How to Write a Story

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      Ellen Brock

    • Camea says:

      Who is their right mind that it was OK to take a massive amount of pictures on their expensive camera with the sound of the beeping and clicking of the lens right next to the audio input. Or is it supposed to be a challenge for us to listen and pay attention to the man as he tells about an amazing thing???

      Really, so frustrating…

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing this audio here. I am a big Stephen King fan. I really believe that the first commandment of writing fiction is to sit and start writing.

      Thank you. 🙂

    • It can be tricky to grab the attention of your target readers and take them through your story to the end. I agree to the point that one should let their plot do the thinking for them. We most often that not fail not because we don’t know how to write but rather because of the fact that our plot puts of our readers. I know that writing a story is not the easiest thing to do. But with appropriate advice and a keen heeding on them, everything is possible. I find everything here totally applicable!

    • Bhajan says:

      Thanks for this post. I always appreciate tips to improve my writing and the right ones always seem to come just when I need them! I’m looking forward to applying these.

    • Amar kumar says:

      Hey Ellen,

      Writers who are trying to promote their work can create blogs to introduce the public to their written word and creative tales. Short story blogs make an ideal way to spread our fictional writing work across the globe and to gain attention of possible literary agents. People who simply enjoy writing as a hobby and want to share their works with family and friends, short story blogs make it easy to accomplish this task.

      Short story blogs can be anywhere from five hundred words to two thousands words. These lengths of stories make ideal entries for short story blogs and provide people with a small sample of our work. We can write our stories connected to one another, where they follow the same plot or character or we can create entirely new short stories with each individual posts.

      Creating a short story blog is a wonderful way to simply indulge in a creative outlet that allows us full opportunity to pursue our love of writing. We can tell science fiction stories, romantic stories, suspense, murder and mystery stories, humorous stories, and historical short stories. Every single genre has a loyal following that is wide spread across the globe. Transforming our writing from just we seeing it to making it available for the world to see will increase our confidence and encourage us to write more. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

      With best wishes,

      Amar kumar

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