How Writing can Change the World

    Change the world!

    It’s not like writing something can change the world.

    Or can it?

    Uh, it absolutely can!

    If you are a fan of writing, then you already know the power it has.

    Writing something powerful has the ability to inspire, motivate, change lives, change minds, even change history (the bible, the alchemist).

    Even if writing isn’t your “thing”, you probably understand the importance of it. Writing isn’t fun for everyone, but everyone does it.

    Those who write as a creative tool, do so to express their creativity, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and help others learn something, do something, or just to plain old write.

    Reading to Write

    I was never much of a fan of reading. I always thought it was rather boring and would rather flip on the video game console. It wasn’t until a few years ago that it occurred to me why I thought reading was boring. It really wasn’t that reading was boring, it was “what” I would read.

    I can’t imagine anyone having fun reading an article online because someone else (like a friend, colleague or professor) thought it would be engaging or useful, if they didn’t care about the topic.

    Ever since I could remember, I was only reading because I “had to”, for an assignment or other learning.

    Once I discovered the stories and articles that fell in line with my passions, I started to actually enjoy reading. I could look up a topic that inspired me and get lost, reading for hours.

    It wasn’t long after that I started to gain new perspectives, ideas and opinions of my own that I wanted to share. So I did what anyone with a head full of creative ideas would do: I started to write.

    I wrote about what I thought and felt about the world. I wrote poems, songs and essays that allowed my thoughts to spill out of an ink pen and a keyboard.

    The only audience I had was myself and I was OK with that.

    Writing led to more reading, which led to more learning about my growing list of concerns. I found myself passionate about inspiring change in the world.

    People, books and ideas that gave people a sense of renewal for themselves, others and the world we live in. I wanted to write about my experiences and what I had learned about the world, and share it.

    I hoped others would care as much as I did about how the world was, the way society worked, and what humanity was doing to it. I found that others cared, and I wanted to join them.

    I decided I would use my passion for writing (no matter how good or bad) to spread my thoughts, ideas, beliefs and learning to those who needed a bit of inspiration. I wanted to help change the world with my writing.

    How Writing can Change the World

    For me, writing has completely changed my world. It has changed the way I view myself and how I interact with others. Writing has allowed me to find what it is I am most passionate about.

    Because of writing, I know I will be able to share with the world my passion for changing the world. I will be able to show others that they are capable of doing anything they want. They do not have to follow the path of what is considered “normal”.

    I believe that in itself is a recipe for how writing can change the world, but let’s dig deeper.

    I thought about what I could do to show you how writing can change the world. I came up with a list.

    A list that is more like a timeline, that represents the path from placing your hands on the keyboard, or picking up a pen, to making a significant change in the world. Remember, there is more than one way to make a change.

    I will show you how I went from wanting to make a difference to using writing as a tool for world change.

    Here is that list…

    • Find out what you are passionate about
    • Understand that your passion should be spread
    • Find a platform to share your passion
    • Write about what you are passionate about
    • Connect with others who share your passion
    • Learn how to get your writing noticed
    • Build a community
    • Help your community with what you have learned
    • Show your community how to spread their own passions
    • Write and Repeat…

    Long Story Short

    The list above is an accumulation of events and processes that took me about 2 years to get through, once I discovered my passion, which took 10 years to discover in the first place.

    Don’t let that scare you off. No two paths are the same, and mine was never a continuous process. Today, there are many more opportunities to help you find your passion.

    What the list, or timeline represents, is a process of how writing can be used to change the world.

    The End Process is the World Changer

    So we come to the end. The truth is there is no end. To make a change is to keep making changes. To change the world will forever be a never-ending process.

    By doing what we love and following our passions we are opening a door.

    The door we open is a door to unlimited possibilities and showing others that those possibilities exist. If I write about what I am passionate about because of someone else who has been writing about what they are passionate about, that person has changed my world.

    By doing what you love and showing others how to do the same, you are starting a chain reaction of people everywhere, changing the way they view the world (for the better), and changing their worlds entirely. Reminds me of Rocky IV after he wins the big fight against Drago: If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.(Rocky IV).

    See, if I can change my world and you can change your world, then everyone can change their worlds, which will help the entire world to change.

    This is how writing can change the world. One word, one message, one voice at a time, we can help each other. Together, anything is possible.

    What are you doing to change the world with your writing?

    Justin Harmon writes for Unplugged Recreated. He believes everyone deserves fulfillment in life. We can do it by changing our world. Justin also helps people make changes in their own lives which echo into the outside world. Be a part of the journey to Recreate, Restructure, & Redesign Our World.

    About the author

      Justin Harmon

    • This is going to be an interesting one to watch for. Hope you will give us an update with regards to this.

    • “First, you need to write what you must write. If you do that, people will listen.”

      Sure, it’s always best to first write what one feels compelled to write about, as this urge might be an intuition or a whisper from … above. Then, it’s essential to have the text edited by someone who is totally on top of the technicalities of the English language AND has a sense for flair and creative writing. BUT … even when all that has been done with utmost integrity – the ‘wonders’ of the internet notwithstanding, and massive but very few success stories also notwithstanding – the big puzzle for any wannabe author still remains: how to connect with a substantial niche readership?
      So, my thinking is that the best reason to write is simply to answer the private urge to write – not to change the world. After all …. the world has already had its fair share of great thinkers and poets and humorists and novelists and script-writers and …. and … yet, the world is still turning the same way it has for a few thousands of years already.

    • This.

      This, this, this, this, this. This is good.

      Tell stories to make people think. Tell stories to make people laugh and cry and want to change their lives, other lives, the world. We owe it to those who can’t write.

      We really do. Writing isn’t a right, so much as it is a privilege. There are thousands of people out in the world who worry about where they’ll sleep that night, what they’ll eat, and if anyone is going to shoot them. It’s a terrible existence.

      I can only speak for myself, but I don’t live in that existence. I’m lucky. But I owe it to those people, to write something worthwhile, to do whatever I can do, in my own way, to help make their lives better. Writing can change the world, we should act with that imperative in mind.

      • Justin says:

        Thank. Thank. Thank. Thank you Jack! Haha. Glad you liked it. You’re right. There are millions of people in the world who live that type of life. I don’t think anyone should have to worry about where they will sleep or when their next meal will be. Yet, I have hope that humanity will begin to understand and implement the importance of helping each other for the benefit of all life. Until then, I feel it’s my job to keep spreading the message and wake the people up who do not yet see the importance.

        There is more than enough technology and resources on this planet to give a comfortable standard of living to everyone. Yet, we still destroy all that we do have in order to raise the bottom line.

        To the future.

    • Dan Theron says:

      I spotted two “mistakes” in your article:

      “showing others what that those possibilities exist.”
      “stating a chain reaction” = starting

      But you know what, it does not matter because your article has soul and passion. I tend to be critical of my own and other people’s writing because of my personality. It makes writing a frustrating and uncomfortable experience for me. However, when I’ve finished an article it is a relief.

      I write articles on various topics for other people and I rarely find the topics interesting. I do not like sharing my thoughts and opinions with other people, but when I start doing that I may start to enjoy writing and be passionate about it.

      Thank you Justin for a thought provoking article.

      • Justin says:

        Thanks for your observations Dan. There’s nothing wrong with being critical. Thanks for the comment and for being who you are. Hope you decide to start sharing your thoughts and opinions more. There is always someone out there that can benefit from what you have to say.

        Thanks again,

        • Dan Theron says:

          I’ll start to challenge the way I think about writing. Maybe I can help to change the world or have a good impact on someone’s life through my writing.

    • Cyd Madsen says:

      Hi. It’s been a long and stressful day. Reading this was like a warm cup of tea and a chance to breathe. Thank you for such a calm and soothing post about such an important issue. My life has certainly been changed by the writing of others, and I’m grateful.

      What am I doing to change the world with my writing? I’m still stumbling and fumbling, but there are a few things I hold on to that keep me going. Part of the exploration process was writing for a dreaded content mill a few years ago. I wrote about things that were important to me, shared some of my experiences facing unbeatable odds. The writing wasn’t that good, the site wasn’t that good, and I eventually donated all my future earnings to charity. For three years my nickles and dimes have been a little bit of help to someone else.

      I was also surprised when I came across a blog written by a woman tackling her drinking problem. She cited the words of Dr. Phil and me! An article I’d written on the content mill about courage were used as she planted her feet on the path of change. I recently returned to her blog, and she’s made it. Two years of sobriety, and I played a small part. My article on courage came from my experience with agoraphobia, but she was able to take my experience, which was shared with my writing, and apply it to her battle with alcohol.

      Somewhere out there is a woman I’ve never met who leaned on my words to make her life better. With her better life, the lives of the people who love her are now better. Her blog is encouraging others. It’s a terrific feeling. I have won awards for screenwriting, I have had an agent, I have been an editor of a cultural arts magazine, but nothing holds as much value as the tiny part I played in the victory of a stranger.

      Thanks for giving me a place to remember and share the peaceful power of writing. ~~Ta

      • Justin says:


        That’s what I love to hear. It’s a great story and I am glad you are participating in changing the world. Happy I could brighten up your day a bit. Thanks a lot and good luck to you.


    • Thank you for contributing this article: I really enjoyed reading it.

      Writing is an outpouring of love. Writing should be your love affair. Writing is about translating your being into becoming something brand new. Writing underscores the importance of who you are as a human being.

      Ideally, writing should be your great escape when an idea strikes you like a bolt from the blue. You should write when you feel like writing and sans inhibitions or the desire to please others. Let writing be your great escape and your spiritual solace. Writing is self-knowledge which you already have but need to discover.

      Writing is an activity you should pursue during the best of times and during the worst of times and everything in between. Writing can start at any time of day or night when you feel inspired and cannot wait any longer.

      You write because you have to write and not because you want to become rich or famous. Writing is an end in itself. A writer writes because that is his or her calling. not because of any perceived reward or punishment. You write because words and ideas pull at your heart-strings: writing is magical. Cheers.

      • Justin says:

        Hi Archan,

        Thanks for contributing. I much like everything you said. Wish you well!


    • Jevon says:

      Your story under Reading to Write is exactly the way I started reading, then writing. I use to hate reading, always optioning to watching a movie or playing video games. It was only when I started reading books with similar stories of the movies I watched, or the games I played, that I started enjoying it. Then I realized that I could also write great stories of the same genre. Its nice to read about someone else with the same experience.

      • Justin says:

        Hey Jevon,

        It’s definitely better reading, when it’s something we enjoy. Although, I still opt for watching a movie or playing video games A LOT of the time. Helps me to get my fix 🙂 It also motivates me to get back to reading, writing, connecting. All that big picture stuff.


    • Colin Guest says:

      Hi there,

      I like what I read and agree what has been written. I belong to a number of sites connected to nature and the environment and frequently sign petitions related to issues concerning them. When I mention to various friends and people I may meet that I do this, the common reply is why do I bother. Some say you can do nothing to change things so why waste your time. I reply that if no one cared nothing will be done to change things that need changing. However, if all concerned people signed petitions and raised concerns about things they did not like, something can be done. I was in the Philippines when people power alone toppled the President, no tanks on the streets, no soldiers firing rubber bullets, with only one person killed. This is what can be done without violence.

      • Justin says:

        Totally agree with you Colin. I hear people say that they can’t change anything and I tell them that their right. If you don’t ever try, you will never know. Sure, one person may not be able to make a significant change on our own, but when thousands, millions of us try, change happens.


    • You, know, I agree with this post. There are lot of people, famous writers, who say writing is just writing, that it doesn’t really change the world or affect the world. They say writing is not action. I don’t buy that. History has proven, as you say, that words have been the catalyst for the most momentous changes in our societies. Our constitution and our laws are written. Legal contracts are written. Textbooks that train doctors and engineers are written.

      Writing doesn’t just change the world, it has helped create our world throughout history. Before writing, it was still LANGUAGE that served to create the world.

      Thanks for sharing this story.

      • Justin says:

        You’re welcome Sarah. I think that’s a bit funny how those “famous” writers say writing is just writing. Sure, they may be humble, but it’s there writing which inspires others, gives hope, and moves us.


    • In November, I will turn seventy. I am going “Around The World In Seventy Days” and writing a book about the process, the discoveries…I have been half way around our planet numerous times…exploring the cultures of more than fifty countries…writing about risk, friendship, loneliness, resourcefulness, truth, courage and grace while tasting strange food, dancing to unfamiliar music, conversing with people of many persuasions. Everyone is remarkable. I am leaving in December…My plan includes visiting seven countries, traveling by seven modes of transportation, filling seven journals and returning with the first draft of a book. I will be distributing postcards for the ongoing “wonder postcard project” and planting “seeds” of Peace.

      • Wow, Linda. That sounds like it really could change your world and the world you’re “going around in 70 days.” Please share how we can get updates on your journey. Wishing you the best, and happy early birthday!


      • Justin says:

        That’s awesome Linda. Love the seven theme. I always love to travel. It’s definitely been too long since I have visited another country. I love meeting new people and discovering new cultures. Would love to see a copy of that book when you finish.

        Thanks again,

    • The title of your article grabbed my attention right away. I love how the article then reveals it to be the passion that drives your work, too, and how you’ve given us pointers about how we can use our own passions in the same way. I think some folks write to make money or to get attention, but I think the desire to improve the world in some way is what really motivates most of us down deep. I feel sometimes like I’m too small, too insignificant, too old, too harried, too dumb, too insecure, too damaged, etc., to make a difference, so changing the world can’t possible be my passion, but I believe giving people (including myself) hope about improving their lives, having faith in themselves and making the world a better place is what I care about most.

      • Justin says:

        Hey Laura,

        The desires that we have deep down always seem to rise to the surface eventually. It’s those of us that listen and take action on them that can truly make a difference. I believe it’s within all of us to want to improve the lives of others, even when we have yet to feel it. After all, we’re all apart of the same system.

        Keep believing Laura,


    • Lukas says:

      Nice post, and how truthful!

      Finding your passion to write about can change the world. But doing your passion (and then write about it) really changes the world. That I learned through hardtimes of writer’s block (and sickness).

      As an educator who likes to experiment a LOT in teaching, I was ferquently asked by friends, coleagues and others to start writing again about what I am doing in my lessons. And that was somehow tough. I felt tired and uninspired in my writing – and yet, I knew that they were waiting for ideas/tips/bits and pieces to experiment with in their lessons, ideas to question, and ideas to confront.

      Writing did change my world (it tired me, it chewed me, it brought me to my knees – and then, miraculously, it forced me to start again) – and in some way (or other) it changed approach of some of my readers to teaching.

      Do your passion – and then write about it some… and yes, it may change the world.

      • Justin says:

        Thanks Lukas,

        Glad you liked it. Writing can definitely be a drag sometimes. I took a 6 month break from writing in 2011 eventually started again. It’s just something I’m drawn to. For those of us that write, I feel that we will always write. For me it has always been the way I can gather my thoughts and put them out the way I am trying to say them. Something I do not do well when trying to speak what I’m thinking..Some day maybe.


    • Finding your passion can definitely change your own world, and in doing so, show many others the path. Justin, sharing that it took you so long to find your passion is a measure of your generosity. And the fact that you believe it was time well spent is a measure of how worthwhile it has been for you.

      All the very best to you!

      • Justin says:

        Thanks a lot Vinita. Appreciate your kind words. I believe that anything I love doing is time well spent, no matter how long it takes.


    • Vana says:

      I have so may interests. I do not even know where to start. How did you decide where to start? can You write about this topic?

      • Justin says:

        Hey Vana,

        Don’t fret too much about where to start. As long as you take action and start, you will find out quickly how interested you actually are. These things take time, after all, that’s what life’s about, it’s a journey. I too have so many interests. I usually start on something and then am off to something else soon after. To answer your final question, I can write about this topic and since you asked, I will. Look out for it in the next couple weeks. Thanks for your comment.


    • Beth Havey says:

      I love reading about
      people’s passions. When you want to change the world and when you write you put yourself out there you take a risk and risk taking is always the beginning of growth. Thanks for your article.

    • Liz McGee says:

      Hi Justin,

      Nice piece. A good writer can absolutely change the world because if you can create a sense of passion in someone else through your own passionate writing, there’s changing he world one person at a time.

      It was nice to know that finding your passion didn’t come immediately. People get so discouraged when things don’t occur quickly. Finding anything in life worthwhile can be a process.

      Liz 🙂

      • PJ Reece says:

        Hey, Liz… I’m glad you pointed that out — about the TIME it took Justin to see how writing was changing his world. YEARS! It’s similar to that ineffable thing called “voice” — it takes time to develop it. While we’re developing our voices and our perspective on the writing life, it’s good to read the accounts of writers whose lives speak to the power of writing to change the world. Such a book is the small classic, “If You Want to Write” by Brenda Ueland. Cheers. PJ.

      • Justin says:

        Hey Liz,

        Thanks. Knowing that something may take years to discover doesn’t ring well with too many people. Crazy how that works, huh? We want things to happen for us right away, when we should know full well the more significant stuff takes the most time. I have been guilty of it myself (still am). Fortunately, once you realize the time aspect of it, you may be less likely to give up so soon.


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