How To Make Your Readers Sit Up And Take Notice

Let’s say you want to write about a dry subject like how to use backlinking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How can you make readers sit up and take notice – and entertain them at the same time?

Here’s a challenge for you …

Imagine writing an intro which weaves together the following topics: ancient civilizations, India, the jungle, mysterious temples, tigers, dark passages, snakes hanging from the ceiling, forgotten gods, altar carvings that reveal hidden secrets – and SEO.

It’s impossible, right?

Andy Fletcher managed to do just that in the intro to his report Backlink Leverage.

Here’s how he crafted his intro:

You’ve probably read the sales letters that have some … interesting stories to tell.

How the guy writing was on a holiday in India, how they were exploring the jungle, and how they came across this mysterious temple…

It was overgrown with vines. There was a tiger lounging by the door, they had to sneak past.

They crept through dark passages, wondering if every brush along their back was just a vine hanging from the ceiling or a poisonous snake.

And then they found it. The altar of some ancient, long-for gotten god. And carved into that altar they found a secret. The secret that has allowed them to exploit Google and made them rich …


Well, ain’t that just remarkable. A lost civilization that thousands up on thousands of archeologists have yet to discover, despite it being in a far more obvious state than all the other ones that are, y’know, buried…

And not only that, but this civilization was coming up with hot SEO techniques before there was an SE to O.

I’m sure impressed.

Or I would be, if it wasn’t so utterly ridiculous,

I was thoroughly entertained by this introduction and it made me read more. What’s your reaction?

Have you written a creative intro that keeps readers glued to the page? If so, please share it in the comments.

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