How to Start a Blog in 2019 (Even if You Haven’t a Clue)

    how to start a blog

    Editors note: This is part two of a two part series showing you exactly how to start a blog in 2019 (even if you haven’t a clue). I’d recommend having a look at both methods below and making your mind up as to which one is for you.

    If you’re like most readers of WritetoDone, one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to finally earn some money from your writing.

    Not a fortune, just build up to a few thousand a month maybe.

    But how do you get started?

    Well, below is the way most experts recommend you start a blog in 2019 …

    start a blog in 2019

    Did that all make sense?

    It’s certainly the way most writers start blogging. So it must be the best, right? I mean everyone starts with wordpress and plugins, it’s conventional wisdom.

    Only in 2019 conventional wisdom is not necessarily the best advice to follow. Times move so fast today and what was good advice in 2018.. could cripple you in 2019.

    Take a look at an interview I did with Jon Morrow. I’ve known Jon personally for years, he’s a legend in blogging circles. Jon’s built 4 of the world’s most popular blogs and worked behind the scenes with 1000s of bloggers to develop a new streamlined method for building a profitable blog.

    And Jon’s advice is anything but conventional.

    Jon’s unconventional method  skips all the technical problems that most experts insist you start with but most people get hung up on (like hosting, WordPress, themes, plugins, etc.). And shows you how to build a modern, profitable blog even if you only have a few hours a week to work on it.

    Not millions of dollars or anything, but a couple grand a month is realistic.

    You can of course still start a blog in 2019 the conventional way.  After all, that ‘s how WritetoDone started back in 2008 and I started Goodlife ZEN.

    But if I was starting a blog in 2019?

    I’d start it the smart way.


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