Inspiration for Writing: 10 Quotes to Get Your Juices Flowing

    inspiration for writing

    If your inspiration for writing isn’t flowing, gaze at each of these ten quotes.

    Let your mind roam free and they will trigger ideas and inspire you.

    As the quote by Thomas Merton above implies, we both find ourselves and lose ourselves in the creative process.

    And it takes courage. Writing takes courage.


    creativity takes courage - Henri Matisse


    Writing changes us.

    Each idea, each sentence we write changes us, because awareness is irreversible.

    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions - Oliver Wendell Holmes


    But what about the people around us who tell us that we can’t do it, that we should set our sights lower?

    Mark Twain says:

    Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.


    Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions - Oliver Wendell Holmes


    Sometimes we forget why we write.

    And then the joy of words tumbling out and finding each other reminds us why we do it.


    To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music that words make. - Truman Capote


    What’s the right way to become a writer? Matthew McConaughey has a simple answer.


    Do you want to be a writer? Start writing. ~ Matthew McConaughey


    Remember that creative thoughts are shy. Let them come to you and don’t try to hunt them down.


    creative thoughts are shy ... let them come to you - Mary Jaksch

    Writing is a blessing. It’s a solace; a healing of the soul.

    Writing is the supreme solace. W. Somerset Maugham

    Sometimes, we can get too serious about writing. Remind yourself that writing is fun!

    Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself . - Terry Pratchett

    I think we need to be generous with our words. After all, they are our gift to the world. Here’s what Annie Dillard has to say about this:

    One of the few things I know about writing is this: Spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it all, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book, or for another book. Give it, give it all, give it now.
    -Annie Dillard

    Give it. Give it all. Give it now.


    Start writing.

    Give it all.


    Your inspiration for writing will come.

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      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at WritetoDone.com and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind GoodlifeZEN.com, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • Pimion says:

      Thanks for sharing these great quotes!
      Especially I love the one said by Matthew Mcconaughey. So direct.
      Things are simplier as they seem:)

    • Jessica says:

      These are all interesting quotes, My preferred one is the one by Oliver Wendell Holmes. There’s nothing like stretching my mind with new experiences to boost my creativity.

    • Thanks for these inspiring quotes! I loved them all, but my favorite is the last about giving it all and not hoarding our writing ideas for some future date.

    • I like the one from Truman Capotes friends on the motorcycle and the happy baby.

    • Great tips! It’s also good for businesses to expand beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing to find other online local directories to help them get found such as listings on Yelp and Supermedia.

      • Nice post buddy, You have awesome quote collection. Embedding quotes while writing post is what make it looks professional and attractive. Thanks for this incredible post.

    • that was well put Angie…..tks for sharing

    • James Jude says:

      I like the one from Truman Capotes friends on the motorcycle and the happy baby.

    • Wonderful quote collection, Mary!

      I myself is a quote junkie, and when writing, using quotes (and reading quotes) is what motivates me to write better. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks for this Mary. I love the quote by Truman Capote. This makes me want to start writing immediately and listen for the inner music the practice orchestrates.

    • Hi Mary,
      It’s Janice from your Facebook group. I’ve written about this topic too.

    • This post was just flat out fun.
      I like “You want to be a writer….start writing”
      That is so true of most things in life. If you want to be a blogger, start making content. If you want to eat better, start eating better. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Ishan Madhav says:

      Thanks for sharing the quotes. These small things shared by someone at some place make internet a place worth exploring. 🙂

    • Hi,

      I will use your method of inspiration for writing.I hope It is good for me.In this post you share some useful images which make it easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing great post with us.Keep on your work.

    • connie landry says:

      that was well put Angie…..tks for sharing

    • Arfa says:

      Really motivational and inspiring (y)
      Your every post is awe-inspiring and connecting !

    • Peter Rey says:

      These are all interesting quotes, My preferred one is the one by Oliver Wendell Holmes. There’s nothing like stretching my mind with new experiences to boost my creativity.

    • rohini says:

      Super quotes… now to do it!

    • Ettosi says:

      Just what I needed to re-energize me. Thank you.

    • Rajeev Pundir says:

      Wonderful yet so simple quotes.
      Writing is like dancing on paper. Just start and it flows….

    • This is really wonderful. Reading the quotes inspired me today. Thanks a zillion.

    • Who knew Matthew McConaughey would be my inspiration today?! LOL

      Thanks for making me smile, Mary. 🙂

    • Juliar Nur says:

      Thanks for the inspirational pist, love the quote especially by terry pratchett. A ton of Sensational feel all by yourself

    • Keri says:

      Thanks so much for all these inspiring quotes! It really makes me want to sit down and write till I pass out from exhaustion!

    • Tiara says:

      These were awesome! They did get my writing juices flowing. Thank you for putting this together!

    • This sure came at a time when I really needed it. Been getting great ideas, but not finding the energy and/or passion to get the ideas on paper. These were excellent reminders of the intrinsic reward that actual writing produces.

    • Virginia says:

      All quotes and images are delightful. I like the last one about giving your words away – that’s the point of being a writer. It’s great to pleasure ourselves but why not then share our ‘fun’ (even when it was a lot of work).

    • ron says:

      Thanks for the quotations..Thomas Merton and Mother Teresa has something in common..they both died as Buddhists..Thomas Merton was an excellent writer, read all of his books before he fell of a Cliff!

    • Thanks for these inspiring quotes! I loved them all, but my favorite is the last about giving it all and not hoarding our writing ideas for some future date.
      I am so guilty of doing this and you knew what, that future date never comes.
      I don’t want to die with my music still un-played. I also loved the adorable little cutie pie!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Yvonne Finn

    • These were all outstanding, Mary. However, if I could only pick one it’d Matisse’s, “Creativity takes courage.”

      Many people dream of writing. Lots of people talk about writing, but only writers write.

    • Hey Mary

      I am feeling sluggish due to my headache pill – these quotes are more impactful than a short of Triple Espresso into my stream 😉

      Thank you #HUGS


    • Stretching your mind with new experiences — the very definition of growth! And I love the one about believing in your ambitions. That can be a completely new experience too. You’re right — it all takes courage. Thanks for the inspiration, Mary!

    • Thank you Mary!

      My favorite … and most needed: “Writing is the most fun you can have with yourself.”

      It’s so true, and so easily forgotten.

    • Wonderful quotes, Mary. This post came at the right time.
      I am simply in love with the Oliver’s quote. When I look back at my first post, I can see many changes in my writing style. In this process, I have learned a lot.
      Thanks for sharing these inspirational post

    • Jean Kotzur says:

      When I was still at school I used to turn out essays and short stories by the dozen. I even won a few prizes for them. However, I never asked myself if my writing was good enough or if anyone would be interested in buying what I produced. I just kept on writing because that is what I loved, my imagination knew no boundaries. Today, many years later, I still write and I ask myself ‘who wants to read stories written by a seventy year old’? Whoever reads this, don’t make the same mistake as I did. Your writing will always be of interest to someone and that person could be a publisher or film producer.

      • Rosina Owen says:

        Jean, I only managed one year at high school and always came last in exams. When I turned fifty I decided I wanted to write. I did a few courses and kept at it and now at the age of seventy-eight I get paid for my short fiction stories. I have had six short stories published in the past year in spite of suffering a brain seizure last March. I gave it away for ten years when the fiction markets dried up and sent a story out in 2010 which was picked up within the hour. The fiction market is cut-throat, but they seem to like my weird imagination.

        • Hello Jean and Rosina,

          Wow those are powerful stories you both have.

          Rosina I especially love & appreciate the encouragement you gave there about chasing your dreams no matter how old you are.

          I am turnig 32 in a few weeks and honestly, sometimes when I look around me, I feel as if I have “missed the boat” in some ways because I don’t feel as accomplished as I hope I would be at this point. Silly, I know. But that’s the feeling I get sometimes.

          It’s never too late. That’s a writing trigger on its’ own !

          Thank you very much.

    • Muthi says:

      Can’t say whether i prefer Capote’s quote or Holmes’ quote? Both those quotes resound so strongly with me. When i hear that such greats had similar experiences, feelings and muses about the craft, it makes me hopeful.

    • Tolulope says:

      The best thing I’ve heard all day, is that writing changes us! It’s soo true.
      Thank you Mary 🙂

    • I’ll add those beautiful photos and quotes to my rotating computer background to have inspiration all day long. Great quotes. Thanks.

    • I really like your blog, keep bloging like this.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Mary,

      Those are really inspirational – to help kick start any writer 🙂 Thanks for putting this together Mary.

      I simply love the one by Matt > You want to be a writer? Start writing. Yes it is that simple!

      I’ve followed this advice quite some time during my early days of writing and it pays 🙂 Once we simply start writing, the momentum kicks in!

      Thanks once again for this awesome post 🙂

      Have a great week!


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