Blogging Today: How Old is Too Old to Blog?


I’ve been a writer all my life and one of the things I love about this ancient activity is that you can do it at any age.  The forms you use to express yourself as a writer may change – writing, blogging, poetry – but the opportunity to let your own authentic spirit and imagination be set free through you via the written word remains the same.

I wrote my first story in an old scrapbook when I was a seven year old kid in the early days of the bombing in London in World War II.  I still remember the magic I knew as I let my imagination roam while writing an enthralling tale about three young people on a journey of exploration.

I’m 79 now.  I’ve been a reporter and weekly newspaper editor.  I’ve written six books (the last, a story of a young Raven of remarkable integrity, was translated into 11 languages).  And now for the last two years — with a lot of help, incidentally, from my friend Mary Jaksch and others — I’ve been a blogger. I took part in the fantastic  A-List Blogging Bootcamps run by Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch and I’m a member of the A-List Blogger Club.

What have I learned as a blogger?

What have I learned in this wild new adventure called blogging?  Let me count the ways.

1.  Blogging gives me a focus

We need something useful and productive to do as we age — something we really enjoy, and that gives us a sense of purpose.  My wife, JoAnn, who is a few months older than me and will be reaching the big 80 ahead of me, loves quilting.  It’s her joy and her passion.

Blogging fulfills this need for me.  I do it in the morning, for the most part — then I can goof off in the afternoon in the gym or coffee shop or on the trail with a clear conscience.

2. Blogging helps me stay young 🙂

Blogging not only helps me stay young, it demands it.  It’s unrelenting.  Just when I think I’ve got things figured out, I realize I haven’t really begun yet.  And what’s wrong with that?

In a time when more and more people are aging, what better than to have an activity that helps you stay young? (presuming it doesn’t drive you crazy first — but then almost anything can do that if we let itJ.)

3.  Blogging helps me meet wonderful people all over the world

Not much more needs to be said about this aspect.  But meeting brave spirits, kindred spirits whom I would otherwise never have met is surely one of the special joys of being a blogger

4.  Blogging gives me an opportunity to grow

I’m quite sure that I have grown as a person since I started blogging.  I’m not going to try to recount all the reasons for this.  But perhaps the essential thing here is this: blogging helps me open my mind and heart to new dimensions of myself and the sublime mystery we call life.

5.  Blogging has the potential to create an income

Blogging can also create an income.  I had a taste of it recently when I created a home-study course on “The True Promise and Potential of Aging” that earned about $1500. Following a suggestion by Mary Jaksch, I’ve now started a coaching program for writers and bloggers.

A happy medium

I don’t seem to have the inclination or the desire anymore to write a book.  So much work.  So much time.  I find blogging is a happy medium.  You write a post.  It takes a couple of hours let’s say.  Then all you have to do is hit a button, and immediately a little bit of you sets off to roam the world.

What will happen? Who will you meet? What new friends will you find? It’s a new adventure every time.

What are your stories about getting started with blogging or writing? Please share in the comments.


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