog by Cynthia Morris. She keeps me writing!

    • Richard says:

      I’d like to nominate Oni and his blog http://www.youngprepro.com/ as it is a great place for aspiring bloggers and writers to learn some practical tips to earn more money from their writing skills.

    • Dane Glerum says:

      I nominate http://taleist.com . Steven always has an interesting mix of topics and his regular email digests are great.

    • Anne Corey says:

      I nominate Cynthia Morris’s blog, Original Impulse, http://www.originalimpulse.com/

      Cynthia is a wonderful coach, with a treasure-trove of ideas, connections, and support for writers. She meets you where you are and helps you move to the place you want–no, dream about–getting to. She helps you cast those dreams into real actions.

    • I vote for Cynthia Morris Original Impulse blog. Always inspiring, full of creative ideas and Fun! It’s the one I always take the time to read!

    • I nominate Sean Platt and http://ghostwriterdad.com.

      Sean consistently inspires by putting his heart and soul into his writings, which is to say nothing of the deeply practical and immediately usable advice he shares. Finally, he’s not just a writer but an author entrepreneur sharing insights and personally pushing the envelope of the new book economy. He sets a high bar for us all to aim for.


    • Ashley says:

      I vote for http://dallaswoodburn.blogspot.com/

      She is one of the best teachers ever and she inspires me

    • Rae Richen says:

      Storyfix.com has my vote since each time I dig into it I find a new way to think about an old idea, or a new idea entirely about what makes fiction work for the reader. Larry Brooks helps his writing friends keep the reader’s experience firmly in mind.

    • I would like to nominate Steven Lewis of the Taleist http://taleist.com

      As a first time Author considering self publishing his blogs are very informative.

    • Brankica says:


      Because it is my favorite writing blog and about the only writing blog I read 😉

    • I nominate CF Winn simplystick.blogspot.com because in a world where its common for us to run from anyone different, she embraces the “freaks”, and learns their stories. She feeds it back to us in a way that makes it seem cool to think outside the box.

    • Storm Cestavani says:

      I am voting for Sean Platt from http://ghostwriterdad.com/blog/. He has helped me get beyond my fears of writing, and the fact that he responds to you when you tweet him is beyond cool. He deserves to win!


    • My vote is for http://penandprosper.blogspot.com. Jennifer Brown Banks has a way of educating the reader while keeping a smile on the reader’s lips throughout her articles. Great, informative posts worthy of a spot on the top 10!

      • Janette,

        I’m so grateful to have readers like you who “get” me and get something out of what I have to share. Bless you. 🙂

    • Ding Neng says:

      I would vote for http://www.YoungPrePro.com , ONI!!. Oni puts lots of effort into writing every piece of content on his blog and made sure that it provides tremendous value to his readers before he publishes it. He definitely deserves to be in the Top 10 blog! 🙂 Go ONI!

    • I vote for Storyfix.com. Larry Brooks has a knack for inspiring writers.

    • I nominate Storyfix.com. Not only is Barry Brooks a brilliant writer, his tips and thought process are more than educational, they are entertaining, humorous, thougthful and thought provoiking. I have enjoyed reading all of Larry’s books and his blog has helped me many a time when writers block has gotten the best of me.

    • I love Chuck Wendig’s blog – he makes you laugh, while you learn. http://terribleminds.com/ramble/blog/

    • Cynthia Morris’ ‘Creative Impulse’ blog is a winner in that her creative views on life, where ever she is at any given moment, never cease to prod and stimulate my own writing efforts into a different stream. Her blogs ooze with energy, accompanied by whimsical sketches to highlight the point of her blog and her advice is sound because she leads by example – all winning attributes in anyone’s blog. I vote for Cynthia!

    • As a writer and editor myself, Jane Friedman’s blog continually offers useful tools and ideas for our line of work. She is very reliable in sending these posts often . . . I read them and always come away with something new I didn’t know about editing and writing, and more.
      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog (http://janefriedman.com/) as your top 10.
      mickey morgan

    • Jenmango says:

      I vote for Ghostwriterdad http://ghostwriterdad.com/ he answers my queries promptly and in depth thank you for giving me this chance to show my appreciation.

    • Gabby says:

      I’m a newbie and I love Write to Done and so, so many other blogs, but I want to nominate GhostwriterDad.com as my absolute favorite. He gives away everything! He’s awesome and I want to be just like him. Love you all tho!

    • I nominate Courage 2 Create > http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/

      The blog itself is full of well-written, helpful content, and Ollin is an honest, inspiring person.

    • I definitely have to vote for Ghostwriter Dad http://ghostwriterdad.com/ They are the only source I have found for free writing advice without a hitch. Plus, i have received personalized help from Sean Platt when i have had questions. Great site–great people!

    • Wes says:

      Larry Brooks site gets my vote and recommendation. Witty and inspirational, yet practical and informative.
      Reading storyfix.com has become an enjoyable part of my daily routine.

    • Woody says:

      I only regret that I have but one vote to give for “Dallas Woodburn’s Writing Life” (www.writeonbooks.org http://dallaswoodburn.blogspot.com/) for its array of interesting interviews, tips, inspiring thoughts and more. For young writers, it is especially a unique treasure.

    • Mitt Ray says:

      I would like to nominate Ruth Zive’s blog http://www.freelancewritingblog.com/

      It’s a great resource for writers. The posts are very informative and easy to understand. – Mitt

    • Nicola K says:

      My vote goes to http://ghostwriterdad.com/ my favorite blog as a resource for writers. I use it often!

    • I also vote for Ghostwriter Dad: http://ghostwriterdad.com/.
      Sean Platt is an amazing writer, and he loves to help other writers like me!!!

    • My vote goes to Ghostwriter Dad. http://ghostwriterdad.com/ The very best FREE online writing resource for all writers.

    • I nominate StoryFix (www.StoryFix.com) by Larry Brooks. Tons of hands-on, useful content for writers of all craft levels. Larry’s insights into the underpinnings of what make great stories work, and the toolbox he provides for writers to craft their own stories in similar ways is incredible. I’ve progressed more as a writer using Larry’s tools than from any other source.

    • Sabrina says:

      I nominate Cynthia Morris (www.OriginalImpulse.com). I’m a better and more confident writer as a result of attending Cynthia’s Free Write Fling several months ago and staying connected to her blog. Being a writer and an artist herself, Cynthia identifies the hurdles creatives face and assist us in charting new territory towards our own personal finish lines.

      • Sabrina,

        I am thrilled that you’re a more confident writer because of our work together. That makes my day knowing that!

        Keep writing,


    • Sue says:

      I nominate Deborah Drake of http://www.authenticwritingprovokes.com. She’s on a mission to support and encourage every man, woman and child to write authentically.

    • I nominate Christina Katz (http://www.christinakatz.com. I have found her blog and her books to be extremely encouraging and empowering for my own writing and for other authors and publishers I’ve shared her work with.

    • I would like to nominate Sean Platt for his blog, Ghostwriter Dad. (http://ghostwriterdad.com/blog/). He offers clear, concise content to help writers to become better at their craft. I read his book, Writing Online, which is a perfect roadmap for writers looking for answers to how they should go about making a career of writing online. Highly recommend it.

    • Henri says:

      I vote for Sean Platt from http://www.ghostwriterdad.com because he helps writer’s make a living doing what they love, which is rockin’.

      He also is doing it himself, so that adds to his credibility and awesomeness.

    • Hands down, Larry Brooks (www.storyfix.com) has the best writing site on the web. He doesn’t waste time up in the clouds talking about writing generalizations that mean nothing to the average just-getting-started-but-clueless–about-what-to-do-first writer. Instead, he he gets his hands dirty by diving into the nuts and bolts of how to construct a story, what to do – and why.

      The best thing about story fix.com is that his sage advice applies equally to fiction writers and (like me) non-fiction writers. I’ve learned more from Larry Brooks’ free site in the last year than I have from 20 years’ of throwing money into the fire that is the freelance writing education racket.

    • Anthony Russo says:

      I nominate Ghost Writer Dad. I’ve learned more from his site in the last couple of months than any other writing site. Personal reply’s to emailed questions as well. Great coach!


      Anthony Russo

    • Theresa Wisner says:

      My vote goes to Larry Brooks at storyfix.com. Larry is clear in his description of a well-constructed story, and puts all the pieces together in a neat package. He is generous with his personal stories about challenges and successes, and doesn’t hesitate to applaud others in his field.

    • I vote for Larry Brooks’ http://www.StoryFix.com. He deconstructs successful story writing clear enough for anyone to understand. Larry shows “HOW to”, not “what do” like most other writing advice. And after building the essential bones of a great story, he shares endless professional tecnhiques to flesh it out. All for free. Highly recommended!

    • David says:

      I nominate undergroundbookreviews.com. With a focus on how to get published and with four people giving reviews of recently published books and interviews of up and coming authors you have a variety of insightful and helpful blogs for authors trying to get into the market.

    • CoachLaura says:

      I nominate Sean Platt of http://ghostwriterdad.com

      Great passion and always helpful free info.

    • Raye Cage says:

      I nominate http://www.howtoblogabook.com/

    • HelenL. McCallum says:

      I vote for Larry Brooks http://storyfix.com. His advice, empathy, and direction to the writer is so helpful. I was a pantster. I applied Larry’s advice to my stories. It showed me how I had some elements correct but many needed work. The beat-sheet, and structure impressed me the most.. His advice allowed me to take the fragments of story in my mind and put them in an organized manner that could become a story. I found his deconstruction of stories excellent.

    • Paul says:

      This is a good place to go forget about the day and just laugh, unless you don’t know how to laugh or relax or forget about that a**hole who cut you off so he could pass the car in front of him just to get caught at the light with everybody else….

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris from http://www.originalimpulse.com/. Not only does Cynthia inspire me to be a better writer, but she also inspires me to be the artist of my life. I love her down to earth style, she’s the real deal.


    • xiangmei says:

      I would like to vote for Onibalusi Bamidele at http://www.youngprepro.com/ , he is fatanstic writer with only 17 years old , and what he talks to his audiance emphasized on how to write the sale copywriting, which is the fundation whatever in building website, affiliate marketing and SEO, etc. and every blog he has is always informative, unique,and practical in action, especially offer the right and vital step for the newbies in the internet market.

    • Donna Smallwood says:

      I think Ghostwriter Dad is the best blog because Sean takes a personal interest in his readers and genuinely tries to help everyone who reaches out to him. He offers lots of helpful tips and ideas in his blog. I routinely recommend his blog to new writers I come across.

    • Dave Monroe says:

      I nominate Larry Brooks, http://www.storyfixit.com. A hard working pro giving solid advice that shaves months if not years off the writing process. Probably the best writing advice on the worldwide web.

    • Banu says:

      I’d like to vote for Cat’s Eye Writer blog by Judy Dunn… It has very helpful tips for writers, it is encouraging and fun to read. She is personalble even through her writing and her passion shines through…

    • I’d like to vote for Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com. Jeff’s work is full of tips, yet easy for a beginner like me to comprehend and put into practice.

    • Simone Woods says:

      I vote for Jane Friedman-pages and pages of useful links and valuable content


    • I vote for Jane Friedman-pages and pages of useful links and valuable content


    • ted says:

      I am nominating Larry Brooks of Storyfix (http://www.storyfix.com/). I had the chance to hear him talk at a conference about story structure. He is amazing. The information he shares on his site are very helpful to a writer, no matter what level they are at.

    • Seat Platt http://ghostwriterdad.com/blog/ Quality writing and real engagement with readers. Love his 30 days series.

    • Vicky says:

      I nominate http://www.storyfix.com. Larry Brooks is offers sound advice packaged with his unique style. I look forward to his posts.

    • I throw my hat in for Ollin Morales’ blog Courage 2 Create http://www.thecourage2create.com It has the best “discovery” I made this year. Heartfelt, passionate, wise and inspirational Morales chronicles the highs and lows of writing and life. He’s always thought provoking.

    • B Braden says:

      I’d like to thank everyone who nominated Undergroundbookreviews.com. I would like to personally nominate Roz Morris for her website and tenacious advice to other writers. She quick to answer questions and is full of advice.

    • peggy says:

      I nominate Larry Brooks, http://www.storyfix.com. His writing is not only educational (his seminars are awesome), but always filled with humor, compassion and intrigue. He’s always a great read.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com as my favorite writing site. His words have been motivating, thoughtful, encouraging and he gives more than he asks. I feel like I can be a good writer some day with his advice and encouragement. He also likes Sumatra coffee.

    • Sally says:

      I nominate Underground Book Reviews at
      because I like the fresh voices of the 4 different writers. I like the creative way they educate about the publishing process – by reviewing books of new and emerging authors and then interviewing them to find out what they went through to get their book published. I like that they review not just traditionally published books, but self published books as well. I like that they encourage guest posts from other authors who have experiences to share. And I look forward to reading scenes from their own quests to get published.

    • peggy says:

      I nominate Larry Brooks, wwwstoryfix.com. His writing is not only educational (his seminars are awesome) but also filled with humor, compassion and intrigue. He’s always a great read.

    • I nominate goinswriter.com as well. So much practical, applicable information. I’ve only discovered it recently and have already learned a ton about writing better as well as building a blog. I would recommend it to any writer!

    • I nominate goinswriter.com because of Jeff’s commitment to serving his tribe, leading and inspiring by example. He openly shares his experiences, his challenges, and his successes. He clearly respects and values his tribe!

    • I nominate http://www.goinswriter.com. Not only is it full of awesome content daily, but Jeff really strives to help make each reader a better writer, artist, and creative. If you want to be a writer, spend some time in his archives.

    • My #1 choice is http://janefriedman.com/.

      Jane combines the very smart with the very practical. I always enjoy reading her and her well-chosen guests, and usually learn something valuable.

    • Chuck Wendig’s http://www.terribleminds.com. Chuck kills it with great advice, irreverence, and a great sense of humor.

    • I nominate http://www.goinswriter.com from Jeff Goins. Easily my vote for favorite writing blog. Jeff addresses the inspiration and larger purpose behind writing in a way that resonates with me.

    • Ghostwriter Dad has helped me enormously and he takes the time with him and to help everyone who needs encouragement and information.

    • Cynthia Morris has a wonderful blog called Original Impulse.
      It gets the creative juices going just looking at the colorful drawings and reading the journal excerpts about her adventures. Love her ‘you can do this too’ attitude and the TIPS she shares. See her ‘2011 Year in Review’ download or the ‘9 Things that prevent the average person from accomplishing what they want’.

      • Thank you so much, Marian! I am delighted to hear that my writing inspires you to do your own creative work. That’s what I’m here for!

    • Kristen says:

      One of my favorites: Urban Muse Writer http://www.urbanmusewriter.com/

    • Tonya says:

      I nominate Elizabeth Spann Craig from http://mysterywritingismurder.blogspot.com/ because of her support for the Writer’s Knowledge Base, her engaging style and her consistent availability.

    • I nominate Judy Dunn at http://catseyewriter.com. Solid, fun information and advice that is most helpful!

    • I nominate Cynthia Morris and her blog originalimpulse. She is supportive and adventurous. Her stories remind me that the writing process and the attendant agonies are common to everyone. It encourages me to keep trying.

    • Laura Orlowski Wisner says:

      Originalimpulse.com is a wonderful writing blog! Cynthia encourages, cajoles, makes us look inside to what’s holding us back (usually ourselves). She literally helped turned around my writing in my job within weeks.

    • I nominate Krissy Brady (krissybrady.com).
      She finds encouraging ideas and advice to keep us going on, to help us discover ideas and make our creativity flourish.

      Her style is straightforward and enjoyable.


    • Hi, I would like to nominate Oni from http://youngprepro.com, primarily because his enthusiasm towards helping people is amazing. Story of such a young freelancer/blogger is inspirational!

    • I nominate Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad at http://www.ghostwriterdad.com – I think GWD should win because it is the first and only writing-online-for-writers blog that offers such high quality information in such an inspiring manner for FREE. I have bought a lot of expensive online writing courses only to have found the same content written better at his site for no cost at all. Sean has practically given away everything he has learned to his readers with no strings attached. It’s not your same-old same-old do-this and do-that, boring kind of lecture for writers. He knows how and what to teach, he knows how to write, and he knows how to inspire. What more can I say? I’ll nominate Ghostwriter Dad any day.

    • I nominate Steven Lewis from http://www.taleist.com.

      His blogs are most informative, fun to read and inspirational.

      Look forward to new blogs in 2012.

      Best wishes,

      Nadia Kehoe

    • Veehcirra says:

      I would like to nominate http://www.prolificliving.com/blog/. Farnoosh’s blog is inspiring and very empowering and she is an amazing person!!

    • I would like to nominate Sean Platt of ghostwriterdad.com . I really like his simple, prompt and go-getter approach towards the writing profession.

      – Regards,
      Nishad B

    • I nominate Natalie Whipple’s blog, Between Fact and Fiction. She’s got all the regular advice-y type stuff, and she’s also got heartfelt, this is how it really works sort of posts. I’m 9000% better writer thanks to Natalie.


    • Bonnita Davidtsz says:

      Best Writing Website : Storyfix of Larry Brooks

      Thanx Bonnita Davidtsz, Khoeklip Farm, South Africa

    • Bonnita Davidtsz says:

      Best Writing Website : STORYFIX of Larry Brooks

    • sh13151223 says:

      I would like to nominate the creative copy challenge, an ideal platform for creative writing.

    • Bob Glass says:

      Please accept our nomination again this year of Larry Brooks’ http://storyfix.com. His blog is always entertaining, insightful and practical.

    • Doug Toft says:

      janefriedman.com delivers consistently useful content. I depend on her.

    • Nan Cappo says:

      I nominate Stephen Lewis’ blog/newsletter at http://www.taleist.com/ In this Mad Max landscape of a thousand marketers convinced they can lead us all safely & profitably through the perils of self-publishing, Lewis is one fellow who actually can. He does his homework on current issues that affect me as an indie writer, he practices what he preaches so we can judge if it works, and he himself writes like a dream.

    • Janet Carrillo says:

      I nominate Ollin Morales from http://thecourage2create.com. Ollin’s blog is both inspiring and informative. I have yet to come across a post that didn’t connect to me in some way.

    • Nano Pinder says:

      I nominate Steven Lewis of http://www.taleist.com as his content is comprehensive, topical and timely, and delivered with great humor.

    • Mike says:

      It is not only lonely out here in Dubai, it is also hard to get any kind of writing help…except for Larry Brooks’ blog site, storyfix.com. He has my thanks and my vote! Mike W

    • Seeking the Write Life http://www.aimeelsalter.com/2011/12/if-seeking-write-life-has-helped-you.html

      Always presenting material to support and educate writers on their journey. Has helped me and many I know.

    • I’d like to thank everyone for their vote/nomination for Underground Book Reviews, it is wonderful to know that we have support.

      The blog I would like to nominate is queryshark.blogspot.com, for her informative feedback on query letters.

    • http://talktoyouniverse.blogspot.com because she goes beyond the basic writing tips and digs deeper intellectually, but also with examples. I’ve learned so much from her.

      • Thanks so much for the nomination, Angela! It’s been great having you as a reader, and I’m honored.

        • I nominate Jeff Goins at goinswriter.com … Everything he writes is so helpful, informative, and insightful!

    • http://taleist.com/
      I nominate Steven Lewis’s blog the Taleist. He regularly offers (in his engaging writing style) the ‘inside track’ to getting published, SEO, and up to the minute news on changes to Amazon, Kindle and Google that can impact the sales of authors of e-books. I am about to venture into my first e-book writing and will heavily rely on Steven’s advice when I get to the point of publishing. His guest bloggers are also very welll informed.
      Linda Chaousis

    • Hi, that’s a great competition.

      I would like to nominate Ghostwriter Dad (http://ghostwriterdad.com/blog/) by Sean Platt. It is one of the most useful blogs I am reading every week to get new ideas on how to write both from the heart, but smart.

      Especially his recent posts on writing 10 different types of posts that will have a major impact, was a life saver and brought me a ton of new writing ideas.

    • I nominate Larry Brooks for http://www.storyfix.com. He is consistently up-to-date with information, and his instruction is given like a lesson plan for writing. Larry responds very quickly to email, or replies, and shows his passion not only for writing but for the nuts and bolts of the craft. I used his instructions this year for NaNoWriMo and completed the 50,000+ words without much stress. His book “Story Engineering” is a bible!

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s Being Human at Electric Speed.

      To think that her intelligence, expertise, accessibility, and inexhaustible number of contacts is available to the likes of me–nobody in the the middle of nowhere, launching a late-in-life career as a writer, blogger, and writing workshop presenter–I’m so grateful.

    • I nominate Larry Brooks for his http://www.storyfix.com site. No one does it better than Brooks. He brings the life experience of his successful career in advertising, professional sports, and business to aspiring writers with tangible tools, tips and techniques. Larry is passionate about his craft. It shows. A wonderful novelist and screen writer in his own right. Trust in his guidance and your writing career will benefit.

    • Lynn Fang says:

      I nominate Courage2Create from Ollin Morales http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/ He helps me tie in my life experience with writing.

    • Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story has been helping me for years, with regular, easy to understand how-to articles on all aspects of fiction writing.

    • Sue Bronson says:

      I nominate Storyfix.com by Larry Brooks. I’ve been fortunate enough to study with Larry years before before he started Storyfix.com. Now, I depend on the blog to keep me updated, and more importantly to keep reminding me of things I may have once learned and forgotten. That happens easily when you are pushing 70. With Storyfix.com Larry finds new ways of saying things, and hitting the points you need to remember.

      Sue Bee

    • Wumi says:

      Without a doubt, it would have to be Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad. Sean is all about seeing his fellow writers rise up to the same level he has achieved and he is always giving out information that would ensure people don’t go through the same mistakes he made when getting started.

    • Storyfix is a must for every writer wanting to get ahead in what is a highly competitive industry…

    • Erika Cervantes says:

      I nominate Ollin Morales’ Courage 2 Create: http://www.thecourage2create.com

      For being consistently useful, spiritual, intelligent, and motivating.

      • Thanks Erika! Aww, I am grateful to have such a loyal and supportive fan like you. 🙂

    • Claire says:

      Courage To Create http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/

    • I nominate Andrea Hurst and Katie Flanagan’s Authornomics Interview Series -(http://www.andreahurst.com/authornomics-interview-series/)
      for its weekly in-depth discussions with publishers, editors and authors that run the gamut from insight to advice to the nuts-and-bolts how-to’s of writing. The broad range of topics and interviewees make it something to look forward to each week.

    • James Ullrich says:

      I would like to nominate Larry Brooks’ Story Fix (www.storyfix.com). This site never disappoints; it is unfailingly full of thoughtful, well-written posts on the mechanics of good storytelling, all of them geared toward helping readers get a firmer grasp on the craft. It has challenged and enlightened me; I’m a better craftsman for having visited.
      -James Ullrich

    • Scrollwork says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins at http://goinswriter.com/
      He is insightful, generous with his expertise, and genuinely nice.

    • Storyfix has been a lifesaver for me. I refer frequently to the site to get useful tips and hints on how to proceed.

    • Melody says:

      I nominate Aimee L. Salter’s Seeking the Write Life (http://www.aimeelsalter.com/). She’s friendly and encouraging, plus she gives legit writing advice that has impacted my writing! 🙂

    • Jen Zeman says:

      I’d like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog (http://janefriedman.com/) as one of the best blogs available for writers. Jane provides an amazing array of information for writers, not only in honing their craft, but in understanding the business side as well (which is sometimes overlooked on writing blogs). She provides useful tools to ensure every writer succeeds.

    • Warren Williamson says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman http://janefriedman.com/ as one of the 10 best writers blogs. It is one I read frequently and with much enjoyment.

    • I’d like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog – she always had her finger on the pulse of social media. http://janefriedman.com/

    • Rob Holliday says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins’ blog, “Jeff Goins, Writer” @ http://goinswriter.com/. His myriad of articles on increasing proficiency in the writing craft or building an author platform or just observational / inspirational writing targeting writers are a goldmine. His willingness to share his insights and knowledge, whether via his blog or an ebook or referring to another blog on the same topic that he endorses, make Jeff a go-to resource and a daily read for me. His voice and responsiveness to his readers lends authenticity not often found with a popular blogger.

    • Kay Kenyon says:

      My vote goes to Larry Brooks’s Storyfix blog, http://www.storyfix.com. His take on the thoughtful application of screenwriting principles to the novel is the best I’ve seen in my fifteen-year long publishing career. Part of my enthusiasm for this blog is the content. The other is his succinct and entertaining writing–an inspiration in itself.

    • Margaret says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman at http://janefriedman.com/. Jane writes with passion about the guts of the publishing industry and covers everything from how to score an agent to ways to improve your craft. As a former publisher of Writers Digest, her experience base is vast which makes her a trusted source of information AND advice. Plus her style is engaging and intelligent – she stays current about industry trends/changes and refers us to other blogs/articles she deems helpful. To me, Jane is a writer’s cheerleader. Her sage words offer something for both the novice and experienced writer. Of all the blogs on writing I’ve visited, Jane’s is the one I refer first without any hesitation.

    • carolina R. says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins (http://goinswriter.com) because his blog extremely helpful, inspirational and well written. I always learn something new and useful when I read his articles. They give me the courage, motivation and advices to improve myself (personally and professionally). Thank you Jeff Goins, i am grateful to have found your blog!

      • Courage is a big one Carolina! I feel as though I can write anything (and well!) with Jeff’s advice. I also found the courage to start writing again. I’m glad you used that term. I thought of “motivation”, but courage is likely the correct term.

    • SusanH says:

      I’d like to nominate Larry Brook’s site http://www.storyfix.com.

    • Kevin Struthers says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter Dad, http://www.ghostwriterdad.com, because of the abundance of practical, free resources.

    • Lela says:

      I nominate Christina Katz, The Writer’s Workout Coach, http://christinakatz.com/. Christina offers so much of herself in support of writers. Real grounded advice without the hype.

    • Susan says:

      I vote for http://www.storyfix.com. Larry Brooks shares his lifelong passion, expertise and love for writing with genuine sincerity and benevolence. His posts are relevant, easy to understand and apply to all types of story telling. This site is a terrific resource.

    • Laureli says:

      Larry Brooks @ Storyfix!! I’m glad for the opportunity to support him in a meaningful way!
      Larry explains how to do it from start to finish, provides proofs of that thru deconstruction of Top 10 movies and books, and is consistent in his support, even divulging material from his own book to help writers in the recent NaNoWriMo contest.
      He’s interactive with his readers on a personal level as well as thru his website support venues and professional options (paid assistance).
      He deserves Top 10 rating and a million hugs from those of us he’s helped (in many ways on many levels – to bring not only pleasure to writing but confidence to continue, because as you know it sucks to be a writer with insecurity about what you’re doing – it can stop you in your tracks!)
      As interesting, insightful, or helpful, as other authors’ websites, books, or blogs, have been over the years – all my highest praises go straight to Larry!

    • Fee Berry says:

      I nominate Sean Platt at Ghostwriter Dad http://ghostwriterdad.com

      His blog is full of advice, he is extremely generous with the things he has learned and he is inspiring.

    • Redwan Islam Orittro says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins, for his blog http://goinswriter.com/

    • Lyssah says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins blog http://goinswriter.com/. His work is both practical and inspiring.

    • Ed L. says:

      I am a fan of lydiasharp.blogspot.com

    • Megan Davis says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins for reaching through the monitor and giving his very human advice, on reaching human beings through social media. Keep it coming, Jeff!

    • Larry Brooks at http://storyfix.com/ is top of the game when it comes to inspiring me to write more. I love his passion for the craft!

    • OOps the url for Andrea Hursts blog is http://www.andreahurst.com

    • I nominate Andrea Hurst’s Authornomics Blog. The interviews with writers, publishers and agents is always interesting and informative. You always leave with something new learned.

    • Stephen Taylor says:


      Why? Because Jeff has yet to post anything that I failed to find helpful. His blog is clean, to the point, well written, and with style.

    • I also nominate Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com. He’s amazing! One of the most inspiring bloggers out there and really connects with his readers.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at


      he focuses on the writing process, blogging, coonecting with readers with gems for new peeps and pros.

    • Susie says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins http://goinswriter.com/ Great writing tips, good style, nice guy. I visit regularly, and it’s definitely a good blog for anyone interested in writing.

    • Art Holcomb says:

      I nominate storyfix.com as one of the best resources I have found on the Web. Concise, timely and potent, it has served my writing again and again. It is one of the very best!

    • Larry Brooks’ blog, http://www.storyfix.com is excellent. I’m nominating it because the series Larry did over NaNoWriMo was inspirational and practical. Many articles help me with my rewrite process as much as my drafting process.

    • Louis says:

      UndergroundBookReviews.com is spot on with its reviews. It’s insightful writers always give great information that is relevant and useful.

    • Dana says:

      I nominate “Ghost Writer Dad”.
      Please forgive me for not stating this in my previous post.

    • Dana says:

      Sean’s encouraging spirit is present in every post. His Nov. 30th post “How to Use & Measure Social Media” is helping me to set goals on moving forward with my writing. He’s helped me to recognize that Twitter & Facebook are excellent facilitators for my creative writing journey. They are no longer overwhelming entities to me. Thanks Sean!

    • Davd says:

      I nominate “Ghost Writer Dad” which dispenses wonderful, concise and easily comprehenisible advice. His web page is found at http://www.ghostwriterdad.com

    • Catherine McKinney says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter Dad. I am literally in the process of creating a freelance commercial writing business, today I am working on my website content. I have visited many blogs, many sites which seem to circle around and back to each other, a very healthy action. I find the consistency, the honesty, the very basic take-away advice of Ghostwriter Dad to be encouraging, actionable. Thank you.

    • Tom says:

      I nominate Oni from YoungPrePro. This young blogger is doing incredible things online. At such a young age there still so much more to come from him. He’s honest and shows you how he attracts blogs each and every day. I really hope he wins.

    • judy says:

      Andrea Hurst http://www.andreahurst.com/ is my nomination.
      Her blog, her classes, her non stop support offers a full spectrum of information for the beginner and the seasoned.

    • Ronald says:

      I would like to nominate Sean Platt of http://www.ghostwriterdad.com,

      Sean puts everything in plain and simple terms so that any person who really wants to write can learn
      how to put things together and become a great writer.

      Thank You, Sean


    • Mani says:

      My one will be youngprepro.com.I really enjoy the articles.

    • Liz says:

      I nominate Lyda Sharp of the Sharp Angle http://lydiasharp.blogspot.com

      Every blog post is insightful, well thought-out, and usually points out various writing tips or ways to view them that are unique. It’s taught myself and many others about writing and all its joys and pains.

    • Will says:


      Sean Platt of Ghostwrider Dad instructs and inspires with real generosity and warmth. I see him as a model for the kind of writing business (indeed, the kind of writing life) I’m working on building myself.

    • Gianna says:

      I nominate Sean Platt and his Ghostwriter Dad blog. Sean generously provides excellent information to his fellow writers, and delivers it with genuine warmth and the sincere desire for our success. Thanks, Sean!


    • I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com.

      A nice site for resourceful information on how best to channel blogging for the most productive results. I recommend this awards for him as a adds value to visitors. thanks

    • If you put together all of the helpful advice that you’ve found this year, I’m certain that you would have found more than half of it merely by paying attention to Jane Friedman at http://janefriedman.com

      Jane lets you in on the good news in a sure voice: there are ten times the amount of opportunities to get your name out there as a writer than there were ten years ago. She provides directions to go in and things to be mindful of every week.

      She is also pragmatic, letting you know that finding your voice and spreading it will takes time. As a musician, I recognize the truth in this. I like to say that patience yields more positive results than almost anything else you can consciously practice.

      Thank you, Jane!

    • I would like to nominate Sean Platt at ghostwriterdad.com. His inspiring posts are infused with passion. And are always filled with sound advice and ideas.

    • Nadine says:


      I’ve only been reading Sean Platt’s blog a short time, but I learn something new everytime.

      He is passionate about what he does and generous with his knowledge & experience.

      It’s a fantastic blog!!

    • Jovell says:

      I nominate “The Ghostwriter Dad!”
      The posts and emails of Sean Platt just inspires me to do better all the time. His site is a complete resource for writers who are on the first steps of their career ladder especially freelance writers. More so, he provides more free information than paid ones which makes his site global-friendly for me.

    • Linda Thomsen says:

      NOMINATED: K.M. Weiland (http://www.wordplay-kmweiland.blogspot.com/)
      Her tips/advice are always down-to-earth and up-to-date. Extremely applicable in one’s (hopefully) writing career. Even provides a Podcast with attached written notes. Website is full of previous blogs, articles and links to other helpful sites as well.
      She provides a well-rounded and firmly based source of how-to-write information.

    • Good on you YoungPrePro for deserving this nomination. Over the last few years I have followed your writing patterns, creativity and focus. The ongoing support that you feedback into what your readers are capable of … even when they are no sure of themselves.. has been fantastic to receive. When Life bears down on us it is great to know that someone else has shown great delight in / and has the desire to just research, write and research again – each time with an intelligent and common sense approach and fresh prospective.

      I enjoy seeing the address http://youngprepro.com and associated article just pop up in my mailbox. Anxiously I prepare for a challenging read where I not only learn learn many hints, tips and how too’s but I can appreciate how and where I too will be using these. For instance I have found out about Guest writing, and other information that has clearly impacted on what my focus is.

      Keep on the motivation Onibalusi.

    • I’m nominating Sia McKye’s Thoughts ….Over Coffee. Sia gives us great writers as guests, lively debates, interesting tidbits from the writing life, some terrific stories and always with a sense of humor.


    • I’m nominating Aimee Salter’s Seeking The Write Life
      It’s a great blog full of useful writerly information.


    • Susanne Beechey says:

      I nominate Everett Maroon’s Trans/plant/portation. He offers great writing tips and thoughtful motivation pieces. I especially like his LGBT focused posts.


    • Jessica says:

      My favorite writing blog is Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/. I love the feedback she does on openings and concise, helpful craft tips on all aspects of writing.

    • I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com! It’s an extremely informative blog that helps you make your writing shine while always cheering you up and keeping you enthusiastic! (really, I don’t know how Janice manages to be such a genius all the time.)

    • I nominate Authornomics Blog at andreahurst.com Andrea has interesting and informative writing blogs every week!

    • I nominate Ruth @ FreelanceWritingBlog.com – she is relatively new to the blogging scene and is providing a ton of great content and style to the writing niche! She is going to give Oni a run for his money!

    • Laura Grant says:

      I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Everett Maroon’s: http://transplantportation.com, as my favorite writing blog. This blog addresses a wide variety of topics and and offers the reader a relationship with the author. For those of us who seldom have time to share coffee with a close friend, this blog helps satisfy the desire to share deeper thoughts on topics that are important to us. Thanks, Mr. Maroon. Although, I’ve never met you personally, I call you my friend.

    • Audrey says:

      I recommend Authornomics Blog (http://www.andreahurst.com/category/blog/). Great resource for writers, great interview series.

    • Diana says:

      I nominate Ollin @ http://www.thecourage2create.com/ because of his wonderful insight and amazing way to inspire you, allowing you to enter new depths in the search for your own voice.

    • Tom says:

      I would like to nominate Sean Platt at http://ghostwriterdad.com/

      Sean does an incredible job of providing inspiring articles for writers.

    • Katie French at underground book reviews rocks!!!

    • Krissy Cabeen says:

      Jane Friedman (http://www.janefriedman.com).

      Jane consistently delivers relevant, useful information.

    • dheejaa says:

      I nominate Youngprepro.com

      He is one of the writers whose articles I like to read to the end.

    • I concur with Porter. I, too, nominate Jane Friedman’s blog (http://www.janefriedman.com). Jane consistently delivers helpful, cutting edge material on the publishing industry. A “must read” for those in any segment of publishing.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog, *Jane Friedman | Being Human at Electric Speed* — http://www.janefriedman.com – as a Top 10 Blog for Writers.

      Jane, the former Publisher of Writers Digest and current New Media Professor at University of Cincinnati, is one of the country’s foremost analysts of the publishing scene. She can spot a trend at 50 paces and she’s unwilling to pull punches in her blog entries in order to be “nice” or “inspirational.”

      • She’s the speaker everyone seeks out at conferences;
      • She’s a go-to person for major media including NPR when news breaks in the business;
      • She’s a webinar leader whose sessions are routinely packed;
      • She’s devoted to her role as a professional enabler of in the publishing community.

      In taking her blog to her own site (it once was housed at Writers Digest), Jane has made it clearer than ever that she’d rather give you the tools you need to succeed than the fluff to make you feel good. You head to her site daily to get smarter, to get up to speed, to get sync-ed up with the issues of the day in publishing, writing, reading and tech assists for all three.

      This is why her blog is the highly visible, loyally followed, standard-setting forum in which I want my “Writing on the Ether” to be seen and read on Thursdays. Accepting her invitation to produce the “Ether” at her site was a no-brainer.

      JaneFriedman.com is the closest thing we have to a blog-of-record in the writing sector of the industry at the moment. It stands unique in its field, unfailingly valuable. I’m proud to have my own work appear there. And I hope you’ll join me in nominating Jane Friedman for this keenly deserved recognition.

    • It is fantastic to see so many writing blogs being nominated here. I have subscribed to many new ones. Can’t wait to get to know these bloggers/writers better. 🙂


    • Tom McCranie says:

      When my muse is missing, I need ideas, or I just want to read informative comments by other writers, I go to http://writersinnerjourney.com/. Meredith’s interviews are brief, but insightful. Her comments and questions are timely and poignant. When I visit her website, I know I will come away satiated.

    • Cyril A. Reisert says:

      I take great pleasure in nominating Jane Friedman. Her blogs have been most helpful to me. Good luck Jane.

    • Allison says:

      I have to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com.

      Her advice and recommendations have saved me on numerous occasions.

    • I nominate Judy Dunn’s blog Cat’s Eye Writer at http://catseyewriter.com/
      It’s a very well designed blog and easy to read and navigate. As someone who is currently trying to improve their writing skills I find the content very helpful.

      • Judy Dunn says:


        Wow. Thanks. Feel so good to know that I’ve helped you. : )

    • I nominate Ollin Morales at http://www.thecourage2create.com. He is witty and no matter how bad a day I am having, his humor and wit along with great information, always leave me with a better day.

    • Janet Bailey says:

      I nominate Ollin Morales at http://www.thecourage2create.com. Ollin shares his inspirational story and tribulations about the birth of his novel.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s Jane Friedman/Being Human at Electric Speed…[email protected].

      I am entering the writing profession with eyes wide open and learning skills and picking up ideas every minute. I need a site that gives me a wide background from electronic to traditional publishing, from technical aspects to the good for the soul aspects of writing. Jane’s site provides all that and more and, best of all, without arrogance, opening up her site for healthy discussion and exchange of advice and knowledge. I visit and read other sites, but no one has such a variety and with such experienced writers.

    • Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/ This is the most comprehensive writing blog I’ve seen for aspiring YA writers, and helps with all parts of the process (writing, editing, submitting). I link to Janice’s blog on mine all the time, and I tell all my writing friends about it. If you don’t have this blog in your RSS feed yet, I highly recommend it.

    • YoungPrePro.com (Oni’s blog) should win this.

      The passion and commitment to which he commits himself to blogging is amazing.
      His commitment to growth, openess showing what he’s doing to improve tends to
      carry everyone along on his journey to the top.

      Follow him and you are never alone.

    • Janice Hardy’s Other Side of the Story HAS to be nominated. There is no other writing blog so thoroughly helpful and direct as hers. She is a great writer, excellent teacher, and obviously dedicated to the task as she consistently blogs 7 days a week. Her site is an encyclopedia for writers. Love her, love her blog!

    • Amy says:

      Jane Friedman!

    • http://www.darcypattinson.com is the BEST writer website! It’s full of help and amazing instruction as well as encouragement.

    • Jeff says:

      I would like to nominate The Restless Writer. (http://writertherestless.blogspot.com/)
      Not only does she talk candidly about becoming a writer, she interviews up and coming authors about how they made it in the industry. It’s a great resource for us struggling authors who are looking to break into the industry.

    • STORYFIX.COM: The best in on line advice.

      I’m currently featured in a new novel, ‘Tales of Train Jumpers, Travelers and other Rolling Stones’. The author attended one of Larry’s workshops and has purchased all of his books. Now the author is writing non-stop, has a great hook, a terrific first plot point and is hitting his stride in the middle of the story. He’s following Larry’s advice on the Six Core’s. He’s got the outline, the beat sheet, and the story arch, and so much more.
      As a protangonist, I have it all, I’m fully developed and armed with all kinds of tricks and treats, bells and whistles . . . I’m super-human, a everyday man on stroids, and I owe my new and improved mind and body and landscape in which I play, all to Larry Brooks. Thanks Larry, you gave me a life.
      I’m voting and rooting for Storyfix.com!

    • Maria says:

      Jane Friedman’s blog for all her wonderful insights into the current trends for writers and media professionals and the peaks in into the future; and for her familiar, close and charming style.

    • Sia McKye says:

      Beth Hill at The Editor’s Blog http://theeditorsblog.net.

      Why? The diversity of subjects and her knowledge of them. She’s a working editor who sees both great and blah writing. Beth has a way of taking a difficult craft subject and making it easy to understand. She does this with examples of dos and don’ts.

      Overall, She has one of the best writer’s craft blog out there.

      Sia McKye’s Thoughts…OVER COFFEE

    • Nancy says:

      Jane Friedman http://www.janefriedman.com has my vote. She has the best information out there for writers, and her huge understanding of social media and public relations (and more) is icing on the cake.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://www.janefriedman.com. Really smart insights to the craft and business.

    • Estherdim says:

      I think am very privileged to fine this, the http://www.youngprepro.com has been so helpful to me in terms of blogging. He does not just write any how but his writing adds so many values. I am nominating him. Thanks

    • Jens P. Berget says:

      Sorry about that, but I forgot to include the url to The Freelance Writing Blog, it’s http://www.freelancewritingblog.com

    • Jens P. Berget says:

      I nominate The Freelance Writing Blog by Ruth Zive. I’ve learned a lot from her, and the blog is just amazing. The best writing blog I follow.

    • Khorsheed says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story (http://blog.janicehardy.com/). I can’t thank her enough for the clear, to the point and always helpful articles she posts. Her articles have been my go-to guide for over a year now, and they never failed to help me out.
      Thank you for your wonderful work, Janice!

    • raamji says:

      i vote for http://www.YoungPrePro.com
      because it is a great blog with good work on his writings

    • Mahesh says:

      I vote for http://www.youngprepro.com/

      Nice blog with great writing tips.

    • Marcia Douglas says:

      My favorite writing blog website has to be http://storyfix.com by Larry Brooks. He does an incredible job of guiding the writer through the writing process.

    • Many great blogs out there but the one I rely on most is Jane Friedman’s wonderful site janefriedman.com which is always filled with high-quality content about all things publishing and writing-related. I nominate her site.

    • I nominate Bruce Black’s wordswimmer, at http://wordswimmer.blogspot.com/ Using the metaphor of swimming, Bruce Black explores the elements of writing in a unique, insightful manner. He also includes interviews of writers and editors, as they, too, engage in the process of ‘word swimming.’

    • Laura Hart says:

      I nominate Judy Dunn for the blog category. Her page is witty, insightful and highly entertaining. Well-deserved for the top ten spot.

    • Richard Thrift says:

      I nominate Storyfix at storyfix.com.

    • I nominate Onibalusi Bamidele from http://www.Youngprepro.com for the best writing blog award. I nominate Oni’s blog for 3 different reasons:-

      He writes high quality content consistently.

      His blog provides a fresh new take on every topic that is related to writing, and last,

      His Blog helps a lot of people, including me!

      Oni has also helped the blogosphere to realize the importance of guest blogging and how we can really get the most out of each article that we write for others. His ability to recycle content and put it in a new perspective is amazing. I admire his hard work and passion towards writing.

      Keep up the good work man!

      Jeevan Jacob John

    • Shelley Schanfield says:

      Who else but Jane Friedman? Besides her own thoughtful posts, she invites guest bloggers with a lot to contribute to the discussions about social media, craft, publishing, etc. She is insightful and generous. One of the very few where I read each full post, as opposed to surfing by so many others.


    • Nina Amir is by far the best blogging individual that I have found solely “devoted to human potential, self-improvement, personal growth, conscious creation” as it states upon her website! She always gets back with you and is constantly increasing her own knowledge to assist others in their own craft of writing. Her writing abilities are without question. Nina’s blogs and columns, writen in layman’s language can guide anyone through the writing process, here a few examples of her recent blogs:
      Write Nonfiction NOW!

      Write Nonfiction in November

      How to Blog a Book

      Nina in Redroom.com

      Nina in VibrantNation.com

      Nina constantly inspires her “students” to write, not sit and stew about what they’ve written, find something that inspires them and if you have that proverbiable writers block, she’s right there to help you out of it!

      For this and many other reasons, besides the thousands of people that follow her, she answers to day in and day out, I nominate http://ninaamir.com for this years Top 10 Writers Blog Award.

    • I would like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog for writers at: http://janefriedman.com/ It is as mucg for the thoughts that the blog generates as the direct advice to writers. It is Jane’s ability to not only share her experiences but seek out gems of knowledge from others that we readers might otherwise never see.

    • I Nominate http://www.youngprepro.com bcz the content he is providing is really very informative.. moreover i loved the design of the blog. bcz it is very easy to navigate..

    • Aswani says:

      I have been lucky enough to meet some great bloggers in recent times. There is so much to learn from these bloggers. One of my favorite bloggers is Onibalusi Bamidele who blogs at http://www.youngprepro.com/. My vote goes for Onibalusi for his wonderful contribution to the blogging world. It is a sheer delight to visit his blog and gain the very basics of blogging. He has got a great looking blog with tonnes of useful, informative articles for his readers. Keep up the excellent work..!

    • Maye says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman and “Being Human at Electric Speed. She always has helpful information delivered in concise form for busy writers and students.

    • I nominate Writer’s Rainbow. Great site. Tamara is awesome!


    • Linda Townsdin says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com/

      Inspiring and informative. She’s amazing.

    • I recommend youngprepro.com (Oni’s blog).

      This blog is the best blog in the world it has changed my life in blogging.Not only mine life but of the whole worlds life.This blog gives us the latest tips on blogging and earning money online.
      All thanks to Oni :).

    • Wendy Nelles says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com/.

      Jane consistently provides practical information, helpful advice and industry news that is useful to writers of all experience levels, from professionals such as myself to beginners. I’ve learned a great deal from following her posts. Thank you, Jane, for providing such a great free resource for thousands of writers.

    • I nominate The Writer’s Inner Journey – it is like a writer’s salon on-line! Inspiring interviews and thoughful posts keep me informed and encouraged.

      TWJ = http://writersinnerjourney.com/

    • Sanjay says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com. She provides practical tips (like setting up a website even if you don’t have a book out yet) that can be implemented readily.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com/

      This is the most useful blog for writers that I know of. Jane doesn’t throw too much at you at one time. Everything she says and recommends is well thought out. I’ve learned more from her about the state of publishing than anyone else.

    • John Crusey says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman http://janefriedman.com/ Jane is on the cutting edge with her knowledge of electronic media, and like it or not, publishing has landed there in a big way. From websites, social media, author’s platforms and publishing itself, Jane produces continuous information vital to writers in today’s markets.

    • http://www.youngprepro.com – Oni is one of the hardest working and value driven blogger I know and the youngPrePro blog delivers on a consistent basis. I know I can go to YOungPrePro and find exactly what I am looking for every time!

    • Genevieve Patthey says:

      Have been following Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/ and found it to be incredibly helpful. It’s also really well-organized and comprehensive.

      Five stars!

    • Jane Friedman’s blog at http://www.janefriedman.com/ is an indispensable resource. As a professional writer, independent editor, and new publisher, I rely on Jane’s breadth and depth as my first and last resource of every day.

    • I love http://www.youngprepro.com/ ! I think oni has worked quite hard on it and it is absolutely beneficial for any kind of reader.

    • Michelle Figley says:

      Janefriedman.com has been my writing savior. Thanks!

    • Norman says:

      Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com

      It’s not only my favorite writing blog, but my favorite blog, period. It is the most comprehensive of all writing blogs I have read. The information is topical which makes it easy to access exactly what you want. In my current WIP, The Other Side of the Story is my first, second and final resource when I need help. You’d be hard pressed to find a better blog.

    • Linda Woods says:

      JaneFriedman.com because of her tons of practical tips for writers of all levels, published or unpublished. An exceptional site.

    • Jon P says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman http://janefriedman.com/ as one of the 10 best writers blogs. it is one of the few blogs that serves both the beginning writer and seasoned professional quite well.

    • I would nominate http://www.youngprepro.com/ by Oni.

      There are tons of quality content that help people to become a great writer and earn a living.


    • Linda Woods says:

      I nominate Writer’s Digest for their website “There are No Rules.” There are always tons of practical tips for writers of all levels, published or unpublished. An exceptional site. Also JaneFriedman.com for her many insights and practical advice.

    • Susan H says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman (http://janefriedman.com/) because she has opened my eyes to the possibility of e-publishing and doing so in a responsible and wise way. Her blog has led me to other sites and expanded my awareness of sound advisors. She also responds readily to blog responses and emails, eager to welcome a newcomer to the fold. Thanks, Jane.

    • My vote: http://janefriedman.com/

      Her tips are concise and useful, and she makes me think about why I write. I just started blogging and her posts are helping me right from the start!

    • Jane M. Juza says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman http://janefriedman.com/ as one of the 10 best writers blogs.

    • I nominate http://janefriedman.com. I’ve been following her blog for over 2 years.

    • I nominate http://janefriedman.com. Very helpful and encouraging.

    • Lisa Brackmann says:

      I’d like to nominate http://theeditorsblog.net

    • I have followed and respected Jane Friedman’s work for many years. Her new blog is superb-always offers cutting edge, insightful information that only a seasoned writer/editor can. I await each post to see how it can get any better. As a writer/editor for over 30 years, I still start my day with Jane online.

      I enjoy a lot of great blogs, and subscribe to many, but this year my nomination is http://janefriedman.com .

    • Arijit Das says:

      I nominate Onibalusi Bamidele of YoungPrePro. Nice blogger! 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      I nominate http://janefriedman.com/. Always useful advice for writers!

    • Jacqueline Lyew-Armstrong says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman (http://janefriedman.com/). I enjoy reading her blogs and I respect the information she provides about writing and the industry.

    • Mark F says:

      Wow, great to see so many votes for my favorite, Jane Friedman (http://janefriedman.com)! She’s such a unique voice, with a wealth of knowledge on the publishing industry, on technology and how to wield it, and with a natural teacher’s ability to present useful information in a universally-relatable way. Not to mention a delightful personality that’s never impatient or pedantic. Utterly invaluable.

    • I nominate http://janefriedman.com. Hers is a savvy blog, provides writers with up to date news in the industry and insightful tips.

    • Jane Friedman’s blog is my nomination. I have found many helpful comments and suggestions there over the last six months.

    • Writer Unboxed!

    • Juanita Wilson says:

      My top pick is Jane Friedman, Being Human at Electric Speed: http://janefriedman.com/free-advice-for-writers/. Jane is a real pro and understands the writing and publishing business from the inside out. She’s thought, kindi and generous – hardly a day goes by that she doesn’t share some useful information for writers.

    • Beth Hill’s blog is http://theeditorsblog.net/.

    • ANovelEdit.com. I HIGHLY recommend it. Talented, knowledgeable, professional, generous, Beth Hill sees the forest for the trees AND the trees for the forest. She not only suggests changes but explains the reasoning behind the suggestions, so that a writer can consider those same elements in future books. Beth sees all my books before they go to my editor and all of them to date have won or been nominated for several prestigious awards: a starred review from Publishers Weekly, The PRISM, the Golden Leaf, National Readers Choice Award, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, to name a few. Courteous, reasonable, great customer service and a free analysis/quote before you decide to work with her; Beth Hill is superb.

    • John Philipp says:

      http://theeditorsblog.net I nominate Beth Hill’s excellent blog for writers. As an editor, and a damn good one, she not only gives valuable, detailed tips on character, plot, POV, etc. but also a lot from an editors perspective (story as well as copy) to help you hone those first few pages especially when sending to a new agent or publication.

      • Beth says:

        Thanks so much, John. I find myself in great company here.

    • Stan Lynde says:

      Jane Friedman’s blog is my “go to” source for all things relevant to the writer’s life. Her knowledge, warmth, and genune interest in helping writers in today’s changing landscape of social networking, e-books and marketing, and the rise of independent and self-published authors in that brave new world make Jane an indispensible source.

    • http://janefriedman.com/, I recommend Jane Friedman’s blog to everyone I know who is or wants to be a freelance writer. She does a great job culling the publishing world for the best tools and resources for writers; I took her advice for instance when I was setting up a blog for my own businesses (how to do that.) She has an accessible, smart voice that can’t help but to make the reader at once feel empowered, challenged, and home.

    • Joe Roper says:

      I recommend Jane Friedman’s blog. She shares advice and tools for writers from the top tweets on twitter to the latest and greatest technology that writers may benefit from. She also shares much information on e-publishing and social networking for writers. I love her blog! http://janefriedman.com/

    • Mary says:

      Jane Friedman gets my vote. She has the experience, know-how and writes in a way to really connect with her readers. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from reading her blogs and will continue to do so.

    • Shirley says:

      I also nominate Jane Friedman. I have been following her for the last two years and have learned so much — and about so many subjects: writing, publishing, social media, editing, marketing. I am amazed by the range she exhibits. She has also introduced me to many other excellent writers and has been willing to engage with me on Twitter and on her site, helping me learn. http://www.janefriedman.com is the best on the web for writers.

    • doug meyers says:

      I would like to make sure Jane Friedman is nominated. As she lives and breathes, she shares the ins, ends and outs of writing. She has been the editor of Writer’s Digest. She’s been a speaker at conferences, and a teacher of new media.

      And most importantly, when I’m hobbled in the valley of creative shadow, she reminds me why I keep pounding thousands and thousands of words together. Through her blog, her voice speaks directly into the writer’s raison d’etre and inspires him/her to KEEP GOING!

    • Julee Johnson-Tate says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog and website. She continually offers brilliant advice and keeps her followers up on the most current trends and happenings. Thanks!


    • I would like to nomintate http://www.youngprepro.com for its clear writing skills and for getting informative content online which is really beneficial for its readers.

    • Bill Davis says:

      Many good ones, but for the most varied, interesting and consistently helpful to me, I nominate JaneFriedman.com

    • The BEST out there is Jane Friedman’s blog. Hands down. If you read only one blog on publishing THIS should be it: janefriedman.com

    • NAP says:

      I would like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog: http://janefriedman.com/ She offers insightful advice on writing, social media and platform development. Her experience gleamed from the years she spent as the publisher/community leader for Writer’s Digest is priceless.

      -Nancy Parish

    • I’d like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog http://www.janefriedman.com for providing the best advice for writers, aspiring writers and publishers. I have read a lot of writing advice and Jane Friedman is the finest resource available online or off. Hands down.

    • Troy Acker says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s “Writing Advice that’ll save you five years.”

    • http://janefriedman.com/

      Useful information nearly every day on writing and the state of publishing today. If it’s happening, Jane is passing it on.

    • Mikael says:

      http://janefriedman.com/ because she pointed out tools I need for writing.

    • Sherry Weddle says:

      I’d like to nominate Romance University for my favorite writing blog,
      They have many of the best guest ‘speakers’ on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Each time I’ve posted a comment, the guest speaker has replied. I’ve learned a great deal of all types of information from the craft of writing to the business side. The archives are really important to me as I don’t always have time to participate during the day the speaker is posting.

      • Sherry –

        I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you use the archives at Romance University. As I mentioned to Laurie above, it’s amazing how much quality content our visiting professors have helped us amass. Their time and generosity have helped us build something not only for romance writers, but all genre writers.

        Thanks so much for your support!

    • Jane Friedman not only offers great advice, she keeps it personal. http://janefriedman.com/

    • My vote is for http://janefriedman.com/ because she actively participates in the comments and on Facebook as well posts regularly. It is a writer friendly site!

    • Terry M says:

      Jane Friedman’s “Being Human at Electric Speed” is my nomination. The diversity of information and approach to delivering it is always an amazing surprise. It’s one that I always read in entirety the moment I open it. It’s also one that I never hesitate to recommend. Jane is undisputed The Mistress of the Ethernet.

    • Vivian A says:

      I’d like to nominate The Editor’s Blog at http://theeditorsblog.net for the straightforward advice with clear examples. An excellent resource for writers of all experience levels, not condescending or pretentious– concise answers in an easily navigated format.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s Being Human at Electric Speed at http://janefriedman.com/

      Jane posts useful info for novices and seasoned writers alike. Her content is fresh and honest. I read it regularly and pass it along to peers just as regularly.

    • Amy Wallen says:

      I nominate The Writers [Inner] Journey http://writersinnerjourney.com. I love this site because the author, agent and editor interviews are more than insightful in their brevity and keen questions asked by Meredith Resnick. I love that she also writes occasional pieces on the universal struggles we all have with writing. She gets inside the heart of the matter and never do I feel I’ve procrastinated my day away. Succinct. Isn’t that what good writing should be?

    • Being Human at Electric Speed Jane Friedman

    • Kat Sheridan says:

      I’m nominating The Editor’s Blog (http://theeditorsblog.net) The owner of this blog is an astonishing font of all things writing, from grammar and punctuation to character and plot development. Beth Hill doesn’t just explain how to do something, but WHY, and gives such great examples, you’ll never forget the lessons learned!

    • I nominate http://www.JaneFriedman.com. Jane’s advice is excellent and her information is always timely. I regularly refer my writing students to her blog.

    • I vote for Writing on the Ether- Jane Friedman. During this year she has packed her blog with all kinds of helpful hints and information vital to writers everywhere!

    • There are very few writing blogs that I want to load into my Facebook news feed, but I wouldn’t be without Jane Friedman’s blog–http://janefriedman.com/ . She provides such a wide variety of info from craft to publishing news to personal touches that really make her human. It’s the best, in my view.

    • amy ferris says:

      The Writers Inner Journey


    • Jane Friedman’s blog( http://janefriedman.com/ ) is by far the best blog I have found on writing! Hers is a must read for anyone serious about their writing. Informative, to the point, full of useful information, clean and easy to read and digest. It just keeps getting better and better!

    • Jamie Winkelman says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer blog (http://www.therenegadewriter.com).

      Linda’s blog is always full of great tips and meaningful advice for writers, especially those on the freelance track. Linda is fun and personable, but above all, professional. Thanks Linda!

    • Jamie C says:

      I nominate The Editor’s Blog (http://theeditorsblog.net) for her outstanding writing tips. Dozens of helpful articles. Just wonderful!

    • Pat Daly says:

      Jane Friedman


    • Susan Matthewson says:

      I nominate Meredith Resnick’s The Writer’s (Inner) Journey at http://writersinnerjourney.com/. Meredith’s insightful interviews with various writers are instructive, interesting, lively, and her questions are among the most probing and revealing I’ve ever read.

    • Susan Ditz says:

      Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing is really outstanding for all levels [email protected]–very deserving of this award!


    • Geri says:

      I nominate http://janefriedman.com/

    • I nominate Jane Friedman as a top ten blog writing author. Tweeters following the blog on a daily basis will discover a professional ability to find and post the most helpful writer information. Jane finds the most needed knowledge whether circulating on the internet or released at the myriad of writer and publishing conferences nationally and internationally. The Jane Friedman blogs are for writers at all levels of accomplishment.

    • Pam Parker says:

      I nominate Writing Life by Lisa Rivero, http://lisarivero.com/. She offers an amazing variety of resources, thoughtful posts, and great writing. She has one blog I really try hard to never miss a post!

      • Lisa says:

        Pam, thank you! I am honored to be mentioned among all of these amazing blogs (so much to explore!).

    • Greg says:

      Like some others, I nominate http://www.janefriedman.com. Jane gives good, practical ideas on a wide range of writing topics. I always learn from her posts — and I’ve been in the book biz for decades.

    • Jill says:

      I nominate http://www.janefriedman.com. Her advice is always measured, entertaining and spot-on.

      • I’d second this comment. I think Jane has some of the most worthwhile stuff on the web.

    • Jill Lynn says:

      I nominate The Editor’s Blog for its extensive, yet clearly written, writing tips. Helpful to beginners and pros!

    • Frank Ogu says:

      I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com

      Besides his insightful writing approach, he is really a strong inspiration to aspiring young writers from third and developing countries of the world. His achievements sends a clear signal that with commitment, hard work and consistency, anyone with talents and passion, irrespective of geographical location, could turn that into a huge success. Keep it up.

    • I nominate Romance University http://www.romanceuniversity.org

      They have visiting professors each week and cover all aspects of writing for both aspiring and published authors of all genres, not just romance.

      Plus, the community there is very supportive and positive no matter who you are or where you’re at in your writing career.

      I can’t recommend them highly enough!

      • Laurie –

        Thanks so much for this vote of confidence. We owe so much to our generous visiting professors. It’s amazing how much quality content they’ve helped us build in two and a half years.

        So thank you from me, Adrienne Giordano, Tracey Devlyn and the other wonderful faculty at RU!

    • Peter says:

      YoungPrePro.com is a great site. Very important information and content for bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. Keep up Onibalusi.

    • I nominate http://blog.taleist.com. I recieve RSS feeds in my email inbox several times a week, which means I have useful industry info at my fingertips on a constant basis. Steve Lewis’ up-to-the-moment blog posts help me make decisions about the marketing and publishing of my work. There are a few other blogs I read avidly, too, but Taleist is #1.

    • Imran Soudagar says:

      I nominate Onibalusi’s http://www.youngprepro.com/.
      I nominate this blog because of 3 reasons.

      1. Onibalusi teaches us complicated things in a simple way.
      2. The site has great design. Easy to navigate and cool to eyes.
      3. Lastly Onibalusi teaches things which he has experimented and he only teaches us what has worked for him, most of the blogs dont experiment things they just write for the sake of writing but with Onibalusi its different!

    • Zany LaRue says:

      I love LARRY BROOKS! There I’ve said it! No one on the planet cares more about you getting your novel finished than Larry! He’s a GOD, and so is STORYFIX.COM. Run to any of Larry Brooks Workshops!
      Hard core advice, real Information you can actually apply on a daily basis, a site for the serious writer who wants to publish. Sign up for StoryFix and put LARRY BROOKS in your back pocket! (But please don’t sit on him, he’s a precious commodity.)

    • I vote for Jane Friedman’s blog http://janefriedman.com/

      I’ve followed Jane since she was at Writer’s Digest and her new website for writers continues with the same high standard of excellent advice that covers a wide variety of writer’s needs & issues.

      Judy, South Africa

    • Tina Hoggatt says:

      I nomiinate Joel Friedlander of http://www.thebookdesigner.com/ for his constancy and thoughtful posts that address the writing practice as well as guide the journey through the emerging landscape of publishing electronically.

    • Definitely nominate Jane Friedman at http://janefriedman.com/ — great advice on the business of writing!

    • Priyanka says:

      I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com since it provide an excellent guidance to all other bloggers and help them build blogging as their career. Also it is an inspiration for bloggers which shows them the way to earn money and how to get better each day with blogging.

    • Peter kavanagh says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog http://janefriedman.com/

      It is a fascinating helpful effort. Deserves much praise and an even bigger audience.

    • Joanna says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog @ http://janefriedman.com/ . It is well-written and covers so many areas pertinent to me: marketing, technology, platform, writing, publishing… I could go on. It is often pretty humorous too and with just enough personal stuff for my taste. Super professional helpful site. Jane is also very responsive in the comments section.

    • I nominate Jane over at http://janefriedman.com. She is on top of the industry like no other, and always keeps me abreast on what is REALLY happening in the publishing world.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s! http://janefriedman.com/

    • Vincent says:

      I would like to nominate this blog: http://incessantdroningofaboredwriter.wordpress.com/ it is done by John Hanson, and it’s one of the better blogs i’ve come across….I get many reading suggestions from it, and enjoy the topics he posts about the writing world.

    • Jimmy says:


      I would like to nominate Onibalusi’s youngprepro, here is its link http://www.youngprepro.com/. I subscribed a quite few blogs in that niche, i’m also a blogger, but there is so much things that i was a bit backward like how to engage the readers by effective writing,how to gain more writing skills, Oni’s articles helped me a lot to overcome all those up to a certain level. His hardwork and researches always reflect in each of articles. So there is no other choice than Onibalusi Bamidele 🙂

    • I would like to nominate YoungPrePro – http://www.youngprepro.com/

      Onibalusi writes very well and his blog has helped me improve my writing 🙂

    • Holly LeRoy says:

      I nominate Ray Rhamey’s Flogging the Quill. http://www.floggingthequill.com
      Most submissions are rejected on the first page. Send yours to Ray and see if it makes the cut.

    • I would like to nominate The Freelance Writing Blog [http://www.freelancewritingblog.com/]. Her writing is fresh, intuitive, and very helpful! She is a pleasure to work with and offers great information..it’s everything a blog should be!

    • I nominate http://www.epublishabook.com for the very rich and often one-of-a-kind tidbits of useful information.

      There are many blogs who rehash the same advice and tops, but here you will always find something original, presented in a concise manner.

    • I nominate the writer’s guide to epublishing
      Chock full of resources, advice, and most importantly real facts and figures about publishing in today’s ever changing publishing world.
      Writing is what we’re here for, but getting it out there is the means to the end, otherwise we can just go back to writing in our journals, right?

    • Loy Ann Bell says:

      I nominate storyfix.com. Larry Brooks offers invaluable advice on how to plot and write an interesting fiction novel, along with current information about all facets of writing.

    • JD Savage says:

      http://www.epublishabook.com without a doubt. Timely and informative.

    • I nominate taleist – Steven Lewis’s posts are filled with practicel tried and tested advice for writers of all levels.

    • John Hansen says:

      I nominate http://www.epublishabook.com/ because of its many insightful and well written posts about the publishing industry and self-publishing.

    • Gail Ingis says:

      Nominate Seven Scribes

      • Gail Ingis says:

        My vote is for the writers of the secrets of 7 scribes. They are an amazing group, writing all kinds of happenings, advice and funnies in an organized, well-written method. They are efficient and dependable. Their selection of topics is varied and are always written with care.
        The website: http://secretsof7scribes.wordpress.com

    • chrisd says:

      I nominate http://penandprosper.blogspot.com/ .

      Jennifer Brown Banks gives tips and encouragement to writers looking to be authors.

    • I nominate the WG2E The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ for the amazing job the are doing sharing information about the self-publishing industry. Not only do they share their own numbers but they share what works for them, what doesn’t work for them and what new things their trying. They have built an open community and are committed to helping other self-published authors, whether it be information to start out with or cross-promoting each other.


    • Laura says:

      I’d like to nominate WG2E )http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com) – an amazing insite for all writers into the fast growing word of e-publishing. Nice to see the whole thing being de-mystified and being made accessible

      • Brian B. King says:

        I would like to nominate Kriss Brady)http://www.krissybrady.com ) Very informative blog, plus as you dive a little deeper into her blog page you see another area that focuses a lot to the emotional, intellectual side of striving to be a writer, as well as other artists careers that can be achieve, but is not high on the common career list. On top of all that she is a very interactive Blogger. She really interacts with individuals who reply to her blog topics, especially in her Procrastination tips section. She has an uncanny nack of relating to those of us who procastinate. It is totally aewsome to say the least. Way to go honorable Senpai!

    • Jess Acharon says:

      http://youngprepro.com/ – Such a great help and very determine. At a very young age, you never think he can be such and can give advise to many. Hoping other teens emulate what he is doing right now.

    • I love Patrick Ross’ The Artists Road. Patrick writes the blog while juggling a job, and masters degree studies in creative non-fiction. What I appreciate about his blog is that he is so willing to be open and honest about his path as he works toward his goal of a creative life. Some days he seems overwhelmed; on others he is elated about his progress. He provides wonderful links on a variety of writerly topics

      • Hi Anne, thank you so much for that endorsement! It’s funny you mention how you find the blog open and honest about my juggling of the ups and downs of an art-committed life. One of the things I’m working on in my MFA is learning how to share myself on the page (or screen), something journalists don’t do. The blog is a great way for me to do that, and it’s nice to know it’s valued!

    • Joyce Ray says:

      I nominate Teaching Authors ( http://teachingauthors.com ). Six writing teachers who are also working writers blog to offer writing exercises, invitations to share, plenty of encouragement, as well as author interviews and book reviews. Each post has pizzaz!

    • I vote for Steven Lewis at Taleist (http://taleist.com/). He’s completely transparent, shares everything he knows about publishing, and is fun to read. He also has great connections and therefore has good guest blogs.

      • Thanks, Jamie; it’s really kind of you to say so. I do try to be transparent (but not embarrassingly so!)

    • Bonnie Smetts says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/. Janice not only answers questions about writing (plot, query, synopsis, everything), she inspires. Consistently, day after day, week after week.

    • I’d like to nominate Darcy Pattison’s Fiction Notes. It seems to appear in my in-box just when I need an extra boost of writing energy and inspiration, and the writing tips, concise and to the point, speak to issues that confront me every day as I try to rise to the next writing level…

    • M Boone says:

      I nominate http://childrensliteratureandwritingbooks.blogspot.com because this sight is very helpful from writing books, looking for inspirations and helpful tips when looking for illustrators.

    • I respectfully submit Larry Brooks for StoryFix.com. as the best writing source on the internet today. What a happening place for serious writers this is. It’s a gift, at least it is for me. If you write and you have not been to one his workshops or have StoryFix.com on your radar, then you are denying yourself expert instruction. Period. Try Larry, you’ll benefit beyond expectation.

    • Mary-Ann Hill says:

      I nominate Sean Platt’s GhostWriterDad (http://ghostwriterdad.com/) because it is full of practical but motivating information on how to just get on with sitting down and putting words on the page, the eBooks are very reader friendly, the 30 eCourse is delivered in such a way you can’t help but stick with it, and even though everything is free the value is there 110% plus! As I pass from beginner writer to acomplished or at least seasoned writer, I will always say a silent thank you to Sean, GWD and the GWD team. Thank You!

    • I nominate a Writer’s Guide to ePublishing: http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ . This website/blog is a well organized source of information with valuable and interesting posts by authors and others involved in the world of epublishing. Excellent site!

    • http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/

      I also nominate The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing. Very good information on all aspects of indie publishing. An exceptionally well-written and professional blog.

    • ed says:


      I nominate The Writer’s Guide To Epublishing. They have everything you could possibly need and more about self publishing for men and women.

    • Jack Francis says:

      Great go to site for anything you need concerning electronic publishing with a lot of industry, well known, professionals.

    • Sonia Rao says:

      Storyfix.com by Larry Brooks gets my vote.

      Hardcore writing advice.

    • Sean says:

      MThis is super hard, and there really are some amazing blogs on this list.

      I’d like to give a shout out to Oni at http://youngprepro.com

      As many have pointed out already, Oni’s got what it takes. Hussel, drive, determination, smarts, and I’m not quite sure if dudes can have moxie without looking it up, but if they can, then he has that as well. Oni deserves every nomination on this page and I’m glad to see that a guy who over-delivers for his audience as much as Oni does gets such a high return on his attention.

      My nomination has to go to Jane Friedman at http://janefriedman.com/

      Jane has great advice for writers and a clear, honest voice that crackles with wisdom for every type of writer. She is a beacon for writers in a quickly changing time. I’ve also spoken in front of Jane’s students and can see that she’s making a difference in the trenches.

    • Well it takes only 7 days away? This is my first visit here. Many of your articles that motivates me to be able to work better in the world web. I request the support of the friends of all that I can be optimized more please visit my blog thank you.

    • DC GALLIN says:

      http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ deserves to win for the exuberant, positive and encouraging energy it gives out. The contributors create a strong community in the vast universe of self-publishing, because they always interact, give practical advice with an upbeat attitude, and their on-line presence makes you feel they are your friends. The spirit on this blog is humorous as well as profound, and adds a dash of optimism and entertainment to this fast evolving scene. A WINNER!

    • DaphYin says:

      I’m voting for http://storyfix.com
      🙂 The best writing tips!

    • Hands Down, http://www.epublishabook.com!

      Not only do they provide invaluable and clearly laid out info on book promotion, copyright issues, book formatting and much more, they also have a growing list of ePublishers all rated according to a grid taking into account the services provided, the reliability and the likely exposure given to the books.

      Vote them up!!!

    • I’m nominating http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/

      A group of bestselling authors who all bring individualism into the mix to give a fab blend! Paying it forward in the epublishing industry is what it’s all about, and the future of publishing is epublishing. A one stop shop for great writer information

    • SarahT says:

      I’d like to nominate: http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/

      I stop there daily for fantastic posts by bestselling indie authors ranging from marketing tips, writing tips, some controversial issues. The posts are always informative, fun, and contain so much helpful information.

    • Holger Kaschte says:

      I nominare “Two Dragons” from B. L. Braden. An excellent and captivating read. Stunning!

    • Swathi.M says:

      I nominate – Dele Onibalusi- http://youngprepro.com/

      I love his writing style, his expressions and most importantly his tips for writing. I go through his blog regularly and read a minimum of three blogs to start my writing day. He solves all the concerns and assists through his posts for a happy writing. Thanks a ton DELE!

    • Amy says:

      I’d like to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/. She’s a terrific writer who posts an amazing amount of information to help her fellow writers. I, too, haved saved and printed dozens of her articles.

      There are so many blogs out there and so little time to read them – but hers is really worth your time.

    • Tim at IMM says:

      YoungPrePro has given me a lot of inspiration and encouragement over the past year. I have even written a guest post for the blog. It has a lot of good content, and Onibalusi comes across as a sincere and very down-to-earth blogger.

    • Woops, read the post yesterday, came back today, forgetting the one nomination rule. Sean’s my writing partner, so he’ll understand if I change my vote from him to Gaughran, to get David Gaughran on the list and get his blog some well-deserved attention. Please change my vote to Gaughran.

      • Sean says:

        Ah, good move. Shocking Gaugran’s not on here already.

    • I nominate Sean Platt at http://www.ghostwriterdad.com and also David Gaughran http://davidgaughran.wordpress.com/ who has one of the best indie writing blogs out there!

    • http://www.youngprepro.com – it simply deserves it. Is the best writing blog I follow and one of a few that actually helped me.

    • I’d like to nominate Victoria Mixon’s blog http://victoriamixon.com because her blog ALWAYS has information you can use immediately. You don’t have to buy her books or do anything to receive really valuable information (but you can buy them, too, right there from the blog’s homepage). I’ve learned so much from her posts, and I know I’ll continue to learn (as I’m slogging my way through my novel). I am truly grateful to her.

    • Liz Matis says:

      I’m nominating The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing. This group of writer’s have been helpful in my journey into e-publishing, sharing the good, bad, and the ugly.


    • Amelia Loken says:

      I’d like to nominate: Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      She is smart, funny and SHOWS (not just tells) how to write well. She has examples from her own books but also has a running mini story about Bob and the zombies that she uses as an example in everything from POV, to emotion, to eliminating those pesky little words that weaken our prose. I love Janice’s advice. I love that it comes in daily doses. I love that she stays positive and never rants. So nice!

      I especially love her “Real life Diagnosis” on Saturdays when she will critique a 250 word portion that her readers submit. I have had three different pieces critiqued and though it was as wonderful as a band-aid being ripped off my arm, it was helpful. Her comments are very instructive and its good to get other readers’ feed back as well. So Very Enlightening. I have learned so much and sharpened my craft a hundred fold and the majority of the credit I lay at Janice’s doorstep. I feel like I’ve been getting Graduate level tutoring in Creative Writing the past year and a half since I discovered her blog.

      I hope Janice wins. Because she is one of the real educators out there.

    • Isabella says:

      Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      It provides easy-to-understand advice on many writing topics! I know hardly any writers and so my advice comes from books and the Internet… this was one of the most helpful… the most helpful… site I’ve come across!

    • Elle Strauss says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story for consistently giving writer’s practical tips on writing well, as well as bringing in quality guest posters.


    • I would like to nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing as the winner. This blog has the most helpful information and have new posts at least daily. I feel like they have the best team to provide the cutting edge on information for we readers. I also love the way they poll their sales according to sales channel. Somehow, it makes me feel part of the real world of Indies as I compare my sales numbers to theirs. The site is just a winner all the way around.


    • Lynne says:


      These writers are fabulous and so willing to share and encourage others on the epublishing journey. They describe successes but also honestly describe what doesn’t work. I appreciate their generosity so much.

    • Nomination: http://thecourage2create.com/
      His posts are heartfelt and personal, and nearly every post leaves me with something to think about.

    • Elba I Perez says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com/
      Her blog offers practical guidelines, based on well researched subjects. Often, her blog discusses topics I would never have thought I needed to know. It’s relevant information for any writer and also varied in content, encouraging, creative and brilliantly written.

    • Farhan Syed says:


      Mrs Ali Luke is an ivy league graduate. Her articles are so well researched that they seem to be a part of a PhD thesis.

    • Ruth says:

      I think YoungPrePro is an awsome blogger, who is just 17 years old but very wise.
      Onibalusi Bamidele is a great writer and when on his list you’ll get more information for free then most blog guru’s give. This young man is REAL!! Check out his blog here: http://www.youngprepro.com/

      I will sent a tweet : @maripa to my 4000+ followers to nominate: YoungPrePro

    • Alina says:

      I love Janice Hardy’s blog, The Other Side of the Story: http://blog.janicehardy.com/ It’s lively, informative, diverse and brilliant. There’s not a single question about writing I can’t sort out with a visit.

      • Thanks Alina! I really appreciate the words and the vote 🙂

    • Julia says:

      My favorite writing blog is Ollin Morales’ Courage 2 Create (http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/) – because it is courageous and inspiring, gentle and enthusiastic.

    • I nominate The Artist’s Road (http://artistsroad.wordpress.com/) by Patrick Ross. I love his blog because he is both an expert in writing and a perpetual learner. When I read the posts there, I feel like he is both teaching me and learning along with me. Patrick also is a great curator of other people’s posts on writing and creativity through his Creativity Tweets of the Week. He is very accessible to his readers and regularly engages us in thought-provoking conversations about writing topics I’m not seeing discussed elsewhere.

      • Wow, Sue, that’s a great endorsement! I agree that the conversations are often thought-provoking, and that results from great readers such as yourself.

    • Cat says:

      It’s WordDreams all the way!


      I’m a better writer because of it. And the resources and ideas shared are invaluable. It’s also given me access to a great community of writers.

    • Patrice says:

      I would like to nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, which can be found at this URL: http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com.

      What I like best is that there is a new post every day, it features a variety of voices, and the message is largely upbeat. Interestingly, the majority of their blog posters are women, and that gives it a different flavor than some of the other writing blogs I read, which are also excellent.

      I’m a regular visitor to the fabulous David Gaughran’s blog, along with those of Mark Williams International, and Joe Konrath. There is so much good information out there on the web these days that a writer has to watch her time or she can spend all day reading useful advice rather than getting writing done!

      Thanks to all the remarkable indie writers who are sharing their experiences and paying it forward.

      Patrice, author of RUNNING

      publisher of The Frisky Chronicles

    • I nominate Larry Brooks’ storyfix.com site for writers and would-be writers. Not only is there a wealth of practical and helpful information for those of us who need all the help we can get, but Larry’s style of inspiration can light a fire under anyone. He can be intense as he urges us to push ourselves to limits we’ve never thought of, but so witty and fun in how he goes about it. Makes me want to do better!!

    • Kwaku says:

      I nominate http://ghostwriterdad.com/blog/.
      Very easy to read and understand and more importantly, gets you to action: writing


    • I’d like to nominate The Writer’s Guide To E-Publishing (WG2E) at http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com. They provide valuable information to writers of all levels about walking through the minefield of electronic publishing, as well as great advice on marketing and other issues needed by writers in this “brave new world.”

    • Shirley says:

      I nominate Larry Brooks’ website: http://storyfix.com. Larry shares all the tools needed to structure one’s novel successfully, and his blogged articles are clear and informative. He is passionate about helping writers to bring their work forth.
      Thank you for the opportunity to make a nomination!

    • I nominate Sibel Hodge’s posts at Writer’s Guide 2 Epublishing. This place is indipensable to epublishers and I particularly loved her blog on not signing a bad contract. WG2E is amazing. http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com

    • I nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing (http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/) because they offer the most current and helpful info for today’s e-publishing authors.

    • I have to nominate YoungPrePro (http://www.youngprepro). Not only does he write amazing articles that inform, but he’s also an amazing inspiration. So young, so talented, and so successful. I always recommend him to my blogging clients.

      • Wow! Thanks so much Brandon! You really do rock! 🙂

        • Congratulations Oni on all your nominations. I am a fan! 🙂 I am predicting 3 blogs will win for sure: yours, Jeff Goins’ and Sean Platt’s, such deserving people too …


    • I’ll like to nominate Onibalusi Bamidele’s blog (http://www.youngprepro.com). He taught me how to write good articles in a short time and how to get money through blogging.he is worth the trophy and i hope he win at last. thank you

    • keshav says:

      I nominate Courage 2 Create by Ollin.

      I love to follow him on his amazing journey to his first Novel. On the way he has evolved so much and become very popular. I’m proud to have been there around the beginning of his blog

      Way to go man!

    • Lacy Camey says:

      I nominate the Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing: http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/

      As a published author, this is a must website for me to visit every day for advice, industry news, inspiration, laughter and new friendships!

    • I nominate ‘Word Dreams’ run by Jacqui Murray

    • Shari Pratt says:

      I nominate Jacqui Murray’s WordDreams (http://worddreams.wordpress.com) for the best writers blog. I’m rather new to reading writing blogs and have found this one to be insightful and helpful. She addresses specific topics, making it easy to apply suggestions. She’s passionate, so her blog reads with heart and humor as well as logic and practicality. Jacqui also offers technical help, for me a godsend. And she’ll answer any question. A terrific blog!

    • James O'Neill says:

      I’d like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog – here: http://janefriedman.com I find her blog on writing and publishing to be comprehensive, practical and – thankfully – very readable.

    • Scott says:

      I’d like to nominate
      “Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

    • I nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing. Informative, friendly, fun…what’s not to like?

    • I’d like to nominate the Writers Guide to e-Publishing blog. It’s my go-to place for finding out the inside scoop on what’s happening in e-publishing. Very helpful site, packed with how-to’s and why-for’s!

    • Betty Carlton says:

      I’d like to vote for WG2E..because they care.

    • I nominate http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/
      A huge helping of resources, interesting and informative blogs and just good people.

    • Creative Penn has been a very good source of information for too use in getting started with finding help to be better at my jobof writing. Since i pretty much just got started within this year.

    • No contest, the winner is:
      Jane Friedman’s writing blog

      Here’s why:
      Her material is timely, succinct, practical, and cutting edge.
      She has a wicked wit.
      She’s generous with links & kudos.
      She occasionally shares her own rocky path, making her honest and likeable.
      I like her even though I haven’t met her.

    • I highly recommend http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com. They have been hugely successful as a new writer as I travel through the minefield that is publishing today.

    • Jane Friedman’s. Love it.

    • I would like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog http://www.JaneFriedman.com, incredibly helpful and useful. Way to go, Jane! A must for every writer.

    • April Line says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog. http://www.JaneFriedman.com, not only do I find incredibly helpful tips, opportunities to network, and beautifully written posts; she sends me an incredibly useful free newsletter. Her blog design is simple but lovely, doesn’t hurt my eyes, and she let me guest post! She is definitely a hero for 2011 in my book.

    • Love, love Jane Friedman’s blog: http://janefriedman.com/. Nominate!

    • Judy Migliori says:

      I subscribe to quite a few writing blogs and I get a lot out of all of them. I wish I had two votes because I love Storyfix – a writing blog by Larry Brooks. But this year my vote goes to Janice Hardy’s blog – The Other Side of the Story. You can find her at http://blog.janicehardy.com. What I like about Janice’s site is how she really gets to the heart of what she is trying to cover in an easy to understand way. Check out her Parts is Parts – plotting your novel – for a wonderful example of her writing articles.

      • Thanks so much Judy! You put me in great company there 🙂

    • deniz says:

      I nominate Kait Nolan, for being an organized inspired author who’s all too willing to share her publication journey with others, offering useful tips, treats, titbits, and more.
      She’s at: http://www.kaitnolan.com

    • I want to nominate Jane Friedman at janefriedman.com. Her advice is invaluable to the writer in a context of digital publishing and social technology.

    • I nominate WG2E http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/
      It is always chock full of useful information, and it is a warm and welcoming place where questions are answered without judgement. The bloggers there also are not afraid to step into borderline controversial subjects about writing and publishing, which have created some very interesting discussions that had me jumping back to the site throughout the day to see what else was said.

    • ellen sarnoff says:

      I nominate the writersguidetoepublishing.com. (Wg2e) I wake up every morning and can’ t wait to read the latest post from DD, Tonya and her e-pub gang. Their advice is fun to read, informative, honest and inspirational. A must-read for all those who have or want to self-publish.

    • http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/
      I nominate this site….lots of great writer info!!!

    • Matthew says:

      I believe Onibalusi’s blog, the 17th year old from Nigeria, http://www.youngprepro.com deserves a position in the top rankings, so I am nominating him.

      Oni’s writing is insightful, interesting, and very helpful especially to young entrepreneurs. He is in the writing trenches himself making a hefty amount of money out of this. His tips, “how to” articles, and ebooks are worthy.

      • Wow! Thanks a million for the nomination Matthew! It means so much coming from you! 🙂

    • http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/
      This is a great site for information about self publishing!

    • krishna says:

      I nominate oni’s blog, youngprepro.com. best of luck buddy

    • Jeff Lee says:

      My vote is for http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com ([email protected]). It’s a disarmingly fun site to read on a daily basis. In fact, through all the smiles, you don’t even notice how much you’re learning about the publishing and e-pubbing process.

    • Fed says:

      Oni’s YoungPrepro.com He is very creative in his writing and he has his own views from the studies and researches that he did, no matter to share those things to pubic 🙂

    • I nominate WG2E http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com. I have been hooked since the first time I read their blog. They are full of insightful, inspirational ideas on marketing your ebook (especially for indie authors). They present things in a fun way and I love how honest they are with their figures and experiments they try to sell more books. I learn something every day on that site.

    • I want to nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing
      I read this blog every single day. It is a group of successful authors, an editor, and occasional guest bloggers, that share on every single aspect of the writing, publishing, and marketing processes. I read it 365 days a year, with something new everyday, because I don’t want to miss out on anything that will help me with my publishing journey.

    • I’d like to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/
      Janice provides great insight on the writing and reading life. She’s been awesome to offer her wealth of experience. Did I mention she’s awesome?

    • Debbie Koehler says:

      I nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-publishing.
      This is the first writer’s blog that I go to, and the only one I read on a daily basis…it’s that good! Guest bloggers, daily posts, informative, professional…and, well…cozy at the same time. And I like that they’re not afraid to tackle controversial subjects/ideas.

    • I nominate WG2E, The Writers guide to E-pulishing (http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/)

      Not only does this blog provide useful information on thier trials and tribbulations with e-publishing and being an indie in general they do it with spunk and style! I’ve been hook since the first day I read it.

      :} Cathryn Leigh

    • I really believe that one blog stands out more than all others.
      It is called “YoungPrepro’.
      Onibalusi Bamidele is the creator and total person behind this incredible blog.
      It offers what most blogs do not, a true picture of the internet marketing field.
      He has become a master of “truth”.
      Let it be know that Thee Quest supports this young man as one of the leaders of today.
      Thank you Oni.We are proud of you.
      Pierre & Pierrette Trudel
      Founders of Thee Quest

    • Aidy says:

      I nominate YoungPrePro as the best writing blog. His articles are consistent, informative, and intelligent. He offers his readers a nonsense approach to writing, how to be a successful freelancer and willing to go out of his way to respond and help. A brilliant site which I follow religiously.

    • Denise says:

      I nominate David Farland’s blog at http://www.davidfarland.net/journal/?a=2. Besides being a mega author for decades, he gives valuable insider advise regardless of our genre. Plus, he’s been on both sides of the publishing fence, right now taking the Indie side. He also has a publishing arm called East India Press. His newest release, Nightingale, is an enhanced e-book with music, art and animation throughout, not just for a trailer. Dave is amazing. He’s written movie scripts and created video games. Plus an all-around nice guy. A professional author who’s professional. He’s also taught creative writing to such big names as Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson and Brandon Mull. He’s an author paying it forward.

    • Julie Day says:

      I vote for http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com. Why? Because they have made me see that there is help and advice out there for a new self-epublisher like me. And I feel I have made online friends with them and will be helping me on my epub journey.

    • http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com

      By far the most informative and quite unique site I have visited. I cannot say enough about the writers who contribute to making this site terrific.


    • Janis says:

      Storyfix is the best. Larry Brooks freely shares his knowledge in writing a killer story.

    • I nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com.

      It is fun, fabulous, and packed with up-to-date, relevant, useful and practical information.


    • Gail Chianese says:

      I nominate the Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes (http://secretsof7scribes.wordpress.com). Love the varied content these 7 writers present every day.

    • darly says:

      i love him because he is a motivator he can chnge some ones live with word of advice so he is a great writer

    • I would likt to nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ I have learned so much about the marketing aspect of publishing from them. I’ve been a follower since I decided to write and will continue to follow them.

    • Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/ – full of great advice and I’ve learned so much from her!!! 🙂 e

      • Thanks Elizabeth! I’m overwhelmed by all the support 🙂

    • I would like to nominate The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ because the articles are so diverse and cover topics such as pricing for ebooks, promotion, branding, editing, and paying it forward to writers!

    • Haley says:

      i recommend Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/. She has detailed posts delving into all aspects of crafting a novel. I have found it immensely helpful as a new writer. Whenever I have a question about something I’m working on I check out her blog for an answer first.

      • Thanks Haley! Makes me happy to hear the blog is such a good resource for you 🙂

    • WG2E is where it’s at!


      With a diverse array of topics covering various aspects about writing/editing, and friendly, interactive bloggers, this blog is a clearing house of information. I also appreciate that the writers provide actual numbers of their sales, giving me something to consider as I finish my next novel.

    • anne_f_ says:

      I nominate http://www.wheniwasjoe.blogspot.com/ by Keren David, a lovely varied writer’s blog

    • I nominate http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ as the top writer’s blog. The daily posts are professional, inspirational, and informative.

    • http://nailyournovel.com of course! Seriously, there’s just no other website like it. Hard to explain, but i dare you to visit it, and not get sucked in by Roz’s writing advice.

    • Claire says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story.


      It is one of the most comprehensive sites I follow on writing that takes you through every single stage of writing a story. Janice Hardy posts regularly, clearly and positively. It’s incredibly helpful – there’s even critiques to help new writers really hone their stories.

    • I nominate The Writers Guide to epublishing. So informative with mulitple best selling authors giving great advice and divulging secrets they all use to be successful.

      Elizabeth Loraine, author

    • I am excited to nominate Tonya Kappes’s http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ — GREAT information, timely and comprehensive, about all things for the indie pubbed author AND any author with a debut novel coming up.

    • Marge says:

      I’d like to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/.
      I enjoy the methodical way she builds up stories and plots and how she ties everything together (plot, theme, characters) to form a complete story.

    • Melissa Landers says:

      I nominate Tonya Kappes’s http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/ because she’s full of helpful advice on marketing, something this debut novelist needs desperately!

    • Alma says:

      I’d like to nominate Underground Book Reviews, for their heartfelt work and great support to the community of writers.

    • Ann Meier says:

      I want to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/ The site is well organized with articles on every phase of writing. Includes planning, plotting, writing, revising, and selling. Janice gives great examples that help make the lightbulbs come on. She also critiques and answers questions. I’ve saved several articles and created checklists and templates to help me through revisions. She blogs everyday and keeps a regular schedule so you know when she’ll post about plotting or revisions. She also includes guests who provide other valuable insights. This is a truly helpful site.

    • I also nominate The Writers Guide to Epublishing.http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/
      Not only do they have the most up to date information regarding trends and realities in epublishing but the information in not genre-specific thus including info for all writers. They have multiple guest bloggers who also contribute international industry information. The combination of all of this along with daily posts and informative commenters makes this site a wealth of information for any writer.

    • Steven Devonport says:

      I’d like to nominate Ghostwriter Dad http://ghostwriterdad.com/

      They’ve helped me get started on my journey of understanding what is needed to become a (more) confident writer.

    • I nominate The Writers Guide to Epublishing. http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/we-need-a-favor?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheWritersGuideToE-publishing+%28The+Writer%27s+Guide+to+E-Publishing+Feed%29

      They have the most helpful and current information on epublishing available and I’ve been able to actually use it to my benefit.

    • I forgot to include the link for WG2E

    • I’d like to nominate The Writers Guide to ePublishing (WG2E)
      This team of dedicated Indie Authors does a fabulous job of guiding and sharing. They’re not afraid to “call it like it is.” It’s like having a best friend in the business. If they find a better route, they share it. If they make a mistake, they share it. It’s all about Paying It Forward with WG2E.

    • I would like to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story (http://blog.janicehardy.com/). It is chockablock with practical information on the writing process as well as the business of writing. Even if her advice doesn’t work for you, it will help you develop your own ideas.

      • Thanks Donald! Especially for that last line. Not all advice works for all writers, and I do try to offer something helpful even if that topic isn’t “for you” that day.

    • Gellie says:

      Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      I’ve learned a lot from her blog. A LOT. The occasional laughs are an added bonus. (Zombies and Bob FTW)

      • Thanks Gellie! One day I WILL have to write that Bob and the Zombies book, lol.

    • I would like to nominate: Taleist http://taleist.com

      Steven Lewis provides practical, inspiring and useful information. I come away with actionable knowledge from his blogs and his links are worth following through on – I love the ripples.

      And I’ve been exposed to new authors who are making my reading time just so enjoyable. This site is a valuable resource – thank you!

      • Thanks Keran, nothing I like better than causing ripples 😉

    • Helenee says:

      This is a tough selection, because I follow several of these blogs (which means that they are awesome, anyway) and I see that the rest of them, which I did not know of, are equally as useful.

      I would like to nominate http://www.youngprepro.com

      Oni is very young and very determined, he knows what he wants and he works to reach his goals.
      He is improving at a very fast rate on his English-writing skills.
      He is constantly delivering well-rounded articles, full of actionable advice and hints.
      He teaches by example too.
      And many more.

      Keep growing, Oni!

      • Thanks Helenee!

        I feel really humbled by your comment, and I’ll work even harder on improving myself, and contributing more value to my readers.

    • Ant says:

      If you haven’t already checked out “Underground Book Reviews”, you need to!


      Reading through a number of the other writing blogs, I think that ‘Underground Book Reviews’ is a different in so many ways. It isn’t just a blog site. Nor is it just a book review site. It’s a blog site where debut authors have the opportunity to have their pieces reviewed by people just as passionate about writing as the author themselves. They have all written books themselves and are familiar with all the emotions and challenges that goes with getting them published. It’s a site where authors and publishers and anyone affiliated with the books can be interviewed and provide good tips and suggestions for other people interested in new books and authors. Not to mention, the site looks cool and is easy to get around! HIGHLY recommended and although its relatively new, I’m sure you’ll love it once you’ve visited it!

    • your information is very informative.
      Jobs in india

    • I nominate Christina Katz ~ The Writer’s Workout Coach (christinakatz.com). Christina consistently writes meaningful blog posts, teaches online writing classes that receive top reviews, and her third book, The Writer’s Workout – 366 Tips, Tasks & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach, published by Writer’s Digest Books, has just been released. In it she shows the reader how to “write well, sell what you write, specialize, build your platform, partner wisely, keep learning, and prosper in the gig economy.”

      Christina states in her blog, “I teach writers to prosper by building solid, saleable, life-long career skills via classes and training groups that work even in a rapidly evolving publishing marketplace.”

      Christina’s strengths as a writer and the skills she possesses in helping other writers develop their strengths and skills are very apparent.

      It is for these reasons and more that Christina deserves a Top 10 Blogs for Writers award.

    • Yesica says:

      I want to nominate Ollin at http://www.thecourage2create.com. Ollin’s posts as well as those of his guests are always inspiring – and humorous. Whenever I’m feeling like my writing needs a little pick-me-up, turning to Ollin’s blog is totally refreshing!

    • I nominate The Freelance Writing Blog (www.freelancewritingblog.com) for three reasons: useful information, brief information, and passionate about people being successful in their craft.

    • Kathryn says:

      I nominate Victoria Mixon’s blog at http://victoriamixon.com. I’ve been following her for several years and enjoy her varied and relevant posts. When I re-read her older postings, they seem to unfold and reveal even more secrets. I’m pretty sure that means my understanding of the craft of writing has increased. 🙂 Thanks, Victoria.

      The site is beautiful, warm and easy to navigate–a very pleasant place to hang out.

    • JTWebster says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/ Her blog is so informative and she has a real knack of explaining things. She can simplify the most difficult of things, and come up with examples that make whatever she is teaching crystal clear.

      • Thanks JT! What a great compliment. I work hard to do just that so I’m so thrilled it’s working.

    • Kelly C. says:

      I nominate http://www.undergroundbookreviews.com/

      it’s very informative with wonderful interviews and reviews.

    • Jami Gold says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy and her “The Other Side of the Story” blog: http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      Her posts are always winners and she posts often, so her blog is a treasure of information for writers.

    • Nisha says:

      I nominate Sean Platt’s ghostwriterdad.com. He shares generously and freely. There is a lot of warmth and sincerity in his posts.

    • I also nominate Janice Hardy’s blog The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      There are so many good reasons to read her blog to list them all would require I write a book in the comments section 😉

      But the highlights are she uses specific, concrete examples for the issue she talks about (rather than vaguely repeating advice), she discusses common issues that writers have, as well as lots of issues I haven’t been able to find advice on elsewhere, she has a huge back list that is extremely easy to search through, and to top it off, she’s very nice and interacts in the comments section.

      • Thanks Elizabeth! It’s so rewarding to read these comments and know I’ve helped. You guys rock!

    • I nominate Ruth Zive of The Freelance Writing Blog (www.freelancewritingblog.com) HANDS DOWN!!! Ruth possesses the unique quality of combining vulnerability and strength, humour and pedagogy in her writing. Her blogs are informative, warm, funny, inspiring and comprehensive. I find that I learn from them professionally, while also feeling like I get to know her on a personal level as well – something that I, as a reader, gravitate towards. This truly sets Ruth apart from many bloggers out there, and I simply cannot think of anyone more deserving of this recognition. Keep up the fabulous writing, Ruth…I am staying tuned for more!

    • Jazmin Slieff says:

      I nominate Katie French!!

    • Wendy Chen says:

      I’d also like to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/
      This blog is so well-organised and frequently updated, with information on every writing subject there is. She also provides examples to help explain everything, which make it so much easing to put it into practice. And Janice is always very friendly and interactive–she replies to comments and answers questions.

      • Thanks Wendy! One of my goals is to make it easy for writers to find what they need 🙂 That includes being there to answer questions.

    • Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      This is the one blog I consistently find advice that I can use. Plus she somehow has this uncanny ability to do a blog post about exactly the thing I’m dealing with in my story. It’s a weird writer hive-mind thing, or something 🙂 Plus, there’s all the archives to search if you have a particular question, etc. I honestly think I’ve learned most of what I know from reading Janice’s blog.

      • Thanks so much Wen! What is it with that hive mind? But I love it when that happens 🙂 Makes it so worthwhile to know I helped right when someone needed it.

    • i nominate ONi balusi….

    • TJGreene says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s ‘The other side of the story”. It consistently has the most practical and useful information in regards to writing, editing, structure etc. It also stays away from personal judgment or political and social commentary, which is refreshing (There are other excellent sites available for that), and never tries to plug or sell something- well not noticeably so- and this is a huge breath of fresh air.
      Basically it is consistently high quality and immediately applicable to my WIP’s.
      Not sure if I am allowed, but Nathan Bransdford and Alexandra Sokoloff both have brilliant blogs, though more intermittent now. They contain equally high standards of information, and consistently so.

      • Thanks TJ! I do try to stick to the writing. (and to keep the “plugs” to supporting other writers and their books with the guest posts) I’m a big fan of Nathan’s and Alexandra’s blog myself.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s “Being Human at Electric Speed” http://JaneFriedman.com. In addition to generously sharing high-caliber writing and publishing advice, Jane has created an interactive community of writers, which includes both leaders and learners: an enriching environment, for all.

    • Jon says:

      I’m with a whole gang of people here who nominated Janice Hardy’s blog! It’s got great resources, guests, and there are almost an infinite amount of useful articles to dig through! Love it.

      • Thanks Jon! You guys have totally made my day with these nominations. It’s an honor to write for such great and supportive readers.

    • Chihuahua0 says:

      I nominate Superhero Nation: http://www.superheronation.com/

      Superhero Nation has an unique concept (I hadn’t encountered any other superhero writing blog out there yet), although it covers non-super hero subjects too. Its content is rarely repetitive. Its comment system invites forum-like communication, you can set up “review forums” for your story on request, the blog owner is open, and guest posting is easy and encouraged.

    • Toni More says:

      Sean, over at Ghostwriter Dad, is definitely worthy. He is extremely generous – always sharing priceless pearls of wisdom that effectively inspire and uplift. After over twenty years, I have returned to the pen with renewed enthusiasm and belief in my own capabilities. I am writing every day, and I owe it largely to Sean. Thanks!

    • elizabeth dunn says:

      Without a shadow of a doubt I nominate “Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/
      She’s talent, skill, generosity and just plain niceness rolled into one.

      • Aw, thanks Elizabeth! Can I put that on a T-Shirt? Please? (grin)

    • Stephanie Bibb says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com.

      It’s extremely useful for learning to hone the writing craft, with wonderful examples that really pinpoint what she’s trying to say. Plus, much of her blogging is kept up on a day to day basis, so there’s always something new to learn.

      • Thanks so much Stephanie! Those examples are always fun to write (especially the “bad” versions)

    • MKHutchins says:

      I nominating Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/.

      Janice’s consistent, well laid-out blog contains a treasure trove of information. More than that, it’s accessible information. Janice makes wonderful check-lists and flow charts to help the struggling writers who isn’t sure what’s wrong. She discusses a variety of topics as well, often taking blog topics from her readers. Maybe the thing I love best about her blog is the examples. She never just says “show, don’t tell” — she gives an example to demonstrate “showing” and “telling” and how it affects writing. Once a week she also critiques part of a manuscript someone has sent her. In short, she’s amazing.

    • Diana says:

      I also nominate Larry Brooks’ Storyfix (http://storyfix.com/).

      I was having trouble getting my story from my head onto paper when I stumbled upon Larry’s site. It has made a world of difference! He has well thought out tips and tricks regarding everything from story structure (so eye opening!) to theme and voice. I am confident now in my ability to write my book, and am moving full steam ahead towards my goal. I highly recommend this site to anyone seriously considering taking on the challenge of writing a novel.

    • Curtis says:

      I nominate Larry Brooks’ Storyfix at http://storyfix.com/

      Brooks is for writers interested in producing publishable work. His ideas and insights into the writing process enable writers to become aware, on a conscious level, of the story elements they already use in telling stories.

      Just as there is a grammar associated with writing effective English, there is a grammar associated with effective storytelling. Larry Brooks defines, in simple terms, that very brief grammar and hands it out free.

      My take. If you want a shot a publishing commercial fiction, read Brooks.

    • Michelle Roberts says:

      My vote is for Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com. I honestly cannot count how many of her blog posts I’ve saved because they spoke to an issue I needed advice on with my WIP. This is by far the best of the many writing blogs I follow!

      • Thank you, Michelle! I can’t say how much this all means to me.

    • Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com is hands down the BEST blog for writers. Janice has the most helpful posts with everything from plotting to conflict to how not to tell! She is very interactive and will even take requests for posts on specific topics.

      • Thanks so much Angie! The requests are my favorite part 🙂

    • I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      Janice provides amazing content every week. Not only is The Other Side of the Story motivational, it’s full of practical advice and suggestions. Janice always get involved in discussions within the comments, and will often craft whole blog posts in reaction to questions received therein.

      Mostly, Janice so obviously cares about what she does, and delivers an amazing experience with every blog post, while listening to the people who comment on her blog. You can’t get better than that.

      • Thanks Jo! I am totally reaching for the tissues after reading all these posts. You guys make it easy. I have the best readers ever.

    • I nominate The Freelance Writing Blog by Ruth Zive at http://www.freelancewritingblog.com/ because every post has clear advice that you can put to use immediately to get you one step closer to your writing goals. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Ruth is also very responsive and helpful when you comment/contact her.

    • My vote goes to The Bookshelf Muse. http://thebookshelfmuse.blogspot.com/ This blog is an amazing resource for all writers (especially fiction). It includes the following thesauruses: emotions, weather, setting, character traits. Also, it has all kinds of great writing and marketing advice.

    • sean says:

      This is super hard, and there really are some amazing blogs on this list.

      I’d like to give a shout out to Oni at http://youngprepro.com

      As many have pointed out already, Oni’s got what it takes. Hussel, drive, determination, smarts, and I’m not quite sure if dudes can have moxie without looking it up, but if they can, then he has that as well. Oni deserves every nomination on this page and I’m glad to see that a guy who over-delivers for his audience as much as Oni does gets such a high return on his attention.

      My nomination has to go to Jane Friedman at http://janefriedman.com/

      Jane has great advice for writers and a clear, honest voice that crackles with wisdom for every type of writer. She is a beacon for writers in a quickly changing time. I’ve also spoken in front of Jane’s students and can see that she’s making a difference in the trenches.

    • I nominate penandprosper ((http://penandprosper.blogspot.com/) as a top writing blog. Its advice is authentically inspirational because Jennifer Brown herself is so intrepid a seeker of any outlet for the urge to write and find an audience, whatever the odds and possible disappointments. She unselfishly shares the practical ideas that have enabled her to “make it happen.” The one time I met her was when we shared a reading event at a bookstore. The store had dropped the ball on publicity and three inattentive people showed. But Jennifer soldiered on and cheerfully offered good advice. That’s the spirit behind her blog.

    • I want to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      Her advise is fantastic, and the search functionality when looking for a particular article makes her blog easy to navigate.

      • Thank you JJ! That was a goal for the blog for sure 🙂 Making it easier for writers. Glad it’s working.

    • Kevin Charles says:

      Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      Because every time I read it I feel like Janice is personally teaching me what I need to know to become a better writer.

    • O nominate Joanna Penn at http://www.thecreativepenn.com. Her focus is on writing and publishing, and she runs guest blogs that give a different slant on writing. And I like her podcasts, too.

    • I want to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      Janice’s blog has been invaluable to me as I’ve worked on learning the writing craft. Each post is well thought out, researched, and insightful. I’ve grown to respect her eye for good writing as well. I love her Real Life Diagnostics posts. Reading her insights into other people’s writing has helped me catch the rough areas in mine.

      • Thank you, Charity! I’m always impressed by the great feedback you guys leave for RLD 🙂 Everyone’s so helpful and supportive of each other.

    • Annette Gallant says:

      I also want to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com

      I visit this blog several times a week, and I often refer to her articles when I’m looking for particular information on a topic (for example, first drafts or character arcs). One of the reasons I keep returning is because it is well organized and broken down by topic with lots of links to connected articles. Overall, this blog is very easy to navigate, plus interesting and informative as well!

      • Thanks so much, Annette! I’ll be working on making that list even easier to navigate over the holidays 🙂

    • I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      She’s taught me *so much* about the art of plotting (how to raise the stakes and tension), how to structure stories, and the importance of GMC. Her site has a huge backlist of articles that cover all aspects of the writing process in language writers of all levels can understand. Plus despite cranking out blog posts on a daily basis — without losing any content quality — she still manages to be active in the comments.

      I’m always recommending her blog to others, and I’m sure I’m not the only writer out there who considers her something of a mentor.

      • Sophia, thanks so much! You guys are making my morning 🙂 (and making me all misty-eyed)

    • Jessica says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story at http://blog.janicehardy.com/!

      Janice has a wealth of information about writing and shares it on a regular basis. I visit her blog at least once a week and it is always the first blog I recommend to other writers! If you haven’t read it yet, what the heck are you waiting on? Go have a look and I’m sure you’ll find something helpful and inspiring over there! 🙂

    • The best resource I have found for novel writers is Janice Hardy’s website: http://blog.janicehardy.com/

      She posts a mind-boggling amount of blog entries about every aspect of crafting a gripping novel, and I find myself passing on something I picked up from her to some writing friend or another on practically a weekly basis. I have learned more from her site than I have from just about any other source.

    • I haven’t looked through everything to see if he’s been nominated yet, either way I am nominating John Soares over at http://productivewriters.com/.

      His blog, like so many others, is helpful and informative. But John very generously goes above and beyond just the blog to help out aspiring writers.

    • I nominate “Underground Book Reviews”.

    • The Writer’s Guide To ePublishing.


    • Himanshu says:

      I would recommend http://www.youngprepro.com,. The author is my inspiration and really love the article. He is one of the best writer in blogging niche.

    • I would nominate http://www.youngprepro.com/ for the category of best blog – writers contest. Onibalusi, the owner of the blog, is just awesome and the knowledge he imparts thru his blog with respect to content writing is just superb. He helps a lot of people via his blog & a lot of blogger must admit that they have learnt a lot from his blog. For me, only this blog should be placed at the top.

    • I nominate Patrick Ross’s superb blog http://artistsroad.wordpress.com/ as well. Not only does this award-winning journalist and gifted creative writer consistently provide quality posts on a consistent basis, but he’s inspired/ fostered a truly genuine and supportive community of writers and creatives. Patrick is very generous with his focus and attention on fellow creatives as he is pursuing his own creative career, always encouraging fellow writers and artists to follow their chosen paths, developing authentic relationships.

      • Carole Jane, thank you so much for this endorsement! The strength of the blog, in my opinion, comes from the community that has formed around it, you included.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog, Being Human At Electric Speed. The address is: http://janefriedman.com/ The content is diverse, seasoned, wise, and suitable for writers of all stripes. In my opinion, there is no one who champions writers with as much scope, depth and breadth. All writers should be reading her site as the antidote to choppy times.

    • Catherine McKinney says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter Dad. After visiting many, many excellent blogs, reading thousands of inspirational and actionable, supportive posts, I found the most rewarding, easily doable steps from Sean. I thank him for his goals.

      • sean says:

        Wow, another amazing nom. Thanks so much Catherine. I really appreciate the compliment.

    • Caroline DS says:

      I nominate Sean Platt’s http://ghostwriterdad.com/ . While Sean certainly provides great content, and for free, these are not the key reasons why I chose to nominate him. The real reason is Sean’s own story, which serves as a kind of kick in the … pants…

      Unlike the Hero’s Journey, in which the story arc relies on Supernatural Forces and the timely Mentor or Helper, Sean’s story is more of a Reluctant Hero’s Journey: do the work; persist; adapt; do the work; and go the extra mile, or miles. That is something that each one of us can do, even with ordinary powers. Sean’s story demonstrates this journey, and his free content is an illustration of the extra mile, for which he sets a high standard, in my opinion.

      Thanks Sean – and good luck to all the other generous nominees too.

      • sean says:

        Thanks so much Caroline. That’s a really nice thing to say. I hope it was a good kick, gentle but firm. 🙂

    • Jon M says:

      I nominate http://artistsroad.wordpress.com/ – Patrick provides solid advice to writers but, more importantly, inspiration. His writing style is heartfelt and real, and his challenges are expressed honestly and helpfully. Great site, great person. Thanks! Jon

      • Thank you, Jon! I’ve never sought to secure any awards for my blog, I’m just happy to provide resources for aspiring creatives, especially writers. but now I’m hoping I make the cut!

        • Jon M says:

          I hope you make it, too. Enjoy your work! Best wishes!

    • I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com/ The tips mentioned in this blog are too good and the writer is also an experienced one 🙂

    • wajahath says:

      i nominate http://www.youngprepro.com by oni.
      He is young, full of life and his writing style is awesome.
      I love his articles because they help me write better and makes me productive.

    • ilan says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter dad.
      Sean’s 30 day email course was great!

    • Alex Kay says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter Dad. Excellent blog run by an excellent man. His posts are always valuable and he seems sincere in all of his writing.

    • Tantan says:

      I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com/
      Oni’s blog is really great, with so many useful and inspired articles for bloggers.
      His blog is very good source for both newbie and advanced bloggers.

    • Laura says:

      I nominate my own blog, Word Grrls. I’m mainly nominating my own blog so it will appear here and maybe someone will click through. I get traffic but I have the sinking feeling it’s mainly spam bots who want to do me the great favour of writing guest posts.

      PS – I’m using Catalyst too. (We have the same favicon showing up). Fixing that is still on my to-do list.

    • Ghostwriter Dad

      He has lots of good advice and resources for aspiring writers and isn’t wastingl you something your time trying to sell you something 🙂

      • sean says:

        Nope, though I won’t complain if you want to check out Yesterday’s Gone! 🙂

    • Ghostwriter Dad has my vote. He is responsive, helpful and goes far beyond what I expected when I decided to check out his free 30 day course for writers. Not only that, but he actually asked for feedback from me and responded promptly afterwards. His vibe is constantly positive and I am happy I found his site!

      • sean says:

        Thanks Lisa.

        My writing partner Dave says I fart sunshine. Of course, every Eeyore thinks everyone else is Tigger!

    • I nominate http://www.youngprepro.com by Onibalusi.
      There is no doubt this is the top blog in my list that has helped me a lot in blogging. His posts often give many details and I could practice immediately after reading it. Besides, his monthly reports on earnings and traffic are also very inspiring and it proves me that I can really make decent money online.

    • C Donnell says:

      I already added a comment/nomination. Where did it go?

      • C Donnell says:

        I just posted it a second time and it also disappeared. What gives? Does it have to be approved or something?

    • Leti says:

      I would like to nominate Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad at ghostwriterdad.com. Sean has helped hundreds of people learn the ropes to becoming a successful copywriter/writer.

      His many tips and free information on his website are to the point and a valuable resource to anyone considering this field.

      He is dedicated and passionate about helping others do what he does and goes out of his way to help all who show an interest. He promptly answers any questions you may have, which is a feat in itself as this is one VERY busy man!!!! Sean is deserving of this honor.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      • sean says:

        I’m never too busy to help, unless I’m actually too busy to help! And if that happens, I’ll get to it as soon as I can, lol. Thanks Leti!

    • Steve Hill says:

      I have two nominees:

      Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad at ghostwriterdad.com and Brian Clark’s Copyblogger site at copyblogger.com. They are nominated for similar, but different reasons.

      Sean’s ghostwriterdad site presents a down-to-earth and realistic viewpoint on what the process of becoming a successful copywriter and/or writer is really like. It takes hard work and dedication, and Sean makes that abundantly clear. But he also provides a lot of (free) good information about how to avoid the mistakes he made along the way on his own journey. Additionally, Sean was very helpful when I had some questions while working with his free copywriting e-course, and he went out of his way to assist.

      Brian Clark’s copyblogger site has tons of very useful (free) information and tutorials about copywriting and marketing. There’s always something new to be learned.

      Both of these sites feature excellent, engaging writing styles, and a welcome lack of sales pitches or hype. I’d definitely recommend both sites to anyone wanting to learn or improve their copywriting skills.

      • sean says:

        Thanks Steve!

        And always happy to help. 🙂

    • PJ Sharon says:

      I nominate http://www.secretsof7scribes.wordpress.com

      This blog is fun, informative, and chock full of useful tips on writing, publishing, and living the writer’s life.

    • Katy Lee says:

      I nominate Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes! They are a neat and informative group of writers who are open to all ways of publishing. They understand there is more than one way to success and encourage everyone to find their path. Every day there is a new post that is a treat and different from any other post they’ve done.


    • http://YoungPrePro.com

      One of the best blog i ever read. I love each and every word which written on!!!

    • I nominate Ghostwriter Dad. Sean Platt is a gifted writer who is blazing new paths in self-publishing. His ability to write and publish in many different genres, from educational blog posts to children’s poetry to a serial horror-thriller, shows the breadth of his abilities.

      Sean is a standout blogger well on his way to becoming a celebrity-caliber author. Recognize him in this contest and you’ll someday be able to say you helped discover him.

      • sean says:

        Wow. That might be my favorite. Thanks for getting me, Susan.

    • Joseph Dabon says:

      I nominate two:

      1. Sean Platt’s Ghost Writer Dad
      2. Brian Clark’s, and company, Copy Bloggers.

      The first, for Sean’s proactive approach to people who are in need of improving their writing, like me.
      And, for Copy Bloggers’ wealth of information on the niche I am writing about – online business newbies.

      Both of them has influenced my writing a lot. To prove my point, visit my blog at http://homebizresources.net/

      • sean says:

        Thanks Joseph! I’m glad you’re making so much progress.

    • Ken S. says:

      I nominate Daily Writing Tips. This website gives value every day. Other sites use hyperbole to feed their own ego or to try and empty the contents of your pocket into theirs. So many sites can fill up your email with strings of words that really say nothing. They add little to your writing knowledge and seem to be only a platform for the author to shout about how brilliant they are. Daily Writing Tips offers substance, passion and purpose. Ego and hyperbole are not part of their regime.

    • Ucheri says:

      The other Side Of The Story is a great blog for writers. It has something for writers of all levels.

      I nominate this blog.


    • Uchei Nnaobi says:

      i nominate Wordplay by K.M Weiland – http://wordplay-kmweiland.blogspot.com/

      She always has relevant advice and instruction on what needs to be done in my writing.
      Keep up the good work.

    • I nominate Steven Lewis’ http://www.Taleist.com.

      I find Taleist supportive and jampacked with helpful tips and info on all things writing and publishing.

      Generous with his information, Steven’s blogs are all about helping out his readers. Written with a raw honesty and sense of humour, Steven has a knack for discussing issues and challenges at the precise moment when I seem to be facing them myself!

      Thanks heaps, Steven.

    • jean says:

      I nominate Sean Platt and ghostwriterdad. for all the reasons Paul mentions above.:)

      • sean says:

        Thanks Jean, and you need to get “Influence,” too! 🙂

    • Paul Jun says:

      I’d like to nominate Sean Platt’s website http://ghostwriterdad.com

      His 30-day FREE eCourse was an incredible wealth of knowledge and really helped me focus myself as a writer.

      His resources has lead me to purchasing two books: Stephen King: Memoir of the Craft, and Elements of Style by E.B White.

      His blog posts on writing is incredible, insightful, and just packed with information. Spending a good 5-10mins on it is the best 5-10 mins I ever spent. You can learn so much just by going down the list of his posts.

      Above all, he is genuine, friendly, and helpful. I sent him an email and feared that he may not respond — but he did. He responded with full answers and was open to hear more. He is the reason why I got a newsletter set.

      Sean is a phenomenal writer, great friend, and an influence to the blogging community.

      • sean says:

        Thanks Paul.

        Now it’s time to get “Influence”!

    • I’d like to nominate Writers on the Move – http://www.writersonthemove.com

      Reason – This blog is an author cross promotional effort with marketing advice and writers workshops offered to visitors. It’s a constant source of great marketing tips that work and the writers workshops help writers hone their writing skills.

      Award-winning Children’s Author
      Write What Inspires You Blog
      The Golden Pathway Story book Blog
      Donna M. McDine’s Website
      Author PR Services

    • I’d like to nominate Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes – https://secretsof7scribes.wordpress.com/

      While the blog is new this year, the Scribes have had illustrious guests like NY Times bestsellers Lynn Kurland, Mia Marlowe, and Kristan Higgins (to name a few). These authors and many others have shared their writing journey. The Scribes also provide humourous practical writing tips, life lessons, and have shared their publication experiences (indie and traditional).

    • I’d like to nominate http://catseyewriter.com.
      Judy’s writing always inspires me, tickles me and gives a great sense of community to her readers. To me, thats’ what blogging should be about.

      • Judy Dunn says:

        Di, thank you! I love that you consider the Cat’s Eye blog a community. It’s really what it’s all about. : )

    • Laurie says:

      I like Frankie Robertson’s blog because she has such great advice for anyone interested in writing and publishing — it’s located at http://FrankieRobertson.wordpress.com

    • I’d like to nominate Frankie Robertson’s Blog FRANKIE’S SOAPBOX
      She has shared the information she has received and the things she has learned, both good and bad. On her role to self-publication. She is always willing to share what she knows. I recommend the site to anyone who is even remotly thinking of self-publishing.

    • Jon says:

      Ghostwriter Dad http://www.ghostwriterdad.com 100% of everything offered at Ghostwriter Dad is free, and Sean goes above and beyond to help the GWD readers as much as he possibly can. Truly a super dude.

    • I’d like to nominate Ghostwriter Dad http://www.ghostwriterdad.com to this award. He is not only providing us with great information and resources, he is always helpful, responding to inquiries fast and constantly seeking to locate useful data to provide to his readers

      • sean says:

        Thanks Jane, I appreciate the nod!

    • Jawed says:

      I nominate Onibalusi Bamidele of http://www.youngprepro.com/
      Oni has great writing skills and his blog provides great tips for fellow writers.

    • PS Frankie Robertson ! 🙂 Hit send without proofing.

    • I nominate Frankie Roberts http://FrankieRobertson.wordpress.com
      She has an excellent mix of craft, business, and getting your head straight. I rely on her to find great posts on other writers’ blogs.

    • I nominate Catherine Ryan Howards blog. She has wonderful skills at getting across hard to understand concepts in publishing.

      I could nominate heaps of other but you only have one vote…..Catherine’s blog has made a direct impact on my future.

    • Ronald says:

      I would like to nominate Sean Platt from Ghostwriterdad. He as helped me in so many ways to become a better writer. [email protected]


    • Febe Moss says:

      I nominate Annie Neugebauer’s blog.


      Her blog is a joy to read. It’s full of awesome writing tips, glances into her writing life and her influences. She’s funny, warm, and honest. She makes writing human.

      She deserves to win!!!

    • I’d like to nominate Ghostwriter Dad because of all the free practical and easily applicable advice he stuffs his site with.

    • I’m nominating my blog/grog The WG2E – The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing!


      With over one million hits per month, including over 2500 visitors per day and over 3500 page views per day, we’re thrilled to be a destination site for all-things Indie Epublishing!

      We believe in paying it forward…via writers helping writers reach readers.

    • Tshombe says:

      My vote is for Judy Dunn of http://catseyewriter.com.

      Not only does Judy offer specific tips, how-tos, and instruction on how and what to write (and for whom), she illustrates all of what she teaches through the content and structure of her blog itself.

      I am repeatedly drawn to her down-to-Earth style of writing, as well. We get to see that she is a real person with humor, personality, and a life outside of her work as a writing. We get inside the mind of Judy, who is not afraid to state her opinion and offer criticism, while at the same time open to learning and absorbing insights from her readers.

      Speaking of her readers, I don’t think a day goes by that Judy does not respond to the comments on her blog. Not only has she built a tremendous resource for writings and bloggers, but she’s also built quite the tight-knit community.

      She’s the obvious choice for both nomination and selection as one of the 10 Top Blogs for Writers this year.

      • Tshombe says:

        And by “a life outside of her work as a writing,” I meant “a life outside of her work as a WRITER” LOL

      • Judy Dunn says:

        Tshombe, I don’t know what to say. Thank you, for starters. Your comment helps me understand what it is that my readers value, so I can give them more of it. I am so grateful that you are a member of the Cat’s Eye community because you bring so much to it.

        • Tshombe says:

          Judy, you just illustrated by your comment here what it means to be a Top Blog for Writers, in my opinion. It is obvious that “What do my readers value?” is your foremost consideration in preparing content. Your blog not only teaches about writing in content, but as I mentioned before, you illustrate what you teach in practice.

          If other bloggers/writers emulate both what you do both naturally (and purposefully…..that is to say, you are intentional and deliberate in addition to your natural gifts as a teacher/educator and skillful writer) and how you do it in their own unique style and voice, they will not be able to help but become masterful in their craft and masterful in community building.

          Well done, Judy!

    • David says:

      I’d like to nominate Sean Platt of GhostWriterDad.com
      Sean’s advice comes from genuine hard won experience. His journey from kindergarten teacher to successful ghostwriter and published author is incredibly inspiring. You only have to see how he’s taken his latest serialized Kindle book to the No1 spot on the Amazon Horror chart to understand he walks the talk.
      Sean has produced consistently excellent advice over a number of years and thoroughly deserves recognition.

      • sean says:

        Thanks Dave. Truly.

        And it was preschool, yo. 🙂

    • Kari Scare says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter Dad for the Top 10 Blog Writer’s Contenst. Everything Olin posts is 100% free, and he absolutely goes above and beyond to help his readers. His is the #1 blog that I make sure to read right now.

      • sean says:

        Thanks Kari!

        That was one of the best epiphanies ever this year, turning GWD to 100% free. I’d rather make my money from readers than writers any day, and a couple dollars at a time totally works for me. But we all have Kindle to thank for that!

    • Linda H says:

      This is a tough one because I have two, but I have to nominate Carol Tice from Make A Living Writing (http://www.makealivingwriting.com). She tells it like it is, is straightforward, which I find very helpful, her tips are great, and she advocates and supports new writers. My business has completely refocused from her advice and I have been introduced to a number of outstanding writers, blogs, and web sites because of her savvy advice and webinars.

    • Pat Worden says:

      Another vote for Sean Platt’s http://ghostwriterdad.com. Sean has helped me to embrace a ghostwriting vocation, and to enjoy life while doing so.

      • sean says:

        Thanks Pat, and best of luck!

    • The Writers Guide to ePublishing. A wealth of information and the hosts are wonderfully giving to their readers.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog. She has invaluable tips and great insight into the changing terrain of publishing, as she has old school experience and new school excitement.

    • Afia says:

      Jane Friedman all the way. http://janefriedman.com/

      What a fantastic blog. Regular posting on pertinent topics, coupled with readability and excellent advice. I’ve already implemented so many of her tips on writing, promotion of writing and e-publication. And I greatly appreciate the fact that she’s quick to respond to feedback and engage with her reading public.

    • Sean Platt at http://www.Ghostwriterdad.com gives extremely helpful advice. He is constantly sharing his creative ideas. It’s obvious that he’s a talented writer, but he is also dedicated to helping others succeed.

      • sean says:

        Thanks Carol. Talent’s best when shared. 🙂

    • I nominate Writers Guide to E-Publishing, with Tonya Kappes, D.D. Scott, and others as it is so upbeat, open and friendly – a little bright spot during some pretty gray days….http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/

    • Kris Cook says:

      I nominate GhostWriter Dad, Sean Platt.

    • Chris says:

      I nominate Sean Platt at http://ghostwriterdad.com

      One of the top 3 blogs that have helped me in 2011

      • Sean says:

        That’s awesome, Chris! I’m thrilled to hear that.

    • Ritu says:

      I vote for Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad, because he has amazing content, period.

      The fact that he responds to emails and tweets to help makes him stand out even more.

      • Sean says:

        Thanks for the compliment, Ritu. Much appreciated!

    • HollywoodLegacy says:

      I nominate Jane Friedman’s blog – great content and a valuable resource for writers http://janefriedman.com/

    • Pj Schott says:

      The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing

      WG2E … real life stories told from the heart by some of the finest, most generous, enthusiastic writers/editors in the eBook, print, and indie publishing world.

      They maintain a lively presence on the web, Facebook, and by Kindle subscription. I read many, many writing blogs … and I dearly love them all … but this one is my favorite.

      They not only share their individual journeys, they make you feel as if you are part of a warm, inviting writers community in Cyberspace.

    • Tito says:

      I nominate Ghostwriter Dad, Sean Platt always provide very useful proven resources.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman at http://janefriedman.com/ because she publishes consistently, her advice is concrete, and I went to high school with her.

    • John says:

      I vote for Larry Brooks at “Storyfix.com”. His material has hit exactly what I needed. It is also the one blog I actually read on an ongoing basis.

    • PJ says:

      Sean Platt’s Ghostwriter Dad site is hands down one of the best! HIs content is extremely well-written, value-laden, voluminous and free!

      • Sean says:

        Thanks PJ! Wish I could see the face of the comment that made me smile ear to ear. 🙂

    • I nominate Writers Guide to E-Publishing, with Tonya Kappes, D.D. Scott, and others.
      A new column every weekday and it’s always interesting and lively.
      Wide range of experience and opinion, too.

    • Linda says:

      The Ghostwriter Dad! Sean Platt is always so upbeat, yet down-to-earth with his tips and advice. Generous, wise, energetic and personable.

      • Sean says:

        Thanks Linda! Not sure about wise, but I’ll happily take the other three!

    • Sharon O. says:

      I nominate the Write Practice (at thewritepractice.com) because of its encouragement and support. No other writing blog has the warmth and personal touch and PURE INSPIRATION like the Write Practice. I appreciate the way that Joe challenges writers with his concise, intelligent wit and then challenges readers to try their hand at the subject… and in the comments section, no less! Where he can read what people write and then give thoughtful, encouraging feedback! Phenomenal!

    • I would like to nominate Sean Platts Ghostwriter Dad http://ghostwriterdad.com/ , as he is truly awesome and his posts are a great source of inspiration for any blogger or writer. He explains things based on his own personal experience, which makes it easier for the layman to understand things.

      • Sean says:

        Thanks Harleena! If I don’t put my own experience in it, I’m just blah, blah, blogging, right?

    • I nominate Jane Freidman’s blog, http://janefriedman.com/. She’s been instrumental in not only providing clear and helpful information on how to write, but also on how to use social media to promote your writing career.

    • I nominate Jane Friedman, http://janefriedman.com/, who miraculously culls the very best information about how to survive as a writer in the digital Wild West, presents it briefly and engagingly, and always provides a big-picture perspective.

    • Arizela says:

      Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds


    • I nominate The Writer’s Guide To ePublishing. They give you in real facts about self-publishing and the electronic markets, as well as industry self-published professionals advice.

    • I would love to nominate Joe Bunting’s wonderful writing blog, The Write Practice (located at http://thewritepractice.com) because it is a breath of fresh air in a field overcrowded with grammar how-to’s, fix-it’s and ‘how to get an agent.’ For those of us who want to learn more about writing, who want to practice with helpful, creative prompts, who hunger to find encouragement exactly when they need it – Joe’s place is the place to be. He creatively mixes it up, offering an occasional grammar tutorial, suggestions for how to tighten plots and how to create readable, interesting characters. And he does all of that by offering a daily writing prompt and the space to submit your offerings on the topic. Try it, you’ll like it.

    • Dan says:

      Ruth Zive has the best writing blog. I vote for that.


    • GADEL says:

      My vote for best writer’s blog goes to YoungPrePro by Onibalusi Bamidele from the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I think Onibalusi is such a refreshing person to read.

    • Ryan Riehl says:

      I nominate Joe Bunting’s The Write Practice.


      The Write Practice launched this past summer. Every day, Joe publishes a short teaching on writing with a 15 minute practice exercise. I found Joe and The Write Practice, and now I’m writing again. ‘Nuff said.

    • I would like to nominate the Freelance Writing . http://www.freelancewritingblog.com.

      Ruth wrote my wedding speach, it was amazing, i could not believe how many people came to me and said that was one of the most amazing speeches they have ever heard. Thanks Ruth.

    • Cindy says:

      Lots of great options to choose from, but I’ll nominate DIYMFA (www.diymfa.com). From the about page: “DIYMFA is about taking your writing life into your own hands. It’s a chance for writers to create an empowered writing life that is unique to their goals, can be maintained for the long term and fits within the constraints of their real lives.”

      • Cindy says:

        I guess I forgot to add the why in my above nomination… DIYMFA is the creation of someone with an MFA. She uses the good, throws out the bad, and gets rather creative in teaching those of us without an MFA how to build the MFA effect in our lives. The website lives up to the quotation pasted above too.

    • I nominate http://janefriedman.com for clear-eyed, pragmatic advice from an experienced industry professional, and smart guest posts curated to offer a variety of perspectives.

    • Anna Foden says:

      I’d like to nominate The Traveling Writer alexisgrant.com/

      Great advice on writing/blogging/social media/travelling/life and she is very candid about the financial side of things.

    • I also nominate Jane Friedman’s blog at http://janefriedman.com/.

      She does a fantastic job keeping up with developments in the industry – with a focus on the ebook world and where publishing is going – and distilling the most pertinent articles/posts/tweets/etc.

    • Liz Brown says:

      I vote for http://www.writinghappiness.com. Marya is warm hearted, passionate and an excellent writer. I like to think of as the writer for bloggers. Her advice is always spot on. I hope you win Marya, you deserve it girl.

      • Thanks Liz. I would love to be considered as ‘the writer for bloggers’. So cool! 🙂

        You made my day. Cheers

    • I third the nomination for Cynthia Morris’s Original Impulse blog: http://originalimpulse.com/blog

      I took a class from Cynthia on writing years ago and was immediately attracted to her energy and her love for writing. She has a deep desire to help her readers and clients fulfill their author dreams – be they to publish a book or just write a better blog post.

      To be transparent, Cynthia has co-taught the Blog Triage class with me for several years. I hired the right person! She works hard to make sure each student has the tools they need to commit to their writing.

      • Thank you, Alyson! That’s so kind of you. And very articulate, too – you’re a great writer who inspires me consistently.

    • upbeat, useful videos and loads of info for writers from writing tips to how to publish. Inspiration and motivation all rolled into one.

    • Aack. Just saw the notice about only one vote. So, here it is:

      The Bookshelf Muse by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi has a slew of go-to tools for writers, including the fabulous Emotion Thesaurus, Setting Thesaurus, Weather Thesaurus and more. They have great craft posts as well, and they continuously support writers with unfailing generosity.


    • My favorite is Jane Friedman’s writing blog: http://janefriedman.com/

      I’ve been reading her for years and find her advice to be practical and useful. Even though the current site is new – her archives go way back and cover just about every writing question.

    • Mark MacKay says:

      I nominate Daily Writing Tips (http://www.dailywritingtips.com/). Every day I get an email featuring a specific problem related to usage, grammar, style and even the serial comma. (I’m against it. They’re pro.) Each email is useful. Each email is a little kick in the head reminding me to think about writing.

    • JPF says:

      Nomination for Steven Lewis at http://www.taleist.com
      The website and blog are concise, informative and interesting.

    • Barbara Blickcinder says:

      I nominate Alexandre Zoitai’s blog: Notes From An Alien. nfaa.wordpress.com,
      Lots of good connections in RL and SL. Interesting blogs also.

    • Danie says:

      I nominate Ray Rhamey’s Flogging the Quill. http://floggingthequill.typepad.com/ Ray is such a generous blogger, offering his services and entire sections of his self-help writing book free of charge to his readers. He is a writer and editor who critiques approximately three first pages a week free of charge. It’s easy to tell that Ray is passionate about the craft. I keep going back to his blog. I always find something there to inspire me to write.

    • Hannah says:

      I nominate Larry Brook’s StoryFix – http://storyfix.com. His blogs are educational and entertaining and for the past two years, the only one I look forward to reading. There’s a massive amount of excellent story writing advice archived for the new comers. I love his deconstructions. Most worthy for 1st place.

    • I vote for Jane Friedman’s blog http://janefriedman.com/ I always get something practical and useful from Jane Fried,am. I have been using her “Weekly Goal Sheet” idea off and on since September. The weeks I use it to plan my work and work my plan are way more productive than the weeks I don’t.

    • I’d liked to nominate Frankie Robertson at http://FrankieRobertson.wordpress.com

      She’s got some great information

    • I vote for Notes From An Alien by Alexander M Zoltai:


      I never know quite what to expect, which is part of the appeal – learning something new or questioning something old.