Margaret Atwood: Top 5 Tips for Writers

Margaret Atwood

There may be hope for literature yet.

In an age dominated by quickly written, quickly read and even more quickly forgotten genre fiction, one writer is still proving there’s a market for more ‘literary’ works.

Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments: The Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale went on sale in September and is selling well.

Really well.

As so is The Handmaid’s Tale, even though it was published back in 1985.

In fact, the Handmaid’s Tale sold well not only as a book, but as a film, television series, opera and even a ballet!

Margaret Atwood’s total sales are in the millions, so it’s it’s worth a few minutes to listen to her top 5 tips for writers.

And the really positive point is the interviewers are children, budding authors themselves.

Maybe we can look forward to a future dominated by slowly written, slowly read books that take forever to forget.

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