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Change the world!

It’s not like writing something can change the world.

Or can it?

Uh, it absolutely can!

If you are a fan of writing, then you already know the power it has.

Writing something powerful has the ability to inspire, motivate, change lives, change minds, even change history (the bible, the alchemist).

Even if writing isn’t your “thing”, you probably understand the importance of it. Writing isn’t fun for everyone, but everyone does it.

Those who write as a creative tool, do so to express their creativity, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and help others learn something, do something, or just to plain old write.

Reading to Write

I was never much of a fan of reading. I always thought it was rather boring and would rather flip on the video game console. It wasn’t until a few years ago that it occurred to me why I thought reading was boring. It really wasn’t that reading was boring, it was “what” I would read.

I can’t imagine anyone having fun reading an article online because someone else (like a friend, colleague or professor) thought it would be engaging or useful, if they didn’t care about the topic.

Ever since I could remember, I was only reading because I “had to”, for an assignment or other learning.

Once I discovered the stories and articles that fell in line with my passions, I started to actually enjoy reading. I could look up a topic that inspired me and get lost, reading for hours.

It wasn’t long after that I started to gain new perspectives, ideas and opinions of my own that I wanted to share. So I did what anyone with a head full of creative ideas would do: I started to write.

I wrote about what I thought and felt about the world. I wrote poems, songs and essays that allowed my thoughts to spill out of an ink pen and a keyboard.

The only audience I had was myself and I was OK with that.

Writing led to more reading, which led to more learning about my growing list of concerns. I found myself passionate about inspiring change in the world.

People, books and ideas that gave people a sense of renewal for themselves, others and the world we live in. I wanted to write about my experiences and what I had learned about the world, and share it.

I hoped others would care as much as I did about how the world was, the way society worked, and what humanity was doing to it. I found that others cared, and I wanted to join them.

I decided I would use my passion for writing (no matter how good or bad) to spread my thoughts, ideas, beliefs and learning to those who needed a bit of inspiration. I wanted to help change the world with my writing.

How Writing can Change the World

For me, writing has completely changed my world. It has changed the way I view myself and how I interact with others. Writing has allowed me to find what it is I am most passionate about.

Because of writing, I know I will be able to share with the world my passion for changing the world. I will be able to show others that they are capable of doing anything they want. They do not have to follow the path of what is considered “normal”.

I believe that in itself is a recipe for how writing can change the world, but let’s dig deeper.

I thought about what I could do to show you how writing can change the world. I came up with a list.

A list that is more like a timeline, that represents the path from placing your hands on the keyboard, or picking up a pen, to making a significant change in the world. Remember, there is more than one way to make a change.

I will show you how I went from wanting to make a difference to using writing as a tool for world change.

Here is that list…

  • Find out what you are passionate about
  • Understand that your passion should be spread
  • Find a platform to share your passion
  • Write about what you are passionate about
  • Connect with others who share your passion
  • Learn how to get your writing noticed
  • Build a community
  • Help your community with what you have learned
  • Show your community how to spread their own passions
  • Write and Repeat…

Long Story Short

The list above is an accumulation of events and processes that took me about 2 years to get through, once I discovered my passion, which took 10 years to discover in the first place.

Don’t let that scare you off. No two paths are the same, and mine was never a continuous process. Today, there are many more opportunities to help you find your passion.

What the list, or timeline represents, is a process of how writing can be used to change the world.

The End Process is the World Changer

So we come to the end. The truth is there is no end. To make a change is to keep making changes. To change the world will forever be a never-ending process.

By doing what we love and following our passions we are opening a door.

The door we open is a door to unlimited possibilities and showing others that those possibilities exist. If I write about what I am passionate about because of someone else who has been writing about what they are passionate about, that person has changed my world.

By doing what you love and showing others how to do the same, you are starting a chain reaction of people everywhere, changing the way they view the world (for the better), and changing their worlds entirely. Reminds me of Rocky IV after he wins the big fight against Drago: If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.(Rocky IV).

See, if I can change my world and you can change your world, then everyone can change their worlds, which will help the entire world to change.

This is how writing can change the world. One word, one message, one voice at a time, we can help each other. Together, anything is possible.

What are you doing to change the world with your writing?

Justin Harmon writes for Unplugged Recreated. He believes everyone deserves fulfillment in life. We can do it by changing our world. Justin also helps people make changes in their own lives which echo into the outside world. Be a part of the journey to Recreate, Restructure, & Redesign Our World.


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