Kindle Cloud Reader: Transform Your Reading Experience And Lengthen Your Read List, 1 Book At A Time

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If you love reading, but you don’t always want to pack a bag with all your favorites, using Kindle Cloud Reader is a great alternative. Many of us have likely faced what feels like a life choice when going on vacation—which books to bring, and which ones to leave behind? 

The struggle is very real, because there are major pros to bringing the thriller. After all, James Patterson will keep you on the edge of your towel as you read his books at the beach. But what if you want to find inspiration with James Clear, Robert Kiyosaki, or Jordan Lee Dooley? 

And of course we can’t forget about Kristin Hannah’s historical fiction, re-reading Delia Owens, or diving into Octavia Butler’s 1979, Kindred.

If you’re someone who wants to travel light while also bringing all your favorite books, this article is for you. We break down what exactly Kindle Cloud Reader is and how to use it so you can take all your favorite reads on your next vacation or work trip. Ready to get started?

Kindle Cloud Reader: What Is It

Amazon describes Kindle Cloud Reader as a web-based version of Kindle because it allows you to read your books on your mobile or desktop web browser. You can access Kindle Cloud Reader through your Amazon account. 

That said, the major downside of this app is that you can only access books purchased directly through the Kindle Store. Of course, as long as you purchase most of your books through Kindle, you will have easy, free access to them via your Kindle Cloud Reader. 

If you have an account with Amazon and want to store and read books on the cloud, Kindle Cloud Reader is a fantastic, free way to add on to the account you already have with Amazon. This way, no matter where you are, as long as you have *Internet access, you can keep reading.

How To Use It

If you make a purchase in the Kindle store and want to read your new title in Kindle Cloud Reader, you can! Once you download the free app, simply add books to your library:

  • Open the Kindle Cloud Reader App
  • Click the Cart icon and search for your chosen title, and select 
  • Make your purchase 

Just don’t forget that you may need to refresh your browser before your new book populates your library. Note that not all titles are included in Kindle Cloud Reader, so before taking off on your next trip, double-check to make sure it includes your chosen titles.

One of the bonuses of Kindle Cloud Reader is the extent to which you can fine-tune your reading experience to your exact preferences. You can choose:

  • Font size
  • Margin size
  • Your background color of choice
  • Save specific pages for later reference
  • Take notes within the app

Sound like a great way to personalize your reading experience? We thought so too. It’s not every day you can choose to read your favorite thriller and set the aesthetic with a dark background.

Kindle Cloud Reader And Reedsy

While Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to read your purchased Kindle books on the cloud, Reeds offers a different perspective. Reedsy is a service for authors in the self-publishing industry and offers book production services. 

However, Reedys, like Kindle Cloud Reader, does offer a format for readers to consume either a chapter of, or the entirety of, a yet-to-be-published book. 

In fact, one of the bonuses of Reedsy is its option to create a link for your beta readers. If you are in the middle of writing your book and want someone to review a specific chapter, simply create a link and share it with your desired beta reader.

Along with this option comes the opportunity to create a time-sensitive link for a chapter, several chapters, or the entirety of your book. When your link expires, your beta readers will no longer have access to your project. This helps keep your work safer as well as helps keep your beta readers on a schedule. 

No Internet Access? No Worries! 

Back to Kindle Cloud Reader: Imagine that you’re backpacking through your favorite national park or spending a day hiking in Yosemite. Once you reach the summit, you plan to have an hour or two lunch break, catch your breath, and enjoy the view. 

You also want to read that next chapter in that book you can’t stop thinking about. Rather than add the physical copy to your backpack or worry about your Internet access, simply download your title before setting out on your day trip. 

Kindle Cloud Reader offers two choices for your convenience: Cloud and *Downloaded. If you plan to read in your favorite coffee shop, simply read on the cloud. However, if you want an epic reading experience in the middle of Yosemite, add your novel to your downloads. 

This ensures you can have easy access to your book, read at your leisure, and not have the added stress of hoping you’ll have internet access in your desired reading location. 

The Secret To Growing As A Writer

Kindle Cloud Reader may seem like a perfect way to access the books you want to read, whether you’re in the middle of nowhere without the Internet or simply taking a lunch break at the office.

While this free app is a great way to entertain yourself, it provides more than simply a way to pass the time. 

As the saying goes, writers read, so the more you read, the better you equip yourself to become the best writer possible. But, if you’re like many writers, reading is often a luxury we don’t ever seem to have enough time for. 

Kindle Cloud Reader makes it easy because as long as you download the books you want to read without Internet access and keep your library up to date, you can read anytime, anywhere. 

No longer do you need to feel guilty for leaving your book at home when you sit waiting for your oil change. Instead, simply pull out your phone and start reading. The more you devote yourself to the practice of reading, the more you will grow as a writer:

  • Reading books in the genre you write teaches you about tropes, plotlines, and cliches you should avoid
  • Reading in genres you don’t write broadens your perspective and your imagination 
  • Reading allows you to feel entertained while subconsciously learning 
  • Reading nonfiction teaches how to add realism to your novels
  • Reading fiction teaches you how to write nonfiction in an engaging manner
  • Reading helps keep you up to date with what’s being written
  • Reading classics teaches you what’s worked in the past

In short, reading is a highly beneficial pastime for writers. So, next time you want to read on a hike, a long walk in the woods, sitting on the subway, or even on a cruise, simply open your Kindle Cloud Reader, tap your Cloud or Downloaded options, and start reading.

You never know when you’ll wish you had the opportunity to read and now you can set yourself up for success every single time! 


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