How Your Life Story Can Inspire Others

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A lot of people are resistant to the idea of writing their life story.

I get why. It might seem a little self-indulgent at first thought. If you see yourself as a humble person, the idea of documenting your life story can seem egotistical or narcissistic. You might also question whether it’s worth taking time away from the countless other things you want to write.

However, I want you to take a minute to silence your doubting voice. To open your mind. To consider the ways in which it might be worthwhile to take the step of writing down the story of your life.

There are many good reasons to share your personal tale with others. However, one stands out above all – to inspire. 

While many books are able to entertain, far fewer are able to truly make a difference in the lives of others. Memoirs and autobiographies are an exception. 

If you’re intrigued by the idea of your life story profoundly benefiting others, read on to discover more. 

Anyone’s Life Has The Potential To Be Inspirational

Some people believe that to have an inspirational life story, you have to have led a particularly extraordinary or even famous life. 

It’s easy to understand where this notion stems from. Some of the most inspirational life stories out there have been published by famous people. It’s easy to focus on these, causing us to doubt the worth of our own life story.

Before you let yourself run away with thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, stop and consider the people you consider most inspirational in your own life. Perhaps they are friends? Family members? 

No matter who they happen to be, I’m willing to bet that the people you consider inspirational aren’t necessarily A-List celebrities. 

Why does this matter? 

When you realize that the people who inspire you aren’t necessarily glitzy or glamorous, you allow yourself to accept the idea that your own life story might be able to make a difference to other people. 

So how else can you move towards inspiring others through your life story?

See How Others Have Been Changed By Reading Life Stories

There’s always a huge difference between thinking something to be true in theory, and knowing it to be true in practice. 

Understanding how one’s life story could be inspirational to others is one thing. Hearing emotional, moving examples from real people is another entirely. 

Have you heard of Dr. Edith Eva Eger? Her book ‘The Choice’ has inspired countless readers. Dr. Eger overcame the pain and suffering she endured during the Holocaust, making a conscious choice to not let that unimaginable horror define her. 

How about Nina Riggs? By releasing ‘The Bright Hour’, Nina inspired so many people by sharing her experience with terminal breast cancer in a moving way. 

These two examples are drops in a very deep ocean. An inspirational memoir can bring a valuable sliver of light to a dark world that desperately needs it. 

Who Might You Be Able To Inspire?

Now that you know your own life has the power to truly inspire others, and you have considered some real examples of the impact memoirs have made, it’s time to turn the attention to yourself.

Who could you make a difference to?

Are you a parent? Sharing aspects of your own parental story could help someone else on their own journey.

Have you overcome a health problem? Your insight could be the valuable example someone else needs at a bleak time.

Perhaps you’ve overcome the odds to succeed in a career path people might not expect you to shine in? By sharing the story of how you’ve done this, you show others the way and offer belief that they to can do it.

One helpful thing is to picture just one person you could help. A single soul. Who might they be?

This thought exercise is deceptively powerful. A lot of people struggle to imagine a mass audience for their life story. But picturing a solitary person who might benefit from it is usually achievable. 

Do you know what’s amazing? If one person would be helped by your story, countless others would too. What inspires one will inspire others. Even if that’s tough to believe.

For now, just picture that one person. Picture how rewarding it would be to make a difference to their life by sharing your story.

All that’s left to do now is to hold on to that feeling of reward, and grasp it close whenever you start to doubt the worth of sharing your life story.

I’d love to know if you’ve read a life story that inspired you. Who was it by? What type of impact did it have on your life? It would be wonderful if you leave a comment, so others have the opportunity to be inspired as well. 

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